Gone To The Dogs with the Redbone Man

Show Notes

It’s been a minute since Steve last talked with octogenarian houndsman Fred Moran of Pennsylvania.  Now well into his eighties, Moran is still following the breed that gave him his famous moniker, Fred Moran the Redbone Man and doing so on a regular basis.

In this episode Steve picked up the phone on the chance that he talk with his longtime friend and was lucky enough to catch Moran before he headed to the woods.   The conversation that ensued was vintage Moran with stories of hounds and hunts of the past, humorous antic dotes and amazingly detailed trips down memory lane that winds through virtually every states when raccoons are pursued with hounds..

As listeners will see, Moran’s mind is a sharp as a double-bladed axe fresh off the grinder permitting the vintage coon hunter to hone his stories, including names and places, to a fine razor’s edge.  If you are a Moran fan, and we know you are, you’ll really enjoy this episode.

Show Transcript