Hunting Trips and Adventures w/ Ronnie Folk

Show Notes

On this week's episode of the Pennsylvania Woodsman, Mitch is joined by good friend Ronnie Folk.  Ronnie is retired and has enjoyed many wonderful hunting trips across North America and even abroad into Africa and New Zealand.  However, annual hunting trips were not always the norm.  Ronnie worked hard his whole life building a successful paving business as well as raising a family, so the time off which we discuss was earned through hard work. 

We begin by catching up on a recent Brown Bear hunting trip Ronnie had this spring in Alaska.  While the trip did not result in any shots fired, we still strolled down memory lane as we sat amidst his trophy room of memories.  We talk about Ronnie's favorite animal to hunt - elk, and how he transitioned in his early 40s to an avid archery hunter.  Ronnie also tells stories of his trips to a camp he used to hunt at in northern PA for bear and deer.  It's a fun conversation with a man who worked hard to live out the American dream!

Show Transcript