Into the Deep End with Cody Wright

Show Notes

Sitting down with Marcus this week is Cody Wright. Cody is the owner and founder of 2% Certified Barbell Basecamp Fitness Lab. Barbell Basecamp is a training program to help prepare hunters for the physical and mental challenges they are going to face in the backcountry. Growing up on a ranch in Oklahoma, the outdoors has always been a big part of Cody's life, not only that, but Cody found weight lifting at a young age as well. It wasn't until Cody's first elk hunt and the challenges he faced that he realized how he could pair his two passions to help better prepare other hunters for the mountains. Barbell offers various training programs for all seasons to make sure you're at peak readiness when hitting the trailhead. If you're looking to prepare for your next western hunt, or just want to better your fitness level, be sure and check out Barbell Basecamp.

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