Huntavore in Montana

Show Notes

On this episode of Huntavore, Nick recalls his adventure for archery elk with his hunting buddy, Brock Dean. Together they tell their reactions to a week of super highs and deep woes; close enounters, and hellacious climbs, and what helped them to have really good success as greenhorn western elk hunters. Not a lot of animals died, but a couple get real close, on this episode of Huntavore.

Nick is joined by good friend, Brock Dean. Brock, AKA: The Former PLW, public land warrior. Brock and Nick along with two other buds, headed to Montana. They took their chance on a DIY archery hunt with General Elk tags. The week-long hint started with a 24 hour straight through drive. After hitting their campsite and prepping their gear, the 4 some made their first novice move and climbed straight up a face of the mountain without really understanding what their objective was. To their surprise they did happen to hear elk bugles, which gave them some confidence, and started their plan for the next day. Nick and Brock both agreed that our heads were in the right place, while maybe our bodies were not. Very positive going in, knew that the “slog” was worth the effort, continual planning and making audibles kept putting the guys in spots to catch elk. In fact, the group finding a closed ATV trail helped in getting up the mountain and to areas that otherwise would be out of their reach. While even the trail was in bad shape, it was better than thick timber and no switchbacks.

The group also found themselves at the top of bowl with little to no access, other than from the top. This became a sweet spot and location of several very close encounters. One being a huge bull in the timber, another being a spike bull feet from Nick, and finally the dramatic tale of Brock taking an uphill shot on a nice bull that ultimately ended unsuccessful. Overall with what they had accomplished, the adventure of it all, lessons learned, and how close they were to animals, they deemed this a successful trip. Let’s just call it, unfinished business.

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