Life On A Bus With 5 Dudes - Tethrd Tagged Out Tour Check In

Show Notes

Have you ever just wanted to be able to leave your responsibilities during the fall and hunt for say... 100 days straight? Well this week on the SGH podcast, we're talking to 5 young men who are getting to do just that! You may have heard about the Tagged Out tour that our friends at Tethrd are doing this season. If not, you need to head to YouTube and check it out. They selected these guys to go out on the road on what they call the "struggle bus" to chase public land whitetails all over the country for 100 days. This week we are catching up with the dudes after having spent the first 3 weeks in Nebraska, Kentucky & now Georgia. If you're like us, a large portion of your season is going to be following along with these guys and living vicariously through them.

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