Gone To The Dogs: Talking Track Dogs with Steve and Corey

Show Notes

Corey Gruver is back and he and Steve have the porch rockers humming like the treadle wheel on Grandma’s sewing machine as they talk about a wide assortment of topics this week.

Hot weather is abundant and so are summertime tales in this episode.  Recent exploits of the boys Plott dogs as well as the announcement of the upcoming nuptials of Corey’s female Goldie to Bill Shininger’s stud dog are front and center.   The talk moves to the latest accomplishments of Steve and Mark Miller’s Plott Fever in field and water events and progresses to the realm of deep-thinking about how to decide when and to which stud to breed with an admonition to owners of females “not to wait too long.” 

With Autumn Oaks less than two months away, the boys share some of their favorite humorous stories from experiences at “The Event Where History Is Made.”

This one is jam-packed with good information concerning how to improve club membership, explores the dangers of a once-common practice of climbing trees and culminates with a very interesting conversation on the importance of track dogs in the sport.  The boys discuss the all-important question “which is more important, the track dog or the tree dog?”  If you don’t listen to anything else this week, check out this portion of the podcast.  It’s good stuff!

Show Transcript