Kentucky Early Season Hunting Tactic: HUNT DUMB

Show Notes

We always talk about pretty analytical hunting tactics on the Southern Ground Hunting podcast. After all, we live in the deep south. Overthinking is a pretty common theme for deer hunters who consistently shoot bucks on public land down here. This week, however, we're going to talk about our main strategy going into the Kentucky opener...HUNT DUMB. We've been hunting this place for about 5 years now and without a doubt the people that always kill bucks are the ones hunting 100 yards from the road in the corner of a soybean field. It's almost comical to come back to camp covered in mud, blood & sweat from your hunt to find someone else at camp standing over a big buck, looking like they haven't even shed a drop of sweat. In this episode, you'll hear us recap the trip and talk about our strategy going into the hunt, as well as some changeups we made that resulted in a couple of dead deer and a great way to kick off the 2022 season!

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