How to Hunt Early Season Bucks in the Morning with Mark Haslam

Show Notes

Conventional whitetail wisdom espouses a few basic tenets for early season hunting: find where the deer bed, find where they eat, and don’t hunt mornings. While hunting mornings in the early season is very different than, say, November 5th, early season morning hunts can still be very productive. In this episode, guest Mark Haslam shares the strategies he’s used to kill mature bucks in the morning during the early season four years running, including his most recent South Carolina velvet brute.

Mark Haslam is a deer hunter and land manager from Georgia who spends most of his hunting time in South Carolina. Mark runs, hosts the Southeast Whitetail podcast, and writes for Wired to Hunt on Meateater. He was also named the 2020 National Deer Association Deer Manager of the Year hunts and manages his family farm in South Carolina. Mark knows his stuff, and his tactics for early season hunting can be effective no matter where you hunt.


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