Jake Bush Summer time BS Session

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On this episode I sit down and talk all things summer whitetail with Jake Bush.  We touch on older bows and current day bow set up.  Ted Nugent got both Jake and I to buy Martin bows back in the early 2000s.  We talk bow preferences and what we look for in a compound and favorites from the past. 

We talk about trail cams and prep.  Mobile hunting changes for 2023.  What gear we may order before season.  Why hunting in the rain sucks as a mobile hunter and the difference in hunting with a camera man vs solo filming.

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Show Transcript

Byron Horton: [00:00:00] Live in Jake's studio. This is the Whitetail Experience Podcast. A little different flavor, but I drove out here today, Jake and I just recorded a latitude session, so you'd be sure to check that out. I'm not sure when these two will release. But they're coming. Jake, how you doing

Jake Bush: today, man? I'm doing great, man.

We just had a great conversation. We're sitting down here in the studio talking, dear. So it's about the best Friday I could have.

Byron Horton: Yeah, we've been a little bit fired up. I brought some sheds out. Then we got to discussing some summer prep. I texted you this morning about shooting in Cams. You said you're behind in Cams?

Jake Bush: I'm behind in Cams. I have stepped foot. I've stepped foot in the Ohio woods for deer twice this year. And it's mid-June last year. By this time I was over a hundred days. And I didn't have success last year, so like in my head, I'm freaking out a little bit, but we'll get it figured out. But

Byron Horton: you've also spent some time in some other states working on some cool projects, traveling for the new job, like Yeah.

You got a lot going on. Anybody? Who doesn't know? This is Jake Bush. I'm sitting at his house. Jake has taken a job with Latitude in the last six months. I hope you guys are listening to his podcast, and [00:01:00] then the YouTube is there as well to get some more visuals on things. But we're just discussing this is a BS session.

This is loose. Your son just turned two a month ago. Yeah,

Jake Bush: June

Byron Horton: 4th and I got a birthday for my boy to tomorrow. Today's his birthday. Tomorrow's the party. What would what was the best birthday gift you

Jake Bush: got your boy? He got a little toy like drive around Tacoma. Okay. That matches my truck a little bit.

Same color and everything. And he's just been, it's got M F M radio. It's got forward in reverse. It's got headlights. Like it's got it. It does it all. It's a mini truck.

Byron Horton: It's ridiculous. Now I will say this. Do you have a trailer system for this said vehicle? I need to get one. Okay. So my boy has a tractor, but he's got this little trailer that I've attached to the tractor, but it pays dividends cuz they're like, we can do like mini yard work projects or like we can move some things around and Two, he's getting way better at driving.

And I'm like, dude, this

Jake Bush: guy's getting it done. That's a real thing. Yeah. Yeah. That's a big part. Like just, they're just driving something at two and three years old. That's gonna help for sure. It's a curve.

Byron Horton: Spatial awareness. Yeah. [00:02:00] Timing. He drifts actually on the blacktop now, where I will watch him lay off the pedal, crank the wheel, and he'll let that end scoot around and it'll take off again.

So Tokyo drift style in the driveway. I love it, man. Other than that, you new bow for you. That's

Jake Bush: new. Yeah, so I've got a it's actually not here yet. The RevX two or 32, the 32 inch axle to Axle should be here like today. Hopefully it's upstairs right now. That'd be awesome. But yeah, I'm excited to shoot that man coming from the Matthews line.

Coming from the Matthews line.

Byron Horton: Have you always shot a Matthews back in your New York days

Jake Bush: or? I've swaps around. I've never been like brand specific to be honest with you. I shot A Martin Tom Cat for a long time. I had a Martin Cheetah, dude. The Martins were killer back in the day. I remember it was Ted Nugent, dude.

Yeah, he got me it, it branding worked right? The marketing worked. So I I really, I used to like Ted Nugent a lot, watched him growing up and stuff and he shot a Martin. I was like, why? I wanna a Martin. So I went and got the Martin Tom Cat, but after that it was a Hoyt for a little bit. And then I had a Matthew's Q 32, like the solo cam Q

Byron Horton: 32.

What year would that

Jake Bush: have been? Cause I'm not familiar. That would've been like, Yeah, I [00:03:00] wanna say it was probably a late nineties, bo, but I got it as a hand-me-down. Yeah. I had it after a couple other guys had it. Like they had all their bucks pictures taped to the riser. Is this before the solo cam?

It So it was a solo, it wasn't dual. Yeah, it was before. I had to be, I was 16, so that would've been what? That would've been 2007. What was the

Byron Horton: Matthews Bow? That was all over Tom Miranda's videos in the late nineties. Oh, man. I we do a zigzag down a mountain and it was like the dx I can't remember.

Somebody is screaming at the mic or at the speakers right now. Yeah, they are.

Jake Bush: Yeah. Just just shoot us a message. Let's know what that was. What the adrenaline. Matthew's adrenaline. It might have

Byron Horton: been, yeah, it might have been. I think came out of the, they did a zigzag and then the bow came off the mountain.

You're like, oh, dude is awesome. Gotta shoot. I gotta shoot a Matthew's. Yeah. Yeah. I have not been super brand loyal willing to shoot anything. I feel like Matthews probably was ahead of the game for a couple years and now everybody makes a pretty good bow personal feel at this point. I've shot, let's see here.

Dave [00:04:00] kind of likes some bow text and I bought one of his, off him that I, that was really dead in the hand. Bo was a bitch. A bull. Yeah. Now do you like a bow? That stacks early, late. How do you like your back wall? What are some preferences if you were drawing up your favorite compounds of all time?

Jake Bush: So the Matthews stack early, like you roll over, you have that heavy kind of wall to get through, and then they roll over fairly easy. But I've shot some bows that rolled about the same the whole time, and I that to be honest with you. I go back and forth, man, to be honest with you. I just feel like all the bows now are.

It's like apples and oranges at this point. Like we haven't had a major speed increase in, what, 10 years, 12 years, something like that. We, they're all pretty quiet. They're, they all have very little hand shock. Like we're battling over basically nothing at this point. To me it's okay, my bow is five years old.

I shoot a triax, or I did shoot a triax. Just you upgrade every five years-ish. I'll probably upgrade, but yeah, I'm not the guy that's gonna have a new bow every year. I just don't see. I can spend my money on like lithium batteries [00:05:00] for my cameras now because that's a, that, that's the cost of a bow every year.

It's getting ridiculous.

Byron Horton: Yeah. I'm with you there. I don't think there's been a significant, I, although some, I was listening to a podcast this week, I think it was Bow Hunter Chronicles, and they were talking about expedition that did some sort of crazy riser. I can't remember if they put like carbon and aluminum together.

And more companies are doing carbon bows. I could see that. Dude, I tell you what, after shooting the stick boat, it weighs like nothing in my hand. You pick up a compound, I'm like, holy cow. This thing's a tank.

Jake Bush: Yeah. So the one thing I'll say to that is I did have the hoit carbon man, I forget which one it was.

I forget which boat it was, but it was a carbon hoit from like 2014 ish. I bought it two years before I got the Triax and that bow. Was super light, but I actually shot at worse because it moved around so much. So when I went to the Matthews, it was just heavier and it said to my hand better and I was, I felt better.

I felt more confident shooting out at range with that. Not like it, I wanna kill [00:06:00] deer sub 20 anyways. But yeah.

Byron Horton: Okay. Nice. Yeah, I like a bow that pulls very easy from the start, maybe then ramps up and then peaks somewhere. 67. I don't wanna come into that back wall real heavy. And I like a bow, I can take a nap with it.

Full draw. I know that's probably not the best for accuracy purposes. But the, I just the fear of a buck standing behind a tree at 13 yards and I need one more step. I just wanna be able to hold that thing forever. In fact, I ordered a 60 pound bow and it pulls like 63 pounds. Versus if I ordered a 65, which is what I wanted.

It would probably pull 68 and I'd be just, why didn't I order 70? So yeah, I went 60 pounds this year. Knowing it might, I feel like every company ships out a bow. And when you max out those bolts, which they say is like how they work most efficient, but they tend to sit those a little hot so they get a little better IBO score.

Jake Bush: Yeah, I think so too. Speed, if you will. Yep. My triax is like that. I think I pulled 72 ish on a 70 pound bow, so a couple pounds over. Yeah. Dave will make fun of me. I do

Byron Horton: not have bow pulling muscles. I just,

Jake Bush: I don't pull back very [00:07:00] well. I'm getting to that point though where I want to do that.

If I get really into shooting for a couple days in a row and I'm shooting like a hundred shots plus every day, my shoulder's really hurting me after a couple days. So I'm getting to the point where I'm in the back of my head, I'm thinking. Longevity wise, and I've actually heard Andy talk about this where Andy hurt his shoulder and he talks about I believe on a podcast. I've, I think I remember him saying this, where he almost wonders if he shouldn't have shot like a lighter poundage bow for a while. Yeah. What's the trade off if you're killing a deer sub 20 anyways, so yes, the poundage is great and the speed's great.

And the kinetic energy's great, but if you can't draw the dang thing back when you're. 40 or 50 because you've been drawing a 70 pound bow your whole life. I don't know, man. So I'm thinking in the back of my head, this might be my last 70 pound bow. Yeah,

Byron Horton: I think Andrea Quista has always been a guy who shoots a very light bow.

I think bow hunting fe I just listened to him on a podcast. I think a lot of his bows are between 55 and 65. I don't think he even hunts with it with a heavier poundage bow. Anything else? Major new gear you're excited about? [00:08:00]

Jake Bush: So I got, we got new sticks that launched. Those sticks are pretty cool.

They're the system change is a big one. Yep. As far as a system change. So definitely gonna be more packable than the sticks in the past that I ran lighter. So that's always good. I was talking about the 47 pound pack earlier. Yeah. You know what I mean? So yeah. I'm excited for those, for sure.

But that's pretty much it, man. Are you still gonna use

Byron Horton: a tree stand or are you gonna

Jake Bush: go full saddle? I'm gonna still use a tree stand. I'm a you got a small stand. I like the hybrid style. I really do it just In my head when I get in those spots where I just feel like I would have a better option on the back or front side of the tree.

It's just really nice to be able to do both for me, and I've figured out a way to make that work. And I'm the right size too, because I think that plays into it where if you have a bigger stand and you can't use the seat as a knee pad, it eliminates the whole thought process behind that.

So like I just, it just fits me well. It just fits my style, how about yourself?

Byron Horton: So yeah, I we talked about this on the podcast. I'm envisioning October two sticks and I just ordered some long double step type eight ERs, and I'm gonna play with this, but I'm gonna have that X [00:09:00] two stick, which is a two step stick, and I want to be able to take those eight ERs and like permanently attach them to the bottom.

And then I need some sort of like band or ball band bungee permanently attached to that. Like I can fold 'em up on that bottom step. Do a little ball bungee or twist eye or whatever. I don't know what it's gonna be. And those two sticks will just like, stack onto my stand. And then I'm envisioning a one segment camera, arm on one side, and a fanny pack on the other side of The I-beam split, if you will.

That's for October now. Come the rut, I'm gonna bring probably more of the kitchen sink effect, if you will. Just more layers, bigger backpack potentially food, water. Like the system will change come the rut. It always does every year for me it has to. Yeah. You're just out there in harsher environments and longer hours, 100% people don't talk about it, but like the sit in the dark aspect where you get cold.

It, that's a weird thing that, that when I started hunting the hills was something that like we could we took it a little while to figure out, and you talked about, you get a lot of comments on your Instagram for walking out in the woods and people see like your [00:10:00] bibs, your jacket you're like, dude, you're walking out in the woods.

It's 30 and all you got on is like a long sleeved

Jake Bush: tea. Yeah. A lot of people bring that up and my response to that is, We're walking over multiple different ridges, like zero to 400 foot floor to ceiling. It's, you're like, oh, I wanna get in this ridge a mile and a half back. I gotta cross three ridges to get there.

I gotta work my butt off, if I'm wearing my gear. I'm gonna be a soaking wet sponge by the time I get there. Like that just doesn't, it doesn't make sense in my head. So my thought process with that is, when I leave the truck, I wanna be cold. Like I should be cold at the truck and I should be cold for the first really coup until I hit the first tail.

I should be cold. And then about halfway up, that first tail is when I wanna warm up enough to be comfortable. And I know I'm not gonna overly sweat. Cause if you go out and right off the bat you're hot and you're sweating your butt off, it's game over, you're, there's no way. That you're gonna sit in the tree for 12 hours during the rut when it's 20 degrees outside, if you sweat your butt off, getting in there, at least not me.

Like it's just, I can do better than that. Yeah.

Byron Horton: I fear rainy hunts or where it's rained maybe overnight [00:11:00] and I'm talking late October, November time period where it's rain conditions are wet. So now one, nobody talks about this enough, but I fall so many times in wet leaves going up hills and side hilling and that just sucks. But then like you get wet, if you walk through any sort of vegetation and I've had a few of those hunts where you just, you dread it going in. If I'm gonna hang a stand, I'm literally gonna have to, to redress at the base of the tree start to finish because I've gotten wet in some sort of dicky style pants and long sleeve tee or base layer and long sleeve tee.

Jake Bush: That's a huge thing. And so there's a lot there too. And. Another thing that I have like from, the weight standpoint that I guess I'm changing up and I ran it last year and I really liked it. It's a little tiny like thing, it's not a huge deal, but the OK Coupa hand warmer.

Oh, like I started running that and have you seen those yet? No. Is this electric one? Yeah. So it's an electric hand warmer. It's got three different settings on it. They're pretty cheap. I think they're only like 40 bucks. But it's also a battery pack, so I don't have to carry my big battery pack in the woods anymore.

I take two. Ok. Coupas. And they charge my phone and my headlamp and [00:12:00] everything. And that's another thing I do is I take a charging cord and I make sure that my headlamps chargeable and I make sure like I'm charge, I can charge everything with my hand warmers if I don't need 'em. Wait, I thought you were a coast headlamp guy.

I am. So I have they make a charger, they make a rechargeable coast

Byron Horton: headlamp. Okay. See, I am team coast headlamp, but I am battery guy because I generally buy a bunch like of of, oh, aas. Yeah. And then the other fact that might that has always scared me is. I go for a hunt and it's

Jake Bush: not charged.

So I have a little tiny Ziploc baggie of three Aass and you can actually crack it open and take the chargeable thing out and just slap the aaas in there. It does it all.

Byron Horton: Look at, that is why we had

Jake Bush: this podcast right there. Yeah. Thats huge, man. That's a big thing. Yeah. But yeah, so shedding a little bit of weight there is a big deal to me too.

I can get in a smaller pack with that. How is it hunting

Byron Horton: with a cameraman now?

Jake Bush: Oh, that's a topic right there. So it's, the camera guys that we have are great hunters themselves, right? Yeah. So it's really nice that access is really good. If I start getting really slow and into the moment, they're [00:13:00] doing the exact same thing behind me.

But what I will say is there's, there is definitely the opportunity for double the, obviously like a deer can see two people now in the tree, right? And the two of us are obviously gonna make a little bit more noise. There's always little things like that, but, What I think that I need to do on my end is I need to just get my setups more dialed for having two guys in a tree where in the past, like I knew I could hide behind one little tree and I'm like, man, I'd really like to be in that tree.

Let's do it. And then we get up there and I'm like we kinda look ridiculous in this tree. So like I'm working on trying to figure out where those setups need to be more often and then how it's changed my access quite a bit too. There's a lot of things there, but those are all really minor details that I just need to work on and figure out.

And I think it's possible. And I see you got a thought here. What do we got? What do we got brewing

Byron Horton: over here? So whitetail experience. We used to film each other's hunts. Yeah. And then we got to the point where I was like,

We, I feel bad having Andy or Dave film me cuz these guys scout their butt off and they don't get to hunt very much.

I don't want him behind me. So we went to solo filmer route.

Jake Bush: But,

Byron Horton: [00:14:00] What was I gonna ask you? Oh, do you guys have A system, because sometimes when that system's flowing, getting up in a tree is great, but if you're slightly on the wrong page with, Hey, pass me the tow grip, hand me the third stick.

If you are not synced in that, that, that time, it's a pain in the ass.

Jake Bush: And it's like you have a camera guy in a mobile hunting scenario, right? And that's so much different than like a food plot. Like a food plot, the preset stands and everything else. Because like we are setting up all our gear and equipment and all these camera arms and everything on the fly.

But I do think that we've developed this system pretty well and even the first time we went out, Derek was the first person that's ever filmed me, by my side. And we had a pretty good system, man. It just worked. And like he. He's down at the bottom and he knew what I was asking for.

I'm like, bag. And he puts his bag on there and we get it up. And the cool thing about being a guy that's self filmed in the past is I understand what we need to do in that situation. So I get everything set up on my end and he's setting his camera arm up. And so I grab the buckle for him and hold it around the tree.

So like instead of him trying to do it one handed, and being the only guy [00:15:00] working on this stuff, like I'm on the backside, like feeding the strap so he gets it around where he needs it. Like the things that are a pain in the butt for a self filmer, right? So there's pros and cons both ways with that but overall, yeah, it's been it's definitely changing the hunting style a little bit.

Everything has to be a little bit more detailed and fine tuned. But the other side of it too is it's really nice to have somebody to bounce an idea off. I'm sitting here and I'm looking at sign right? And I'm Hey, DRock, what should I do? And he's I think we just need to rip the bandaid off.

And I'm like, all right, let's rip the bandaid off. Let's get in there. But but yeah, it does help having just like sometimes I might even know the answer in my head, but just talking to somebody about it or embracing the suck together too.

Byron Horton: That is a huge aspect. The embrace the suck. Andy and Dave, during the rut, if it's been a hard year, they will go hunt two or three days together

Jake Bush: and they have a blast.

We have fun. Yes. And we're having fun in the tree and we're embracing the suck together. I will say that. I get, I don't know how to deal with this, but I get really guilty if we go in three, four days in a row and don't see a single deer, like they're just sitting in the tree with me.

You know what I mean? The entire time. And I'm just sitting [00:16:00] there man, I gotta get on a deer for these guys because they're working their butt off and I haven't done. I haven't done my job. They're doing their job. Every time we go out and now this is on me. You know what I mean? I get there's a

Byron Horton: little extra pressure on you,

Jake Bush: especially in that situation.

There is, and I'm like a ba I apologize the whole, I'm like, dude, I'm so sorry that we haven't deer Rock. I'm sorry. We've seen three deer in 70 days in the woods. And you're not hunting for yourself. Yeah, there's definitely a give and take there. What I've done to combat that a little bit is we went and out-of-state Turkey hunt this year and I was just solely a camera guy and I had a blast.

Like I was filming him the whole time and so it was really cool. Okay,

Byron Horton: so let me ask this. So when Whitetail experience was two man filming So it hasn't killed a ton of deer. And if he was cameraman, we, I'd tell him sometimes to bring his bow or even shoot my bow. See what if you can anchor it and shoot it.

And we'd pull the swap. And then Dave and him almost got it done one time on a swap. Or here comes a one 15 great deer for him. Does, is, does D Rock ever, have you guys ever thought about doing a midseason, like here comes a one 20 that he'd be more than happy to

Jake Bush: shoot? Does. [00:17:00] Ab so absolutely.

Okay. And I think this year, like I've really tried to all the states, I'm going to make sure that they can get it tagged to and Kansas is gonna be different. Yeah. Kansas is gonna be a very selfish hunt, but I've told Derek multiple times and this year we're doing it like he is shooting my bow. For sure.

And same thing if if Cory Films me or any of the camera guys that we could have, we've got a bunch of 'em that are great that work with us, but they all need to shoot the bow and just make sure they're good at 20. And if we get the right deer to come down the pipe, like I'm grabbing that camera and they're smoking that deer.

Yeah. And I

Byron Horton: think even too have a plan because you could probably get to your cell phone and film it if Latitude says that's acceptable for that Kale shot. But a Dead Deer is all obviously a bunch of marketing medias, so they should be okay with that. But Dave and I an we have the same draw.

We, we would, we generally in the past couple years have even shot the same model of Bell. We generally get the same arrows, but he anchors almost an inch different on where he puts the arrow, like on his cheek lip area. His is, I think, higher. I know it's off by an inch from me, and it's a very different [00:18:00] shot.

I think I had to use like one like. For a 20 yard pin. I, it was like his bubble or his like housing was like my mark. Like it wasn't even

Jake Bush: close. Wow. That's way, yeah.

Byron Horton: Like it wasn't like I couldn't even use like his like 30 or 40 yard pin. It was like one of the housing marks.

Jake Bush: No, you guys running peeps or you run into

Byron Horton: straight.

Yeah. Yeah. It was peeps. It just must be how I. Put that arrow in like my lip area and he puts it and I'm probably maybe I think I'm a touch low and then he's a touch high so that it's like the max distance between that and so yeah, hi. I could not shoot his bow very well, but I could pick up Zos bow and shoot it, even though it's two inches shorter on the draw.

But we both must anchor somewhat similar. And I could shoot his bow at 20 yards. Even. Same

Jake Bush: pin, same everything. Yeah. And hand pressure too, right? If you, if Dave's a guy with a high wrist and he's using a lot of like up by his thumb and then you're a low risk guy using more down by your wrist, that's gonna change that.

Point a ton too, so that, the combination there might be what's going on. I wonder.

Byron Horton: Yeah, I never even thought about that but yeah, that grip could be a huge thing [00:19:00] too. But yeah, that I was gonna ask about, having another guy filming you, it's an aspect to the mobile hunt. It

Jake Bush: really, from a mobile hunting standpoint, yes.

Just because there's, you know how I am about access I'm a freak with my access. I take so much time. I take forever to get up to there. So it could be a really, it could be a nightmare if we had the wrong guys in place, but thankfully we have guys that, like I said, are good hunters themselves.

And they understand those concepts and it just flows well, man. Nice. Nice. That's

Byron Horton: good to hear. All right. Let's let, we're thinking timeframe. We're probably 2020. How? How

Jake Bush: many minutes? We're 27 right now. Okay. We recorded a little early though. We're probably like 25.

Byron Horton: Okay. So let me ask this. Coming into next season, what has you most excited?

That's part one. Part two is, what did you feel like was an aha moment last year that you're gonna apply to this year?

Jake Bush: Ooh. So I would say the aha moment for me was, Obviously with the eh, HD thing in Ohio, it was the fact that I was overly like hyper-focused on specific areas. And so the aha moment for me [00:20:00] was, I'm gonna go back to two years ago and three years ago and four years ago when I had a lot of success, and I'm just gonna cast a very wide net with my cameras.

I just wanna find the most amount of deer possible. And that helps out a lot. That helps out with, Hannah, getting a deer hands out helps out with my brother coming down and getting a deer. There's a lot of aspects that, that, that helps. So that's a big focus of mine as far as the aha moment.

And what was the other side of that like when you're

Byron Horton: sitting here it's mid June. What has you most

Jake Bush: excited for? Oh man. I would say that this year it's probably not what you're expecting, but I would say the fact that I'm manage me, I'm managing my expectations differently this year and I'm really excited to, I've been on this soul chase in this very selfish chase for four years of just trying to find the biggest deer I can find and kill him.

Yes, omega. And so now with everything that's happened with the family life, with less time to spend in the woods, everything else going on, thinking like, let's just go out and kill some good deer. And that's gonna be fun, man. That just I w it's like a, the [00:21:00] relationship there is funny.

Like you get into good deer and you're gonna have more encounters and you're gonna I'm like Derek, there's a good buck. Grab my bow. That's an exciting thing for me going out of state a lot more. Like instead of last year I gave up all my out-of-state hunts. I had planned to try to focus on that mega in Ohio.

And it never happened. And I probably gave up on some really good hunts. You know what I mean? I probably left some really good hunts in the bags. So this year I'm looking at that, I'm like, you know what? I'm like, it's gonna be fun to go outta state and say, okay, the first one 20 that walks down the pipe is gonna get absolutely smoked.

And we're gonna be hooting and hollering out in the woods and having a good time and, call all the boys and they're all gonna show up and we're all gonna drag it out. And that to me is I'm getting more into that again, and it's gonna be a cycle, right? I feel everybody's gonna go through that stage where they want the big one, and then they want to just go have fun and maybe they fall back into the big one again, and then 10 years later they want to have fun. And that's okay. That's what it's meant to be. It's not meant to be something where you just have an expectation or a goal and you just stick to that your whole career.

Like it's all about evolving and adapting as we go. And we're both going through those stages with our family too, where we're looking [00:22:00] like, man, 10, 12 years out, we're gonna be thinking about our boys getting on deer, and I know that my deer goes right out the window immediately. Sure. That is absolutely second place.

Like I want to get Charlie a buck. That would be I. That would be the highlight of my life hunting, so there's a lot of things that are gonna be changing for us, man. I think that just enjoying it is really the biggest thing and the most important thing. Yeah. Dave and I have talked

Byron Horton: about this like kind of sliding scale and he's, Cisco talks about that and he talks a little bit more in the year approach where like he's holding out for a mega and he will hunt Ohio hard.

He'll go out, stay hard, but the. The tail end of season. He still wants to have that experience and has, he's the iceman. He shot a lot of ice deer in the snow in that time period. But we've talked about it like out of a couple year period. I always think there's a time to maybe push yourself to the next level.

Okay. And if you're not successful, okay, let's dial it back that next season and go through that killing process. I Ohio's a one buck state and I missed some learning curve opportunities by passing probably one [00:23:00] 15 to 1 25 inch deer with hopes of a one 40 and should have shot some of those deer because I still had plenty to learn through that.

Final 10 seconds through. Just going through killing bucks and deer, even just bucks, right? Because that's something that I think's important. So yeah, I think it's okay to say, okay, this is the year I've had a couple years of success. I'm gonna push the bar. I'm gonna go for my biggest buck today. And if you didn't happen, okay, I still want to kill deer.

I still like to kill bucks. If that's a priority to you, you don't have to maybe have that such a high. Bar that, that second year is what I'm gonna call it. Yeah.

Jake Bush: So I like that 100%. And the other side of that too though, is so that for me, that managing of that expectation of the mega and taking a step back from that is really just a matter of how much work I'm gonna put in.

But if I go pull my cameras mid-September and I've got a giant on there, like I'm gonna probably try to go kill that giant, so the expectations are really about how much work I'm gonna put in. But if that deer shows up, And I didn't have [00:24:00] to like overly work hard for him and he just pops up that's a gift.

I'm like I'm gonna try to pursue that deer as much as possible. So yeah, I just wanted to point that out. Okay. Yeah. Yeah.

Byron Horton: It, you're still, if he's there, you're gonna chase him. Yeah. But the amount of time and mile is a touch

Jake Bush: reduced? It is. It just is and it's that time that, that point in my life.

Byron Horton: Okay. Jake, what's the best thing you've bought in the last six months?

Jake Bush: Non-hunting related. Non-hunting related, huh?

Byron Horton: I like to do some of these rogue Bs questions, man.

Jake Bush: There is that screen. Maybe that it might be the screen. Yeah. I got a new monitor for editing the podcasts and videos and everything, and it's what is that?

Probably 32 inch. Yeah. And you can just set that timeline up on there and it just expands everything out. Like I can see each individual word of a podcast as opposed to. These little tiny fragments on the Mac. So that's way up there. These ring lights are cool. I like the ring lights. I like this new recorder, this road caster pro too.

You're a full-blown podcaster these days. We're slowly getting there. It's gonna be a work in progress, but I'm shooting for the stars. Dude, you were talking to me before

Byron Horton: we pushed your record about audio stuff, and I'm like, looking at Jake dude, I don't know shit about [00:25:00] audio. I know a little bit about photography and a decent amount about videography, but the audio world, that is a foreign language to

Jake Bush: me.

It's a lot of fun, man. When you start really diving into it. I was in the same boat three months ago, right? I really didn't know anything and then I was just like, you know what? I just wanna I wanna see what I can come up with here. And it's been cool. There's a lot of stuff that goes into it.

You look at my walls now and I've got these soundproof things all over the place and stuff, and it looks ridiculous probably. But yeah, there's a lot to go into it. It's just another fun thing. Yeah. At the end of the day,

Byron Horton: any major fishing trips coming up this

Jake Bush: summer? So for you potentially, my brother won a last year in a bass tournament.

He won a brand new Ranger Babo Shut the front. Yeah. Is he like a serious, like bass fishing? Oh yeah. He's legit, like he wins. He won the Xer, which is like an Ohio based tournament. There are championships on Chau Lake in New York where we grew up and he went out there and won that tournament. So we won that boat.

But he's pretty high level and I'm excited to get out there with

Byron Horton: him. Man, talk about a family in the outdoors if he's competing at the whatever bass circuit we're talking about. That's high level. He's very, yeah. And then you got you the [00:26:00] deer, the little bit more of a deer hunter oriented guy.

And I know he comes over and you guys cross, oh, sports if you

Jake Bush: will, but we help each other out, right? Like I go up there and he is Hey, let's go catch some fish and I don't have to do the work. And then he comes, he's the guide. Yeah. And then he comes down here and I'm like, Hey dude, let's get you on a good buck.

And last year if you guys followed along with the Instagram stories at all, we had. I think I posted a video of LIMS drawn and a big buck in the background twice. Yeah. And we just didn't get it done. But like he was pulled back on

Byron Horton: it in the snow, I believe is the snow. Some of the coolest

Jake Bush: footage or photos I've seen.

I have some really cool footage. I, if he would've killed the film that we could have produced there would've been awesome. And maybe I'll still post something, I've got all that footage and Sure. It'd be cool just to get it uploaded and have it on there that way. We have it to look back on more than anything else.

Byron Horton: Oh man, that's cool. Yeah I remember seeing the photo I think you posted and it it just looked epic. Just I snow adds a level of epicness to

Jake Bush: anything, if you will. Dude, I'll tell you what, like I'm an early season guy, but watching a buck come down a [00:27:00] rut funnel in the snow, cuz you can see him from, like George is like buck coming right?

Big buck coming. And I look up and at 160 yards. He's got his head down, he's walking right down the pipe, and immediately I'm shaking. Like I'm shaking in my boots immediately and it's, 15 degrees outside, snowing like crazy. And to just watch that deer come down the pipe like that, like it's so much more of a buildup when you can see him from a long ways away.

I almost hate it, to be honest with you.

Byron Horton: My biggest adrenaline dump. Was from two doughs that came into the swamp and I had a crossbow and I had to watch, this is like my, this might be my first hunt first year hunting and I had to watch them for 10 minutes. Oh my gosh. And she heard me slide the crossbow up.

A big like overall onesie. That I had that I was borrowing from Mr. Yer, who also supplied my crossbow and the nice ground we were hunting. But dude, she heard it slide up, but by far my heart was ringing through my ears louder than any buck I've ever encountered. Oh, no doubt. And I think it was the time.

Jake Bush: Yeah. No doubt about it at all. So you a guy that likes


Byron Horton: to happen quick or like semi quick, [00:28:00] like I'm gonna call it like quick is turn five seconds later, arrows released? Or do you like it like. 15, 20 seconds where maybe you catch 'em at 30, they work into 20 or what? What?

Jake Bush: What are you thinking?

I'm in the middle. I gotta be in the middle of that. Just because of the camera gear too. Like I feel like I see a buck, right? And my heart rate just pops. It explodes like my heart's beating like crazy. And then I start deep breathing and I settle back in. And that takes that 10 to 15 to 20 seconds.

Where if it, if he comes running in the rut and he's a giant and he's at six yards, I'm gonna be freaking out, man. I haven't had a chance to bring my heart rate back down. You know what I mean? So like for me, Let me, if we're talking about what do I like to kill a deer? Let my heart rate come down a little bit.

Cuz you know how I get animated. Like I get, I'm ridiculous when a big deer comes in. Yeah. So I like to be in the middle, just to make sure I can make the shot. Me and the guys talk

Byron Horton: about this. I don't know if this is just how much I love deer hunting is Like in season, if you haven't had a deer encounter and then it's like the, I don't know, [00:29:00] let's call it October 5th and you see even a four pointer red toe and it's your first like visual encounter inside a bow range dude, like it is a spike.

Oh yeah. Still to this day, I'm fucking 35 years old, I still get that little rush, even though it's a dough. I'm not even hunting her, but it's the deer. Yeah. Is the kind of what flashes in my mind? Oh, it's a deer. They exist.

Jake Bush: You know what gets me going? So say that you have a specific buck that you want to go after, and you're like, okay, he's gonna hit this scrape October one.

There's white oaks dropping like crazy in here, and you're set up 20 yards over that scrape, and all of a sudden you hear footsteps pop out like footsteps, and they're getting louder and louder, and it's like a little bucker of dough that walks out and they come in, they feed under your stand and you're going nuts because you're like, I can't blow this like that big deer's up there.

You know what I mean? The dough looks up at you and you're just, your heart is pounding out of your chest. You close your eyes and, oh, I close my, I'm an eye. Yeah. I squint real bad and I hold my breath. And then sometimes you now I'm out of breath. So now I'm breathing really heavy and she's looking at me.

And when I killed my 1 72, the one up above you. So [00:30:00] he, I knew he was up there. I just, I knew that deer was gonna be in that system and that dough came down. She had me bust it. She's in the middle of that flat Dead center where I think if I bust her at that point, she's gonna run right back up to that deer.

So she's got me pegged, she's stomping at me, and I'm like, this deer should be like a hundred yards away watching her, like he's gonna, he's gonna bug out. And she took one more step to my right, like away from where that buck was bedded and I could see that I had enough angles. She was like, pointing that way, just like steering a deer after you shoot, like you shoot at a certain time to make, to see if they'll run a certain way.

But so she takes one more step. And. All of a sudden I flinched really heavily at her. And this was like, I don't know if I've e I've ever told anybody this or not, but I made this big flinching motion like, psyching her out and she ran right away from that buck and never came back, never snorted nothing.

Cuz if I wouldn't have done anything, there's no doubt in my mind that she is absolutely gonna start blowing at me. And so like I flinched and she ran off and. Eight minutes later, I kill that deer and I was like, oh my [00:31:00] gosh, what are the what are the chances that it actually works out in my favor?

It's ridiculous. That

Byron Horton: is wild. And then at the same time if you had the same encounter with deer or whatever, and it's like November 5th cuz you've had some ruts or whatever where you're hunting back to back days, it's almost like you see 'em, you don't get that adrenaline spike.

You're just looking behind them. Yeah. And do you think you can hear the cadence

Jake Bush: difference? 100%. I absolutely can hear that. There's no, to me, these big old cagey bucks, like it's just, it's a long drawn out step. And it's very like methodical. You know what I mean? It's not like a dough is she's like cramping a little bit.

Yeah. And the big buck is

Byron Horton: but sometimes I feel the BS are a little steady Eddy. They're like confident.

Jake Bush: Yeah. Yeah. Early season they are like that one above you once again. Like that you watch the video, that thing just, he comes right down the pipe. I was like, what are you doing guy? Like it's hunting season, man.

I don't know what's going through your head. But yeah, I

Byron Horton: think you, okay. Final question here and then we'll wrap up. Do you think they had that sixth sense, if you put off too much energy, if you get too worked up? I've always believed that, and [00:32:00] I've actually, I know this is like a hoaxy type product, but like that hex system where they claim they can block the electrons and it works with fish and I don't know where I fall on it, but like I definitely think if you get too worked up.

They sent you. You're there.

Jake Bush: I think that there's something to it, and it's so weird though because I almost feel like there's a distance, you know what I mean? They can be coming in and a lot of times they're fine, but it's just like they hit like this brick wall and I don't know if it's like there's just a little bit of residual scent or what it is, but they definitely, like most of the big ones that I killed are really mature box.

They know, like when I'm releasing that arrow, the majority of the times it's like they're ready to run off. They're ready to bug out. And I don't know if it's, I don't know what it is, but there's definitely something there. Yeah. Someday we'll know. Yes. I

Byron Horton: do believe a lot of these bucks that I have shot, they have either started to figure out something was awry or the one buck in the snow, he like hit the ground sent and he knew, he's shit, there is somebody right here.

But yeah, I [00:33:00] definitely, I think there's something to it. And I noticed too, like I can see those. And pass 'em by inside Bow range. But if I'm there to kill the dough, she

Jake Bush: picks something up. Oh yeah. Yeah. It's

Byron Horton: totally different. These, some small bucks will look at you in the tree and keep walking if they I feel like cuz you're not giving off that energy of Of the doomsday guy up in the tree.

I just picture the grim reaper up there. Like you are there to take them out, but if a small buck walks through, he doesn't sense that energy cuz you're not giving it

Jake Bush: off. Yeah, no total. There's definitely something there. No doubt.

Byron Horton: All right Jake. Very cool man. I appreciate you having me out today.

Wish I could. Day longer and just kick it. But I gotta get

Jake Bush: back to the day job. Yeah. Sounds good man. Thanks for having me on the show and good luck this fall

Byron Horton: guys, where can people find you real quick? Cuz you are putting out some cool podcasts and YouTubes and I wanna be sure to

Jake Bush: Hit, hit that up.

Yep. So most of my content now is gonna be over on the latitude page. So Instagram is Latitude Outdoors and the podcast is latitudes in session. Your show will be on there this upcoming week, so if you guys wanna tune into that it's a really good podcast. I really enjoyed recording it with you. And then we have the.

In session series over on Latitude Outdoors on [00:34:00] YouTube, which is just. Informative video, basically informative videos with like maps and everything else. Like I've done a lot of podcasts and a lot of people ask for visual representations or, that's a big question I get. And I finally thought, you know what, let's just put some anime, some animated maps together and give the people what they want.

And it's

Byron Horton: almost a video cast, a video podcast. There's a couple more elements to it. You can see in field like, Hey, we are looking at. Biz. Yeah. They're a little more education based. I like

Jake Bush: it. Yep. Yep. So we have that. And then we have the grit that's gonna be launching and at the end of June, actually, which is gonna be the hunting films from next year.

And we'll keep that going every year. So yeah, there's a lot happening over there. I hope you guys tune in and enjoy what we're putting out. All right, Jake, thanks for coming on. Yep. Thanks for coming up. Perfect. Thanks for having me.