How to Win; Ryan “Cowboy” Karl

Show Notes

Ryan “Cowboy” Karl is a Texas native. His social media pages clearly state his goals “God, Family, Boxing” and it would be a safe bet to say that hounds come in next.

Cowboy is a professional boxer and competes as a welterweight. He has boxed in the biggest arenas for the most prestigious titles in boxing. Ryan and Chris discuss his upbringing, his boxing career and of course, coonhunting with hounds. Ryan is one of those guys that has taken his life experiences and developed a value system for his life that he gladly shares. His professional sports career has taught him valuable lessons that he carries into his hunting. With such a busy training schedule he has not had the time to dedicate to competition coonhunting but it will be game on when he does.

Ryan is anchored with his faith, family and career and he shares a great story with us…how to win.

Show Transcript