HD's First Buck

Show Notes

Nate and his son Henry sit down on this Episode of Michigan Wild and talk about Henry's first buck. Henry is 7 years old and has been tagging along with Nate for years. Henry has always enjoyed helping with food plots and looking for sheds, so he has been no stranger to the hunting lifestyle. This spring going into summer Henry showed a desire for shooting his first buck. After getting comfortable shooting a firearm and feeling confident in himself Nate agreed he was ready to go hunting.

November 15th was Henry's first sit and he was faced with adversity right away. He had an opportunity on a buck, but unfortunately his shot was low and ended up wounding the deer. However Henry remained positive and stayed hunting. A few days later the buck did show back up on camera which confirmed that it wasn't a fatal hit. Then on Thanksgiving day all the hours on stand and patience paid off for Henry. 

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