KillDeer Plains Wildlife Area and the Ohio Deer Herd

Show Notes

This week the guys are joined by a few of the brightest whitetail deer experts in the state of Ohio. Mike Tonkovich, Bob Ford, and Clint Mccoy discuss the state of the deer herd in Ohio, especially focusing in on Killdeer Plains Wildlife area. The guys have a great discussion of everything from how deer herds are counted to what needs to happen to the whitetail deer population to remain stable.

Paul and Andrew took a trip down 71 last weekend to visit our friends at GoWild during the first ever Send it Slam! What an awesome trip and experience. Hats off to everybody at GoWild for putting on a slamming first event. The highlight of the trip goes to Paul, and his ringer bow shooting abilities. Pauls’ shot on an Elk at 130 yards, put him into a drawing for a new bow, and the lucky SOB won! The music, festivities, and shooting were an awesome event for the whole family! On to Archery Hike next weekend!

Show Transcript