High Deer Populations, Next Steps

Show Notes

In this episode, Jon Teater (Whitetail Landscapes) and Mark Haslam (Southeast Whitetail) discuss upcoming land management strategies for handling high deer populations. Mark explains the importance of evaluating food and health status of deer post-harvest and comparing that data to local information. Mark discusses fawn recruitment in high deer populations and factors that he uses on his property to support deer on his farm.

Mark discusses tactics to maintain deer populations and relative food in densities over 150 deer per square mile. Mark explains the importance of food plots and a strategy that plays off neighboring agriculture crop production. Mark details local crops and his tactics to promote interest on his property to ensure deer remain interested on hunting property. Mark discusses hunting tactics around mature bucks.

Mark explains when to take does, what age class he prefers and his tactics around shooting does early and often. Mark discusses what locations to take deer to ensure hunting locations are not impacted during the rut. Mark and Jon discuss food value and the decisions around when to take deer to ensure food remains adequate.

Mark discusses tactics to improve deer habitat and related food. Mark explains how to manage open ground with fire, native plants, and discing options. Mark suggests new ways to protect food plots and how to reduce deer herbivory. Mark explains field management techniques and what plants originate in these areas and how to ensure deer remain interested year after year. Mark discusses planting soybeans and relative size of food plots with a high deer population. Mark discusses food plot mixes for high deer populations when landowners lack open spaces. Mark explains his interest in sun hemp and how to plant sun hemp so a hunter can see deer and receive the food benefit.  Mark discusses fall/winter food plots that support deer through spring and support other species. Mark discusses options for those that can't do timber stand improvement or burning on the landscape.

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