Whitetail Habitat and Hunting Design

Show Notes

In this episode of the Wisconsin Sportsman Podcast, Josh talks with Sam Billhorn, owner of Whitetail Partners, about managing land for whitetail hunting. Managing your property for whitetails is about much more than planting food plots, dropping in a few water holes, and hanging tree stands. Hunter access, low impact stand sites, travel routes, depth of cover, and high quality natural browse are just a few things that go into managing your property for high quality deer habitat and high quality hunting. Josh and Sam hit on a variety of topics including choosing a property that’s right for you, setting property goals, property design essentials, Sam’s process for approaching a new property and mistakes to avoid when setting up your property. Want better deer hunting on your property?

Interested in buying land but not sure if the property you’re looking at is the right fit? Want to provide better quality habitat for the critters that call your land home? Whitetail Partners offers a host of services to help landowners and aspiring landowners get the most out of their investment, ranging from pre-purchase reviews to full habitat and hunting design plans.

You can find more from Sam and Whitetail Partners at www.whitetailpartners.com and on Instagram, @whitetailpartners.

Show Transcript