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Chad and Seth are always on the lookout for their next great adventure. When the YouTube star Python Cowboy reached out to Chad the All Mixed Up crew knew some fun lay ahead. Listen as Python Cowboy talks about hunting wrestling pythons, shooting iguanas, tapping sleeping pigs on the head, hot tub surprises and much, much more! 
This is a fun, high energy episode that will leave you laughing and learning so grab a good beverage and listen up, the adventure is about to begin! 

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We all have that one special dog hanging out on the porch. He's just a little bit of this and a little bit of that. All these things you like coming together to make one superb dog. That was exactly what we had in mind when we made this show. Welcome to all mixed up.

Chad. What's up? Not much man. Busy day. Busy bi busy [00:03:00] day. But this is a fun one. I'm excited about this one. You busy? Yeah. I don't believe it. some mangoes here. Yeah. I heard about your eating habits on a prior episode, but mangoes a step up. It's healthier. Yeah. And it's not as crunchy.

Haw . Plenty of sugars. More sugars than I need. I think this one only has 400 calories. Probably like 90 grams of sugar. Whatever. It's Just pretend you're car loading for your next hunt. Dude. There we go. . . What's up man? What have you been up to? Oh let's see. Fal season's over. I'm trying to chase some wines.

I just haven't gotten on anything I've been looking for Tracks a lot. Find a really old one to turn out on the other day. And they did good. The pups got out and got to chase it. Then we never jumped it up, but it was just cold trailing forever. But they got to go up the canyon and down the canyon and got on some dry land and luckily we, found it in the snow again.

And so they got to push through that. And but nothing to take a picture of really, just good [00:04:00] old-fashioned dog work, just waiting for spring bear to open up really at this point. Ah, and now the prairie dogs are starting to peek out and that's fun target practice. I got an old farm road where AIC guy, I can't shoot them with a 44 from the vehicle.

That, that may or may not be a hundred percent safe, but yeah, it's a whole lot of fun. So yeah, I've never done it coming back around again and and waiting for Spring Bear, man. What about you? Nice, you. Did How the long dogs doing good or not the long dogs? They are oh, all of 'em.

I had to lay up my long dogs from injury, but it's it's been the season of the Saluki , so there you go. Yeah, man, just getting your hopes up for your two. I know. And I talk about 'em. You're like, I hope, I won't mine, I won't mine . So if your girls come out like these boys, then you're gonna be a happy camper.

They've been the they they appreciate the speed in January and December when I run my greyhounds with them. But, they're just a little less desert adapted than my saluki and I can run 'em really hard. And yeah, they've been piling them up than very happy. [00:05:00] We limit ourselves to one hair.

A. So that kind of is lame, but hey, that keeps it where we can find hair. You drive, two hours for a three minute course, but I caught a four minute rabbit two weeks ago. I'm still riding that high. I had a pretty ugly spill, but everyone is all right. And Strider caught that rabbit.

So that was the last last race. I'm gonna go out this week sometime looking forward to it, but otherwise my world's just yeah, mostly on the couch for them. , is that right? Yeah. So yeah, a little less diverse. My brother, we got a short, we got an easy, let's see, there will be less bouncing around this episode of all mixed up than there typically is, but I'm gonna say right now, this episode of all mixed up is the very definition of what I had in mind for this show.

Chad, you wrangled up a great host. Break it down, brother. We got the Python Cowboy, a k a Trapper, Mike mainly known as, the guy catching all these giant pythons down in and down in Florida, down in South Florida, the Everglades and shooting [00:06:00] the iguanas. I imagine most people listening to this episode have seen at least one video of some wild Florida redneck shooting iguanas outta trees and sticking his drought hearts and dogs on, on them to, go grab them wounded iguanas and fetch 'em back into the boat.

He, he takes a lot of people, so there's always some new folks in the videos, but yeah, that and a hog dogger, we break down all the cool stuff he does and how he does it and why he does it. The iguanas and the pythons are an invasive species. They do not belong there, and they're causing a problem killing off the native wildlife to where all it is, , pigs too

Yeah, I know, right? Between the au guas, the snakes and the hogs. Like those are his three things. His, at least the main things he's known for. And none of them belong. And they're absolutely everywhere. Yeah. When you text me, you were like, oh man, I got Python cowboy on the line. I was like, what?

Yeah, I saw that guy on YouTube. Let's talk to him. So Chad, you guys coming in clutch as usual. . . Yeah. It [00:07:00] was fun, man. I had a lot of, I, I wanted to ask him the questions that weren't just obviously I was like, Hey, tell us about yourself, but I wanna ask him the questions. We're all thinking can you get killed by those things

You know what I mean? So obviously I was pretty excited to talk to him. I first saw his, one of his videos on YouTube with one of my favorite food review guy when eating food with him. You guys are here all about that. I had a lot of fun talking to him, man. He's a character and I think you and I are gonna have to make our trip to Florida soon,

That'd be awesome. That'd be awesome. I'd love to, get haggas on a hog and, maybe get, steal a terrier from one of my local guys, one of my terriers back when they're not looking and run down there and give it a shot again. I haven't ho on it in years. I'm dying.

I've missed it. That'd be awesome. I got a lot of fun. Poking fun at all the different quirks, you guys. I'm gonna just say right now, all my terrier people out there, you guys know I love you. . This show was I heavily featured Terriers in here and I made a couple of jokes. You guys will love it.

Yeah, it was awesome. And I have two, two pre-roll stories I wanna break down [00:08:00] before we roll into the episode. First of all, My favorite Florida hunting story of all time is I was in wildlife school when we, when I first heard this, bow fishing is huge there. You guys have like awesome waterways and stuff and bow fishing alligators.

I don't know if it's legal or not, but that's not, I think it is, but this is not relevant to this story. Okay. There was a guy who was bow fishing. For alligators. Okay. He shot an alligator with his bow. Turns out it was a tweaker using an alligator head decoy so he could breathe. And he was swimming across canals with drugs to take drugs over to his dead drop to hide.

And this bow fisherman spotlighted the alligator head and shot the alligator with his bow. And it was a tweaker swimming. And I'm just like, that's so true. That's Florida . Oh, that's very Florida. But now I got a question. Do you think like the Go Wild accounts would , you could mark that as a trophy, you think you could mark [00:09:00] that as a trophy on Go wild guy, what is dude?

Yeah. Tweaker take it in South Florida . Oh. With means of take like a fishing bow, and you were like, I was trying to get his age by his teeth, but he doesn't have any No. It, there's a little nub there, Generally if your tweakers are to nub status at that point they're, just about to fall under the thirties.

I think. I thought he was an old mature male. It looked like he was 75, but in reality he was 22. . There you go. Just, hard life, it's hard to be a tweer in Florida sometimes. Can you imagine reliving a guy in when he had you smoking with your bow ? What happened?

Was there more to the story? I don't know. Agent. Yeah. Obviously the cops and the ambulance came. I don't know. I, there wasn't much of a follow up. They just were like, yeah, some guy. And then another funny thing is Python Cowboys living one of my perspective life goals because when I was leaving Wildlife school I got a job with Ted Turner te, the Turner Endangered Species Fund.

Okay. And I worked with that for a while. It was a blast. I loved it, but it was just a [00:10:00] temporary gig. And my plan was, Back then when I graduated in 2010, or I was in school, but when I graduated in 2013 and worked for T E S F those pythons were really getting a lot of news. And I was gonna, they were hiring hunters to go out there and start the pro biologist to start that hunting program to flesh it out and get an idea of what that hunting program is gonna be like.

And dude, that's what I wanted to do straight up. I wanted to apply to, yeah, I wanted to go to Florida and contract to hunt those pythons. But then I met a lady and she was like, you should come back to, New Mexico. And I was like, all right, girls have a way of doing that to you,

They'll do it, bro. Don't, yeah. I was like, snake or cat? I'm choosing cat . Yeah, there you go. If you catch my drift. Oh yeah. Oh yeah. So yeah, I went back and I didn't get to do it. So that is something that's definitely on my bucket list. And hey dude, I'm down to try eating one. If you are , what a snake.

Yeah, dude. Yeah. Yeah. Why out? I'll try a snake. Let's do a python. Dude. I don't know if I wanna eat a rattlesnake, but I've eaten a rattlesnake.[00:11:00] Yeah. I'll do a python. I'll do a python. That's fine. What's funny is that I didn't actually get to come up with it, but I know a bunch of people that shoot the things down in, in different spots of Florida and they actually will mail it out to different places in the United States for falconers to use as food for their birds.

Like a guana tail. That's good idea. It's not like it's perfect. It's not like an ideal food or something like that. It's just a quality meat, that they, nobody's doing anything else with, so I'm not okaying the use of it or anything like that. I just know that it's been done, I've never figured, I don't know what it does to a bird or how, how they do want it, I know there are. Species of Raptor that, eat amphibians, as a Yeah, for sure. But, but as a staple diet, I don't know. Yeah, I think it's fine. No, maybe not a staple. It's not nutritionally complete, but the tails, why not? Have you ever eaten the whole body?

Sure. . Sure. Why not? , another weird funny thing with those iguanas. So they are edible and people do eat 'em. And there was a funny story. I was reading on the weird news that this guy, there was a cold [00:12:00] snap in Florida and all those things were like falling outta the trees cold.

Yep. And he had picked him up and put 'em all in his car, and they all came back to life in his warm him car. And they were like freaking out in his car, and he had to pull over on the interstate to open the door. And all these iguanas were like running out of his car. . . Anyway, that'd make me laugh.

I'd love to see that. What's so funny? I'm, this is, there's so many things flying through my head right now, eating weird. You're feeding stuff to your animals. Yeah. That's not just like normal food. I have a really diverse group of friends and a lot of them are not hound. Most of them are not hound people, right?

. And my buddy has this dog and he's he just text me outta the blue and he is like, Hey, I just found she, I just saw her eat a dead rat. Should I be worried or what should I do? And I said, nothing . Yeah. Yeah, it just ate a dead rat. Dude, your dogs eat disgusting stuff. The worst I can think of would be like, just make sure rat poison, worm it at some point.

But yeah, or maybe some like holdover rat poison, but if it was alive and well, yeah that's good protein man. Dude. Yeah. It's 150 pound grape pyrees [00:13:00] and it ate one dead rat. Even if it had been poisoned, it's a fine. You know what I mean? Yeah. But anyway, that just made me laugh.

Don't do anything. It's a dog it. They eat my calypso, eats the poops straight out of the butts of my other dogs, like every day . So she's disgusting, dude. Yes. Three of my other dogs, for whatever reason, she just loves their poop. And while they're pooping, she'll just, Eat it right from the tap. Straight out of the tap.

Right from the tap, dude, God. Oh, it's disgusting. But you know what? I don't let her lick me and I'm happy cuz she's just picking up dog poop for me. There you go. That episode of tethering, when you guys were talking about cleaning kennels, I was like, Chad just needs a pack of calypsos out there. Just eat all the poop.

Those pills work. I've always wondered how the hell those those stool prevention, eating, whatever the pills you feed the dog to prevent them from eating poop. They, I always. They do, they actually do work. I've had issues with it, but I don't understand how hey, we got this bitter or something.

We got this turd. How do we make it taste bad? , what[00:14:00] exactly. Yeah. I need to ta I need to make crap taste bad. . Yeah. Oh yeah. Let's figure out how to do this, but what, for whatever reason it works, man, I had one that was in my, my packy yard dogs, that kind of come in and out and, do a lot of that.

And one of 'em, it was a pup and it got into it. And the problem was, is, he was on his before and I gave him the pills and he stopped eating his, then he started eating everybody else's. So in order to get to stop it, cuz this dog had a beard too, it's, oh, yeah.

It's not something I want to deal with. Then I had to give all of them the stinking pills. So every dog that was out there had to be on the pills just for the one. And it, it did work. It's done. We don't have that problem anymore. But, interesting. It, you have to, you have, you gotta do it though. It's not like a woman Send me link to those send pills, dude.

Yeah. It's not like a one month thing. It's, you gotta feed 'em to everybody, and do it for a while until the dog just is, knows it's gonna be done with it, yep. Yeah, it works. Nasty clip. So cool. . Yeah, man, I I had a bunch of little funny stories that I was thinking about while we were just chatting, but if you're if you're good, brother, I was super pumped.

I'm [00:15:00] a guys, I'm excited to to share this with you and like I said, big thanks to you Chad for making this all happen. But when I thought, when I didn't, when we thought of the Hounds one XP all mixed up episode. This is what I had in mind. I wanted to showcase all the cool, weird kind of out of the normal tree dog stuff that there is with hunting with dogs.

This is freaking perfect , right? So I'm really excited to, to have this episode on. I just say, let's roll right into it. Let's get it. I like how Zoom tells you. You're being recorded so polite. That way I can get bashful, . How's it going buddy? How are you doing?

Good, good. How are y'all doing? I'm doing great. We got Python, cowboy Trapper, Mike in the house, man, I've been looking forward to this one for a while. Heck yeah. Glad to be. How many titles do you have, dude? Because like I was thinking Game of Throne Style, you're like Trapper the cowboy, the Lizard King.

Like how manys? I'm sure there's a few that I don't know [00:16:00] about too. . We'll ask your wife. Ask your wife. Yeah. Don't ask her. Yeah. Yeah. There's definitely a lot of different job titles. Definitely. Yeah. Everybody knows all mixed up. It's all about that. Cool. Offbeat. Hunting experiences with dogs and Chad the beast.

He is, he's always wrangling in cool people. So why don't you introdu introduce yourself, buddy and tell us a little bit about yourself and what you hunt with dogs and how. Yeah. My name's Mike Kimmel trapper Mike or Python Cowboy. I'm down here in Florida. I own and operate a trapping and wildlife rescue company.

But, I'm mainly known for hunting invasive species and using a dog to do it. Hon Ag Gus, I use a dog to help me track 'em down, catch 'em, bring them back to me. And little even more different than that is I've been lately using a dog to help me find these pythons out in the Everglades.

Definitely something little bit [00:17:00] different and . Yeah. That's awesome. Yeah, I've been having a good time with it. Maybe just a little bit. . Yeah, I think why don't you give us a brief overview of the Pythons in Florida, because I think everyone's heard about it, but the story is a lot deeper and more serious than you might think.

Break, break down the pythons for us. Give us a quick view of, Yeah. The pythons has definitely been getting a lot of attention lately. And it's definitely not as easy hunting these things as the TV shows make it seem like, that's the first thing I wanna say. But yeah, the pythons, they're, they've been maybe this past 10 years becoming a really big problem.

At least a problem. People are noticing. Our Native wildlife in the Everglades, their populations have plummeted so much so that state biologists are saying 90 to 99% of our small fair fur bearing game in the Everglades has been wiped out by, that's what I read. I read a peer reviewed paper, like this was a, quite a while ago too.

There [00:18:00] was like, all possums, all coons in this area are dead. And you're just like, what? Yeah, and it, it's pretty true. It really is. Especially when I first started hunting these pythons , I would be out there for weeks at a time, sleeping in the swamp. Hunting day and night.

And that first year, I don't think I seen a single raccoon, a single possum, a single marsh. Rabbit. And that right there really tells you. Now obviously you get closer to city limits, you are, you'll see some stray cats, you'll see stuff like that. But out there in the Everglades, it is wiped out.

I will say there's more to it than just the pythons, which you may not hear many other people say. We have Our water management issues. We have a growing panther population that we don't have the land to sustain. That's another kinda controversial issue. Yeah. And just general Florida right now, we have so many people moving down here which that, that kind of goes [00:19:00] back to our water issues.

Our Everglades is dime. They've been doing all these different rest restoration prog projects and stuff like that, but not a bunch has been getting done. And I think a lot of that does have effect on our wildlife. But it really comes down to the last thing we need hitting this already struggling wildlife are these invasive species.

Yeah. And they're hitting them hard. I've caught these snakes and opened them up and. Alligators inside of 'em. There's a couple raccoons. There's deer inside of 'em. It's deer inside of them, like Kennedy or photos of that. Oh yeah. So it is, I think a year, maybe two years ago there was a python they opened up that had three deer inside of it, A whole deer and a fawn, and remains of a, of another deer.

So it goes to show just, how hard they're hitting our wildlife. And I would say their main food source has become our alligators now cuz they've wiped everything else out. My, myself alone, I've rescued [00:20:00] three alligators from pythons and to come across a snake strangling about to eat something is a very rare event.

Yeah. In itself. So for me to come across that three times, over the past few years, it shows a lot. I really feel like if at any random point you opened up Chad's stomach, you could find a chucker, a deer, maybe a coon, a partially digested swamp rabbit. You don't have a lion's paw . Yeah, exactly.

Exactly. That's crazy, man. I'll be, you know how I first heard of you? Python Cowboy? I watch a show, a YouTube channel called Best Ever Food Review Show with this dude named Sunny Sides. Oh yeah. He's awesome. And yeah, dude, and I freaking love that guy, man. I love that show. That's great. He'll eat anything.

And I saw you eating that python and, okay, for real, I want a little behind the scenes man, cuz I could tell I'm eating some weird stuff in my day. I've eaten rats and all, whatever, Koons, all kinds of stuff. , the look on your face was the kind of similar face that I made when I ate [00:21:00] rats for the first time.

And I was like, okay, break us down eating a python for real, dude. It wasn't even eating the python, it was eating the python liver. I'm not, I'm a liver adventurous eater dude. I don't, that's the first time I've eaten liver ever of anything . So he, me in holiday, liver, and I'm not an adventurous eater.

Like I'm not down here. People think I'm down here eating AANA every night for . I You not Wait, what? You're not . Yeah, exactly. The python wasn't the crazy thing. It was the liver. That was pretty gross for me. And it's more the thought of it, and the texture of the liver was just nasty.

I'm with you, man. Even short of a snake liver, just a liver and j it's the filter. You know what I'm saying? Hey, we're gonna, there's bad stuff in your body, so we're gonna stick this thing here and it's gonna collect all the nasty stuff in your body, and it'll hold it right there and it'll filter it outta your system.

And someone's you know what? I want to eat. I wanna put that on my stomach. Dude, these pythons are known for having high mercury levels as it is. [00:22:00] Yes. I just, that's all I thinking about is so do you glow in the dark man? ? Maybe. Maybe a little bit. I don't know. those spots you're growing are not camouflaged, dude, that's melanoma.

Yo. Thankfully, I don't think I've eaten enough to have any effect. I try to, I feed it all to my hogs, you know what I mean? I really respect that guy cuz I, I think I'm an adventurous eater. And then I saw that dude and I was like, I'm not, yeah, he is he's, I'm a adventurous for sure. Yeah. That's awesome.

Yeah. But it is, it's like the python's, like chewing leather. It's, he had eaten rattlesnake and it's not bad, but I figured the python was just on a mega scale. But yeah, it's just, it's too tough and chewy. Now maybe if someone, knew how to cook it, it might be better, but I didn't know what I was doing.

Would you just pan fry it right. Yeah, I just, I think I boiled it for a while and dude, I don't cook at all anyway, boil I all the cooking, so it's Hey, that's funny, man. Yeah. The crock Pott dude. Crock Pott. Listen, I'll tell you this right now. You take anything, you could take [00:23:00] this binocular case right here.

You could season it with garlic and onions and put it in a crockpot and it'll come out delicious. That's what I need to do then. Yeah. tips. Tips. Anyway. That's cool, man. Yeah I was pretty excited when I heard you were talking to Chad and I was like, I gotta talk to this guy about eating the python with Sunny.

That was cool. . Yeah, it was not the best thing I've ever eaten. You're down there with the Gators though. And Gators Delicious. I know that's oh yeah. Like people outside of like Florida that's like weird and like almost like an outlandish food. But that's, I grew up you mean maybe.

And that's just it, I've had Gator where someone don't know how to cook it and it's nasty. And then, if we cook gator it, we know what we're doing, it's damn good. . But, and that could be the same thing with the iguana and the Python even is which the iguana is better than the Python, but, and maybe I just, I don't know what the hell I'm doing, which I'm sure I don't.

So there's some people that think bore hogs don't taste is good. Yeah. A hundred percent. Wait, do you eat bore hogs, Chad? Yeah. Like they're delicious. As big. Yeah, it don't matter. [00:24:00] 350 pound, whatever, man it's all delicious. People that say big ones are nasty. Just do like Mike's saying, they just don't always, even if it's rank, you can make sausage or hell anything out of it, but the first time I ever walked up on a bore hog, let me give you a little anecdote here. I was hunting with thermal rifles. I shined out in the field and I saw this white mass out in the field and the guy I was hunting with, he's been thermal hunting for a while and I was like, dude, what is that?

And he was like, I don't know, maybe it's a pump jack or something. I was like, nah, there was nothing there earlier. It's gotta be an animal. And he's let's go sneak up on it and find out. So we start walking across this wheat field and we're walking up, we're walking up, we're down wind, obviously it's still just this mass just sitting out there in the field.

And I was like, what is that? So we get closer, we're about 50 yards and we still can't tell what it is. And so my buddy is yo, let's just walk down to the right, stay down wind and see if we can different angle on it. So we like come off to the right just a little bit. And all he took was that little bit of walking for that perspective.

It was a big [00:25:00] pig, like a wild hog, sitting like a dog with his front feet, like between his legs with his head, like drooped between his legs passed out sleeping. And I was like, what? It's a pig. And he's don't shoot it. So I was like, so I shoot this pig, I shot him right to the head. He dropped and I was like, dude, smoked him.

Awesome. We come up, so the pig is laying there. First of all, it smelled, this is the first time I've ever been near a big bore. That thing smelled like an armpit mixed with liquid garbage. Like that thing was the worst. I walked up and I was like, dude, what is that smell? And my buddy was like, that's what they smell man.

And I was like, oh yeah, one, yeah. And then he was like, do you want to eat it? And I was like, no man, it's disgusting. And and then it was laying there and I rolled it over to get a cool picture. It was huge. Dude, this thing looked like a bear laying there. Yeah. Yeah. And its entire stomach from its penis up to its chin was just like sticky, gelatinous, like [00:26:00] residue of love, you know what I'm saying?

Oh. And I was like, he, there's a whole sounder of SALs that he came in there, bred, passed out, and the last thing that went through his mind was my bullet . But Luckily for him, he died happy. I'd like to think he went out happy. That's, anyway. That's right. That's my first We could all be so lucky,

That's right. Anyway, that was my whole boho story. I got nothing else to contribute. . Just kidding. It's funny, man. I just came up on a it wasn't a boho, it was a pretty good sal recently, dude. She was passed out like on this fence and dug herself a little waller and I'm sitting there kicking the fence and she wouldn't wake up.

I'd literally kick her in the head or wake her up. Like, when these fucks are passed out, they are passed out. That's crazy. My client, we're sitting there, so I'm like, you wanna shoot it? He's I don't really wanna just execute it, . I'm like you might as well kick it in the head. Woke it up and it can shot right between my legs and almost ran into him.

Yeah, as well. That's [00:27:00] awesome, dude. That's awesome. I didn't mean to derail it on pigs. You are a pig hunter, aren't you? Oh yeah that's actually my favorite thing to do is catch hogs with the dogs. Bold, known as the python ca cowboy. Maybe you should be the bore cowboy. . That's it. So what's your style, man?

Everybody's got a way to skin that cat. What kind of dogs do you like to run on 'em? We call 'em like rougher dogs. They do it all. They'll go out, find it. Most of my dogs, if they're by themself, they may bark till another dog gets there. And then they'll both catch it.

That's right. That'll catch it by themself no matter how big it is. But I grew up calling those. I like the dog that does it all. Yeah. I grew up calling those running catch dogs and we've had Yeah, running Catch Dog or Rough her Dogs, many talks about this. Out very good selection, Mike. I applaud it.

That's the way I grew up doing it too, man. Now let me ask you something. Do you have a pack of YAGs in there too? Oh, come on. Oh, I got a buddy who does. I got a buddy who does, and they're always fighting each other and fighting everything. That's why I've stayed away from a little bit, not to say I don't have dogs that, [00:28:00] that won't fight.

So what people, I love you . So what Blackout crosses or kahoo or just gray man just. Most of mine are blackout krs. I do my, my father-in-law, Rick Allie's dad he's been hog hunting with dogs for 30 years, maybe more. He's gotten into plot hounds recently. And so I have a couple the, that are Kerr and plot hound mixes, but I like my crew dogs.

Yeah. . Nice. Good stuff. I experienced that for the first time next month. Oh, yeah. The traditional, like Seth's done all the like niche ways of hunting hogs. He's done all the cool, like non-traditional ways, but he is never actually been to classic bay leashing catch dog. Yeah. Okay.

Yeah. Yeah. It's like thermals and like running, supersized, greyhounds and all that stuff, but, and gags. But no, I have not seen the classic, bulldog Bay dog. Yeah. Going and getting 'em. So I'm pretty pumped for that. Anyway. That's cool. Yeah. . Yeah, that's definitely a [00:29:00] cool way to do it. I got a bunch of buddies who, I hunt with sometimes that, that do that same thing and there's, pluses and minuses to both of 'em.

Positive and negatives to both styles. But for what we do, we the running catch dogs. Yeah. Cool. What I like about 'em That's awesome. Yeah. Them is you shut it down pretty quick. If you got all the room and they aren't pressured too hard, the traditional band catch is pretty, you could watch it and pick your hog and all that stuff, but if you're just getting them before they go too far away in my, that's why I'm about, I got, I'm either doing a removal for a ranch or community and they're gonna run off into the state park where I'm not really supposed to be.

And or I'm doing a guiding hunt and I'm, trying to get it done pretty quick. So I'd rather like you said, shut 'em down quick and get 'em. Do you run vests, or down there in the heat? What's your presence on that? Man, it is, it's tough to run the vest down here in the heat.

You're almost putting your dog in more wrists sometimes. That's right. And to, with just the vegetation, the water, it slows 'em down. They can drown. I like to [00:30:00] run these leather bibs and it's like the best of both worlds. It doesn't weigh 'em down. It doesn't overheat 'em, but it does protect their neck and then that front of their chest.

. And, I haven't lost a dog with them. Let me ask you a quick question. Do you honestly worry about alligators hunting in Florida with dogs? I've always wondered that. Big time. Big time. People always think it's my iguana dogs I'm worrying about cuz they're jumping in and out of the water.

That's what I was gonna say, . I'm right there with them. I barely think about Gators when I'm there. The gators are gonna stay away from us and if they come I'm gonna see 'em pretty much. And he's just always right there with me. Now my hog dogs. dude, they could get in a swamp that I've never been to mile away from me miles away from me in just thick gator country.

And I always worry about them getting Gate Gator, where I run the iguana dogs. It's so residential, there's rarely gators. But out here where I'm hog hunting, it's, it can be Gator City, wow. That's, I know many people that have lost good dogs to gators every year. You think [00:31:00] people have lost dogs to pythons?

No. I say that not hunting them cuz nobody really hunts pythons with dogs besides me. But I caught a 13 foot north African rock python in a Miami neighborhood. Whoa. It's a different species of python. Yeah. Ones in the Everglades. They're known for being extra aggressive. Yes. I'm one of maybe five people do have ever caught one in Florida.

So this snake was like maybe 60 pounds right on the side of somebody's house in the middle of a Miami neighborhood. Five years prior to that, the same species of snake, I suspect at least actually no confirmed. The same species of snake killed a family Siberian husky. There's picture of it and everything.

What happened is the homeowner went outside to see this snake wrapped around his husky full size adult husky. He went inside, grabbed a butcher knife, stabbed the snake, sliced the snake, didn't even phase the fuck thing. He then [00:32:00] called the police. The police came over, shot the snake in the head. By that time, the dog was dead.

Technically, that is a case didn't get eaten, but one did kill someone's dog. And as far as I know, that's maybe the only case of someone's actual, dog. I'm sure plenty of feral cats and things like that. That's a good thing though. But it's a matter of time. These ever, these snakes are out in the Everglades where people aren't, but they are starting to make their ways into more residential areas.

Can you imagine the, like the cotton mouth eating a husky, , I dunno if you'd be able to get it down, man. They're in a cotton mouth. High fiber diet, I'm saying? Yeah. Did you see that picture? Did you see that picture I posted is my banner Chad? Where the, where Strider, after he caught that hair in his mouth is just oh yeah.

Full of hair. That's what I imagine that snakes feeling. Exactly. . I think they say that pythons. Can eat 200% of their body weight or something crazy like that, [00:33:00] which is pretty wild. I really do feel like I could do that at a Chinese buffet. . I'm just gonna say that I can even unhinge my jaw to get that shawan chicken down.

Yeah, . Then I, let's see, what do you think, man? Walk us through a python hunt then you got on that topic. I'm dying to hear it, man. Yeah, same. Break it down. Like what do you leave the house? What do you do? How's it going? Yeah it's hell, it's a two hour drive for me, usually at least to get down there when I'm hunting for myself, which, that, that's what I'll explain right now is when I'm going and hunting for myself.

I usually try to get down there for at least three days, ideally more because it is such a drive for me. So I'll get down there. I sleep in the, be in the back of my truck. Usually have my boat bring my lead hog dog moose with me. And basically once I get to the boat ramp, I'm right on the edge of the Everglades.

I'm going and out and I'm hunting these tree islands out there. These islands were piled up when they dug the canals. A hundred [00:34:00] years ago or more, and they're all covered in vegetation and alligators and all kind of stuff. And I get out there with my dog moose generally at night, depending on the time of year and get off on these islands and just let him lead the way and hope he find brings me to a snake.

Does he range? How far out does he go? No. No. So because of the gators down there I like to have an eye on him. I'll keep, that's what I figured. Yeah. Yeah. Usually within 10 to 30 feet in front of me. Yeah. Sometimes even on a leash, but he just kind it, it's. . It's totally different than how he hog hunts.

When I turn him loose to hog hunt, dude, he's don't stop, like he's running full bore. And when he finds that thing, he's grabbing it, catching it, going nuts on it, basically. , when I have him out there, snake hunting, it's like a flip. Switches flipped. He's walking slow, he's cautious, he's careful.

And then when he finds a snake he points it basically, which is pretty wild for, just a hog dog. Her [00:35:00] dog, I don't know where dog he gets that from, but it is, he, it's the ugliest point you ever seen. Really. But, it's . He, dude, he stops, he points right at it. And the first time I actually got him out there I hunted the islands for a few days without even trying 'em and I wasn't finding, and I was like I got moose with me, but I'll turn 'em loose and see if I get lucky.

At the time I was mainly hunting for the state, and I'm not allowed to use a dog when I hunt for the state. Ah. So I clock out and I say screw the hourly wage, which is minimum wage. Screw the hourly wage. Let me just use my dog and see what happens. That first day he found two snakes and it was, I couldn't believe that when he.

I'd let him lead the way. I could tell he is on something. And then he freezes or actually, no, I think that first day he got real excited, ran around in there a little bit and then when he got right on top of it, he just absolutely freeze. I got it all on video. It's on my YouTube and I was, for me I was crap in my [00:36:00] pants cuz this is what I've been waiting for is, Using a dog to do this.

I was using two Britney Spaniels training them. Someone actually donated 'em to me to try to train the snake dogs. So I was training them and just, I was getting nowhere with them. I knew I wanted a dog that was gonna stop and point, not so much try to catch it. . . And they were just, to be honest with you, dude, they were just dumb as a boxer

And they would, I, I would get a snake and I'd have it in a bag after I caught it and they would just be stepping on it like it wasn't even there. So I got real discouraged with it. And when I finally had moose out there and we, we found that first snake, it was like, it, dude, it fired me up.

It's, we gotta really pursue this and move along. Isn't it amazing how dogs can switch like that? Like the ability for them to know your body language? Yep. It's, and the words that they've associated with pig hunting or snake hunting. How incredible they can just switch and change.

Chad, you got really versatile dogs. You know what I'm talking about? But[00:37:00] I just, man, I think the big thing with him was, so when I was hunting, on the side of the levy for all the years before this, he was always in my truck with me. I take moose everywhere with me. So he's seen me, I can't tell you how many times on the side of Levy catching these things, getting pissed on by 'em.

Cuz they do, every time you catch 'em, they musk all over you. Me too. And getting them back to my house to euthanize them and, so he knows what they smell he knows I hunt them and I, I don't know if that help 'em piece it together or what, but and too we've gator trained them, we've snake trained them to, to know.

that these things are bad news. So maybe that's why he's a little more cautious out there too. I don't know. But it definitely has been cool to watch him go back and forth between the two. That's really cool. So how far out generally when he locks up for you? I've had it where he does it right on top of 'em and I've had 'em where he does it maybe, 20, 30 feet away from him.

For him too, he's, it's still new. I've maybe caught like 20, [00:38:00] 15, 20 snakes with him. Since I've started using them has been like the least I've Python hunted because I'm so busy with ag guana hunts and taken people out and guided hunts now. . I haven't been quite hunting them like I used to, but in that amount of time, he's figured out that I want him to not bite these snakes, not try to catch him, to sit back and just let me do my thing, which I think.

in these, this past snakes where I've been having him stay out of it and not do nothing. He's kinda, it ain't as fun for him anymore, I can tell he's not excited when I take him out there like he used to be to get out on those islands. I don't know what it is. That's why lately I've been taking Otto out and trying to get him a little more into it.

I think Moose is a more catch and shake kind of guy or something. . Tell me about the legality of hunting with dogs for snakes. Okay, I, I assume obviously for recreational it is, but you would think the state would be more accepting of that because dogs are bred to find hidden game and it's I can't think of something that hides better than a snake.

A hundred percent. And that's why I've [00:39:00] been pushing for it so much. And I pushed for it so much with the state, but I think for them there's just so much red tape. None of the other python hunters. A, have hunting dogs in the first place and b are really the kind of people to handle dogs. A lot of 'em are like bankers or, they're not generally what you would think hunters are.

They have different day jobs and a lot of 'em they're more reptile people than they are hunters. Yeah. What they would need to do for that is hire a dog handling team or contracted dog handling team. They need to get funding for it, which F W C supposedly has some Python detection dogs they claim.

But I've never seen anything from it. I've never heard anything from it. I've never seen a successful capture. I think it was more of a publicity stunt than anything. Which we see a lot from them. I think it's the kind of thing where. They don't see the benefit in it yet. [00:40:00] I think once we show that they'll maybe try to get some funding to do a dog handling team, a detection team which I would like to try to position myself to, to be that team.

. . But until then, it's, I feel like I gotta prove it a little bit. What's a good night of snake coming or day? Do you do it during the day or night? It depends on time of year. Generally, I like to go out at night. The really best time of year is like summer to early fall. I like to go out from sunset to sunrise, hunt all night, and I'm looking for them when they're out hunting.

I'm not finding them curled up, I'm finding them stretched out. Whether I'm hunting the islands with the dog or if I'm cruising in my truck hunting the levees we have a number of levees that'll stretch 20 miles or more out in the Everglades, and these snakes come up on these levees to hunt and all kind of stuff, travel.

And that's really what you're trying to do is you're trying to get these snakes out in the open. Obviously with the dog, it helps me find them in the thicker stuff. But even then, he might alert me to an area and I gotta dig [00:41:00] through all this vegetation to eventually find the snake.

A 13 foot python could hide in six inches of grass in front of you like you wouldn't believe . So that's why the dog really is just so essential. I, before I use the dog, I can imagine how many snakes I literally walked right over and now with the dog, I'm out there on these islands breaking down trails and pull, stop and let me know, Hey, there's something here.

You just walk by. Which he's done many times for me. It is to walk you back through a hunt on these islands. It's just island after island. Not every island's gonna have a snake. Not every night we're gonna find a snake. I can't tell you how many weeks I've spent down there and not find a single.

Man, it is hunting . It's really even more so with these snakes, man. It's so hit or miss. It's, I always tell people when they're booking a hunt with me it's the only hunt I do where I can't guarantee it. If you come on a gator hunt and a guana hunt, a hog hunt, I can guarantee what you're gonna get pretty much down to, especially with the gators down to [00:42:00] the six inches of, you tell me you want a 12 foot gator, we'll get you a 12 foot gator.

And you're not gonna pay for a 12 foot gator until I get it for you. , but on these damn python hunts. it is just hit or miss. It really is. I've had nights where I've gotten a dozen, and like I said, I've had weeks where I haven't gotten a single one. I'm gonna ask the question that everyone's thinking, dude, have you been bitten by these things?

And if so, how bad is it when you get bit by a huge one? He's got videos of it, . Yeah. Yeah. I've been bitten. Yeah. I got a video on my YouTube of me getting bit by a 17 foot seven inch, 135 pound python. Oh my God. As far as I know, I don't know anyone that's been bi bitten by a bigger one breakdown of python's teeth compared to a viper, because obviously the constrictors have an entirely different dentition than anything in like VIPing.

When you got, when it's that size, every single one of its teeth is about the fang of a viper. They're all these long recurved fangs. How many do they have?

Two ropes, top and bottom? No, probably [00:43:00] more than 50. Probably. Probably more than 50. Yeah, exactly. That's a lot. I don't know how many, but if I had to guess, I'd say 60 or 70, maybe. Something like that. After 30. Getting bit by, after 30 of 'em. It's like it's a wash at them. . To be honest with you, people always think it's can't mess you up.

I've never got how to, I didn't go have to go to the hospital, which I'm. Reluctant to go to hospital in the first place. But I didn't go to the hospital, about as bad as it got was my entire arm, a good portion of my arm was black and blue for a week, maybe two weeks, just from, I think the, all the punctures and just pinch I took into the muscle.

It was on my arm. But other than that, it's once it clotted up and I stopped bleeding it, it's just a bunch of punctures. I is really all, it is a bunch of, decent size needles. The main thing when that snake bit me is I was just super lucky. It was a defensive strike and it didn't try to latch on and wrap me.

That's what I was gonna say. What the heck I was gonna ask. Have you been constricted, dude, Dude, I'm about [00:44:00] 135 pounds. This snake was 135 pounds. I'm out there in the middle of the Everglades totally by myself. It was, the heat of the day and if this thing did latch onto my arm and wrapped me I could have been in serious trouble, like where it could have killed me.

That's what I was gonna ask you. You're the expert. In my layman's mind that rascal could kill you. Not Yeah, if I was a bad day, if I was sick, if you were on the peak your game and wrapped you up, you could die from that. You could die. Yes, sir. Yes. Yeah. Your and your average python.

Dude, there's old ladies out here catching these thingss, so I don't wanna leave up like I'm some badass. It's not. So you're saying Chad has a chance, is what you're saying? Chad. Chad ass. A very good chance. Very good chance, yeah. It's good. It's all about how you handle 'em and everything like that.

And like I said, if I got lucky that it didn't latch onto me but your average snake it's, you would have to be an idiot to let it get the better of you. Okay? That's not your average snake. Your average snake is six to like maybe 12 foot. Anything, above like 14, 15 foot you need to be [00:45:00] careful of cuz that thing can gets you in a bad situation.

I've been holding up a big 15 footer for pictures or something after I caught it for some dude's YouTube channel and granted I'm holding it up, letting it get around me for pictures. But before I know it, this thing's got my arms. . And if that dude wasn't there to unravel that snake around me, like I would've had a serious trouble getting this snake off me.

Damn it is. They can, they're solid muscle. If they get you where they want you you're screwed. What's the biggest one you've ever caught? Was that one? That bit me. 17 foot seven inches. That's huge. I've caught a number of them close to that but that was, it was the record for a while.

And yeah, I wanna say it's still the largest captured by, by a single person, at least the heaviest by a single person. . Damn. I've even thought that like maybe it's not, cuz obviously it could wrap you up and then if it happens to wrap around your neck or something, if it gets around your chest, that could kill you too.

But I mean if it loops around your neck one, two times. Even trouble by, if it gets around your [00:46:00] neck pretty good, it can be seconds. I've seen it on video, right? Yeah. I mean cuz it's a blood choke at that point it's gonna push the blood up, you're gonna pass out and it's over. But something I was even thinking, what if it like grabbed one of your arms and just pulled that arm in and had your legs and then just rolled off the.

Like the water. Yeah. You can just drown. All it is a weight on your body. And even, it's not even, it's not even a killing blow, so to speak, that it could just drown you on accident. There, there's a lot that can go wrong. Yeah. I thought I was a man hunting jackrabbits.

Damn . But they're teeth though. They're quick with them. Just, it's Jack

Oh man. You're a king of reptiles and y it sounds like obviously you're well known for your invasive species hunting, break breakdown. What else you're doing with dogs? Yeah the iguanas has become really the big thing right now, I think the pythons blew me up and the iguanas has been what's gotten big recently.

You. Our top two invasives in Florida, at least for reptiles, is definitely our pythons and iguanas. The [00:47:00] pythons more so affects our wildlife and the iguanas effects like our infrastructure and properties. How are they affecting infrastructure? I, so they dig burrows and they eat vegetation. Mainly what people see is the vegetation they eat.

These people down here, they spend so much money on their landscaping, and these iguanas will wipe it out and then they'll stop everywhere. . The main thing I'm concerned about is the boroughs they dig and the effects they have on the native wildlife. Yeah. So they dig these burrows that undermine our sidewalks, seawalls, housing foundations, levy, embankments.

And to give you an idea, the town of Davy, which is not even a city, it's a little town in South Florida, they spent 1.7 million last year repairing their levy embankments from these iguana burs. And on top of that, they also they've been displacing our burrowing owls. Our gopher tortoise and both of those species are protected and threatened here in Florida.

Can go ahead. Can you imagine getting your house undermined by [00:48:00] iguanas? Dude? You're just like, you come home one day, your trailer's broke in half and you're like, what happened? Damn Igu. It's not even trailers, it's multimillion dollar houses. Yeah. You build a mansion and it gets destroyed by stupid iguanas.

It happened to my parents that are living in South Florida and they had their little sea wall has been eroding away and eroding away. And he did all kinds of different things to try and hold onto it. And come to find out, that's one of the things that was wearing it out. He's lost I think it's eight feet of the backyard I grew up in is gone.

It's in the pond now, and it's cause of these things and he wears 'em out and it collapses and then washes out. Yep. And they're like, everyone's throwing if they tear up like an asphalt road now everyone's , I don't, like Piran is like to steal up all the asphalt to just throw it out there and try and hold on to something, and it, that obviously isn't the best way to fix it, but that's what they're saying.

It's like the pond, has been eating in the pond bank. And this is a big irrigation slash it's not just a little pond. It goes, it travels through the whole area. But now it's so full of just asphalt [00:49:00] hunks with people trying to make their own little sea walls and they're, causing more problems with that.

Even and a lot of these canals, they're, they manage our water in Florida they're very important, oh yeah. It's crucial. But yeah, to go back to these iguanas I've walked, I've been hired by these people, a million, multi-million dollar house. I've gone in their backyard to shoot these iguanas and I have it on video, it might be on my YouTube still.

Their hot tub is going. and dude, it's chocolate pudding. It looks like chocolate pudding from all the iguana poop in there. It made the news my, it made the news . It's disgusting dude. Their poop has salmonella and all kind of, illnesses and stuff. I don't know about you, big problem.

But when I get done with a hard day of work, , I like to curl up hot. Good book. And a bubbling pot of a guana crap. just takes the edge off. You know what's wrong with you? Florida people? It's exfoliating dude. Salmonella's for real Men cowboy. And these homeowners had no idea. They live in [00:50:00] New York.

This is like their SC home. So they've just had their hot tub. It's marinating . Oh, that's so funny. Who leaves the line off for an extended period of time? Who does that? It's foul. Yeah. Oh, that's hilarious, dude. Oh, keep going with the igu honey. This is great, dude. Yeah, so learning so much . The dogs are a crucial part of the iguanas.

These iguanas are as tough as it gets. Like you could shoot them literally 10 times in the body and they will still run away and get away from you. You have to hit them perfect in that brain, and that's a lot easier said than done. Especially a lot of times I'm on a boat, a moving boat, shooting off hand.

It can be tough and. These clients coming out can't shoot worth the damn anyway, , I gotta have something that a, we'll go in and retrieve them and bring them back so I'm not constantly getting up on the bank and getting them. But also too, we will hunt, run down, hunt down and catch these iguanas if they're wounded or alive.

And we got, my germa wire, hair pointer and a couple of [00:51:00] drops we use as well. I'm sorry, the phone, the microphone must have hiccup. Could you back up your hands over there? What was like, what was the breed again? That amazing and dude, I will tell you, so Ali, I thought they were the same auto thing.

Otto's pretty much a bootleg draw. His parents were DRTs and I guess, I'm not in all of this. My wife Allie is more, but I guess his breeding wasn't approved. He's a germa wire hair pointer. . But we do have two legit. , two legit drops, catfish and rogue. . And dude, I'm a believer with these dogs now.

They are legit, they are badass. Super versatile. And they're rough, they're gritty. They'll get in there and do what my, her dogs do. You know what I mean? But they're way better for this kind of stuff. And it is this is before using them on the iguanas and before getting auto, I've never worked with a wire hair.

And dude, I wanna start using 'em for hog dogs. They're badass, yeah. That's coming up. I'm gonna pick it up on that here in a, you guys, the listers can't see this, but Chad's having a conniption attack over here. I'm geeking out [00:52:00] over here, man. Somebody I respect and admire has seen the light.

He understands. These things are amazing. I love them. I love 'em. They're badass. They're, and every time I see your videos, I'm like, yes. That's it, man. Like you got the whole puzzle cuz they're, they're bulldogging out there stomping on 'em. I will beat you to death with my face.

Like getting bit, bringing them back, and then if they do get away they're, they could actually hunt for 'em in the water. They'll track 'em down with their nose in the water, oh, yeah. Oh dude, he goes under the water, gets him, he snatches em out of trees.

Dude, when he jumps off that boat into the thickest vegetation, you can imagine all the clients are always like, what? . They can never think a dog could do this. Yep, he does. Dude, I'll send him in there. I can't tell you how many times where I'm like, we're not getting that iguana, but who cares?

I'll send him in, see what happens. And fucking here he comes with it, and I don't know if I've seen it, but I'm sure it's happened. So I, cuz I've seen it happen with me, so I'm sure it's happened with. . You'll plug one and they'll go underwater and the dog will hunt around for a while and it takes a second.

It's not, they can't do it like [00:53:00] immediately. Oh, no. They need to learn. Takes experience, but it'll permeate up through the water and he'll like, wind it from the water and then splash his face underwater and pull it up like he tracks it. No, it's funny. Under the water. I didn't know if that's what he was doing, but now that you say that, I can't tell you how many times were the iguanas under the water.

, and he's going, and I just assume he saw where it went down. The dogs they don't see the green in orange and red very well. . . . And especially under the water, they have a hell of a time seeing these things. They cl they blend in so well, but hold, go right past it.

Stop, like he smelt it and go right on the water smelling, and then he goes down and picks it right up from underneath the water. That's it. Yeah. Yeah. Because it happens with the, a lot of the ducks and stuff, or coots even that we fool with here. You'll shoot 'em and they'll go underwater, like 30 feet away down the bank and they'll tuck themselves underneath the brush and die.

And the dog will just go up and down the bank for a while and you'll see him pick his nose up and go out three or four feet. Cuz sometimes there's these like islands, like they're suspended. It's like this overgrown bank that's yeah, it's a flown island. Yeah. Yeah. And then he'll go up to [00:54:00] it and then dive under the water and then come out with it.

And I'm like there's no way. There's no way. It had to be the nose that's cool. That's cool. Anyway, I didn't wanna geek out too much, so break it down. But how do you use, this breed perfected, and your and and your work there. It is, I think it's cuz how versatile they are.

It's, dude, I'll take 'em for raccoons. I'll take 'em for, we get on ducks out there and pigeons and all kind of stuff. And he works great as a retriever. He works good as a pointer. He will go in there and catch it, track it, e everything. And, I got like my ke dogs will, do a lot of different stuff, but they're not pointing, they're not retrieving, they're not, they're not that fi refined hunting machine like these dogs are.

, I found and note on that note, I'm curious, have you run into heat tolerance though? With us, the dog's having trouble in the heat. . So that was my big worry with my drop catfish. I, he's one of my few dogs that we've bought, we haven't trained since a puppy, and he came from Maryland where he was a gun dog, [00:55:00] and that's what I was really worried about, was him overheating and just being hot as hell.

But he's adjusted to it really well down here. We're out in the boat. He's jumping in and outta the water, obviously, but there's definitely periods of time where he's sitting in that boat, just baking in a hundred degree, Florida sun. And he does good. I haven't done a whole bunch of work with him out, like on birds out in the field where he's gonna be staying drier.

Yeah. But Otto does really good with all that. And, he's black and, I would think he'd get really hot, but no he, he does. It's hot there on the back of the boat. I've seen your setups. They're sitting on metal, there's no baby knee top, no T top, nothing.

Yeah. So he is direct sunlight all day and then rockets off the side and catches it. Those things are so cool. Listeners, if you have not seen this, it's . It's pretty cool, man. Check out his page where he'll launch off the. Either the bank or the boat and then chase down these iguanas and grab 'em and then bring 'em back.

Jump up into the boat with a mouth full of lizard, and retrieve it to hand. It's, [00:56:00] and that's the thing especially with these drops, we don't even have to shoot 'em. It definitely helps obviously to shoot 'em, but I can't tell you how many times I've sent them up there on iguana, they ain't been shot, and they'll catch it, which is very hard.

I was gonna ask if he could just run 'em down and grab 'em. Oh yeah. The main thing with that is most these agu gus, they're by the water, so they can get to that water quicker than the dog can get to it. But if you catch 'em, like the dogs will smoke 'em in the open every time. They, they will.

And these au gus are very fast, they're the dogs. I was gonna say, let's let's cross a DRT to a whip it and let's have ourselves an iguana course and go . There you go. There you go. I wanna get a small little, like a tickle or something, maybe to send in the iguana holes to get down in there.

Oh my god. Python Cowboy now is gonna be a, an Aqua Terri man too. . Yeah. Or even I know they have those and I mangle it. Yeah. I wanna say Kein or Chik. Dang it, it's the Germans like extra small version of like their little longhaired Dotsons, cuz the tacos are great dogs. I'm not taking anything away from 'em.

But they, they're more substantial, they got a chest, like [00:57:00] a YAG terrier sometimes, but like those little miniature, long-haired dons have a chest, like a Pringles can, like it's as wide as your forearm. They're, that's what I need, but I don't . They're, are they tough? I might ruffle some feathers here.

I. They they might have their work cut out for 'em with a big old wizard down in the hole though, if anything, I'll send 'em down in there. The gobble of them eggs or something, there you go. There you go. Nutritious . Hey, bridge. Hey. Do they, how do they bite? What's a guana bite like?

Yeah. Yeah. So generally, if you end up grabbing one, most of the time they're gonna try to claw you or tail whip you . But sometimes they will try to turn around and bite you, but I don't know why they don't, it's not like a real common defense for them to try to bite the bigger ones a little bit.

When they do bite though, they latch on. They don't let go. Like you have to get like a knife and pry their mouth open. So when are we gonna see Chad training in iguana to be a catch dog for a pig? . . Go get 'em scaly. I'll do it, I'll do it. It'll be a party. Yeah, they ain't too smart.

Unfortunately. , I'm never know what Chad, [00:58:00] you never know Chad. I'm super glad that this is on film because after you said tail whip, I instantly mimicked doing a tail whip and nobody needs to see that , . So that's not a thing. They don't ever, like they could. I'm just curious. O's been bit a number of times they always get him by the ear and then his ear just bleeds all day.

Which, I know you okay. That I've just always been curious. Now I'm not, I don't wanna I don't wanna hyper fixate on the blood and gore. I'm just like, is there is there No, they're not. If you do corner them, they're more so they're gonna try to tail whip and they open their mouth, but they're not like, that's not their real defense is trying to bite.

They will, but it's not their go-to. I don't know. Why do you enjoy hunting the iguanas more than the pythons. . Yeah, I got burnt out on hunting the pythons, to be honest with you, dude. I did it like nonstop for three, maybe even four years. And I feel like I accomplished everything I wanted to do with it, yeah.

And I into it, but it's just it's a lot more goes into it like, , I gotta get down there for [00:59:00] days at a time. Or if I'm taking out a client, it's like an all night ordeal. And it's not fun. Like you're stomping down trails or you're just riding in a truck. I'm not a night hunter Road . Yeah. The iguanas is a blast.

You're out there shooting a ton of iguanas, you're watching the dog work and it's action packed. I always tell people, if they want to come down here and do something with me, do an aana hunt. 1000%. It's tons. It does look fun. I've seen your videos, dude. It looks like really fun.

That's what I love about small game hunting like that is you get all these opportunities, when you shoot a deer, you shoot an elk, it's done. You, it's done. And then with an iguana, it's oh, actually there's 10 more right over there. So dude, our best day of iguana is with clients.

Is 91. That's a lot. That's a lot of killing. That's awesome. That's you're shooting the dog's, going in, getting everyone, like it's a whole, it's a whole Wow. . It's cool. I don't want people to come out expecting I'm gonna get 'em 91 iguanas, but yeah. You said it's your best average day ever.

Average day? Our average day's 15 to 30, but [01:00:00] yes. Not bad. Average , I got Trump Junior. 60 of them. Oh yeah. Dang. 60. Yep. Wow. Wow. So let me ask you do you think that any of this kind of mechanical removal is gonna do a dent to the iguana population? Or do you think, what do you think about iguana control as a whole?

What needs to be done? Is it a multifaceted. Yeah. So in the areas I'm doing these guided hunts and doing these removals for communities. It's a day and night difference. Day and night difference. When I first started, I might be able to go out and get 20 to 30, massive orange ones.

And now we're lucky to get one orange, one on a hunt. In these communities, there's no more big orange ones, and those are the big breeders. Wh why is there. People hunting them. I've shot 'em, I've killed 'em. You've shot 'em? . Okay. Yeah. Yeah. I didn't know if you meant that was like, either, either me or clients.

Yes. Gotcha. Okay. In, in these areas we work, which now since my YouTube and Instagram I do see a couple other people on some of these public canals. Sometimes on the weekends and stuff, but again, [01:01:00] we're the ones either me or one of my crew out there basically seven days a week for the most part.

And yes, we're seeing huge results in these areas. Definitely we're, I'm actually constantly today I was scouting to find new areas because I've wiped out the iguanas in my areas for the most part. And that's a great thing, obviously. in the rest of Florida, in the areas I'm not hunting, I'm not focusing, and other people really aren't.

They're just flourishing. They're exploding out of control, and they're constantly spilling out into my areas. I'm hunting, so we're never gonna get rid of 'em. It's always gonna be something we have to manage, but management is definitely possible and is crucial. We gotta stay on top of them, otherwise we're just, we're gonna be totally screwed.

We already are, but we can't let it keep going. Getting worse, , right? Yeah, reptiles. Their fecon is insane. You can have two iguanas turn into 10,000 really fast. It's, yeah, this time of year every single female I get is [01:02:00] full of eggs. Anywhere from 20 up to 70 eggs.

It's wild. And, I'm pretty confident that half of those will survive just from what I've seen. And in Florida with our recent law changes, it's just getting worse. Just this past year, they now made it illegal to possess Iguanas Alive, which you might think that's a good thing. But the problem is no longer pet AANAs.

It's wild breeding feral aana, yeah. Someone releasing au literally makes no difference now . So all they did by now making Live O Guana is illegal in Florida is they took away all that free management we had from people coming from all over the country, all over Florida, here to South Florida to catch mainly baby iguanas, but adult o guas as well.

Take them outta state and sell them in pet stores where even if they got loose, they're not gonna survive cuz it's too cold. Yeah. Yeah. So now I've been seeing more babies this year than I ever have and that's, it's because of the recent Whoa. And we were [01:03:00] warned That's an awesome thing. Yeah. Myself and all these reptile enthusi enthusiasts warn the state this was gonna happen.

But to them it's more of a publicity stunt. It's people are crying about the iguanas. Complaining about the iguanas. So now we're gonna do this thing that looks like we're. , but we're really just shooting ourselves in the foot feelings on wildlife management. Yeah. No way. Yeah. Can you believe that? Ugh, not doing anything to fix it.

Just make laws stricter on all the, that's crazy though, that's the beauty of the nuance of unintended consequences. I would've never thought about that, but yeah, the pet trade, I can't imagine how many people are catching them to just go sell 'em. Who cares if it gets loose in New Mexico?

Hundred day? Yeah. Yeah. One person would go down there in a day and catch a hundred like it's wow. It's, wow. So yeah. What are some future goals? Myself and my buddies used to go out and at night we would go knock 'em out at trees. Some nights we would end with a hundred, 200, and then we'd go sell 'em to the pet shops for $5 a pop.

And [01:04:00] now we can't do that. Wow. Dang. That's crazy. A whole market collapsed. I was gonna ask you so what are some future goals? for the Python Cowboy. I would say my biggest one is to really get the state behind using dogs for pythons and if I'm being honest, getting behind funding me and me doing a program for training dogs and training dog handlers and using them out in the fields.

Aside from that is getting which this is big dreams here, but getting a big enough rancher, I can run my own outfit on it doing hog hunts out there, doing gator hunts, lake Okeechobee, kissimee and lodge people out there and stuff like that, which I'm gonna do something on my current five acres.

I have get a little bit of lodging for one or two guests, but I eventually do want to work with a landowner or even get my own place where it's thousand, 2000 acres and run a, run an outfit out there. That's awesome. That's awesome. Let me I touched at it, but yeah.[01:05:00] Do you ever see the Igu, guano and Python problem being put under control?

Or is that, do you think that's well under control? Is one thing ever getting rid of them? No. Maybe under control a little bit. The python's probably not just Cuz it's 1.5 million acres of Ipe Impenetrable swamp. Yeah. Which is the Everglades. It just makes it hard to manage anything really. Especially a cryptic predator.

Like the pythons the most cryptic . Yeah, a hundred percent. But the iguanas, yeah I think we can definitely manage them get them under control maybe. We just need to get more state funding behind A contract for each county really. What's the iguana hunting culture like there? Like I can imagine if you put a bounty on 'em, is that, does that sound possible here?

Like they, yeah, they don't wanna do that though because so FWC a couple years ago came out with this statement basically telling people to go out and kill Agu Guas. They quickly had a pool guy get [01:06:00] shot and some other stuff, . So then they, what, less than a week, less than a week after that, they came out with another statement and said, Hey, if you're gonna shoot iguanas higher professional to remove him on your property.

So it was like, a big flip flop and it win cuz they, they just came out and basically told people to shoot iguanas on their property. Not just go, yeah, of course. Yeah. Iguanas on their property. But it was, they didn't go into detail of how to kill them or anything like that.

So you had people just out here animal cruelty on Guana is like crazy. They had some guy which they charged him with animal cruelty, dragged it out from under a car, and I think he like, beat it with his boot till it was dead or something. It's, you can't just, we're Floridians, dude.

You can't just turn us loose like that. We're gonna, we're gonna met Head Eats in Iguana today. Yeah. . Yeah, sure. What they need to do is just get funding where they contract professionals where they get, they hire a company like me to do it for this county and control it that way, [01:07:00] which is, I don't know where they're gonna get the funding or what they're already struggling with shit as it is.

. But it is getting to the point where it is that bad. I see it all the time when the canals I hunt the embankments are collapsed under bridges, the concrete collapsing and it, it's a big problem. Yeah. I always feel it's a. , A great way to control invasives is to foster a cul, a hunting culture around that animal.

Like pigs have that culture, but just not enough people, and I feel like, yeah, that's where that agua a combination of, because hunters can only do so much. Really, it is professionals with better gear, better setups, and literally time, way more time is what really makes the big dent.

But yeah, I'm curious. Do as popular. That's what I've been trying to advertise for too, is to get people out there, show people that they actually taste good and their skin can actually make pretty le leather products, which, maybe I shouldn't now, I'm making a living off of taking people on these public areas.

But, I want what's [01:08:00] good for the state, and I know there's so many iguanas out there. I think that, yeah, I'm gonna have 'em for a while. Do you eat them often? Yeah. Yeah. No. Do I eat 'em off? No. I've eaten them. , you said the taste deals. I was like, all right. I don't eat them often though. Like I said, I'm not a real adventurous eater.

And for me, I get so many of 'em, I smell 'em all day. Like it's nasty to me. Yeah. So I feed 'em all to my hogs, and then any of 'em that are big enough and not shot to hell by clients, I'll have leather products made out of 'em. Sweet. Yeah. That's awesome. You kinda asked what the iguana culture's like down here for hunting.

There are people that go out and hunt now, especially since, it's become big on, not just for me, some, a couple other people. I would say mainly for me on YouTube and Instagram it's like the wild West dude. It's, I hear of, people getting their windows shot out. I hear of people getting hit with stray bullets.

And all kind of crazy. So for me, it worries me that the [01:09:00] state is eventually gonna shut it down, which may not affect me. I'm permitted to be in all the canals I'm hunting. I don't know where the future of it's going, but right now it is, it's like the wild west a little bit. And that's one of the things I was say, Laura, I think people are I hear people getting themselves in trouble.

I don't want people to think, just go out there and blast AANAs. Be careful. Your pellet is an extension of you. Technically they can arm trespass you. You don't want to get animal cruelty. You don't wanna get, want and waste. Just be careful. Know what you're doing. Yeah. And that's what I was trying to bring up here a second ago, is a lot of times these are in, they like to creep in on.

The living area of humans, so usually they're all in like people's backyard. Yeah that's what was going on with my parents down there, where people were shooting them successfully in their own backyards on the limb, like out over the pond and not thinking where it was going after that.

Yeah. And it would go across the pond and it was hitting, houses and windows, sliding glass windows and this and that, and doing damage to vehicles, boys[01:10:00] . A lot of these people, boys, evidently, a lot of these people, they like, don't have any experience with guns in the first place.

I can't tell you how many people have come out on hunts with me that have never held a gun or looked through a scope, but they're gungho on killing a Gus. And I even see my, yeah, dude they get like blood thirsty for it. Take, dude, they want to take these crazy shots where I'm like, how in the world did you.

That this was gonna be a oh, I'm gonna shoot this one. No, you're not. There's a fucking lady with her dog right behind it, talking about, and it is, dude, it blows my mind how unsafe some of these people are. It's, yeah. If you're not raised with firearms it's, yeah. A hundred percent.

And that's a, obviously, your job as an outfitter and a guide to make sure that cannot be giving us a bad name. . Yeah. I'm sure a pile of folks would even attempt to do this with a 22 long rifle too. Then you got, yeah. You got a mile to deal with. , let alone, so you're, and not only that, you're illegally firing a firearm in city limits, probably on the, about the fucking highway

Yeah. Yeah. It's a [01:11:00] good idea to catch 'em, whether none of that can happen. Dogs, oh my God. There you go. . So the pellet gun you're using, that's what you guys use, right? Air rifles, right? Yes sir. Yep. What do you use. What do you like to use for that And Ed Gun Lehi too. It's the Python cowboy edition actually.

And it's ha you backup, backup. Start from the beginning. What do we got? You like how I slide that in there? Yeah. Oh yeah. You got to hammered out on this. This is pretty cool. Start from, I wanna hear about this. So yeah, the Python Cowboy edition you get it's a 30 caliber semi-automatic air rifle.

It's basically an AR 15 dude. It is as sick as it gets. It's the baddest air airgun on the market. It's, from what I've seen, one of the only air guns. That's good. Not shooting at a target. I can clip this thing on my side with my mag pull. I don't know why I can't think of it. My mag pull harness.

Harness. Thank you. Yeah. Harness. My mag pull harness and it just hangs there. It's short, compact light, dude. Laser beam. Accurate. I, [01:12:00] for a while, maybe I shouldn't say this on the podcast, I would use a Suppress 22 on some of the Music Warner removals and just tell 'em it's an air gun. But when I got, when I got these things, dude, they're way more accurate.

Like they are laser beam. So I want to use these and they hit just as hard you, it's a 30 caliber Python cowboy edition. You get upgraded tank, upgraded AR 15 style pick Tanney rail, and the upgraded suppressor that fits under the rail. It's badass looking and they are Is it common Python colors, dude?

Because if not, no, not yet. We're working on maybe getting a Python print one. We'll see , but I do sell Python accessories for it, harnesses and all kind of stuff oh, cool. If you're not cooking me python, liver, I'm not coming. Dude.

Yeah, dude, they're the, those air guns are, they're badass. They're as fun as it gets. And it is, it's like a video game when you're out there. You got no recoil, they're dead quiet, [01:13:00] and they're just a lot of fun use. There's something that I noticed there was a public. Area where some jack wagon kept dumping all these domestic ducks where I used to like to go hunt, like actual game waterfowl, and they kept turning loose of all the, what the heck were they?

He is like peaking ducks, he like, oh yeah, got a couple of them down here. Yeah. And then I know you got the Musks like crazy down there. I used to catch 'em with my dogs when I was a kid. It was one of my favorite things. But back to the air rifles, so they kept putting all these in there and then they were aggressive, so they're displacing all the ducks that I wanted to hunt.

A hundred percent. I wasn't a hundred sure. Which a hundred percent sure which house it was that was dumping 'em down there. But I just didn't want any conflict. But I wanted to be rid of 'em, right? Yeah. Yeah. So I went and talked to my buddy who had some high end air rifle and went down there to take care of these things, and I practiced with it.

And when you shoot it, they are dead quiet. Yeah. You can shoots and it's just a little, and that's it. However, if you shoot if you hit water or you hit what you're after, , I swear if [01:14:00] you hit a duck with a 22 air, it sounds like you're clapping two bricks together. There's no way to make that quiet.

I was not prepared for, it's got a little bit of a w especially a 30 caliber. Yeah, I can imagine. I think mine was a, oh God, I'd lie. I have no clue. It was my buddys a gun. Nu He was like, here, use this. I was like, awesome. I went down there and it worked. It was a And let me ask you, were you head shooting 'em?

Were you chest shooting them? What did you do? Yes. . into everything. All the above. It started off with a bunch of really classy, smooth operator head shots. And then they knew something was going down. Okay. And they started taking off running. And then at that point I was just, because dude, they're tough.

They're tough. Yeah. Local. It was just raining hag on 'em. And then I, sent my dros out there. I was like, try get 'em up, get everybody up. Cause I wasn't sure what was dead, so it was a train wreck. But by the end of it, I did actually get, and it, it, there was some, it was the same kind of stuff as with some of the cute videos.

It was like they got into the. Brush and I was like, great, just stay there. Don't fly away, and we cleaned up all the ones on the water, but by the end of it, we killed like [01:15:00] 28. No shit. Damn. Yeah. Yeah. But that was good. Again, it was, a barrel with a bunch of brush around it, so they chased a lot of 'em into the dry land around it, the marshy areas and pulled 'em outta there.

But that was something that I just figured anytime I hear air rifles talk about, they're so quiet, they're sneaky. I'm like, unless you hit what you're after, and then, it sounds like a firework show going off. So I do what you're talking about in these communities. Okay.

The mid middle of the night because the residents, they'll feed all these damn Egyptian geese or muscovy ducks and then they crap everywhere. So then the community hires me to come and kill 'em all. And these people, I call 'em Karen's, they'll lose their mind if they see me shoot one of these ducks.

. So I call, they get mad if your ya terrier catches one too, lemme tell you. Oh. Oh. They hate to see the dogs catch 'em. Oh my God. They hate it. . But I just got into it with a lady on the canal last week for that. But I'll go in, in the middle of the night and wipe these things out and, I try to be as quiet as I can.

Yeah. But that's yeah, it is. You gotta be careful. They [01:16:00] can be loud usually. I, thankfully I haven't had anyone in the middle of the night come out to me yet. The next day they wake up to go feed their ducks and they're all gone. Poof. Yeah. That's it. Local man gets caught beating goose with shoe , right?

Yep. Those Egyptian geese are actually a beautiful animal. I totally advocate for smoking one, but it's like the most. Goose with pizzazz. Why do they gotta be so beautiful? You know what I mean? I just caught three little babies two days ago for myself and I kept them I got 'em at my place.

Oh, awesome. They're pretty as cool. They're super pretty. And then I'm always bringing people out to my place to see all the animals. So it's just one more thing I can show 'em. Are they loud? Are they very vocal? Like a when they get to be adults? Yeah. They're pretty loud, but they ain't no louder than my peacock.

Oh man, peacocks. Every redneck in the valley I grew up has 10 peacocks. I swear they're so annoying. . Yeah they're, can you do a, can you do a peacock call right now on Hounds of xp, Python, cowboy ? Yeah. [01:17:00] I'll leave that one. Be . It's it's a very high yk, like a jungle sound. Yeah. . My neighbor has one.

And if you're listening they, I, they're very nice. They're not annoying at all. . , I believe. . I heard they're delicious, honestly. So we actually we had auto catch one, which was pretty cool. Live one caught the, is that right? ? Did he, how much feathers did he go through before he got to the bird?

I'm like he just brought it back to me. Okay. I didn't really see the whole kill of it, but he brought it back. It still had some feathers for sure. Dang, that's badass. Florida is like a. It's like hunting in a petting zoo. You know what I mean? Yeah. There's, we've had auto in my lead dog moose ca catch a Nile monitor just about six foot long.

Whoa. . What's the weirdest thing you've caught and or hunted there? That Nile monitor's definitely up there. I've caught, he's intimidating a white throat [01:18:00] monitor. Myself I had my dog as backup, but I caught that on the side of someone's house, six foot white throat monitor.

I'm getting ready to hopefully go and hunt one of the monkeys we have down here. Oh, really? Whoa. What do you have? Cap. Okay, sir. Wait, go back. Yeah, . We have two different species down here. I think one's the rhus and one's I wanna say the macaw. Yeah. Which, so there's one up in Silver Springs and there's one one down south on the edge of this park that people, they go and feed 'em and they're becoming a big problem.

Mainly, I'm going not necessarily clean up, but I've never hunted a monkey, so I figured I have a rare chance here in Florida, they're an invasive species. They're causing a problem. So see what I can maybe do, yeah, I saw a video that's awesome of a bunch of them, like swan diving out of a tree to that's in Silver Springs.

Those I probably won't be able to hunt. Cuz they're like in a [01:19:00] park and I think it'd be pretty frowned upon, but . And then we'll eat their liver this other place down south and we'll let that go and like a tourist attraction, so that's crazy. , I wonder. Yeah. Wow. That's pretty cool.

Honestly. It sucks that they're there. It is, the monkeys, they can, they do, they got a potential to become such a huge problem and I'm just surprised. Oh, definitely. It's not more like on the radar of the state and everything like that. I think they're more scared of the backlash they would get from doing anything about it.

You know what I mean? . Yeah. Yeah, for sure. They're so charismatic. Yeah. But yeah we got it all down here. I just had some clients shoot some parrots on a guided hunt not too long ago. They're nesting up in transformers of these power stations and there's tons of them.

Some of these areas pretty green, parakeets. So when I asked you future goals, you should have been like, dude, become a breed, a monkey, dog, , monkey dog. There you go. . I wanna catch a monkey and train him to get the iguanas out of the trees. That's what I need. You need like a [01:20:00] civet or something, some kind of High drive or a hawk.

Oh, there you go. Oh, there you go. Now you, yeah. So here we go. We're gonna get into that. I'm gonna have to duck out for this one. You guys can keep going with the, with that, with the falconry stuff. Yeah, dude I'm frothing to start using the hawk so damn cool. For this, for the section of hunting with of hunting, dog hunting, iguanas and pythons with dogs.

Is there anything else, brother? You gotta, is there anything you gotta get off your chest or something we need to know that we didn't ask you? Something you had in mind before? Yeah, so I've been thinking about it for a while and finally linking up with our boy Chad here. I would love to start using a hawk for au Guas.

I think it would be perfect for it and I think it would be cool as, and I think Chad agrees with me. Oh heck yeah. You know what? It'd be an absolute party. Yeah. That's what got me, like really following and interested in Chad was I seen Seth mention him, Seth Simpson, mention him on Instagram.

And then when I went to his page, I was [01:21:00] like, dude, this dude's do using Falcons, using birds. And for years I've been, the last two years probably I've been talking about it and I just haven't been able to link up with anybody and I have no, no idea anything about it. You know what I mean? I didn't know if it was possible or what.

Me and Chad finally linked up and he's got me fired up big time. Yep. Nice. Yep. Yep. There, there's always, there's a ton of ways we can do it, at the d like we can come at it from, beauty os with Red Tails or maybe in the Red Shoulders, Hawks and, tying Harris's Hawks, whatever.

We, we got tons of options and Seth wanted to pour into that, here in a second. And I can't wait to talk about that one. . But as far as the ke dogs after the hogs and your python hunting and your guana stuff, is there any, anything you wanna share?

Anything left to leave us with her? You tell me what more should I share? What do you, I don't know man. I think we touched on everything. We just like to give, people in case there's something [01:22:00] they couldn't quite work in that they wanted. So here's one.

People always ask me, which I don't know if your audience is gonna think the same thing, cuz your audience is more, thrill seekers like us. , I think. But people always ask me why I just don't shoot the damn snakes. Why I bother catching them? And it's not just cause.

For me, wrestling with a snake is the funnest thing in the world. It's, walking up and shooting these things point blank in the head to humanely kill them is what you would need to do. You can lose that snake very easily like that. You getting too close, it can bolt away. You not getting a clean shot, you're gonna damage the skin, which for me, that's where I make all my money on 'em.

That skin is extremely valuable. You're gonna damage the skin, you're gonna inhumanely kill the snake, or you're gonna wound it and it's gonna escape, which has happened to many people. Even state contractors, I won't name any names, but I know a few state contractors that didn't feel comfortable catching a big 15, 16 foot snake.

They tried to shoot it with their pistol. , that snake got [01:23:00] away. , it's happened many times to people. So for me, I've never lost a snake, and that's because I grab 'em all by hand. Once I got 'em by hand, I know they're not getting away. And then, I can dance with them, wrestle with them, which for me is half the reason why I hunt them in the first place.

Aside from that, I'm also down there for days at a time. Sleeping in the swamp and keeping these dead snakes fresh on ice is easier said than done. So I prefer to keep 'em alive in a bag until I leave the swamp. I euthanize 'em all before I leave, and then I bring 'em home and skim them out, do whatever I need to do.

But that's like a big question I always get from people. So I figured. I'll answer that. No, that's a great one. I really think that's important, Yeah. Saving the value of the animal securing it 100%, yeah. Like not taking a pop shot at it. Wait till you get it in the bag, so No, that, that makes a lot of sense.

And I can imagine a lot of people that I, heck, I've seen people ask that before, yeah. Yeah. All the time. Yeah. They think they're like telling me, so just use a machete oh, okay. Yeah. That'd be [01:24:00] so much more humane. use a boot. Yeah. , I'm just kidding. In the true Florida way. . . Yeah. I gotta get running, you guys.

There's a, I got a big evening coming up here with me. I spent all day hunting hairs and now I'm gonna go do some other crazy stuff. Python Cowboy, thank you so much for coming on, buddy. I really appreciate that. You guys are more than welcome to keep this going, San Seth here. But I really want to thank you for coming on, man.

You got a really exciting YouTube channel. It's a lot of fun. And , maybe we'll all come down there some time and we'll snipe out. Someon, now we're talking. Appreciate you for sure. Oh yeah. Thank you buddy. I appreciate it. Let's hunt 'em hard and treat 'em like heroes. You guys cool stuff?

Huh? What's not the vik in there? Yeah, . I need to get a gun named after me. That would be cool. One. I'll be that cool. . Yeah. The don't use guns though. That's the problem. I not, when I hunt with dogs, I don't, at least. And Chad, you shouldn't, neither. You need to get up there and just catch those lions.

Quit shooting. Is that right? Yeah. . Yeah. I thought you were a man, [01:25:00] Chad. Yeah I'm, I'll be, I'll get there one day. I'll get there one day. . You could probably train something crazy. . There you go. I've always he was actually talking about it too at one point was the squirrels and the monkeys and all that.

And yeah, I used to joke all the time back in Louisiana when I did falconry with some squirrel dogs, some tree dogs and a red tail hawk, and I was catching squirrels. And they'll get up into the nest and sometimes the birds on the ground after making a miss and it doesn't see it. And you see the squirrel run up and then hide in the nest.

And then depending on your state, you're not allowed to bring a gun with you. There's nothing, there's tricks you can do when you're just using squirrel dogs. You just blow the nest or whatever, but with the falcon, the, or the hawk, you, you're, At AVOs and I joke all the time about sending the kapu and monkey up there or something to slap the nest or tug on it, oh my gosh, it'd be hilarious.

And then if I got that far, then I'd have to have him ride in on the catch dog while hog dogging, like that , that would be amazing. Yeah. If the hog flips the catch dog and takes off, he have a monkey with a tracking system on his back and he can just run behind him, [01:26:00] or ride 'em.

If one's gonna make this happen, it's you, . We'll see. I don't have any pigs right now to, to hunt it, it's it's on the shelf, but should I, let's go find some Minus the monkeys. Minus the monkeys. . Yeah. Oh. But yeah, that was just fun. Chad, man, I digged it, man. Yeah, me too. That was awesome.

I was having too much fun. Really. Anyway, you guys, I wanted to make a couple quick shoutouts, you guys, thanks to all our patrons out there. You guys have been awesome and engaging with us. I did wanna make an announcement on the air here. I have recently discovered in the last few weeks that patrons, when you get emails or messages from Patreon, from me at Patreon they go to your spam folder if your internet settings or your email settings may be set that way.

I'd really appreciate it if you haven't heard anything from me in a while and you're like that's weird. Check your spam folder and you'll, you will see messages from me in there. I make sure I message every patron about news and things like that. So if you're gonna join us on Patreon, you guys please supply [01:27:00] me with your mailing address if you want to get sweet prizes and, get drawings if you win a monthly drawing.

So those are considerable. That's not just like a patron. Yeah, they are. There's all kinds of cool stuff, like really cool stuff. . Our monthly prize package is always a minimum of 50 bucks, between 50 and a hundred bucks. Our semi-annual is between 200, 300, and our annual is up to a thousand. These are like big prizes, . So that's one way we can give back. And so thanks to our, all our awesome spar sponsors and partners of Homan XP that have a donated prize packages in the past we really appreciate that you guys, so thank you. And also there's a lot of really good episodes of Hansman XP being produced right now.

That's something that I haven't said in a while, but it's true and it's very heartfelt. Man, the episodes that Heath and Josh and Chris have been putting out with everybody has been, it's been top notch. I really have been enjoying listening to Amazon XP in the last month, two months. I just think some of the guests are just incredible.

And good hosts. Good hosts. I really enjoyed you guys as tethering episode. I got like a [01:28:00] lot of good chuckles outta that and really, . It was interesting hearing other people's setups because I have a very open mind, but my dogs live in a giant communal pin. And my whole pack just lives in a big old five acre pin together and they just come inside whenever they want.

But it's so funny, you never think of tethering as having that line up in the air on that like pulley system thing. That's something that you never think about. And yeah, it's really cool. I could see keeping hounds like that for sure. Instead of building pins and fences just because Wow.

Convenient. You can move it around and yeah, so anyway, I learned a lot from that and that's the beauty. I work for Hounds Man xp and I'm still being a fan and listening to the show and learning stuff, so that feels cool. So anyway, great job to all the other hosts out there. You guys are making top-notch shows and I really look forward to listening more.

So anyway, that was my spiel chat. That's all I got brother for this month. If you wanna add anything, now's the tie. Yeah, no, I think we got it all. I think we got it all for this, for this go round. Looking forward to next to the next show, yes. We're not stopping there.

This isn't just a high [01:29:00] point. We got all kinds of good stuff coming. Yeah. We're g you guys. I always feel the best per the best contents in person. Guess what? Me and Chad we're mountain up and riding to a new location. We're gonna get some awesome in-person footage with a pretty famous guy. Stay tuned for that.

You guys. We'll break that ice. I've talked to the patrons about it, but we're gonna have some sweet footage. Hopefully, if we get, if the hunting's good, which it should be, we're going peak time. We're gonna have some sweet stuff coming up. So stay tuned for next month's episode. All mixed up. You guys.

It's gonna just be just as unique and me and Chad are there, so it's gonna be a good time. , I'll talk to later. Thanks everyone, and thank you Chad for all your hard work, buddy. Thank you too, bub. So let's let's work 'em hard and treat 'em my heroes. Nice.