How to Plan for Out of State Hunts

Show Notes

It's a new year! Whether you're a new year's resolutioner or not, this is a time that most people are taking inventory and looking ahead at what they hope to accomplish in the next twelve months. For outdoorsmen and women, that often involves making plans to take a hunting/fishing trip or two, which can turn into quite the task if you don't have some practice. 

In this episode, Pierce and Josh take a deep dive into their planning processes and unpack what all goes on behind the scenes that might not make it into the episodes you all hear. The guys talk about how they choose what kind of a hunt they want, how they pick locations to avoid crowds, taking care of the people around you, what their goals are for 2024, and so much more!

Special shoutout to listener, Jason, for reaching out to suggest this episode topic! If you've got questions you want answered, shoot us a message or respond to the Polls highlight on our Instagram.

Show Transcript