Improve Food Plots Before Hunting Season

Show Notes

In this episode, Jon Teater (Whitetail Landscapes) and Colin Koskinen (Legendary Habitat) discuss Box Blinds and what Colin prefers to install on his client properties. Jon discusses his opinion on 360 hunting blinds and what he prefers. Colin and Jon discuss poor soils and what are the options for folks that want to change their food plots for the better.

Colin discusses the importance of a cover crop and why it's essential for food plotters. Colin provides options for those that are dealing with low pH and how to remedy this much quicker with specific products. Jon explains his lineage with food plots and how he has been able to overcome high costs with simple food plots that regenerate and rejuvenate soils.

Colin discussed the struggles and difficulties with a no-till drill and why an expensive piece of equipment might not be the right choice for those trying to plant their fields. Colin discusses both sandy and clay soils and what strategies you might consider when planting certain crops. Colin and Jon discuss seed options that work well in producing better root matter and increasing the potential for organic material.

Colin identifies the type of foliar sprays he is using and the results that were achieved. Colin explains side by side comparisons when using foliar sprays and results identify benefits with one choice versus the other.  Jon provides an option to draw deer to your property with a new technique that makes food plots more attractive.  Colin explains an option to improve portions of your property beyond food plots and simple tactics that will improve vegetation. Colin provides several options to improve your property with other options most have not heard about.

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