Knocking On Doors w/ Andrew Pfaff

Show Notes

This week on The Average Conservationist Podcast, Marcus welcomes in Andrew Pfaff. Andrew is the owner of 2% Certified EcoWash Pressure Washing, based out of Madison, Wisconsin. The guys start at the beginning and discuss Andrew's journey into the outdoors and the story of his first solo hunt and buck. From there, Andrew and Marcus take a deep dive into EcoWash. Andrew started his home maintenance business as a freshman in college, during the height of the pandemic and hasn't looked back. Growing to 35 employees during this past summer, Andrew is giving other college students an opportunity at real world experience and a chance to run their own business. Along with that Andrew is striving to be 5% better than his competitors when it comes to the impact they could potentially be having on the environment. If you're in the greater Madison and surrounding areas and are looking for some work done on your home, be sure and check out EcoWash Pressure Washing.

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