Legalizing Rifles in Ohio

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This weeks show is an awesome one. The guys are joined by Rob Beckman who is working to petition the state of Ohio to allow rifles for deer hunting across the state. As many of you know, rifles are allowed for many other hunting activities, so what makes deer hunting with them so much different? Many of our neighboring states allow them, and Rob has some great knowledge and presents a very compelling case for why we in Ohio should be allowed to use traditional rifle cartridges.

Below is a link to a petition you can sign to join the movement for allowing rifles to be another tool in the Ohio hunters tool belt.

Click Here or go to:

Paul and Andrew are just working through lifes challenges. Both are coming upon their busiest times of the year in their professional lives, and of course Paul is like a kid counting down the days until Christmas, as turkey season approaches quickly! A few stories from around the state, and more on this weeks episode

Good luck out in the woods this week! 

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