Great American Outdoor Show Recap

Show Notes

This week the guys had the opportunity to head East to Harrisburg PA to spend a couple days at the Great American Outdoor Show.  While in attendance, they spent a lot of time at the GoWild booth visiting with GoWild Members, discussing gear, and meeting new people.  The time was well spent with new friends made and a few new things learned.

The show was booming and had a plethora of exhibitors, attendees, and attractions.  If you have a chance, get this show on your to do list.  A lot of fun for the whole family if you have any interest in the outdoors.  Fishing, Camping, Archery, firearms, etc.  All under one roof.

Paul and Andrew give their recaps of the Amish Meat Pockets, time spent in the GoWild Booth, and more.  This year’s deer numbers are also in, so the guys discuss that as well.  Be on the look out for next weeks episode with Mike Tonkovich of the ODNR to discuss the deer season!

Have a great week and be safe if you get out in the woods!

Show Transcript

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We're live. And we're live. Oh two Road Show. Oh two Road Show. We're starting the episode right? Here we are. So we. Let's see, 271 miles from home, coming back from the Great American Outdoor Show. We're literally [00:01:00] on the road driving recording in the Tahoe, the O two Tahoe. Looks like a couple of dbags just rolling down the road with headphones on.

And yeah, we do man. We had a good show. We, so we're at gaos as it's called the NRA Show in Harrisburg, pa we are guests of Go Wild Time to Go Download the app and the Android and iPhone. And so we were there helping him sell stuff in the booth.

Meet some members, met some listeners. Jesse. We met Jesse from pa. We met David from pa met some other people. We got to hang out with Bomar tonic for a little bit in the booth. Man, we, it was a good time, man. And I think the highlight Andrew for me, Amish Meat Pockets talked about those. Brad Tal the other the other week.

Those were good. So pretty good. . It's not code, it's not code word for something. No. We, yes. No, we're not gonna go there cuz this is a family friendly show. At least that's what our goal is. But let's go ahead and break down the Amish meat pocket, [00:02:00] Paul, because spoiler alert, we don't have any expert guest this day.

We're just gonna recap the ga. As we like. Yeah. Yeah. So we've tried to record with some of our Turkey guests on the road and we're just in and out of the mountains, so we just can't get good reception. We don't wanna provide crappy crappy content for you guys.

I guess you're gonna get crappy content cuz it's just you and i. There's no one's smart. Listen, if you want to hear some good Turkey content, shameless plug, how to Hunt Turkey's podcast Sportsman's. Flip on over to that after you listen to this. Yep. All sorts of Turkey contents. Who'd you have on this week?

Today, February 7th. Dave Owens from Pinho Project was on. Ah, we've had him on the show here before. He's, we have, he's sharp man. Dave Sharp, man. Good Turkey hunter. Good man. We talked a lot about kinda like the spirit of a Turkey hunter. Why he Turkey hunts? And we talked about hunting tough birds.

Which was a great conversation. Talk about hunting the different weather patterns. So yeah, there was a really interesting conversation with him. So [00:03:00] enjoyed his time. But on that, I've got some good content. We got some good tur Turkey folks coming up on, on this show. So for those of you that listen to this program regular regularly, one thank you.

Two, you probably know that this is I'm like a pig and poopy months. I know you're getting, there's a little bit more just wallering. So shining your eyes every day. Man, I'll tell you what I went outside this morning. It was like 30 degrees and the sun was up here in Harrisburg, PA you were out there, the birds trying to, the birds were, as soon as I walked out, I was just like, boom.

just felt, it just felt right. I came downstairs and you're sitting there with all your calls out, , just so another highlight. So we got Amish meat pockets. We're walking through and there's. There's a bunch of people selling sheds and different art stuff made with, shed antlers from deer and moose and elk.

And then the coolest one that we saw the Koon Packers, they were five bucks. They were [00:04:00] like, I didn't, Koon, baums, . Everyone's Googling baculum right now. Toothpicks. Yeah. Coon wieners. Dude, I did not know that. , you could have. A koon packer is a decoration. I've heard people talk about it before.

I've never seen, have you seen? And I've never, I surely as hell did not expect to see a whole bowl of them, so no. No. I didn't want to, I didn't wanna touch 'em at first, but I did . Put that Koon wiener right in my hand. Oh, shoot. All right. Before we get to that, let's get some of the news here.

We do have our final 20 22, 20 23 Deer Harvest report. Oh. From the state of Ohio. So next week, if everything goes as. And the way my life has been the last month. That's not necessarily the way it works, but the, we'll have Mike Tonko on and he will, we'll cover some of this. So he has agreed. We're gonna interview tonk here soon.

Yep. And but just to give you an idea of some of the highlights with the season ending on February 5th, a total of 210,977 [00:05:00] deer were checked. So for those of you keeping score at. , that's up almost 14,000 deer from last year. Last year we ended up 1 96, 988. The three year average is 1 93. So good job out there.

Fellow hunters of Ohio taking down the deers. Paul, you took down four. Four this year that you didn't take down last year, so you part of that. There we go, man. Part of that three is part of that slaughter, but breaking it down a little bit. Archery, 99,742. Week long and the two day gun season combined.

87,095. The four day muzzle loader season 13,617, the youths took 9,515. And the who? The Utes the controlled firearm hunt. Is that what yours would qualify as? Yes. 1008. No kidding. All right. 1008. The final numbers for the top counties. You ready, Fox? Yeah. Here we. Number 10. [00:06:00] Trumbull County. Okay, nine.

Carol. Eight. Gk. Seven homes. Six. Licking five. Knocks four. Ashtabula. Three. Muskingham. Two was Tuscarora and no surprise Kak. You win. How many did you fellers in construction? Kelp what? 7,500. 7,500. Listen, the first person that lives in Kock County that reaches out to us on either go Wild at oh two podcast or Instagram, the oh two podcast.

We're going to give you the Dear Champion Prize of the year. We're gonna come up with something. It might be an emoji of a trophy, but no. We're gonna, we're gonna, we're gonna do. We can put together a t-shirt or something. Yeah, T-shirt. A little tro. Yeah. We're gonna give you the county champion trophy.

So reach out to us. We're gonna give you something free. All right. Just as being the, we're gonna call you the king of the county. So [00:07:00] let's see you guys. Seven, 7,590 this year in Kahaka County. Last year they also led the state with 7,144, so they were up as well. Not gonna be any deer left out there after too long.

All right. I got plenty. Let's see, dude, I don't know where we're at in, in Pennsylvania, but man, look at that. It's beautiful. It's, we're Everett, Pennsylvania. This is gorgeous out here. Mountains, everywhere, little towns. There's a little towns, little valleys everywhere. When we drove through here last night, the other day it was pitch blackout.

We couldn't see anything. So yeah, this is cool. It's a cool little. All right, Paul, what else we got? What's the most popular hunting implement used? I'm gonna say, I'm gonna say a. All right, let's get a little bit more specific. Okay. So here I'll give you the least popular one. Handgun.

Handgun. Okay. So handgun only 546 deer taken that way. Okay. Muzzle loader. That was number five. Okay. Crossbo. Crossbows number one. Crossbows number one. So more deer were [00:08:00] killed in Ohio with a crossbow Yeah. Than any other 34% of 'em. Shit. 71,700. What was number two? Long bow what? Straight walled cartridge.

Rifle. Okay. Just over 56,000. Okay. Shotgun is third, 36,398. And then a vertical bow is 28,041, so I'm sure that's compound and tau can combined yeah. Yeah. That I did not, I. See Crossbow being the number one dealer, deer killing implement in the state. That's an interesting one because you hear people talk all the time.

If you shoot crossbow, you're doing real archer and blah, blah, blah, whatever horse crap that is, but, which I don't believe that, but it obviously shows, if you take that out of the equation, in theory you lose 71,000 harvest. Maybe those guys would go a different route or whatever, but that's a.

That is a major tool for managing a deer herd. Yeah. At least in Ohio. If that's not your thing in the other [00:09:00] states, I know there's other states don't allow it, but it's obviously 34% of our deer were taken that way. Yeah. There's a group there's a podcast and I don't know who they are.

I haven't paid attention to 'em, but I see like their clips on TikTok and one of the guys lives here in Ohio. And if you, Know who I'm talking about, send them our way. I'd love to, I'd love to talk to 'em. But their opinion of crossbo hunters is super elitist, man, and it's just like they don't think one that you should do it, or two that, like they should have their own separate season.

And I'm not smart enough to know what's right or wrong with deer in, in archery hunting. But for me, like I want hunting to be access. and fun and successful for anyone and everyone that that, chooses to to take up this pursuit, right? Yeah. I and access go ahead.

I think it's obviously a massive discussion, but I would venture to say that most of the people using CrossBoss are either at the beginning of [00:10:00] their hunting career or at. Yeah, and we talked to some people this week at the Great American Outdoor Show. They're shooting cross bows, but they're older and they've got a click in their shoulder.

I always hear about this, click in my shoulder. If that keeps you from going out because you can't pull a bow back and do it ethically and all that kind of stuff that's defeating the purpose, right? Yeah. And if it means you only get to go out for one week of the gun season, like if it opens that the doors up and it helps with the problems that we have with populations.

Yeah. Let it be, man. Yeah. And I think kids too, Yeah. Kids and women. I think, and we had Dustin Huff on this show. Dustin Huff's, late twenties at the oldest, and he shot moose with a crossbo. And that man gets a ton of hate for taking that deer with a crossbow.

And so we've talked. , and if you're listening to this, I want you guys to reach out and talk about this, and this is a controversial topic, but we'll talk about it. But, you talk to, we hear about wounding rates. They, [00:11:00] so they estimate wounding rates. It's 60% of, so just say 60% of all the deer in Ohio, you add on 60% of that.

Those are deer of the what? 200,000. I mean that, that's a ton of deer that we're wounded. And so with a compound bow, we all know this. You get jitters, you get nervous. You've got all of these variables that then that can lead to a poor shot that, that wounds an animal. I and I, and this is just my personal opinion, I feel like a cross was definitely easier to kill a deer with.

Than a bow and a gun is easier to kill a deer than a. . . And so like the wounding rates are lower. So you get these guys that are like super elitist and yeah, you should practice more. And it's just you know these long wheel guys like the compound goes you're the one wounding all the deer.

. That's, I would say that it's probably, and I've worded a deer this year, with a gun, so it happens, but I don't know, man. It's it's such a contentious issue for so many people and I feel like it doesn't need to be, it's just an honest [00:12:00] conversation. And you talk about access and Dan Johnson, I was on his nine finger chronic.

Podcast just last week talking about, he asked me about the differences between Turkey hunting and deer hunting, and his concern was that he felt like deer hunting was going the way of a rich man sport and an ultra elitist pursuit. And that's not how, that's not how it should be. Yeah, but you're always gonna have those people, you have those people in any pursuit of hunting any, just rabbits, Turkey, dove, quail, moose.

I'm sure it goes outside of even hunting. I can't think of a good analogy to it right now, but, , like the evolution of things and weapons. In this case, if we all hunted like Native Americans did back in the day, we'd be in a giant group of people trying to run 'em down using spears stuff that's not probably as sharp as it should be, not as strong.

You just gotta take it. If Tbo hunting's your thing, do it, man, and be the best at it. Or if you want to have a compound, you wanna have a CrossFit. Like [00:13:00] with if it's within the legal limits of the law and I don't see a problem with it. Yeah. And I think as long as you're doing, your job and practicing, and I shot crossbow for a couple years just as I was trying to basically regain confidence in stuff.

I never lost one with a crossbo. No. So maybe I should go back to that, but at the same time I still have it and if I really want to, I can or I can use it to teach my kids and that kind of stuff. Yeah, for sure. I don't know. Yeah, it's an interesting, it's an interesting conversation, man.

And I, I don't fight with people online, those guys that have that podcast, I would fight with him in person and fight's the wrong word. I would have a conversation and I just think it's dumb. I think it's a dumb take. Oh, you know that the, you should outlaw crossbows.

I don't know why I just pictured you like in a Walmart parking lot about to throw down about young. I thought this was America good crossbow. You want crossbow? Let go. Let's go. I don't even know a crossbow. Like I literally have no dog in this fight. I didn't even like to deer Bo High. I have fun, but yeah.

I just, [00:14:00] no man. I don't like when, I don't like when people pick. Oh, my wife's calling boss is calling. Yeah, she's calling. I've got her. Does she know we're recording? No. Come on. And you know what? I've got it on Do Not Disturb, but she breaks there. She's the favorite on the phone.

So just goes right through it. Or She's called me like 30 times and she got to Do you want me to text her and say We're recording? Yeah. Text her. Tell her we're recording a show. And that I love her. So I don't know what else we got. So yeah time to go. Those guys were awesome to hang out with.

Men always a great group. They got they got a lot of stuff coming up for Turkey season that you can get if you need to get geared up for Turkey season. Awesome. Present social media on there. Really getting it is growing, that community is growing. There's a lot of good conversations going on right now about Turkey.

Turkey honey ticks, tips and tricks. So I guess there are really no tricks in Turkey hunting, man. It is just as straightforward as you can. So thanks to go wild for their support of this show and for being friends of just us and everything that they've done for us. So shout out to those guys.

We've got I got old d d. Old Derrick coming up, we're gonna do some Turkey hunting, [00:15:00] hopefully get him on an Ohio bird. Dan said he wants to come up. So yeah man, I'm looking forward to that. So thanks to them., thanks to Half Rack for for everything that they do. Awesome products.

They got some really neat stuff available for Turkey hunting. They've got. What bow hunting. The bow hunting case. The Wildcat case is awesome. I bought one of those. Oh, that stuff. Yeah. Oh yeah. They got some really neat stuff. Good. Probably my, my, my favorite thing that I've got is the Boone Sling. It's a nice leather sling.

It's got a really neat logo on it. Really really happy with that. So thanks to them. Midwest Gun Works. Midwest Gun Works dot. If you're getting into the, to the time where you need to start building an ar, you wanna start looking at a rifle, you wanna look at a new Turkey gun, maybe some optics for your Turkey gun, check them out.

Use our code Ohio Outdoors. Five. You can save yourself 5%. Guys. Really good deal. They've got a ton of stuff, every part that you can imagine. They've got some stuff for benelli. and bere some of the stuff that, that, that is outdated, not [00:16:00] produced anymore. They've got those parts on stock, they went out.

That's what they do. They go out. So if you're looking for something that's hard to find from an, from a rifle, a shotgun, a handgun, that the parts haven't been produced in a while, they might be they might be the people to have it. So give them a look. Midwest Hit Parts Finder, Ohio Outdoors.

Five, save your Sale. Five. Thanks to our guys. Up at up at first Light man. Got they got they're gonna have the Turkey kits rolling out here soon. They've got the leafy suits. I bought one of those last year. Really liked it. And then the brush pants, if you're looking for something, if you're, if you're ripping through a brush in the Turkey woods, I like those pants better.

They're a little thicker than like the obsidian ones that I bought. The obsidian ones are nice. The brush pants, the saw. that's gonna get you through that real thick stuff that you get into. And they're, they are quiet. There, there is a little noise. Nothing that disturbed me last year at all.

Check them out first. Is that 'em all? Is that [00:17:00] all? Yeah, that's it, man. So man, what a great group. Just, I don't, you got a good vibe going on right now. Paul, I don't know if I should tell you this. The response back from your wife was that she was just calling to rub it in. She was right about something more importantly, and that you were wrong about something.

So she's selfishly gloating and can't wait to get on the phone with you. Good for her. So we have this thing when one of us is right and one of us is wrong, we'll lick the tip of our finger and act like you're putting a tally on a scoreboard. And it's a good, it's a good feeling.

Yeah. When who? . Oh, she's probably winning like a thousand to 10. And it's it's so bad. It's to the point when I get to put one of those up, I'm like, Hey look at me. Look, tally what I'm, look what I'm doing, boo. And she's just oh God. So I can't wait for, I can't wait for that conversation.

It's gonna be great. And she'll listen to this and she doesn't listen to our guests because, hunting bores her. So she just usually listens to the intro, but she'll listen to this. Good for you. So what else got fish Ohio program celebrates amazing catches. Just the update from, you [00:18:00] got any fish Ohio pins?

Hell no, man. No. We can get you on a official, I got a couple of them. Man. Man, I got a couple of them been a while. Let's see. They gave out 9,723 Fish Ohio pins, two successful anglers with qualifying catches. Yeah. So you're gonna get. Four qualifying catos to get your pen and they change 'em every year.

It takes 'em a little while to get 'em. You submit it, you get a little certificate or whatever and then you get your pen. It's cool. Like you take a kid out and they get their first fish. They got first fish certificate on there and yeah. That's neat man. Check that out. What is it? A wild

I believe it's the website. So they got some meat official meet fish Official Haim 25 species of fish. Yeah. All the details are on there. Yeah. Did I ever tell you about will have a wall? It says, oh, nice. So I caught, I was fishing with my buddy Dave Seavers who, who's passed away at this point.

He's an older gentleman. Got to know him well, he was neighbors with my parents and him and I became friends and we would go out fishing. He had a boat, and this would've been [00:19:00] 2010, 2011, something like that. And so we were at Hoover Dam here in Central. And we were crappy fishing, smashing, crappy fishing, little minnows under our slip bob and something just pounds.

One of my minnows. This thing takes off and I'm fighting it. I got light tackle, I got crappy rods. It takes me a few minutes to get this thing in. And as it's coming up I see the top of the back of this fish and the back of this fish is green-ish. And I see that and it is massive and I, in my mind, I've just.

the new world record pass. Large mouth pass. So I'm already spending the money, right? Like I'm gonna buy some, I'm gonna buy a boat, I'm gonna buy some hunt and land. Like I just caught like a 30 pound bass. Like I am legend in my own mind before this even happened, before I even get this fish in. None of that's true.

I was panicking like, don't mess this up. So I land this fish, Andrew? . And it's a buffalo sucker. You know what a buffalo sucker is? I think I've heard of 'em. So it's just like this [00:20:00] giant, like just sucker. , but it was a blast catch. It was an absolute blast. Good fight. Great fight. Yeah. And people, and so it's one of our native species of fish.

And so people always call buffalo suckers or car, they call 'em trash fish. And that's not true man. This fish was awesome to catch. It was huge. Put up a great fight. But I, when I finally pull this thing up and it's got this little tiny mouth, I see it. I'm like, oh dude, come on man. This is, I thought it was a bass.

So it's total disappointment. So I get this buffalo sucker up. on the on the boat and get it unhooked. And I'm just looking at it, I'm getting ready to throw it back in the water, and my buddy Dave's Hey man let's weigh that thing just for sh for grins and giggles or whatever. Is that what I'm gonna say?

Just for grins and giggles? So we put this thing on the way, on the scale, and it's over 46 pounds. Geez, man. It's 46 and some change, right? and it's a buffalo sucker and I didn't take a picture, I didn't do anything, so I just throw [00:21:00] this fish back in the lake. And so later that night I'm like, man, I wonder if they have like state records for buffalo suckers.

The current the record at the time, I'd beaten it by over a pound. Damn. Yeah. And I, so I called my buddy Dave. I'm. , you still got that? That was a state record Fish . He's damn, I have records for that. I'm like, yeah. And so the guy that holds it now is over 46 pounds. And it is from Hoover Dam.

That's where, so apparently if you want to catch a state record fish Buffalo suckers are in good numbers, in are damned. So I'm not gonna lie, I was pretty. Cause it doesn't it. Picks it didn't happen. , so it just didn't, it, no proof other than me and my friend who has now passed away.

That is my fishtail live for the day, . And that's all I got. So I'm really curious to see what my wife is gloating about. Yeah I'm not happy about that. She's gonna have to wait. You're gonna have to wait cuz we gotta get through the show. . We're pushing our time as it is.

What, how much time we got here on the [00:22:00] mic? I don't know. 20. I dunno. Before we go any further, so we talked a few weeks ago with our working with Half Rack and stuff and Josh and the boys over there. We were gonna do the giveaway and we had a post out there on Instagram and go wild.

We were, when we were driving up the other day, this is interesting, we were sitting there doing our little scrolling through and pick who we're gonna. And we landed on our winner is David Snyder. Yeah. So David and we did this Sunday. We did, we figured this out Sunday. So who walks up to the booth today at Go Wild at Gaos.

I'm like, oh hi, my name's Andrew or whatever. And he is I'm David. And he is got his go wild hat on. You could tell this guy knew he was going like, really? Oh, where are you from? Oh, Pennsylvania. Hey, he starts talking to us. He knew who we were. , what's your last name? . Literally, you're the one that was picked the other day, so he kinda already knows.

Yeah. Supporter of the show. Supporter of Gow. Wild supporter of half rack. So David, thank you for listening, man. Thanks for about that. I'm putting your visor off. I keep looking for turkeys and your visors messing me [00:23:00] up. I can't see. Yep. Turkeys. Look at this. There's gonna be turkeys in this field.

That is Turkey. Freaking heaven. Look at that. Oh God. I'm watching the, for the deers, but I'll start to watch for the turkeys for you, Paul. Oh. I just usually don't pay attention for that, but one of these days so anywho, let's see, where are we at? We are on our way back again from the Great American Outdoors Show.

And Paul and I, we took a quick spin out there. What was that? Sunday night? Sunday night. And got into town real late. Got up the next morning, went over to the show. We got to work the booth with Dan. Dan is the guy down at Go Wild who I, he gave me his official title. Sounded really important, but basically, Dan's the gear guy and he knows all the gear in and out.

When it comes to the, he really does. It's impressive because, so as you guys know, go Wild has the online social media platform, but also their sales side of things where they, sell different products at the [00:24:00] Great American Outdoor Show. They get to, go, they have a booth and they.

They've got a bunch of different products there and we, take pictures and you can, meet members and all that kind of stuff. So having the products on the shelf, you have to have some type of knowledge of 'em, right? It's not just, this is what you get, it helps when you, when you have knowledge of it.

Paul and I, we went last year and we were out there and. didn't know much about anything. I could tell you what no different color backpacks were hanging on the wall. Yeah. But when you started talking about Garmins and the GPS collars and some of the dog stuff and the, the super techy scope, we were head way over our head.

So this year we had a little bit better feel for what was going on. And having Dan there, he helped us to, guide us through. , but we worked yesterday. The, I could not get it over how much traffic was there if you've never been to the show, and I guess maybe we should describe that itself.

It's over [00:25:00] in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. I think it's, if it's not the state fairgrounds, it's something very similar. It's the Farm Show Complex is the official name of the event. Do you know how many acres are under roof there? Okay. Feels like 1440. It's massive. And they've got all these different rooms and there's an equestrian area.

It's like a, coliseum like thing. And in there they, they got all kinds of stuff going on. Like you and I always talk. , what a great, you could take your kids there and the whole family and enjoy it. They got the dogs doing where the thing where they throw the ball or target out there.

The dogs go running, jump into the water and big pool and all this stuff and dog dogs. That was what was called dog dogs. Each, they've got all these different rooms and the different rooms have different categories basically. So there's like a fishing room and an archery room. What was the name of the room we were in officially?

The north Hall. Okay. Is what it was called, but it was per primarily guns. Yeah. It was primarily like, yeah, a lot of guns, knives, optics kind stuff. Gun parts. Yeah. There wasn't a [00:26:00] lot of clothing. No. Anything like that. They have an archery hall. They have a boat hall, an RV hall, an outdoor hall.

It's impressive. They have an area where you can ride e-bikes and different things like that. . Very cool event. Lots of family friendly things. It's still going on. Like this is gonna release and you guys will still have time to go if you want to run over there. Look at those deer.

Look at those deer. You see 'em up on that hill? Oh yeah. There's a whole bunch of 'em. Got any anters on them? I don't know little shed yet. I mean it. Look at the sky. Look at those deer right there, dude. They're every. There was a big front coming in. You picking all the deer out, Paul, I know. I'm so proud of you.

But we are headed into some sort of storm. Look at the sky in front of us, man. Maybe they're getting hungry on something. But anyhow, so we got this whole big , whole big trade show, lots going on. It take you a couple days to see it all, and we got to work that booth. So we got to meet some cool people and learn some things.

I, I almost feel like I know. , a Garmin unit can do Now after listening to Dan explain it 35 times. Yeah. This year I got you. I actually felt like I got [00:27:00] to talk to some people about tactic cam and Spy Point and some of the things that we've used. You really have a good handle about the cameras and the setups and how they work and the settings.

You, that was, you were very comfortable talking about that. It's one of those things, once you use it you feel like you've got a better handle. I can. and that's been my motto in life. When it comes to anything. It's I gotta do it before I can actually talk about it.

You know what really annoys me? And I try not to do this. Like when I go to a show like this or nwtf or Shot show, whatever the hell it is, I've got, if I'm looking for something, I've already done the research. At home. I know what I'm looking for. And if I see something that I'm like, that's pretty cool, that's an impulse.

I don't ask a lot of questions. I just do it, and I don't impulse buy $1,200 stuff. So they had this hat there and it was for, it was primarily for Coon Hunter. Where it's like it's a ball cap, but it's got like a hard layer, hard shell. What was the brand on that? Cajun something.

Cajun lights pretty neat if you're a coon hunter. Pretty sweet. It's got a [00:28:00] battery pack on the back. It's got a really big headlamp on the front, and this sucker is bright and I can't tell you how many of these older guys would come up and they'd be like, how many lumens is this? I'm like, dude I don't know, man.

It's bright. That's how many loos it is. And I would just turn it on. Open your eyes. I'm gonna turn it on. I would turn it on and we're in this lit hall and the ceiling's a hundred feet above us. And I would turn it on and it would light up the ceiling above us. I'm like, that's how many lumens is it is.

I'm like, it's bright. That's the answer. How many lumens? I don't know. And you know what you don't know. That's some bitch is bright. That's how many lumens it is. . And it was just like some of these people, they come up and if you were this person, I'm listening to this, I want you to stop it. They ask the dumb.

questions about stuff like, Hey, will this on, on, on this, particular model rail and fit on in, in mount sideways at a 12 degree angle? And I'm like, but I don't even know what, none of us know what you just said. It's a red dot for Pten Rail. That's all I can tell you. And it's just guys get super technical and [00:29:00] then, we'll take the time and this is what really makes me mad.

So this is definitely you, if you ask a. For anything. And it takes someone 10 minutes to find out the answer and they take the time to find out, look at this. There was a freaking semitrailer that flipped over at some point. It was a semitrailer, it is in pieces, not a semitrailer anymore. I'd hate to bend in the traffic on the backside of that accident.

So anyway, so you ask a question and the and then people take the time to find, to answer your stupid question. And then you don't even say thank you, and you turn around and walk. I don't know how these people that do trade show stuff operate because I'm like, oh my God. Like I just wasted 20 minutes of my time answering this guy's question about, the aluminum that they use in a Tricon site.

And he didn't even say thank you, and he just turned around and walked off. Oh, shoot by that site. All right, that's, you stop it. Some of the other high highlights from the show the dude who walked. First thing in the morning and was like, oh yeah, okay. I'm gonna try to set this [00:30:00] picture.

So we're standing behind the booth. We got a handful of things. Everything's got like a price tag on it. The price tag was like a piece of foam. Think of an index card. It was a piece of foam that had the actual tag like written or a piece of paper glued to it, whatever, in front of these earmuffs and the.

It's a price tag. It's a price tag. It literally just says, earmuffs, I don't know what it was. $99, 110, whatever. And so the, this guy comes up and he is oh, this is real nice. When he says, this is real nice, he's, he picks up the price tag. He's not even touching the earmuffs. He's, yeah. That's the only one you go is just one here.

Okay. And he like, grabs it and takes it and starts walking away. We all look at each other. Did homeboy just swipe our price tag? ? Yeah. And Dan. That's, that, that's a price tag. Oh, okay. Okay. Gotcha. Gotcha. For those of you that have been through pa, we're going through the Allegheny Mountain Tunnel, just to give you guys an update of where we're at.

So podcasting from a mountain, the middle of a mountain. [00:31:00] Oh yeah. So what else did they had? Dan busted out some thermals today. God, those are so cool. They were cool. And then that other one, that was like a night vision, more of a night vision, low light type scope with an illuminator on the side.

Yeah, that was pretty neat. After talking to the Midwest or Missouri. Midwest Gun works in Missouri. Woods and waterfalls. I'm gonna kill some coyotes, man. Yeah, we gotta figure that one out. Yeah. I'm want to, I wanna, I'm wanna shoot, I wanna shoot something in the middle of. Yes. A deer or no?

Jesus. I'm gonna shoot a deer in the middle of the night. Cancel. I'm gonna shoot a guy canceled . I heard these guys, just to clarify, I'm not gonna shoot deer in the middle of the night. Yeah. Oh man. What else we did? We've teased the Amish meat pocket, so we'll just go ahead and dive into that.

We've, after talking to Brad there a couple weeks ago he was, it's a delicacy of the great American outdoors. And you and I went yesterday venturing for it. Couldn. Couldn't find it. Couldn't find it. No. We failed, had the world's most expensive tacos, the world's most expensive tacos while we watched dogs jumping in [00:32:00] the water.

It was cool. Yeah. Different lunch setting. It was good. But today Jacob Knight, our boy old Ted, he came in down and he saved the day and he helped us find the Amish meat pockets now. So here's what's to, we couldn't find him. And he had to, he just was like, you know what? Screw it. I'm gonna ask.

Yeah. So we didn't realize this. They're not actually called Amish meat pockets. Oh. So he walks up to this stand of women selling food. And he's excuse me ma'am, do you know where the Amish meat pockets are? ? And the lady like just with pure disgust in her face, looks at him and she's you mean Rachel's stuffed pretzels?

And he's yes. And I start laughing. I'm like, oh yeah, . He's oh. So yes, Rachel's stuffed pretzels are the real name for the, for Amish meat pockets. It just happens to be Amish folks. That stuff these pretzels with d. Meats. So it is like a freaking hot pretzel. It's like stuffed pretzel.

Yeah. And it's [00:33:00] filled with filling, which they had like buffalo. They had buffalo chicken steak. Chicken steak. I had the Philly cheese steak Amish meat bucket. It was delicious. Fantastic. Fantastic. The only thing that I didn't like that thing had, it was like super juicy. So I'm holding like this, wiener shaped food.

Your favorite. Yeah. And then I bite into it and it's shot. Freaking Amish meat, barbecue juice all over my face and all over my shirt. I was not happy about that. , oh, just a mental picture of this giant balded man. Just like both hands on this giant stuffed pretzel with . So funny freaking barbecue sauce all over myself.

Oh yes. But anyways, all in all, great show. Still time to go, I think through the end of the upcoming. And if you guys have nothing else better to do, it's a good thing. You know what, the one thing that's really cool about that show, there's a lot of stuff there and there's a lot of expensive stuff there that if you're ever like, I want to go, I want to put my hands on [00:34:00] something before I go buy it, A great place to do it.

, whether it's in the archery hall or the gun room, like I kept referring to where we were at. There's all kinds of stuff there. All the big gun manufacturers Ha. Loose there and all that kind of stuff. It is, there's literally everything. , everything. It was pretty neat.

Yeah. So yeah. Good stuff. What else we got, man? We got anything? So Turkey season fast approaching it is get, getting ready for that. We wa we walked into that one room that had all the Turkey calls and stuff and your ears just perked up and I'm like, I pull outta here for a while.

Yeah. I love the sound of a freaking, he Yelp. Gobbler, yelping, gobblers, all of it, man. It I controlled myself. Someone asked, Jacob asked me today, he's like, how many? How many Turkey calls you actually got? And I've got a lot, but I have intentionally not jumped off the ledge of buying like collector calls, because once.

Boxes opened up. It's gonna hard it's gonna be hard to get me to shut it off so I, [00:35:00] I've upgraded calls, I'll you start out and man, you can kill turkeys with a freaking, piece of rubber stretched over a 10 can of snuff, a snuff can tube calls you.

But, so I'll get different calls and I will give away different Turkey. Slay calls, box calls, glass calls whatever it may be. Give 'em to friends, give 'em to people that start hunting. I've got, I, I got a lot, but man I can't dive off that. One of, one of the guys we're gonna have on the show, a gentleman named Bobby lives here in Ohio.

He is probably he has probably the most extensive collection of Turkey calls in the country. And that's, it is impressive. And he'll send me pictures of Turkey calls. He's this is what I. Look at what I got, look at what I picked up. We'll be like, Hey man, I got this. I'm willing to park for it.

You're gonna couple hundred bucks. And I'm like, Bob, I'm gonna block you if you keep texting me these awesome Turkey gulls, because one of these days I'm gonna do it. And that's just it. It's just it's all gonna fall apart from there. So That's funny. Turkey question since we're on the call thing.

Yeah. What is the average lifespan of a DIA frame call? Dude, [00:36:00] every, just get rid of 'em every year. Okay. So think about that, man. Think of all the bacteria that's in your mouth. That's, this is my question. And guys will put and I'm not a, I'm not a mouth call guy. I'm not a diaphragm call guy.

Never will be. But people, when you put that in your mouth and like I, I hear a lot of guys will put like mouthwash on their calls. Dude, you can get a mouth call for seven bucks. Yeah. And I mean like the most expensive mouth call that you can get is like $15 You. . That's just, I don't know.

That's it. Yeah. Replace 'em every year and you're hammering on those things. Like they stretch out, like my tube call, like I, I stretch the latex on that when I use them, and I'm constantly, reset it and stretching it out. I, I go through, 30 pieces of latex a year, but, I replace 'em all the time.

Yeah. I'd say Do yourself favor, man. Just get a new one every year. Do you stick with the same brand and style or do you go I, I would if you like the, if you find something that you like the sound and the way that call performs for you. Yeah. Switch it up. Cuz all with mouth calls, like the cuts, that's the difference in, [00:37:00] in sound.

And even like the advanced guys like Scott Ellis, we've had him on that guy could make six distinct sounds. with one mouth call. And that's impressive. But for most of us mere mortals, you only get one or two, distinct downs of a, per mouth call.

So yeah, the different cuts, that's, you can get rassier, you get lower, you can get higher. So there you go. Good. Interesting stuff. Buddy, I think that's what we got for this week. Hopefully that gives you guys a little insight to the Great American Outdoor Show. Next week we will be hopefully having our discussion about the Ohio Deer season.

We'll put that to bed and get on the Turkey train. Oh man, I can't wait for that. It's Paul's time of the year, so I can't wait. Yeah, if you listen to this, you do. If you're still here. Nine favorite Chronicles. I did an episode That was really neat. Dan got me all freaking wound up. You guys hear just little bits.

I've been containing my excitement and my enthusiasm and support of Wild Turkey. And wild [00:38:00] Turkey hunters, but it is time to unleash the beast. So if you wanna hear me get all worked up and get on my soapbox about Turkey hunting, get on that Nine Fingers Chronicle podcast. That was great.

I had a great time, Dan really did a great job. The interview, if you wanna learn how to Turkey hunt, you wanna hear some cool Turkey hunting stories, how To Hunt Turkey's podcast, that was pretty sweet. And keep listening here. We got some good people and the Sportsman's Empire in general. Lots and lots of shows coming.

, good stuff. Yeah, good stuff. The o two is our. We've got the oh two podcast on Instagram oh two podcast at Gow Wild. And yeah, find us on TikTok oh two podcasts. Every once in a while I throw some stuff up there. Yeah, appreciate you as always, and if you got time, a review is always wonderfully welcome and.

I think that's about it, man. That's it. Appreciate you guys. Take care.[00:39:00]