Growing Up Realtree with Tyler Jordan

Show Notes

On this episode of the Nine Finger Chronicles, Dan talks with Tyler Jordan about what it was like growing up in the hay-day of Realtree. Tyler explains that he didn't realize how big Realtree was and the impact his father had on the hunting industry and the hunting community when he was younger. He talks about how his dad never put any pressure on him to follow in his footsteps on both the hunting or the business side of things. He talks about going to college and stepping away from Realtree but then naturally returning after experiencing life outside the industry.

Tyler shares that his father is his best friend and even though they may disagree with each other in the office, they talk everyday and keep the peace. He talks about some of the obstacles he faced in the early years of dating his wife, some of his favorite places and species to hunt, and a lot more intriguing  conversation. Another awesome interview you will be sure to enjoy!

Show Transcript