How Will Michael Perry & Jamie McCay Hunt Big Bucks In 2022?

Show Notes

This week on the Southern Ground Hunting podcast we're hanging with some fan favorites, Michael Perry & Jamie McCay. If you don't know who these guys are, you must've been living under a rock because they are some of the best public land buck killers in the Southeast. Jamie has a reputation for consistently killing big mature Alabama bucks year after year. Michael has the same reputation, even adding a 196" Alabama giant in 2021. 

Knowing their consistency, it makes us wonder... are they going to change anything in how you hunt for this season? Successful people have long said that no matter how old or good you are, you should never stop learning. So how do killers like these guys continue expanding their opportunities when it seems like what they've been doing have worked? Well you're in for a treat this week because we're talking about just that!

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