Ohio, Bowstrings & More w/ Bryant Lyon (ABB)

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Hey everyone, welcome to episode 185 of the Antler Up Podcast!

On this week's episode I was joined by a good friend of mine, Bryant Lyon from America’s Best Bowstrings.  I have known Bryant the last four years and we have a ton in common outside of the hunting world.  It was great catching up with him and also picking his brain on what is happening at ABB/Helix and how he is preparing for this upcoming hunting season. Bryant mainly hunts Ohio and has the opportunity to hunt some great land that starting right now he will begin to keep tabs on for this year. In this episode we dive into various topics covering glassing, handling the moment, overcoming the buck drought, what you should be doing now with your bowstrings and getting your broadheads tuned. 

We get an introduction to Bryant and you will hear the two of us catch up about life, fitness and what we currently are doing right now preparing for this upcoming season.  Bryant shares how ABB is extremely busy right now and some new items they released to help us bowhunters.  To go along with the chat, Bryant shares some key technical attributes that ABB offers with their strings that I believe is overlooked when it comes to great arrow flight.  So, tune in and listen to some whitetail stories and a fun conversation with Bryant!  Enjoy this fun episode and see you next week! 

Thanks again for all the support and best of luck out there and Antler Up!

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Show Transcript

Jeremy Dinsmore: [00:00:00] Welcome to the Antler Up podcast, brought to you by tethered the world's best saddle hunting equipment, and we have a fun show for you all today.

What's up everybody? Welcome back to this week's episode of the Antler Podcast. On this week's episode, I was joined by a good friend of mine, Bryant Lyon, from America's Best Boast Strings. I've known Bryant for the last four years, and we have a ton in common outside of the hunting world, and it's honestly just such a great chance and a great opportunity to catch up with him and also really pick his brain on what is happening right now at A, B, B and Helix and how he's really preparing for this upcoming hunting season.

Brian mainly hunts Ohio and has really a great opportunity to hunt some great land. That starting [00:01:00] now, he will really begin to keep tabs on for this upcoming year. In this episode, we dive into various topics covering glassing, handling the moment, overcoming the buck drought, what you should really be doing right now with your bow strings and getting your broad heads tuned.

Really, we get an introduction to Brian and you'll hear the two of us catch up on about life fitness, what we're currently doing right now to prepare for this upcoming season. He also shares how really a b b is extremely busy right now and some new items that that they released that really help us bow hunters to go along with this chat, Brian shares his key technical attributes that a b B offers with their strings that I believe is really an overlooked characteristic when it comes to great aero flight.

So really hope you enjoyed this episode. Thanks again everybody for tuning in and all the support antler up.

And before we jump into this episode, I just want us to just say thanks again, everybody, for all that continuous support really means a lot. Just wanna give you a quick [00:02:00] little rundown of what I got going on right now, what I've been doing here these last couple weeks. Uh, honestly, not a whole heck of a lot.

Uh, I've gotten out a couple times to go out scouting. Uh, obviously you saw if you're falling along on Instagram. Went out to Ohio with my buddies, uh, Tim and Tom, and really just been doing some things locally here, scouting. Haven't had a chance to go back to Northeastern Pennsylvania that often this summer, but things are starting to heat up right now.

The last couple nights. Some of the cell cameras are blowing up, the Exodus render as well as my rivals that I have out in various spots and locations. Uh, the bucks are starting to come up on camera, so that's exciting things and uh, really. Cool to see that, because I have these in really non-summer getting pictures.

I really haven't gotten pictures much at all, all summer. So it's cool to see these, these guys show up in almost a, at a full size capacity here. But, uh, really been shooting my bow, practicing my whole setup as far as what I'll be running this year from tethered, doing the [00:03:00] whole repelling thing down. So getting more reps doing that.

Uh, but really the things that I've been focusing on here recently is getting things done, getting that honey do list taken care of, because that is, we got some family stuff happening here in the future and we're really excited. So we're, we're just trying to get some things taken care of as far as that stuff goes.

So with painting the garage, getting, uh, Things done around the house. So, uh, that honey do list is really important this year and so got that first hunt coming up here in, in September, down in Maryland. So it's going to be coming quick, uh, for myself and for a lot of guys out there right now. Those of you that are heading out west, I'm sure opening days by the time this drops is going to be flying out here soon.

So best of luck to everybody. Thanks for listening to me ramble on here and really looking forward to what, what we have coming up as far as content goes with the podcast, video and all that jazz. So just wanna say thank you again so much from the bottom of my heart for all that support. [00:04:00] And if you have anything that you want to, to hear or you wanna come on, don't be shy man.

Just hit me up and we'll, we'll get something rolling. Thanks again. Enjoy this really fun conversation I did with Bryant. He's a good friend of mine and really love what those guys are doing over at A, B, B and Helix. So hope you enjoy it. Antler up.

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For every Archer out there, go create a custom set. Today at America's best bowings.com. Any special code is made for our listeners of the Antler Up podcast. For America's best Bo strings, use code antler up and you'll save $10 off your order. What's going on, everybody? We're back. We're live. Uh, welcome to the, the show this week, and I'm pumped because I have on the other side of the computer screen a good friend of mine who I have had the privilege and, uh, honor to call a friend in the last four years.

Brian, isn't that crazy that we could actually say it's been 40 years? It's not just like, oh yeah, I met you this past, you know, it's actually been four years and, uh, I got Bryant line on the phone from Ohio, uh, America's best bow strings Helix Broadheads Bryant, it's a pleasure to finally have you back on.

I think you were like episode 14. This will be like episode 180 5 or ish, like in that, that range. So, man, it's a privilege to catch up with you, uh, on [00:06:00] a recording and not just on another phone call.

Bryant Lyon: No, it's awesome, man. Thank you very much for having me. Uh, I am, I'm very happy to be here and, and chatting with you and talking to your audience and yeah, man, it's, it's been, it's four years.

It's, it's crazy how time flies. I don't think I had as much gray in the beard hair, the hairline, so, uh, but it's cool. I'm really happy for you. I'm really happy to see your podcast is growing and what you guys are doing, uh, content creation, the podcast, uh, it's super awesome to watch you grow. Um, so I'm, I'm really excited to be here and chit chat with

Jeremy Dinsmore: you.

I, and it means a lot, it means your support and, and Jerry and, and everybody over there at a B, B and Christie. Just, I mean, it's funny because things could. Come and go in, in this world. And as far, especially when I say world, I'm talking like in the archery side of things like new gadgets and gizmos and everything comes out.

I sound like my daughter doing her little mermaid play that she has here coming up, um, with the gadgets and gizmos. But the one thing that has, has been consistent, uh, really for the four [00:07:00] plus years, has been the America's best bow strings. And, uh, we'll we will dive into talking about A, B, B and, and helix later on and stuff like that.

But just because with the timing of everything, I think it's really important to, like, we'll talk a little bit of just basic things when it comes to string care, but also some other, uh, really important things that I think us as hunters, we need to be aware of when it comes to this time of, of year. We're getting ready for whitetail season and, and elk season and what, what, you know, all, all these, our hunting season in general.

So we have to make sure our equipment's up to par, but also so that way you're not waiting forever. So, we'll, we'll dive down that rabbit hole later on into this discussion. But Brian, like I mentioned earlier, You're from Ohio, neighboring state. From here, from me. I was actually just there this past week with some two buddies.

Uh, we were out scouting, uh, some property out there. Luckily I was kind of like the middleman as like the sandwich guy. I guess you could kind of say during our scouting missions as we're going through this green briar, because I didn't get cut up [00:08:00] as much as my buddies did. Like they were, their arms were just like shredded.

I'm just like, man, why do people hunt in this stuff? Like where I, I'm like, I think I gotta be like Zach Reaugh and hunt from the ground. I gotta brush up on my ground, ground hunting tactics. But, uh, man, what's, what's new with you in, in your world? Hunting. Non-hunting? Uh, you're a busy dude. I, that's what I always love when we catch up of, just in life in general.

I love that we're able to support each other in, in whatever we do. So what's new as of right now, man.

Bryant Lyon: A lot, man. This is, this is where it gets to be go time. Like I, I like, I'm, I'm always busy. Yeah, I'm always busy. But this is what it really ramps up for me professionally especially, uh, obviously in the string side of things, we are getting crazy busy.

Uh, over at a B B, uh, just, you know, in my world it's, there's a lot of different things. I'm a, I'm a husband, I'm a dad. Um, so we're in summer vacation right now, but with summer you're trying to get all these different things. We're starting up. We've got, [00:09:00] uh, I got, you know, one daughter that's in soccer. I got another that's in cheerleading.

Uh, I was coaching the soccer team the last couple years. So I have, I'm always busy. Yeah. Um, and it's just the life of being a dad, life of being a, you know, a professional here in the, in the archery industry. It's just ramping up. I mean, everybody's getting busy in our, our industry right now. So, uh, it's exciting.

A lot of exciting stuff going on. Can get really stressful, I'm not gonna lie, but, but I mean, that's with everything. Everybody's lives are a little bit more stressful, you know, nowadays, but, Hey man, I'm, I'm here for it. I'm, I'm ready to tackle it. Uh, the gym, I have made a full effort to just keep my rear end in the gym because honestly, that's where I can take that stress.

Yep. And I can throw plates around and I can get crazy. I can put the headphones on, turn up the music way louder, and it all just goes away for a

Jeremy Dinsmore: little bit. Dude, isn't it amazing how working out and obviously like you've always have had that passion too, even since I've met you, you've always been in and out of the gym and everything like that.

And same here. And I remember [00:10:00] when I was going into, when I was at Penn State doing the kinesiology program to be that the health and phys ed teacher and just learning like little snippets of scientific, scientific things about. How the, uh, how working out what it does for you, you know, make it, it has demonstrated on students.

They actually test better after, like exercising and doing all that stuff. So, and doing that. And I just remember for myself what you just said, relieving that stress. If I thought I did bad on an, uh, an exam or something along those lines. But even now as a 36 year old father and husband, like the other day, we didn't really have a plan.

You know, it's been hot and like muggy and it, you know, by, by the time you get rolling and there's no plan, we're like, what are we doing? And it's too hot to do anything unless we're in water or what, you know, inside the ac. So the girls were miserable and. I was just like, screwed. I'm going in, out in the garage.

Uh, I, I was waiting for this one little piece of, uh, gym equipment to show up at the house, and it did. And finally [00:11:00] I was like, all right, if we're not doing anything right now, I'm gonna work out. 'cause I was kind of being aggravated as well. Yeah. I, dude, I go work out, I come back out, I'm like, Hey everybody, what's up?

You know?

Bryant Lyon: Yeah. Right. You know, I feel it's a total, it's totally different. Yeah. Dude, I feel I, it was so

Jeremy Dinsmore: funny. I'm like, Hey, what's going on? And them two are like, What, what are, what are we doing, dad? But I'm just like, oh boy, all right. Uh, why don't we go for some, uh, I'll take you for ice cream. I'll take you shopping to go look for Yeah.

Like, whatever, like

Bryant Lyon: Yeah. Boost your mood, man. For me, I, I had a hard time getting up. The alarm went off and I was like, dude, I could just, I could just sleep in a little bit longer. Mm-hmm. I could, you know what, I know me, I know me better than anybody and it's, Hey, I know that when I get home tonight, I'm gonna go, why the hell didn't you go to the gym this morning?

Dude, you missed out. You need to get to it. It makes you feel better. It sets the tone for the day, and honestly, I'm glad I did. It was a heck of a day today. Yeah. But I got my good workout in. I felt good. Yeah. It just does, it, it just, it makes the day so much better to

Jeremy Dinsmore: start off with a good workout. Let me ask you this question, just because we're, we're in that same age group, I've noticed [00:12:00] if I continue, even if it's something quick and I'm talking like a 15 minute, if I just go outside, do a couple of squats, do a couple t r X poles, like just something simple and quick, if I.

Take like that rest day quote unquote, how like, you know, obviously you, you're tearing down your muscles and, and and, and they're recovering and you're feeling sore and your doms affect all that stuff. But if I keep going and do something daily, even if it's like you were saying earlier, like if we, if we go for a walk, if I take more for a walk and we just go a mile and a half, two miles, I feel so much better as far as like my recovery goes and not just like dragging like, oh man, like I don't feel as achy.

As I used to feel. I Do you feel it like that? Like you

Bryant Lyon: gotta, like, if you gotta keep going. Yeah, man, I, I don't know what it is. I got a real bad shoulder problem. Yeah. I'm just ignoring it. Um, honestly, like what I, what gets me through is, is honestly like we got some C b d salves and some stuff like that.

I put a little bit of that on. I've got a rag gun, I've got, you know, just the [00:13:00] old ice and heat trick and, and just try to get some sleep. Yeah. Uh, honestly, I feel it more these days. I really do. Um, but that also lets me know that I'm still after it. Yeah. But you, but you are right to the point of like, For me, go take that evening walk.

Or if you're doing something daily mm-hmm. You, you're able to still keep that, I guess I would say, like the inflammation's down and you're just feeling a little better. Like, my calves were killing me. I did wheels, I did legs the other day, man. And my calves were just telling me like all about it for like three days.

We took a walk yesterday evening and it was hard, but I tell you what, it felt good to stretch 'em out. 'cause they just were so stiff sitting behind a desk for eight hours a day. You know, you get up and walk a little bit, but man, it, yeah, it's, it, it certainly helps. Yeah. That, well,

Jeremy Dinsmore: if you're watching this on, on YouTube channel, you, you're probably like, Jeremy, what were you doing?

Like, you're like, you look like you're fried. Well, yesterday we went to my dad's back at Northeastern Pennsylvania. I took. Uh, Nora, my wife, we went, uh, to his house swimming. We usually go in like right now, middle of of July, just to go [00:14:00] in and, and spend the day there. That's like our one summer trip there, basically as a family.

And then I, I'll go a couple times for get the property ready for hunting and all that stuff. Well, it was kind of cloudy and it was one of those days again where you don't realize that the sun's out behind those clouds. And I'm like, oh my gosh, I feel like I'm burning. And my wife's like, yeah, you, you're, you're bright red.

And of course we get home today and she's like, Hey, are you gonna cut those bushes? I was like, Just get it done. Just go do it. So I did that and now I'm like sitting here, I looked, when I came on the camera, I was like, woo, you look like an apple. But, um, yeah, so that's what I got done. I, my cardio today was after working out was go ahead and trim all the, the shrubbery around the house.

I hate doing that stuff. Oh, that's a workout

Bryant Lyon: at its own dude. Oh, I hate, especially when you got the bushes. Like, I got bushes that are taller than me. Yeah. So taking the tremor and I don't have a lot, I, I got a step stool, but I don't get on same. I'm like, we're reaching way up over there doing all that business.

Oh. Um, it gets all over you. Ugh. Yeah. So I don't, I don't feel there. I'm sorry [00:15:00] for you. Yeah, yeah,

Jeremy Dinsmore: I know. Um, so let's, let's dive into some things. Like I alluded to earlier, I was just in Ohio, uh, scouting a little bit. What, what does your kind of preseason, 'cause you guys start early, like you guys are, are that second week and or third week of, of September.

I, uh, I believe so. You know what, what is, uh, when did, do you start getting like really excited. Just 'cause you're busy, like you're, you know what I mean? Like you're, you're like myself and other guys out there with, with everything going on. There's a

Bryant Lyon: lot there. Um, and it varies. It does vary year to year.

For me, it just kind of depends on where I'm at, like in a, you know, my mental space. Like, what, what can I take on? What can I, what can I get at? And so for me, right about this time of year is when it starts to kick in. Like, okay, there's some things that I do need to check out. I'd like to go do some classing.

Um, I wanna go check out some fields. I don't get too deep in, too deep into the woods. Um, I'm not getting so deep in there, uh, just because I don't like messing around too much. Uh, I've only [00:16:00] got a couple of small areas that I work, so I try not to get in there too much. Mm-hmm. But I watch from afar. And then every now and again, you find yourself at this time of year, you get a little bit of a good rainstorm or something like that.

You can hop in there, uh, as it's rain, you know, as it's raining or right after a rain, or maybe right before you get a rain. I, you're not leaving so much sun around. Yeah. And, uh, just, I, I, I try to keep, if there's one thing I've learned the last couple years is really important, it's just keeping that impact real low, especially this time of year.

But I'm starting to get there. Mm-hmm. Uh, obviously I got a checklist. Some things that I've gotta get done, Uhhuh, it's just trying to get to 'em. But right now is about that time of year where I go, okay, so I need to start getting out there. I need to start checking out, you know, where I'm gonna be, what I'm gonna be doing, whether if I'm pulling it up on my apps and I'm kind of just trying to map out a new spot.

Um, but mostly it's just glassing. Just really kind of getting a tab on where I think the deer are. And most of that even actually is at the end of the year. Mm-hmm. Like, while I'm hunting or even going into that end of the season, [00:17:00] I kind of try to, I put little bits on my map, you know, little pins on my map where it's like, this was a pretty hot spot.

Why was it a hot spot? Right. Um, this year I have a real, you know, just a couple people that I've, I've listened to. I mean, I know Bill Winky was talking about it the other day was just Oaks. Oaks and getting into acorns. Yep. Um, my best year of hunting a couple years ago, I mean, just seeing the, the, the amount of deer that I did and, and the good bucks that I had on camera was just in acorns.

Yeah. Um, and I really liked those that earlier season, that October to early November. If you can get on Acorns, man, if you find a good acorn, uh, you know, a good oak tree that's producing acorns, yeah. It's gonna be a hot spot and that, so that's, I think what I'm keying on, keying in on a little bit more this year.

Uh, I got a new property that I started hunting a little bit last year. Big cornfield. Uh, it's gonna be corn again this year. I'm hopeful there, but it's a little bit of a tricky spot. I mean, it's wide open. Yeah. Um, and so that's gonna be a little tough, but I'm, I'm gonna key in on acorns

Jeremy Dinsmore: a little bit this year.

When you, at that new property, what does that access look like for you? [00:18:00] Is there, is it challenging because of having, or is it, are you able to It is terrible. It's

Bryant Lyon: terrible because it has a creek. It has a creek that butts up on the property. Um, and so you, you know, you'll go and you'll park at this one spot and you are walking the corn fill when the corn is up.

Mm-hmm. It's great. Yeah. When the corn starts to get cut, you are a sore thumb just sitting out there. You might as well wave and just kinda make as much noise as you can. So, because as the property line hits, uh, you could walk into the woods just slightly. But the, the, the, the, the most sound way to get in is just walking the, the edge line where it's, you know, you got dirt and it's quiet.

Yeah. Um, but you gotta get in there when it's pitch black. I mean, you're getting in there way before shooting light, and, and you, you're, if you're in there, you're gonna leave way after. Yeah. Uh, you know, the, the sun goes down. So it's, it's a cool spot. Uh, it's challenging. Could definitely produce one heck of a deer.

I think there's one out there. Yeah. Uh, I think there's one or two other people that are pretty aware of it, and everybody's [00:19:00] keying in on that one deer. Yeah. So it kind of makes me go, eh, maybe I'm not gonna be in that spot. 'cause if there's two, three people in that same area Yeah. I, I, I don't know what the odds are gonna be, but we'll

Jeremy Dinsmore: see.

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Two good friends of mine and. When we were out [00:20:00] there and just seeing how they break it down, right? Like that's, and I've hunted with them in the past. We've talked about this countless tough times on a podcast together. And I just love just seeing how they were able to break certain things down when we were looking at it.

Because we looked at a chunk on, like, on the map, and we were just like, let's just go walk it. And we walked the one whole side and, and, uh, pretty good. And the thing right now is we know what it looks like, right? And like right now where we were trekking through there and like how you were saying you didn't want to get, you mainly don't want to go in there where we were as far as like deer sign was concerned.

It was very minimal in the sense of, Like the trails were, were used, there were a lot of tracks, but like it wasn't loaded with Buck Sign. And I like, we're just, were like, the deer aren't in here. There's no need for them to be in here right now. Especially with all the fields nearby and just where everything else is.

Like that screams summer habitat that area did not. Mm-hmm. But then what you just [00:21:00] alluded to earlier about the oaks, but man, when we found that little pocket of like three, four oak trees we're like, boom, mark that on the map. You know, like just because, and like the locations and that's where we actually found some historical sign as well.

Um, I think out of the couple pockets of oaks that we found, I think only we saw like one. One old maybe. Hang on. Um, like that guy had it figured out. It was actually near a scrape, like three trails kind of converged all together. Like we were looking at it, we're like, Hey, this is really, really good. And of course it was like my pa instinct like went into effect and I just like looked up.

Mm-hmm. Like, I was like, it was, I was like, that old nanny dough, I just looked up. I was like, Hey, this guy had it figured out too. Yep. He knows. But, um, but yeah, so like, it was, it was an interesting aspect for me because I hunted this past spring when I hunted Ohio. That was the first time I was ever in the state hunting or really checking it out on that side of things.

And, uh, I, I was, as I was walking properties and, and had that, I had access to, I'm like, man, [00:22:00] this is a whole other world of like, where I was obviously. I'm like, man, this would be a fun thing to learn and, and cut my teeth on in the next couple years just to see how, how it would play out. Because man, it's, it looks a lot of fun and it looks challenging and, and I could see why, if.

When it's hot, you could be in deer and when it's not, you are like in P Pennsylvania where you're like seeing ghosts basically.

Bryant Lyon: Yeah. Yeah. I mean, Ohio and I've only ever, I've only ever whitetail hunted Ohio. Okay. I mean, it's, it's all I've ever done. I, I, trust me, I, I get plenty of offers to go. I've had offers to go, you know, put your stuff in for Iowa, get your stuff in for Missouri, get your stuff in.

For Kansas. It's like, God, I want to, man, it's like trying to figure out which one I want to get into most, you know? Yeah. Obviously Iowa would be huge. Kansas has always been one that I would love to, but then I also got the guys that are out in like, uh, you know, Colorado and stuff like that. Like, Hey, you wanna go on an elk hunt?

Yeah. Get you just go, you know, get yourself, get yourself one of these over the counter [00:23:00] things. We, we know, we know the area. It's like, yep, man, what do you do? Uh, you know, that's a great thing about this industry, man. There's so many people that are just like, we want to help. We wanna get you in on this. I love it.

We should check this out. It. Yep. But I, yeah, Ohio, man, it depends on, you know, where you're at too. There's different regions. Yep. But there's so much vast tar, you know, terrain, like different ways to hunt it. Like you said, getting in there and learning it, you know, if you can learn an area. Yeah. It gets real fun.

Jeremy Dinsmore: It gets real fun. Here's a, here's a question for you because I, I'll admit I haven't done a lot of it and it, it's actually been on the docket for me to try to do. More actually this summer because I could get, I could get more involved with it a little bit as we drive around, but like glassing from afar just because there are not a lot of, I guess, like fields nearby, but there are some pieces of heck, even the public, that we could drive down the road and there could be a pockets and stretches where we could kind of glass out from afar basically, where it's not a field.

Um, but what does, like, how do you go about doing that? And, [00:24:00] you know, uh, possibly maybe. Getting access to a property. Like how, what does that look like for you when you are glassing? Just because that is kind of like a foreign thing to me personally.

Bryant Lyon: Mm-hmm. So, and, and it's very similar. I mean, it's, it's not like it's easy.

I mean, like you said, there's a lot of timber where we're hunting, you know, where we're hunting, there's a lot of timber. Uh, but what I like to do typically is I'll get on the places that I hunt for the most part. There's, there's a couple high vantage points Okay. Where you can see a lot of these ag fields that you're around.

You just gotta know where to go. Mm-hmm. Um, so luckily for me, the main property that I mostly hunt is my in-laws place. Uh, there's a couple high points that you can get up. There's a couple low points you can slink down into that overlook some vast fields, and you can just kind of tuck yourself in. You can just glass from afar.

Um, it, it's in and it's minimal impact. And, and to be completely honest, I mean, there are some times where you could just walk down to the field. They're, they're fairly used to it 'cause the farmers are down there doing it. Yeah. Uh, you know, doing their thing. And then, you know, I, my father-in-law, he's [00:25:00] out on his side by side when he can, he's doing his thing around the farm.

And so there's a little bit of to where the deer are like, yeah. You know, we know this is sketchy, but we're not like super high alert. Yeah. Um, so it's pretty cool. I, I've kind of just, it's over the last couple years of just run on these same spots that I, I kind of have an idea on how to attack 'em, how to approach 'em each year.

But I like to get about as high as I can, uh, in a couple of vantage points and just, just, just put the binoculars out there. Just check it out and then you wanna do it, you know, I'll do it later in the evening, you know, 'cause that's about when they're out in the fields and just kind of take an inventory.

Right. You know, kind of see what's around. 'cause I will say this too. Uh, That, that property particularly, I think there were five stud bucks taken off that property last year. So my hopes for that spot this year there, there's not a whole lot of high hopes. Yeah. But I could get lucky because every now and again if they've all moved out, if you've got, you know, the vast majority of those deer are out of there, there's that one or two big boys that like to get in there and go, this is my

Jeremy Dinsmore: spot.

Yep, yep. That I actually just recently listened to the Exodus [00:26:00] podcast Jake had on, um, I forget the guy's name. I just listened to it just earlier today when I was doing all that yard work and I, I finished listening to it. Let me just see real quick, because he's actually from Ohio. It was, um, Steve Pinkston and he runs.

An e-bike company out of Ohio. And it was fascinating to hear. 'cause it, it's so funny how things align, but he takes photography pictures and of these white tail and, I mean, he's an older gentleman, so he is really been going hard at it since the eighties. He's been, you know, he's been doing this, but as of recently, uh, I forget how long he's been doing the photography.

Photography, but in the summer months, what he does is, so he'll go and try to get like, he's like hunting them with, with the camera. Mm-hmm. And what he's learning, he's like, he's learning these deer's mannerisms and just like how they are a little bit, and obviously things change once the velvet comes off.

But what he does is he takes that into the field come hunting season. He loves hunting the [00:27:00] evenings. He's not really a morning guy, as he says in the podcast. And what he's doing is like, during the day when he is taking these photos, he's just like watching and he, it's like scouting as well. Mm-hmm. He goes, I don't know how many times what he's done is.

You know, watch that buck make that mistake. And he's like, tomorrow morning I know where I need to be. And he's gone on to capitalize and, and kind of kill that buck. And it was so funny because I, I, I guess I, I don't want to kind of sound like I'm, I'm a sick minded individual, but like, obviously I love watching like the Netflix dramas of, of like the documentaries of, of uh, like catching a killer and like all that stuff.

Mm-hmm. And he's like, I've, I'm, he's like, yeah, me and my buddies joke, like, we're like serial killers. We like stalk our prey. We take, you know what I mean? And it, it was like, that's actually a great analogy of, of what he's doing. Um, yeah. And it just reminded me, I'm like, I gotta ask Brian this later. Like, you know, because I, I remember you saying about glassing before that is so foreign to me, and I just wanted to know more about it because doing what he does of.

And it, I mean, if you're actually watching the buck do what he's doing [00:28:00] and know where he is kind of heading, and in that general vicinity that, I mean, that ups your odds so much, rather than just being, looking at a map going, I'm gonna go here tomorrow and just see what you see. Yeah. You know what I mean?

And it

Bryant Lyon: doesn't always pan out, man. I know that there's been so many years in the summer that I will just see a deer that makes me go like, uh, you know, it, you're like, if I saw that deer in October, November, I, I, I would fall outta the tree. I mean, thank God I'm wearing a harness. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, I've seriously, I've seen some deer in the summer that had made my jaw drop and go, holy cow.

Like, where is that deer going? And, and, and I mean, you'll see him on camera every now and again, like in the season. Maybe he's an nocturnal, but, uh, it's, it's cool to get out there and just see him. Yeah. And just watch how they're doing it. Look how big they're getting. Sometimes you can tell it's that same deer.

You see that deer and you go, okay, that's, you know, what's he look like a year from now? And you can see that that deer is smart. Yeah. Um, And I'm sure that deer is still alive. 'cause I don't think anybody got him. Yeah. And I, I don't even wanna think [00:29:00] about it. I mean, I, because it's, it's, I don't know where he goes.

He disappears. There's only one option that I know. He goes and he's really freaking smart for doing it because nobody can touch that spot. Yeah. Like nobody touches that spot, man. Uh, Yeah, it's, it's just cool to get out there in glass and, and again, you know, Glasson is different here in Ohio than it would be, say in Kansas or Iowa.

Mm-hmm. Where you can go, you know, way out there and sit on top of a silo and just watch all these monster deer go around. You know, I'll get on top of my, you know, on, on top of my car. I call it, you know, I'll just call it hillbilly surfing. Yep. Get on top of my car or my Jeep and I'll just, I'll just kind of sit up there.

If I don't have a high enough spot to kind of see over corn and some stuff like that, I'll, I'll just hop on that thing. But yeah, I mean, it's, it's still fun to get out there and it's a great way to get the kids interested in it. Heck yeah. My kids like going out there and they'll get the binoculars and they wanna see it and I try to tell 'em, okay, so if you start here, you gotta try to find it.

I'm not gonna tell you exactly where he is, but you're gonna find it. Yeah. So, yeah, it's cool. But it's, it's, it's a fun way to spend time with the kids and get 'em interested in it and, uh, yeah. It's a fun way to do, you know, just a

Jeremy Dinsmore: [00:30:00] summer thing to do. Yeah. Heck yeah. So here's a question kind of going back to what we were saying earlier with I.

You know, especially in your position of, of working at America's Best Boat Rings and Helix Broadheads is getting a chance to meet people and wanting to go. So if you did have a choice to hunt somewhere, would you go for an early season Midseason like that, late middle, mid middle, late October, or would you go for somewhere for a rutt hunt?

Like what, which

Bryant Lyon: gi Gimme a late October. Near Halloween. I would probably pick it. Yeah. Because then I can still come back to Ohio if I had to for a run. Yeah. Uh, but yeah, like that, I, I think. You know, you get those that last week of October is just like this magical week. Yeah. That either it's gonna happen or it's not.

Uh, and if I was to go outta state it, I'd love to, I'd love to make something happen that week. Yeah. 'cause it's just fun. I just, that time you starts to cool off. You're getting some of that crazy weather. It's starting to just pick up a little bit. The deer are starting to kind of get to that point where they're like, you know, it, it's, they know what's happening.

Their body's telling 'em what's going on, and it's, yeah. [00:31:00] That's, that's, that's gotta happen one of these years.

Jeremy Dinsmore: Yeah. I'm with you on that. I, I would love, I love that timeframe. You know, I went on the, uh, early, obviously I did a, that western a couple years ago for the Mule Deere and I did the early season Delaware hunt.

And this year I'm toy tossing around the idea. I might just go for the weekend, like a, like a Saturday, just a random day, uh, with a, a buddy or two, uh, down to Maryland, uh, in like early September just to go down early season. I. It has like, its moments like for me, I, I want to go to experience that camp, hang with friends, get the cobwebs out.

If I kill, I kill. It's not like, uh, I, I don't have this drive to kill a velvet buck. I, I just don't, I mean, it would be cool I, anybody that has done it, that I know, they're like, it was the biggest pain in the ass that that ever was. Right? Mm-hmm. You know, trying to preserve it. Mm-hmm. All that stuff. Mm-hmm.

I just want to go for the memories, the friendship, the, and, and knock the cobwebs off. So that way once I get back here in early October to hunt pa, I'm dialed in. [00:32:00] For sure. For sure.

Bryant Lyon: Man. And honestly, uh, it's hot. The early season, the, yeah. I hate the heat, dude. I hate the heat. Like, it's gotta cool down significantly.

I just, and I've got gear to go out and stuff, but it's like, dude, mosquitoes ticks like real bad out here. Like mosquitoes and ticks are terrible that time of year still. And it's like, I'm good. Yeah. Like the deer are still gonna be here. Now I will say this. Deer a really pattern, a bull at that point. Yep.

Uh, I had a chance at a really nice eight point last year that, you know, just 'cause I am just, my luck the way that it rolls. Uh, I didn't go that one night. The other week, s thunderstorm was rolling in. I think there was something, me and my wife had to get done that evening and I was just like, yeah, yeah, my dad sure, sure as hell.

My dad calls me up, he's like, are you up in your tree stand right now? I'm like, no. He's like, I'm watching the field right now. He's walking right under

Jeremy Dinsmore: it. So,

Bryant Lyon: Yeah, dude. And that was early season. I think that was like, that was probably the very last week of September, if not the very first week of October.

That was, yeah. And that deer was [00:33:00] patentable. We knew he was there. We knew exactly where he came out. I sat the tree stand right up. Where he walks out at would've been just like perfect. Yeah. That's deer hunting, man. Oh yeah. I mean it's just, that's how it works. And it's okay. I'm okay with it. Like, he was like losing his mind.

I'm like, dad, it's all right. Like seriously. It's like, yeah, it'd be great to shoot that deer, but I had other things I had to get done. Like it's just,

Jeremy Dinsmore: that's how it works. Have you had many opportunities like that on a, on a deer? The only reason why I ask is because last year for me was the first time ever that I was getting consistent buck pictures, daylight, nighttime.

Like it didn't matter where I almost felt confident enough to create that strategy to go in there, that opening weekend to maybe get it done. Mm-hmm. I mean, I, the second weekend I ended up hunting that area and I shot a dough and stuff like that, and. I, the sign was there, but I, I didn't have that bucking counter, who knows?

I just don't, I think my wind was kind of a little bit bad. I was flirting with it in that area a little bit. But ha have you had many opportunities to maybe go in on a, [00:34:00] on a buck early like that? So last year was really the

Bryant Lyon: first year that I really kind of, yeah, that's crazy, isn't it? I kind of had 'em to a pattern.

Yeah. And even the other farm, the second farm that I hunted at my in-laws, like I had cameras out there and I had deer fairly well patterned. And so I, I had two bucks in particular. I had a real wide eight. I nicknamed him Quaker fill, and then I had a real massive buck that I called Tornado. Yeah. And, and so I had 'em, I'm like, why don't I'm gonna kill one of these deer?

They're, they're, they're patentable. I've just gotta, you know, you know, play your cards right? Yep. And I never played my cards Right. I don't know what it was. Every time I felt like, you know, I had the perfect wind, I had, you know, the right moon, I had it. Just all these different things I. And then they weren't there.

They didn't show up whether I would hunt the morning or if I knew they were kind of coming through more so in the evening. And there comes a point where they just go nocturnal. Yeah. I mean, I was getting pictures of 'em at like 10 38, you know, it's like, well, it doesn't matter, you know, I'm not gonna be there at that point.

But it's, uh, it's, it's frustrating. That's like the super frustrating, frustrating thing about cameras [00:35:00] is while they can get you close to that deer and patentable, it's still not a for sure thing. No. But last year was the most confident I felt about having a deer patterned. It was just not to, it just wasn't to be right.

I mean, I didn't see either of those deer. Yeah. Uh, on the, you know, just on the hoof from the stand obviously. But, uh, yeah, it's last year was, was cool. Especially seeing that one, I know my dad was losing his mind over it, but it was cool to see those pictures and going That's like right there, right there.

Yeah. I know. So that's how close I would've been if I had one out that night. Right. I

Jeremy Dinsmore: think my mistake was last year too. When, when, when you're talking about this, is that, I had, I found this, this tree that was just Torre, it had like a double scrape on it, and I set a camera up looking down, and I was getting bucks from the east and west.

I was getting them from the north and like every direction, these deer were converging to this, this, this huge scrape, the double scrape I called it. And I made the mistake [00:36:00] by, there was three really good trees within 20 yards of it. And I think what I did wrong was hunt in one of those trees if I would've hunted a little bit more on the outside, like outskirt, I think, because when I have postseason this past year, my dad and I, we went walking around down there and where I was like, man, I think I, I should have hunted around here.

Let's just go walk it like zigzag through this thick stuff and, and just see Bryant, it was loaded. Of course. I was just so stubborn and kind of. Just not listening to my gut. My, uh, my gut was telling me to go there, but I was like, no, hunt a scrape, hunt a scrape. Because I was anticipating, like where I was as far as cover goes, it would've been a perfect strong side shot in a saddle where the deer would've kind of funneled through, like where I was getting the photo from.

And the only time that I saw this, like one of the main bucks, was when it got spooked from somebody. [00:37:00] There's nothing that can

Bryant Lyon: change it, man. It's a that's a, but that's still, it's hunting, man. That's, it's, it's hunting. Like I get to go hunt

Jeremy Dinsmore: a little bit more. That's all. Yeah, exactly. So here's a great, a great question because I, I, I've fallen into this as well.

You know, a couple years ago when you killed that really good buck, you were on, on what, like a six year, eight year? Window. What, what? Eight years? Eight

Bryant Lyon: years. Eight years was

Jeremy Dinsmore: my drought. Yeah. So let me ask you this question. Now that you're removed from that, even, heck, couple days afterwards, you forget about those eight years, right?

Like, like you, you know, you, you could learn from those situations through that, uh, your hunting days. If you could go back and tell yourself something midway through that, like year four, what would you like, think, or tell yourself or what was your biggest learning thing from that, those years?

Bryant Lyon: Honestly, surrounding myself with the people that are killers.

Yeah. I mean, stone cold killers, like you learn so much from those people. Um, and it doesn't mean that everything they say is gonna work for you, right? I mean, [00:38:00] I, I talk to guys from all over the place, but, uh, you know, just, it's, it's that listening now again in that, in that stretch of time, I. You know, I had just started getting my feet wet in the industry, so I didn't know so many people, but it was just like, Hey, do some more research.

Like podcasts weren't even a thing really at that point either. Yeah. So you just, you learn so much more. You just have to be a sponge. And while you don't have to take all the information as the gospel, it's cool to listen to everybody's viewpoint and how they do it. Yeah. Uh, everything's different, but I think you can pull something of value out of just about everything.

You just, as long as you're learning and you're listening to that right spot, just try it. Yeah. Uh, just try. Don't be afraid to like, move your tree stand and like try something else. It might look like a totally dead spot, but. I mean, you never know. It's just like trying that out, like mo being mobile. Yeah.

Mobile's a huge thing now. There's so many different things that I think that that, that bow hunters in general are trying, and it's a lot of it's just 'cause we have the access now we have the tools, we have the podcast, we have the people, like, you can [00:39:00] hear from these, these people that are just absolute killers and you're stupid to not listen to them.

Right. So that's kinda where I'm at. I, I, I honestly, I, I am so appreciative of everybody in this, in this industry, in this community that I talk to. And I can just like, just pick their brain. I can call 'em up, you know? Yeah. And say, Hey, like, what are you thinking? So for me, just at that point, it's just, Don't, don't like, it's okay to try different things.

Like don't be afraid to try different things, uh, and, and just try to absorb as much as you can. Learn more, be a student of the game.

Jeremy Dinsmore: Yeah. If you're in the market for finding a new trail camera, I highly encourage you to look no further than Exodus. Exodus has two main options to choose from as far as cameras go.

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Again, zero issues and I'll tell you what Exodus stands by their five year warranty for accidents or for theft, top of the line customer service. So see for yourself why so many made the switch to Exodus and experienced the Exodus difference. Use code au to get 15% off your first camera today. Yeah, I like that answer as far as applying that to me as, as my, I agree with that because I listened to.

Bo Marnic from the Eats Meets West podcast. And I've heard Bo say, you know, he has a huge platform and he has all these people on, and, and they're like, you were just saying, talking mobile. And he goes, you know, I was [00:41:00] trying all these different things, bouncing around and doing all that. And he's like, you know what?

I, this is my, I I've hunted this area my whole life. I know if I just put time on the stand in this location, something's going to happen. It may take day three of not seeing a deer, but I know it's going to happen sooner than later. And, and the time allowed him to do that. And he, he's, he's been highly successful the last couple years.

Um, we just recorded that that episode won't come out though till, till fall. Uh, but it, it was just so cool to hear that. And for me personally with playing sports my whole life, being a coach, being a teacher, I, my thing where. I, I don't wanna say I was surprised that I struggled with it so much, but it's the, the mental side of, not necessarily the hunting tactics, the strategies, but like that moment.

So those that like, listen, tune in and, and when you hear me talk about the moment a lot, it's because I'm trying to digest it because I've, unfortunately, [00:42:00] I've missed more deer with my bow than I would love to admit. Right? Like I, we were just talking when we were in Ohio. I'm like, holy shit. Like on a, on a, on a let's be real moment here.

I could have, I could be leading into this season on an an eight buck year straight. Yeah. Other than last year, because last year was the first year that I didn't knock or loose, like send an arrow at a buck. Last year was the first year, within the last eight years. Dude, you suck. Like you have to get better.

And I've two, a couple years ago when I killed my good buck with the bow, I did a lot of things to get better that year. And since then, I don't know what happened that year after, I don't know if I got cocky. I don't know if I just was too comf comfortable with where I was. I was like, oh, it'll happen. And like as soon as a buck stepped out, I got like full moron mode.

And that's what like, like, you know what I mean? Mm-hmm. Like, so like I went, I, I've gone full idiot.

Bryant Lyon: You can get in your head way too easily, man. Yep. You really can. And you, that's, I, I try, I, [00:43:00] it's gonna sound stupid and I know that I'm not, I am, I'm a nobody, I'm not even a blip on the radar anywhere. I just, you cannot put that stress on yourself.

Yep. Exactly. Go out and have fun hunting. Like there's one thing that I wish that I could just spread that message to everybody. Yep. I know a lot of people want to get into this and get like, You know, get it sponsored and get, you know, I want my content out there. I wanna be on YouTube. I want all these views.

I want to hang out and rub shoulders with this person. Dude, have fun. Haunting is, is is a way to provide for your family and have fun doing it. There's comradery, there's a brotherhood to this. Yep. Let's go back to that. Like, that's what really makes this special. Yep. Uh, it, but it, it, you know, I don't like that whole pressure of like, dude, I got like, for me, you know?

Yeah. I work in the industry and, and it, you know, you go, you go to the shows and everybody's talking about all the deer. I, you know, look at this deer I killed. It's like, dude, if I showed you what I shot, it's a baby compared to that stuff. Yeah. But you know what filled my freezer? I had fun doing it. It was one hell of a hunt.

Yep. Uh, you know, it's like that's what matters. Exactly. You know? That's great. I mean, I'm not knocking anybody. Right. If you. If you, [00:44:00] if you're, you know, so serious that that's what is, that's your definition of success, chase it, man, have at it. But it's different for everybody. Don't, don't poo poo somebody that's just in, you know, trying to do this for just the enjoyment of it and procuring that meat and Yep.

Uh, you know, just wanting to have a good time and hang out with pe like-minded people in this community. Yep.

Jeremy Dinsmore: Yep. Preach, man. And that's, and that's exactly what last year, you know, I, I could honestly say Brian, last year, I felt very at ease. I, I feel going into this year the same way, um, you know, and, you know, go from there.

I've taken the right steps and, um, continuously taking the right steps to try to continue to get better, uh, when that moment comes to calm, to calm myself. And, uh, even, I've even gone as far as like trying to train. Like, I know some people will go run and then they shoot their bow and then like their heart rate's elevated and stuff like that.

That I think if that works for you, do it. I think that can help. I've even learned to try for my best, 'cause I'm not a cardio guy, dude. Like [00:45:00] I tell me to go run sprints, I'll run sprints, you know? Mm-hmm. Like, Hey Jeremy, go run a hit sprint. I'll do that. But when you gotta tell me to go and I'm, I could do like a three miler run, walk, hike type thing.

Like as far as a run, like, I, I don't mind doing those, but as far as like, hey, you got a half hour go run that, that five K. Like, I'm not doing it. Sorry. Yeah. Right. But, but what I've tried to practice is when my heart rate does get elevated to really control my breathing. Mm-hmm. And that's why I even like shooting with my buddies out in Ohio.

They're my good friends. But you better believe like on that, when I drew back that first time, I was a little nervous, you know, just because I'm, shoot, I'm shooting in front of people. Right. And dude, and it. I calmed myself down. I made some really great shots. We were shooting out to 90 on a little reinhart thing, just having fun.

Like at, by that point in time we were just having fun ripping arrows. But the, those first couple, I was like, calm yourself, right? Like, don't go. Mm-hmm. [00:46:00] And I went through my process and I had some really good breaks. I had some really good shots. Boom, there's a check mark for great job. Mm-hmm. Now it's continue.

Continue to build on that. Yeah. For the season.

Bryant Lyon: Yeah. Confidence builder, man. That's what it starts. That's why we got the off season. Yeah. I think that's what works. Like, so we went to TAC and it's kind of similar. It's like we're in a group of like, Six or seven people that are all from, you know, that I work with.

Yep. And it was awesome because we had, you know, an I B O world champion in our, in our owner Jerry, you know, he's shooting and he's shooting for, he's shooting for elevens, man. It's elevens or busts, you know, that's what he's going for. And then we got a couple other younger guys that are hungry, that work out in production that are like, Hey, I'm, you know, they're on the I B O circuit as well.

And so they're, you know, they're shooting for elevens. They're keeping score. I'm the guy that's going to tactics like, Hey, I'm cool if I hit the foam, if it's in the ass or it's in the antler or anything like that. Like, I'm having fun. But to be completely fair, like, yeah, I do want to have, like, I, I'm judging that when I go to total archery challenge, it's practice on an ethical shot.

Like that's what [00:47:00] I'm going for. If I'm in that ethical area, I'm good. If I don't lose an arrow, great. Yep. Um, but we had a couple other guys. Uh, that I don't think had had done anything like that before. And we just all went and we had a blast. But yeah, you could, you could tell. Yeah, I was, there was times I'm like, man, like I, I guys, I can't keep up with you.

Like, I can't shoot like the way, 'cause they're, they're, I mean, if you watch 'em, if you go, I'm sure you've seen, watched

Jeremy Dinsmore: videos. I watched the, yeah. Yeah. Dude, it's

Bryant Lyon: just something, I've been around it for years now and I'm still not used to it. I'm like, wow. Like I, yeah, I just, yeah, I, I, I'm just a, I don't know, I'm just a silly archer, I guess in my tactics.

It's like I'm there to just, I'm there looking for a kill shot. I'm looking for like this, you know?

Jeremy Dinsmore: Yeah. Well it's funny 'cause that's like a perfect transition into talking about some a, b, b strings and stuff. I, when I was able to get my, my, uh, set for the era I brought, I put 'em on, I did everything, and I went down to Nate's, oh, I, I needed to adjust my uh, uh, [00:48:00] string stop and.

I know I could do it, but I, you know, you're like, I don't know if you're, if, if you've done this before, but I'm like, okay, I know what I'm doing. I know how to do that, but I'm gonna take it to someone else to make sure they do it right, because I don't want, I don't wanna be the one that breaks the, that carbon rod or whatever like that.

So I take it down there and Nate's just laughing at me at the shop. And so I go down and I was like, oh yeah. I'm like, I'm a little hot. I think I said, you know, I think with the new strings, it, you know, I'm a little bit hot. I was missing maybe my left and rights were great. I was inch and a half like high, but I was consistent.

Mm-hmm. You know, I'm a little t-rex arm syndrome going on and I'm 27 and a half inch straw. Nate's like 31, you know, Nate's like six foot four and he gets in there and he's like this, like with the bow. Yeah. Po. I'm like, gosh darn. You know? Mm-hmm. I'm like, mm-hmm. He's like, yeah, just practice. I'm like, all right.

Yeah. Right. Sounds, that's

Bryant Lyon: exactly how it is. I could say the same thing if I'm, I'm sitting there and I'm playing like, man, I'm getting a terrible paper tear. Like, what's going on? Jerry's like, let me see. And he, you know, he goes [00:49:00] through his shot process. He puts it through perfect bullet, he bullet hole.

He's like, it's your grip. Yeah. I was like, oh, okay. Like, lemme just change

Jeremy Dinsmore: my grip. Yeah, exactly. No, it, it's amazing for that. So, some really cool things happened this past year for a, B B that I, I, I think they're, they're really cool. Uh, I know, especially right now. I'm hoping this, I think, and you could correct me if I'm wrong, I think this is going to help this timeframe for hunters.

Um, you just made a post about it even today. You know, what are some of the new things that abbs done to, to help us archers out for this upcoming season?

Bryant Lyon: So the one thing, I mean, the, the biggest thing, the absolute biggest thing was trying to figure out a way to alleviate some of these crazy summer lead times.

Yeah. Uh, you know, I, I'm not gonna shy away from it. This is a, this is the time of year where it's, it starts to get crazy busy. Mm-hmm. And it'll go all the way into October. Um, you know, it starts out west, like our western dealers are picking up. And that's what people have to think about. A lot of those states out west, if you're, if you're hunting in Ohio or you're [00:50:00] Pennsylvania, your season's not gonna start for a little bit.

They're getting ready to start out west, like they're getting their tag results. They've already got their tag results for a while. These people are starting to get in there, maybe they don't want it, they know they're not getting a new bow, but they're gonna get some service work done. Right. Uh, so for us, the biggest thing was how do we alleviate some of this?

And we've, we've done, so we've taken some steps. We've got what's, uh, a quick ship program and a lot of this is the hub. We go through the hub of our website, we have a quick ship program, um, which is basically just like, it was either, Too many sets were produced. We, we, you know, we made a, a, an oopsie in the back where we had, you know, double print on an order and we made two instead of, it just needed to be one.

So we go put that back in stock. Maybe a customer gets a set of strings and they go, that's not the color I was really looking for. Uh, and if we go, Hey, that's a pretty common bow and the color's knocked that outrageous, let's put that back in the system. So, you know, we'll just knock a couple bucks off of it.

But this year for us, I mean, we kind of, we planned this out, you know, more so around this time last year, having these conversations. We [00:51:00] created what's called a platinum black, uh, and platinum black is our platinum series. It is still our best string set that we offer, built the exact same. Uh, but the difference is, is that this set comes only in black.

It's just like it says it's, it's a, it's in a black color's it. And, and we've stocked this, this is stuff we've been building for months, getting this inventory built up on models, mostly within about the last five years, or the most popular models for certain brands. Uh, so we've built up that inventory and we've made it available to the website.

We made it available to our dealers and we said, Hey, listen. If you need a string set and it's on this list, we're gonna ship it out that day. Yep. And we're also gonna knock it down, you know, if a, if a custom string set of platinum costs 1 79 0.99 M ss r p, that Platinum Black's gonna be 1 59 0.99 because we, we, we've mass produced it, there's more there.

We're not having to do a lot of the intricacies that we, that takes, you know, going and getting this spool and this spool and, and doing all these [00:52:00] things. It takes more time to build a custom set. Um, so that was the biggest thing, you know, for a, b B, we wanted to figure out how we can get string sets out faster.

Even right now, I will tell you this, we're somewhere near three and a half weeks on our orders that platinum black is saving a ton of people with getting their order. You know, hey, I'll take a couple bucks off a set, and I'm not that crazy about customer colors. I'll take a platinum black. It's still a great string set.

It's still gonna be, it's the best, you know, in most cases, an upgrade over what you're shooting now. Right. Uh, so if it's on that list, it's a great, great string set to go with. I mean, it's still a platinum series. Mm-hmm. You're just getting a hell of a deal out of it, and it's gonna ship that day. It might not be those custom colors, but it's, it's still a hell of a deal in a great

Jeremy Dinsmore: string set.

Yeah, no, I, I, I totally agree. I mean, if, especially too, if you are someone that something happens to your bow and you, you're in need of a new one, or anything along those lines that you could, you know, like you said, just you need something right. Then, right now, accidents happen. Even, you know, there's a great opportunity [00:53:00] where, again, like Brian said, you don't have to wait the three weeks.

Now here's a question for you that Jim, Jim wanted me to for sure. Ask this one. Do you guys, which way are, are you making the string go.

Bryant Lyon: So we twist our strings. Counterclockwise rotation. Yeah. Right. Which is a, a very different Yeah. We, we, it's a very different viewpoint than the industry. Yep. Um,

Jeremy Dinsmore: and so talk about this because think for people that well, you know, are very technical, I don't wanna say scientific, but are in, into the, the nitty gritty side of things and people that like to know certain aspects of maybe accuracy, all this stuff.

So talk about this because I think it is a really important aspect that is a very subtle minute thing that people could pass off basically.

Bryant Lyon: It is, and I will tell you this, it's probably been as far as questions go, that's been one of the, the hottest questions year for us. Really, more and more people are actually aware of this.

Okay. [00:54:00] And they're actually, it could go two ways. Absolutely. Uh, but once it's explained, it's kinda like, oh yeah, I never thought about that. What way? So when America's best boosting started, Jerry believed that. So what you take a a, a spool of material and in, in pretty much every case, if you take that material that a strand off of that, you cut it natural rotation that it wants to go is in a counterclockwise rotation.

That's one individual strand. So, well, that's why we do that. We do that 'cause its natural rotation wants to go counterclockwise if you're twisting clockwise and it, man, this is opinionated, but, you know, and, and, and I don't know if it's scientifically proven at this point, but this is what we believe and we think it, it, it, there's, we think there's merit to it.

Yep. It, if you're going with the natural rotation of that fiber, you're putting 24 strands of 4 52 x in a bundle in most cases. Do you want it fighting itself constantly wanting to go the other way. [00:55:00] So we twist it counterclockwise, and in that case, what it does is by twisting counterclockwise, it will in most cases cast your arrow in a clockwise rotation.

Uh, which in most cases right here, uh, most, most arrows are twi or have the right helical on the veins, uh, which is just working in conjunction. So it's just one fluid, uh, you know, uh, synergy. I mean, there's synergy, but from your string to your arrow, it's, it's important. I mean, I think it is important, but it is, it gets a, it's getting technical.

It's getting very technical, uh, for our case too, just to like, kind of like rabbit trail just slightly with Helix Broadheads, it's the right bevel Broadhead. So yet again, when you have that right bevel, it's just working completely in conjunction with our string. Um, which was, you know, something really cool that when we were looking at that, we go, yeah, it's gonna work.

Perfect. Perfect. Yep. So yeah, I mean, when you get technical like that, that's, that's a big one. And a lot of people like to know that. So yeah, we twist our strings counterclockwise. Uh, I [00:56:00] don't really think that you can call us up and say, Hey, I got a left helic goal on my arrows. Can you twist it clockwise?

Uh, I don't think that's something we're gonna really do. We're not really super interested in that. Yeah. Because at that point, if we did that, it's not an a b, B string anymore. Right. It's not how we build it. Uh, so yeah, we, we try to stick to the counterclockwise

Jeremy Dinsmore: rotation and, and at that point you're like, if you're are interested in, in, this is just me being like the devil's advocate.

Right. And, and in a positive way, if you are ordering a set of a, b, b strings and they're coming in that just switch to your right heel. I mean, 'cause then like it, that just solves that instead of getting a string because you have arrows on a, or arrows made up maybe with your veins on the left, just, you know, take 'em off or get another new set could be cheaper, whatever.

I'm just, I don't know. It was just fascinating to hear. And like hearing Jim explain it to me, he's like, you know, if he goes so basically in, in another, if it's going to, you know, regular clockwise. And you have that right heel goal, he's like, your arrow's going the [00:57:00] opposite way. And then at one point in, in that flight, it's trying to flip it and like go the opposite way.

And he goes, it's just, he goes, so if you ever watch slow motion videos of, of people, it might get there as mm-hmm. It's, it's hitting that, but they're like, oh yeah, absolutely. You, you might see that horrible arrow flight. It's because of that. And he's like, ones that you see that it's just perfect. It's the, you know, it's, it's the right helical aligned with that Right, uh, clockwise, counterclockwise string.

And dude, I, I mean, I never had issues with my flight and all that type of stuff, but once I, Jim started doing this and going down this rabbit hole with me, I'm like, wow. And then, well, obviously when I talked to him, he's like, get Brian to explain this to people because, you know, it, it, it is a little important thing that if you are looking to be the most accurate for people in three D and Target, like all that stuff, I mean, why, why not?

Right. Yeah,

Bryant Lyon: for sure. I mean, between that and the question of like dice and material, you know, what is a natural versus what is a, a red or a [00:58:00] black, you know, black dye in a material, like, you get a lot of those questions, but that's getting, you know, pretty technical when it comes to your strength set. But that's what, that's what a lot of the industry is telling you is, Hey, well, you wanna know if it twists this way, or you gotta know if this is what's in your string.

Like right. Strings are starting to become more, people are paying attention to what's going on with their string, which is good. It's great. I mean, yep. That's, that's our business. That's what we do, and we want you to be happy with what you're getting and not feel like you're getting rope and doped on something that doesn't work for you.

We want to, we wanna make you, you know, we want you to know that this is what our product's gonna do For you, it might be a little different than, you know, xy, you know, x, y,

Jeremy Dinsmore: z bo string. Yeah. No, man, I, I, I think it's great and I don't, I don't know. I feel like every year when you create a custom set for me, I'm always like, dang it, Brian.

That's, that's my favorite set. Then the next one's made. I'm like, I don't know, man, that one's my favorite. Set. It, it just, you keep doing a phenomenal job. I love. Picking your brain of, of what we got going on and, and, uh, as far as like colorways go and, and all that stuff. And dude, I told you the other day, Nora's been shooting [00:59:00] her bow still like a ton with me and, and like having fun with it.

And she's just shooting the regular pursuit series. Mm-hmm. And those strings, right. They're still, I mean, I know she's not shooting as much as like we do daily, right? Like all that stuff, but they're flawless and that they're on like year two. Like year three, I think even on, on

Bryant Lyon: on that side. Yeah. I think they are about year three.

Yeah. I think I remember those ones. Yeah. They were the, uh, Harley Quinn Electric, blue Electric, bloom Pink. I think we did something along those lines. Yeah. So yeah, that it just stands to what we believe as a company, you know? Yeah. We wanna make. We're not, you know, we're not good without our, our customers.

You know, our customers are who's making and breaking us, and we're out there. We want, we want them to be happy, you know? Mm-hmm. We look at it from our perspective of, we're archers and bow hunters as well. Is this gonna pass the test for us? Like, is this something we would, you know, we would use out in the field?

Yeah. And that's how we're always looking at it. This isn't something that's like, you know, I, I always hear the crap about mass produced, oh, it's mass produced, it's mass produced. Go to the guy in his [01:00:00] garage. Who's doing it for this, that, and the other? Well, I am gonna get on that topic just slightly, just because I wanna address it.

I mean, I'm here to talk, you know, we're here talking strings. Let's address some of that. Yep. That's great for that. Dude. That's a side hustle. You know, this is all we do. This is what we do. We make strings and you can call 'em mass produced. But I can tell you right now, this isn't some machine operation where strings are just flying off of a conveyor belt.

These are people with their hands, you know, checking stuff out, checking you know, machines, you know, all these different things that go into it. I think if you were to walk into, I, I can't wait for you to come out. You come out to a, B, b 'cause you'll be able to actually see how this, this is working. Most of the times when we have somebody come in to take a tour, when they walk through those doors that go to our production, it's just like, wow.

Yeah. This is not what I thought. This isn't even remotely close to. I thought so. Yeah. A guy in his garage might be able to make the, one of the nicest strings in the world. He's got more time to do it and there is no way [01:01:00] he can keep up with the demand that we're putting up in every day. Right. In America's best bow strings.

Jeremy Dinsmore: Yep. And dude, and one of your top. Uh, dealers is down there in Utah at Wild. Is it? I always forget the name of that, of the Arch Wild Arrow. Wild Arrow. Like that is like your number 1, 1, 1 of your top, uh, dealers out there out in, across the America. Yeah. We got a lot of

Bryant Lyon: great dealers. A lot of great dealers.

Our top, uh, the last couple years, so Wild Arrow was our top dealer, I think two years in a row. Two years, yep. About four years ago. Uh, you know, three, four years ago. But then as of the last two years, uh, sunrise Archery up in, uh, Fenton, Michigan have just turned it up. Like everybody bow hunts in Michigan, everybody bow hunts in Michigan, which is awesome.

Um, and, and it's, they're a great shop as well. We have a, a huge dealer base. I mean, we're international. We're in Germany, we're in, uh, we got a Ja you know, a Japanese, uh, dealer. We're all over the place. Yeah. And that's what it's, it's, it's really [01:02:00] cool. I mean, that's, we're building these things. We look at it like this every morning we have a meeting and it, we never lose sight of.

Yeah. That one string set goes to one person. It it goes to one person. Yeah. This is, you have to think about that. Every time you're building that one cable, that one string, this goes to one person that they're gonna make hopefully, a memory of a lifetime with that string. Yep. So we always look at it from that aspect of, this is super important.

This isn't just, you know, business as usual. Come in, let's make a couple bucks, make a couple strings, and you know, we're good. We don't care what happens. You know, this is, this is, you know, this is what we do. This is, we just look at it from that aspect of we're archers

Jeremy Dinsmore: serving archers. Yeah. I love that.

And it's a family, you know what I mean? I feel like that is the one other aspect of it. It's like you, you're part of something. And like I said, we've been friends for four years and been repping a, b, b, you know, during all of course, those four years. And man, I, the one thing that I, I could really take away, and I could really honestly say [01:03:00] is that it is that kind of that family feel and friends and like, I don't know, there's just no.

Like, it's not just a, an individual that like, okay, here you go. See, kudos to you guys. I know, like you said, now's the busy time. It's people, everybody wants now, now, now, and, and, and don't understand. It's like you said, people are the behind the scenes that are actually making this and checking the, the strings and all that stuff.

That's why I'm like, Hey, if I order it and they don't come till another month or in some change, like that's okay. I'm not, yeah. You know what I'm saying? Like, I don't know. I, I just, I know I'm not, I'm the minority in that side of things probably. But, you know, I'll tell you what, man,

Bryant Lyon: this year, and I just had a conversation with our sales manager about this.

We're just having this conversation and, you know, we know we're behind and we're, we're, we're trying to work through that. But it's like, we've had conversations where it's like, you know, we've had to talk to people that are, have been waiting, you know, three and a half weeks on a string set. And that's probably two and a half weeks past the time we told 'em that it was gonna shift by just because.

Just some staffing things that we're working through. Yeah, there's just various [01:04:00] things. There's various things that are happening that that just, it's a bummer, but you know, we gotta find a way through it. We're still gonna come into work every day. We're gonna try to get out everything that we possibly can, but you can only physically do so much in a day.

Yeah. You know, our production's working in some cases, 10, 10, 12 hour days. We just implemented Saturdays as well, so it's like we're, you don't wanna burn somebody out. But what's really cool is this is really the first year where if you, you're just dreading giving that person the bad news. Hey, I'm sorry it hasn't shipped yet, and you know, we're gonna do everything we can to get it out.

It might be a couple more days. Yet the consensus in most cases is. I get it, dude. Like, Hey, it's okay. I, I just wanted to check in on it. It's all right. I understand staffing shortages. I work in this field and we're dealing with the same thing and Right. I know what it's like. He's like, I'm not gonna be, you know, that our customers are like, we're not gonna be that person that that's gonna just sit there and scream at you.

'cause what good's it gonna do. Right. You know? So it's actually pretty cool. This is that year where it's, I think people are just like, Hey, let's just. [01:05:00] It's cool. I'll, we'll get it, you know, if something changes, just let me know. Yep. And, and that's been the nice thing. A little bit of the nice change of pace is I think people just, they, they get it.

They understand it. We've tried to push the message that, hey, this is that time of year where it just gets chaotic. Right. You know, we don't have a crystal ball to tell you exactly when it's gonna go. We try to do our best. Right. But sometimes things just get western real quick, you know, in the street

Jeremy Dinsmore: business, so.

Yep. Things get western, man. I know. Yep. Spartan Forge stands at the nexus of machine learning and whitetailed deer hunting to deliver truly intuitive and sign space products that saves the hundred times spent scouting, planning, and executing their hunts. You have dear prediction, journaling and the best maps on any hunting app platform there is.

Use code antler up to save 20% off your Spartan Forge membership at Spartan Forge. Dot ai. Um, yeah, I, I, I'm telling you people, I I've, I swear by them, uh, heck, even if they weren't, uh, supporting a, like, antler up in, in any [01:06:00] means, th those are the strings that would, would be on my bow. And, uh, heck, they were on my bow before we got together and did anything right.

Like mm-hmm. That's just, that's just the nature of the beast and that's why I, I really, you know, wanted to, to work and be a part of this and, um, towards that. So definitely check them out America's best boat strings.com. Uh, you hear it on weekly on the podcast, so definitely check that out. And the other partner where, I shouldn't say partner, but the other part of the family with a B B is Helix Broadheads.

And another new thing you created with the bleeders. So you had the FJ four coming out. Um, so, you know, what were you using prior to Helix? Uh, Brian. Uh,

Bryant Lyon: I'm a little bit of a gear junkie. Yeah. So before I was using, oh, Boosh posh. I probably tried different things. I learned one thing though, I just, I I, I wasn't impressed with a lot of the mechanicals I was using.

Mm-hmm. Um, just various reasons. It's, and, and it's just me. I'm picky. Yep. Uh, but the Broadhead I really enjoyed shooting, um, [01:07:00] was, uh, wasp, wasp made a, the Dart, which was a four blade model, fixed blade, real compact. Kinda reminded you of like, uh, uh, the Muzzy tr I think it was Muzzy. Trocar. Trocar, yep. So, uh, it was a really cool little broadhead.

They were great people. I mean, I met them when I was out at the Midwest White Tail Summit several years ago. Um, and I've seen 'em at a t a, I think

Jeremy Dinsmore: they're outta pa.

Bryant Lyon: They might be. It's a, I think they are actually, and they're just, again, they're a family run business. They're not part of the big conglomerate thing.

And so, you know, I I, I really liked that head. That was a really good head. I did enjoy shooting that head. So, um, I think, you know, before Helix I would just say that, that I, that I really did like shooting that

Jeremy Dinsmore: wasp dart. Yeah. So now the Helix kind of came about. And what's, what's been your opinion? You killed a nice little Turkey with it.

Uh, not this past year, but the year prior, I believe. Um, what's, what's been your consensus of, what are people telling you especially about this new bleeder? I know Blic knock some hammers down with them and the guys from the Rise have, have been [01:08:00] doing really good. And, um, I still need to get my hands on some just because like you, I, I love, I love testing new things and seeing what flies really good and all that type of stuff.

And, um, you know, it's kind of like a one-stop shop. You, you have the sharpener stuff on the website, so you know what's been, you know, what's, I guess teach me about it a little bit more, uh, about the Helix Broadhead.

Bryant Lyon: Yeah, man. So, and I'm still learning too, buddy. Yeah, I mean, this is still a new thing for us.

And, and honestly, single bevel and, and just all the, the grains and the flight and it's different. It's a different thing and I've learned a little bit every year. Um, and so sometimes I can feel a little ridiculous when I'm, you know, the VP of marketing and I'm trying to promote this thing and, you know, you're just trying, I'm learning just like everybody else.

So, um, as far as the, the original design that, uh, Tim Strickland came out with, you know, many years ago was just, it was the Helix Broadhead, and we've named since, named that the FJ two, just trying to brand things into our own, our own style, what we, how we see it. So, you know, the original two blade is the FJ two.[01:09:00]

Great head flies amazing. Um, you know, your single bevel, single bevels are known for their penetration and, and just that flight and how it can, you know, you're gonna get two holes with, uh, with a, with a single bevel. The unfortunate thing with that, that we learned a lot real quick was you just were not getting the blood, uh, not getting great blood trails.

You could get blood, you get a little bit of blood. In most cases, the animal would die, um, you know, within sight. So that was at least a good part of it is you weren't losing animals. But if you did have to get into a sticky situation where you had a track and you had to go through some thick stuff, it could get difficult.

So the, we listened to a lot of people out there that were trying these, or there was a demand for the bleeder. You know, let's make this a four blade. Can you at least do a bleeder? And that's exactly where we were going with it. Once we bought it, um, we got in, we started getting all the, everything equipped for it and just started going, we started putting our nose to the grindstone on the, on the FJ four.

We had [01:10:00] prototypes and we, we started with a very small bleeder blade there, and it killed, uh, but we just, again, we wanted to go a little bigger. We were trying to get as much, uh, as much cut out of it as we could. And so we ended up with, uh, overall the bleeders at an additional 15 sixteens, a cut. And it's still super devastating, but I will say this about this head just from my own personal experience, is that I believe the, the, I believe the best setup with the, with the helix is gonna be, uh, a three, three veins on your arrow.

Um, so you have, you have to pay a little more attention to how your arrow setup is. Mm-hmm. I think what I see best is three, three veins on your arrow. Uh, and you may have to do some tuning. You're gonna have to learn how to broadhead tune a little bit. You can't just, this isn't a. So isn't a mechanical where you can just get it out and just start shooting and you're just hitting, you know, with your field points.

Right. Uh, you may be able to do that with, if your setup is super dialed in. [01:11:00] Uh, but yeah, I think there's, it's just a little more patience with this thing. But I'm telling you, once you get this thing dialed in, you are, it's, it's a killer head. Yeah, it is. It is devastating. Um, just some of the deer I've seen that got taken out last year with the FJ four, I mean, they, they, they go, they go.

Even they don't travel, you know, too further. Yeah. They're just, they're going down. I've seen massive blood trails, which was fantastic. We solved that issue. Um, but yeah. And the other thing that's really cool that I tell a lot of people about Helix is it really does help you to become a more proficient archer.

Mm-hmm. Um, I get that. It really does. Yeah. I mean, makes sense. It's, it's teaching you, if there's a little bit of, little bit of a, you know, you're, you're shortening a certain part of your game with shooting archery, it's gonna help you fix that. You're gonna learn real quick, you know, Hey, you need to. To hold your grip a little bit different, or maybe you gotta, you gotta, you know, yolk tune or this or that, the other, it's a lot of different things that this thing teaches you.

Jeremy Dinsmore: Yeah, I like that you said too about like, you know, be a little bit more specific. Like, don't just give up. Like if you have your dead red on like that four [01:12:00] Fletch or three, like whatever, be like, test around like that, this like, now's the time. Mm-hmm. Sure. Like, now is the time to really tinker. Like, I remember years ago, man, like I would have almost four different arrow setups as like, same arrow, but, you know, uh, I might have a different, uh, half out or a collar, and then I would run a three, three vein.

I, I would almost have a whole dozen of, of arrows set up a different way so that way I could test the different broadheads, like you said. Mm-hmm. That way. I mean, I would have, uh, maybe a, like you said, like a, like a wasp. You know, fix blade shoot really good. And then I would throw on, say, a iron wheel type rod head, you know, and, and it, it would miss a little bit high, you know what I mean?

Mm-hmm. So like, like you say, like there's just tinkering. But then when I would throw that on, like you said earlier, uh, a three vein, that iron wheel was dead red. Like, I'm, I'm taking the fletching off. I'm like, oh crap, I gotta mm-hmm. Don't shoot, shoot. Yeah.

Bryant Lyon: But because I was shooting for Fletch [01:13:00] and, and I was shooting 1 25, and man, I'll tell you right now, I thought I was on and, and I just wasn't.

Yeah. And something just wasn't working. I was, you know, and, and I was a little under spine and so, I just switched up my arrow setup. I went to a three vein, you know, just an Easton 6.5, which I love. Yeah. I don't know what it is about those old chunk arrows. Yeah, those Lincoln long arrows. But I, I love shooting those things.

So three vein, um, and, and then I'm shooting the FJ four 100. Nice. Uh, I like the 1 25. I like that little bit more extra upfront, but I gotta tell you, I just, I like the flight pattern. I feel more consistent. I feel more confident with that, that 100 and that a hundred grain's still gonna get the job done.

Definitely. I mean, it's, it's like

Jeremy Dinsmore: a hot life through butter. No doubt. I'm, I'm a, I'm a 100 grain guy. I, I'm, a couple years ago, again, going through testing, like, I'm going back to just the basics. Mm-hmm. Like, like literally this year, I, I, I, I told Nate down at the shop when I was down there, just BSing with him, and I just said, man, I'm just going back to.

Yeah, [01:14:00] just the basics. Like kiss Yeah. Keep it simple, stupid. Mm-hmm. And just go have, like what we were just saying earlier, just go have fun. Keeping it simple, not really worrying about things. I'm just gonna go have fun. Um, and, uh, no, and I will say this, you, you'd have to scroll through for a while though.

People, the one other thing that I really like is that it's in-house, man. I love the, like when you guys were moving in with the big machines, the big red machine or whatever. Mm-hmm. Like I, I saw, I remember seeing something red, but like, when you have those big machines and you're moving in and it's again, the people making these bra headss, like, you know, who's doing it?

You know, I don't know. I just think that's, uh, a cool, meaningful, and I know a lot of people are, are, you know, obviously I, I'm the same way. U s A made, you know, made here in America, all that type stuff. So, I dunno, it's just really cool to, to see that and, uh, you know, you know who's kind of handling it.

Bryant Lyon: Yeah, man, we got a couple guys back there that they take a super amount of pride in making the best broadhead that they absolutely can back outta that shop. Yeah. And, and that's what's really [01:15:00] cool too, is, is is we, and overall just the whole building, the whole company, we just have pride in what we do.

But yeah, those guys are back there. Uh, and one of the guys that we hired in. Uh, so we got Arlan, uh, who's Jerry's son. He's running the machines. He's, he's got that dialed man, like that dude put his work in to figure out how to run those machines. And, and, you know, he knows what he's doing and it's just without a hiccup.

He knows exactly what's happening. And then, uh, you know, we got another guy in there, Ryan Haney, who is doing, you know, just kind of, just kind of everything else. He's packaging, he's sharpening, he's doing all these things. And when I have questions, it's super easy to just go back there and ask those guys, uh, you know, what, what this or what that.

And if I feel like, Hey, I really need to get this thing like super sharp, like I put it through the target a little bit and I'm like, I know that I, I probably not the best at it. I can go right back there and say, Hey Ryan, do you wanna touch this one up for me? Yeah. And like, he'll go through there a couple times.

He'll get that thing sharpened up and then he does the little, you know, little test there. Oh my gosh. I couldn't, I couldn't. Yeah, those [01:16:00] guys, those guys know exactly what they're doing and that's what's awesome. And it, and it is. It's American made. Yep. We brought all that machinery in. Uh, it, pretty much everything we're doing there is just in-house, which is, that's awesome.

Awesome. From the, from the, from the materials to the packaging. It's, it's all, it's all done right

Jeremy Dinsmore: here. Yeah. No, man, that's awesome. Definitely check those out. I mean, you know, just, uh, helix broadheads.com for those. And, you know, to kind of wrap things up, Ryan, what's your outlook, man for this year? What, what do you think?

Bryant Lyon: Oh, man, I gotta tell you, I'm not going into it going like, Hey, I, I know this is gonna be a great year. Yeah. I think for me, I'm gonna be super reserved. I'm going to not stress so much about it, and like, oh my gosh, I gotta, if I don't see a deer in like one or two sits, like, what am I gonna do? Like Yeah. I would honestly say I'm gonna be just cautious, but I, I don't have a super high level on the bar just because I know that a lot of deer were taken out last year.

The e t I think I'm gonna have to, I'm, well, just, just from the, the, the, the neighboring properties. Yeah. The neighbors, you know, knocking some great deer down. [01:17:00] Uh, I think the biggest thing for me is just. It's adapt through the season, which is gonna be kind of cool. It's gonna be a little different, but, uh, we'll see.

Man, I, I don't know. I wish I could have a better answer. I feel like I'm phoning that in, but, no, it's good. I, I really think that it's just, I, I'm gonna be tested in different aspects than I think I ever have that, you know, I ever have been before, but that's the fun of it. Yep. I'm gonna go out there and I'm gonna try some different spots that, that I know have produced.

And what's cool, we kind of go back real quick. So, like, the biggest deer I've ever shot, uh, was out of a certain stand, just an old rickety piece of shit. Ladder stand. I mean, this thing sucks. It's literally the, it's grown into the tree. Yep. I went out this last year, I didn't touch this spot. I never touched this spot last year, but the first set, I said, you know what, I'm gonna try this.

I'm gonna try this spot. I'm going up to the Indian Village. I'm gonna go sit in that tree stand. Yep. I sat in that tree stand. That was the morning I shot my deer. Yeah. It's just how it happens. You can overthink and you can try all these [01:18:00] different things. It's crazy. But if you got something that's like just foolproof and you got a spot that has always been hot, why leave it?

Yep. So it's just pick your poison, find the right time. Find the right win. Just you know, or hell even, even if it's that. Even if nothing's right, just go out and try that spot. Like you never know. Yep. That's the cool thing about hunting, man. Those deer can, yeah, they're in a pattern. They're in their ways.

But if you got something that you know has worked in the, in the past, why go away from it. Hey, that's a

Jeremy Dinsmore: great podcast episode. I did everything wrong and it worked. Right, right.

Bryant Lyon: You'll be on every single podcast. Podcast. I would be the guy. I would be the guy that that would happen. Like, that's just how it goes.

Like, I mean, the more that I try is almost the time I feel like I'm not. It's just I'm not doing good. Like Right. Let's just stop trying like so damn hard. They're dear and it might, it might work. Yeah. Yeah. They're dear man. Exactly,

Jeremy Dinsmore: man. They're dear. I love it. Brian. Dude, I appreciate you so much and, uh, where could people find you?

Listen, fall along all that jazz when it comes to America's Bo Best, Bo Strings and Helix Broadheads and, and, uh, what you got going?

Bryant Lyon: So, [01:19:00] yeah, anything you wanna check out about the, uh, the company itself, you can go over to America's www dot america's best bost strings.com. I hate saying www anymore. I think everybody knows that.

But you can check out America's best bost strings.com. Check out anything there. If you're looking for strings, we got the quick ship, we got the platinum black. Uh, there's a lot of options there. You can always give us a call if you have any questions at the shop. Uh, the phone number there would be (877) 893-7155.

You can find us on our social media if you wanna be kept up to date on different things that are happening. Uh, that's just, you know, America's best ings as far as Facebook and, uh, Instagram is pretty much primarily what we run on social. Uh, if you wanna follow along with anything that, uh, my goofy rear end is doing, uh, you can check me out on Instagram primarily.

Uh, Bryant Lion is where I'm at. If you wanna follow along. I'm a little bit reserved as far as my social media in most cases. And honestly, I will forewarn everybody here that I'm a super comic book nerd and most of my stuff is related to comic books. Uh, but then when we get into the fall, that's when it gets go time for the hunt stuff.

Jeremy Dinsmore: Nothing wrong with some [01:20:00] Batman turtles and, and uh, and all the good stuff, man. Nothing wrong with that. I like it. Um, gotta have a hobby outside of it. It

Bryant Lyon: drive you nuts.

Jeremy Dinsmore: You absolutely do, man. I like it. Bryant, thank you so much. Everybody, go give Brian a follow and, and check out what America's best boast strings and Helix is all about.

Telling you you will not be disappointed. Thanks again everybody for tuning in. Appreciate you. We'll see you next week. And we're

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