Ohio Whitetail Partners with Greg Kazmierski

Show Notes

On this week’s episode, the guys sit down to talk with Greg Kazmierski of Whitetail Partners in Ohio.  Greg brings his past years of deer hunting to Ohio to work with the Whitetail Partner consulting service.  Greg’s passion for white tails is evident in his work with designing and helping land owners with their hunting properties. Greg is a Michigan native, who gives his insight on how to utilize different land features from swamps to ag fields, and everything in-between. Greg also has the ability to use drone technology for mapping properties and utilizing new technology to take your property to the next level. 

Paul was privy to a trip out west in the past week, where he got to do some special workouts with our friend Brayden from GoWild as well as the crew from Mountain Tough.  More info to come from Mountain Tough, but as we get closer to the New Year, now is a GREAT time to start thinking about healthy life style choices. 

Andrew spent a lot of time the past week cleaning up his deer skull which is now hanging proudly in the living room. The guys are wrapping up the year and gearing up for the holidays.  Deer numbers from the extended gun weekend are in, and King Coshocton continues to reign supreme. Not sure if there are really any deer left out there, but congrats to them for continuing to bring deer to the freezers. Some Walleye and Perch hatch numbers are in as well.  Central basin yellow perch numbers are still down, but the Western Basin is well above average for Walleye and Perch. 

Show Transcript