Graylight Hunting Application

Show Notes

On this episode of the Hunting Gear Podcast, Dan talks with Marlon Holden of Graylight about a new educational hunting app. Marlon may be best known for his outdoor photography or  the fact that he is a big mule deer bucks worst nightmare. Over the last 16 years of bowhunting mule deer in a variety of landscapes across the western United States, Marlon has not only knocked down some giant bucks but has gathered priceless information that he has used in the creation of this app.

Broken down in to short educational videos, the app focuses on everything from how to locate the best mule deer habitat, the best gear for those types of hunts, how to properly stalk in on those deer, impact of weather, and even breaking down and packing out the animal after the hunt. If you have any interest in becoming better educated mule deer hunt, this is the app for you. Enjoy!

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