Planning an African Safari

Show Notes

On this episode of The nomadic Outdoorsman Dan and his wife Samantha talk to new acquaintances and soon to be hunting buddies Tony and Emily Zastrow about a joint adventure to South Africa next April.

Tony and Emily were born and raised in Wisconsin. Tony has been carrying around a gun (BB gun) from a very early age but has recently branched out from the traditional tree stand sit for whitetails to chasing a variety of big game animals in Montana, Arizona and South Africa. Emily became a hunter through marriage to Tony. She joined Tony on a few hunts and quickly became passionate about it. After bidding on and winning a trip to South Africa at a banquet they decided to capitalize on the opportunity and get married while they were there. Once Tony and Emily had experienced what African hunting had to offer they new that it would be something they would do again and again. Emily started The Traveling Hunter which she hopes to use as a means to help others plan and execute dream hunts.

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