How to Find Bucks AFTER Gun Season

Show Notes

The Orange Army has been in full force across the country! While the arrival of gun deer seasons is a welcomed event for deer hunters, the onset of gun hunting creates a major shift in the habits of local deer herds. The massive influx of hunters and the steady BOOM of firearms have deer more on edge than at any point of the hunting season so far. All this pressure has a significant impact on where deer, especially mature bucks, like to spend their time during daylight. They become much more reclusive, and much more difficult to pin down. So what should you do when you're still holding a tag when the deer seemingly go underground?

In this episode of the How to Hunt Deer podcast, Josh talks with Dan Johnson about finding bucks after the gun seasons have laid the pressure on thick. The guys discuss how deer respond to pressure, likely hotspots for deer concentrations, and how to go about putting boots on the ground to locate the pressured bucks you're after. 

Show Transcript