Improve Your Scouting Efficiency with Jacob Sklenar

Show Notes

28 weeks... yep, that's how far we have to go until we can sneak out in the woods, plant our butts in a tree and hope for the big one to come by. It might feel too soon to let thoughts of booners enter your dreams, or allow your focus to drift from work as you try to picture how you'll slip in to send an arrow at your target buck. For many die-hards though, that couldn't be further from the truth as this is prime time for getting in the woods to do some post-season scouting.

This week, Pierce hops on the line once again with big buck killer Jacob Sklenar to talk about how he approaches post-season scouting, and some of the tips, tricks and hacks he uses to maximize his time in the woods and learn an area right now, to prep for fall. Jacob discusses what he looks for when selecting a property, what he believes are the most over and underrated land features, how he prioritizes sign when in the field, and even discusses thermals, scent control and how good a deer's sense of smell really is. All that and more on this week's episode!

Do yourself a massive favor and grab your notebook, and then head on over to Jacob's YouTube Channel, The Wild Calling to see the phenomenal content he's putting out, and follow along with his adventures on Instagram and Facebook at The Wild Calling Outdoors

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