Growing The Sport Of Archery

Show Notes

This week on the Pennsylvania Woodsman we chat with two guys that are doing as much as they can to grow the sport of archery at their local club.  Jonathan Henne and Justin Delong took over running archery shoots at the Shartlesville Rod and Gun Club in Berks County Pennsylvania, and have been growing ever since.  We discuss how they went from flinging arrows, to being pro-staff shooters at IBO tournaments, to building up their club and supporting archery locally.

In addition, Mitch and Robby discuss the ups and downs of target panic with their guests and how each one of them have combated their shooting dilemma.  We discuss training exercises, equipment setups, and shot process fundamentals that helped each of them improve their ability as shooters on target and in the hunting woods.  It's a fun episode to get you thinking about summer practice and preparation for archery season this fall!

Show Transcript