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Welcome to the Limbhanger Turkey Hunting podcast, brought to you by Grounded Brand and their new Impact 2.0 vest. Get Grounded at

This week we're talking with 3 hardcore public land turkey hunters: Zach Ferenbaugh from The Hunting Public, Adrian Wilson from Tethrd, & Brodie Swisher from Hunting Roots. There's nothing worse than getting set up on a gobbling turkey on public land, only to have the hunt ruined by some guy wailing on a box call. So how do you handle that situation? This week each guest shares with us their best and worst encounters with other hunters on public land. The hope is that we can all learn from these situations, and apply these basic hunting ethics ourselves.

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[00:00:00] Welcome to the Limb Hangar Turkey Hunt podcast, brought to you by Grounded Brand and their new impact 2.0 Turkey vest. Get The limb Hangar Turkey Hunt Podcast strives to bring opinions and discussions from all aspects of the Turkey hunting community. From legendary Turkey hunters who hunted in military fatigues to the modern day hunters embracing technology while maintaining traditions passed along for generations.

All are welcome at this round table conversation about one of the wet creatures in North America. Wild Turkey. Y'all stick around. It's gonna be a great show.

Welcome to the Limb Hangar Podcast. I am Adam Cruz, and I am joined with Parker McDonald in an undisclosed location in Florida. How you doing, brother? I'm doing well. I actually, I don't [00:01:00] mind disclosing this location cuz we're just pulled off on the side of the road right now. At a, but you did have turkey's go, they are.

We we stopped and visited our buddy Walters from chasing Tails. We, I used his internet for some work stuff and it, by the time we left it was like right around Ruth's time and we're not even close to where we're gonna be hunting at this week. And but there was some public land and we were like, it's Ruth's time.

Let's go try to see if we can hear Turkey gobble. So we just pulled down this random road, didn't even look at a map really. Like all we knew was we were on public and got out. Sure enough dude hit an alcohol and had one gobble twice. He was ways off. So it's not like we got like the chills down our spine, but to go out to just a random spot and hear a Turkey gobble, that's pretty freaking cool.

I'm pretty jealous, man. I've been to Florida like five days. That's it, that's all. I have a Turkey hunt in Florida and I think I've heard two turkeys. Gobble. I killed two birds, but that was cool. Which it says for me, I'm like, I want less turkeys because I feel like I told you, I feel like they're easier to kill, [00:02:00] like the less turkeys there are.

Yeah. . But I'm jealous, man. You guys like just pull over freaking hoot and getting on them. Oh man. And I've got, I got two guys here with me. We're like I said, we're just like pulled over. I found service and there wasn't a whole lot of service. I found service by this little campground. I was like this looks like a good spot to do a podcast.

I got Eli and Casey back here with me. They're just hanging out while we do this podcast real quick. But yeah I'm excited. I'm excited about the week. It's gonna be a lot of fun. I do wanna tell the listeners just be patient with us. This podcast was We recorded three or four different actual audio pieces at different times.

So this podcast has taken place over a three day period. And so our audio is not great right now. I don't have my whole podcast set up here. We're talking on the phone, but man, I'm we're getting close to this whole Turkey season. It's here, right? Like I am, we're ready. We're in it.

There's not [00:03:00] a lot that is more disheartening than running into planning all fall and right before Turkey season, you're planning on this hunt. You're looking at maps and you get there and there's 87,000 people also wanting to chase turkeys. And there's just so much potential for. For some bad experiences and yeah.

That's what this podcast is all about, trying to avoid those things and learning from people learning what hunting ethics really is. Cause I think a lot of people think that they know what hunting ethics are, but they don't. And I think hunting ethics are, I studied in one of these interviews.

I think hun hunting ethics are very comparable to defensive driving. When you go to a defensive driving class, they teach you about how everybody is doing. Every somebody else can be doing something wrong. You don't wanna be caught in a crossfire of that. And that to me is, that's what hunting ethics is.

[00:04:00] It's being smart. At the end of the day. We're out there with weapons most of the time, and you don't know anything about this person that you're. Thinking about confronting or whether you're in the right or the wrong. Yep. It doesn't matter. So I think honey ethics works both ways. You can be the guy that gets pissed off and goes off and custom people, but you're gonna find yourself in some pretty tough situations.

And so I'm looking forward to everybody here in these interviews that we've done. It was a whole lot of. It was a lot of fun. It was a little bit of work and I hope everyone can handle like the audio, we've got some audio issues maybe here and there. I don't think so.

Not none of the I ones that I've been a part of, but even right now, you're pretty good. But I think like that ethics thing is hey, doing the right thing when no one's looking right. No, when no one else is watching. Am I doing the right thing? And as we were talking about gearing up for this particular podcast and talking about the different people we would interview, man, I was thinking about some of the situations I've been in like.

I'll go back to, I think it was a couple of years [00:05:00] ago, I had one of my kids in flag football, and I needed to be back to the flag football field at 9:00 AM on opening day. So I knew exactly where I wanted to go. You and I had actually hunted a place where you had killed a Turkey before. And so I was like, I was gonna hunt that same exact area.

I was gonna get right in the middle of that place, find a gobbler, that's gobbling on the roost. And I was gonna get to him, man. Sure enough, like I get up about a hundred yards from the parking lot. I let a hoot out rip, and I hear a Turkey gole, like in the perfect spot. He's down by the river, he's in the woods.

Like I'm thinking, oh man, I don't even have to get in the fields with this sucker. So like I just take off, I go right through this strip of woods and it's a very narrow strip of woods, about 50, 75 yards wide. And I'm getting as close as I can to this bird. And I set up on this gobbler, and I'm probably about 125 yards.

And he is on the limb gobbling his head off. And so I'm calling to him, he flies down and he's, I'm on one ridge. He's on another ridge, and he's still gobbling at me and I'm calling to him and finally I'm like, all right, I'm on limited time span. I [00:06:00] gotta get closest dog on bird. So what I do is, man, is I just I hit this ditch and I'm just belly crawling, low crawling, just going as fast as I can towards this bird.

But I'm like staying as low as I can, trying to be as quiet as I can. And I'm, what I'm trying to do is I'm trying to get on the same ridge as that bird so I can call him over to me. And I hear a hinge just continuously going off, just going off. And she sounds good, man. I'm like, I'm liking what she's throwing down and I'm thinking I'm gonna go right to her.

And so he's probably gonna come to her as well. So I get up as close as I can to this hand and I stop and I sit up against the tree and I'm like, Oh man at hand. She don't sound so good anymore. She sounds a little funky funk. And it was a dude I knew right away, . I knew right away what I'd done. I was that guy and that guy, I don't know if he came in from the river or if he came from the backside, but either way like that gobbler ended up moving off and I had to make the walk of shame over that dude.

And I was like, man, [00:07:00] I am sorry. You sounded good. Like you sounded real good. He was like, it was sexy a little bit for a second. And I don't think he thought that was funny at first , but Cause he was like, man, he is I could just look in his eyes. And he was like so tick because I don't know if he had been there earlier than I was, but like I was that guy that just jacked up somebody's hunt and didn't even realize it because like for me, All I can think about is I hear a hand, I hear a gobbler, and I'm so focused on getting in, in there, in that bubble, and I did that, and the b the gobbler ended up going away. But at the end of the day, I had a really good interaction with that guy. I don't think I did right then. I think he was a little mad at me and I was a little mad at him. I I think I even messaged you and I was like, this Jack Luke just ruined my hunt.

Probably I ruined his hunt. But I did meet this guy like a week later and he and I, man, we ended up meeting like a week later and then I think we met like a couple of weeks later after that, and we always shared information. It's Hey man, I saw Gobbler over here, saw gobble over here. And I can't remember his name now, but like we came buddies over Facebook and like exchanged a couple messages.

So although [00:08:00] I was the wrong in the wrong or I think I was the guy that was in the wrong, we also had a good interaction and we kept a good good relationship afterwards. So really as we were talking about what to do for this particular podcast, it was all about like good interactions and bad interactions and man, I'm sure you've got some too that, that you've had in the woods, cuz you've heck hunted a heck of a lot more, especially in the last few years than I have after these gobbler for sure.

I've had like so many of the guys we had on this episode, I've had, way more good experiences with guys. I find that most of the time, whenever you, I think it's up to you, right? You as the hunter, it's up to you to make sure. How this situation goes. Like sometimes you're never gonna, sometimes you won't win with people.

Some people are just difficult and they're mean and they're rude or whatever. Whether you're in the right or the wrong of the situation I always try what you did with that one. I always try to apologize, come at [00:09:00] it apologetically. It's a little bit different when d with deer.

Yeah. Because deer like when you have a spot and you're set up and then somebody sees you and comes in and set, sets up on you, there's not really, there's not really like any wiggle room on who is right or wrong. Oh yeah. Whoever got there first is the person that should be able to hunt there.

But turkeys is different because you're always moving to go in and hunt comfortably. I need to have, 150, 200 acres to myself. To hunt the style of the way that we hunt. And you can't, that you, I you cannot promise that on public land that you're gonna have 150, a hundred, even 50 acres to yourself.

And so you really have to play this. But I can think of one experience that was a really good experience for me. Had a few negative run-ins, but nothing crazy. Not with hunters. Now I did have a bad inter interaction with a land with a, like a guy off of a lake [00:10:00] like a lake house. One time he was like yelling, cussing at me and my dad at four o'clock in the morning.

But the positive one a couple years ago, I went out to a place here in Alabama, or I guess I'm not here in Alabama right now. I went out to a place in Alabama and it was probably five or six days after opening day. And I was. I had already killed a Turkey on this trip, and so I was a no pressure situation, I was feeling good. I'd killed a bird the day before that, like feeling good about myself. So I went out this day and actually found a Turkey gobbling about nine o'clock, and he was gobbling hard to everything. It was like he was double and triple gobbling. And I was on top of this ridge, and the ridge made like an L shape, right?

And I was on one end and he was down in the bottom in the middle of that l like in the angle of the l And I was on a pretty steep hillside. So I knew that he probably wouldn't come in, but that there was a chance. But he was gobbling [00:11:00] on his own or so I thought to start working my way, like trying to get around him on the other side of this l and then I hear a hn, I'd just seen a HN in this same spot, and I hear, so I just assume it was her.

And that gobbler is still down in the bottom working his way. And so I'm just going to town trying to get this hen mad and get her to come over. And she's sticking in the same spot at this point. I can't see her, but I can just hear this hen and crawl a little bit closer. And do it again.

And I'm trying to piss her off and she just, it's like she's trying to piss me off too. And I ended up getting so close that I eventually saw a person just like perfectly between the crotch of a, this guy's head. And I take my camera out, like I'm pretty sure that's a dude. Take my camera out and zoom in on it.

Sure enough, there's a guy over there. I get up and walk over there to him and we talk. And it was a good conversation. They were on the same gobbler, they were just on the other side of the el on that ridge. He ended up working his way off [00:12:00] and we stand there, we're talking, and having a good conversation.

They're showing me pictures and stuff. Turkeys they killed. I'm doing the same. We ended up standing there for probably 20 minutes and. Out of nowhere. We just hear another Turkey gobble on the other side of the L. So on the outside of the L and one of the guys looks up and he is I know y'all heard that.

I was like, I heard it. The other guy said, I don't think I heard it. Then he gobbled again and he is I heard it that time. And so we were like, y'all wanna go kill this thing? He said, yeah, sure. So we packed up our stuff, walked over, he wasn't that far. We had walked maybe a hundred yards got set up on this bird and we were so close to killing him.

Like he was literally like in shooting range. We just never saw him. So he worked his way off and we didn't kill that bird. Had a great interaction though. I mean it was really cool. But we stand there again and we're just BS and talking at the same 10 minutes later. A Turkey gobbles, a [00:13:00] long ways away on the other side.

And these guys know this property better than I do. I was like doing a trip. I was on a trip hunt. And so they're like, man, that sounds like he's over on that private land. They're like, yeah, they're probably not a good chance. Then another Turkey gobble way off in the, like back on public, he's a long ways away, but he's back on public and one of the guy's name is Peyton.

He looks up, he's I'm game you guys game. Yeah, let's do this thing. Let's go. So we hightail it, all three of us, I don't even know these guys, right? We hightail it through the woods, go and set up on this bird. And then again, this bird is right there, just barely like he, he wanted to come up that ridge.

And funny story, I ended up killing that Turkey a couple weeks later. But we just couldn't kill him. And so as we're hunting that bird, as we're set up on him, the bird that we heard on the private, like seriously had to have been. A mile away. He was a long ways away. He is coming in on a string. [00:14:00] He's getting closer and closer.

So we all just pivot on our same tree pivot and point the other direction. Right? And this Turkey comes up to the top of a ridge and we see him. He's on the top. He comes down and side heels it and gobbles and stru. He's strutting and gobbling going crazy. And I get a little bit of video of him and then he crest that hill.

He goes over the top and then he just stands there and he is gobbling like crazy. So to wrap up this story we end up sitting on this bird for a good hour and a half, within 30 yards of him not being able to see him. And one of the guys, Peyton is down in the bottom scratching and walking back and forth and calling.

And me and the other guy we're set up, right? I have my camera and I'm set up. We set up on this bird so long that my camera batteries all die. . And he's just going nuts. You can hear him spitting and drumming. So we're like, screw it. Let's crawl on him. Let's try to get closer to this thing.

We are in a pretty good situation and I had pretty much decided that unless the bird was just only in my sights, I was gonna let him shoot [00:15:00] first. Yeah. And so we crawl up this ridge, and I look over at him and he starts standing up and shouldering his gun. I was like he sees something I don't see.

So as soon as he gets to his feet, he shoots and misses. So I stand up, he shoots again, I think, and Turkey keeps running and I shoot and I shot him on the run and ended up killing him. And it was a really, I felt bad, right? Like I felt like I shot his Turkey cuz he had the shot. But at that point we're like, you know what, we're boys we're just trying to kill this bird.

Yeah. And we. Had so much fun on that mountain man. I know he was probably like not super stoked about the day cause he missed his opportunity. But we still talk, I still talk to both of those guys now. That was three years ago. Talked to both of those dudes now and people can actually watch that video on on the southern ground YouTube channel.

It is a pretty cool one. And man it's just, like I said, it's all up to the individual. How are you gonna handle the situation. Yeah. And I feel like the guy, Zach, [00:16:00] Brody and Adrian really take the same, that same stance and great dude man, I'm excited about, I'm excited about with this is one we haven't talked about a lot is Hunter ethics.

Yeah. Especially not from this perspective. Man, I'll tell you what, like I encourage everyone, the seasons are opening up across the country like pretty soon, like maybe like in the south for sure. You'll have Florida opening up the Mississippi Alabama, and then some of the other states. But you're going to run into other hunters on public land.

Like all you gotta do is just talk and have an open mind and try to go over there and not with the intention that everybody's trying to ruin your hunt, but just talk through it. And you might develop li lifelong friendships just by communication, right? Just like having good communication and talking to one another.

So I hope everyone kicks off their season in a fantastic way. I hope you don't run into any hunters. Like when we go down to Florida, like I hope we're the only ones on our trail heads, right? But if we do go over [00:17:00] there, shake their hands and say, Hey man, where are you going? This is where I'm going.

And if you're here first and it's a smaller piece, just freaking go somewhere else, that's the right thing to do. And you can talk crap about 'em when you get back to camp. Oh. Just don't talk crap about 'em right then. Yeah. And we'll talk, everybody talk about 'em on the podcast. Every, everybody's a fud unless they're in your group, right?

Yeah. Yeah. We'll talk bad about 'em on the podcast for sure. If I don't kill anything next week and somebody I feel like somebody got my spot. Be like, man I'd had that bird peg, . I was gonna kill him. I was gonna . Oh shoot. Oh man, this has been fun. Let's get our guests on that. Sounds good to me.

All right, guys, on the line with us now. We have a man of many hats. We got Brody Swisher, the editor for bow He's a host of the Hunting Roots podcast and YouTube channel. Brody, how's it going up there in in Tennessee? Man, we are doing fine. Doing good, dude. [00:18:00] Good to be with you guys.

Absolutely. I would say, are you looking for Turkey season's almost here, but they don't move y'all's dates back a little bit this year. Yeah, dude, it's killing me. I got to looking at that earlier. I was thinking, man, usually we're fired up for, an upcoming youth hunt at this time of the year, and we're all tore up and excited and weeks away.

And I think we're like at the month mark still three weeks, four weeks. And so it's just, it's it's disheartening to say the least. My kids are just chomping at the bit. I'm like, man, we're gonna have to go somewhere else and get in on some other action elsewhere. Man. I hear you. It's it is tough.

I'm glad states are doing it, but it does make it really hard when you're used to hunting turkeys in March. Yeah. Or close to March or the beginning of April for y'all in Tennessee. It does make it tough. But, so what we're doing here and with this series is we're talking about public land hunting ethics, and.

What better way to talk about hunting ethics than sharing our worst and best experiences with other hunters on [00:19:00] public land. I'm curious, Brody, do you have a worst and best encounter with another hunter on public land? My gosh, dude, I've got so many, unfortunately, I've got so many worst case scenario kind of thing, and I don't know.

We'll start, I You wanna start worse or you wanna go best? What are we gonna do here? Listen, let the Lord lead you. I don't care. That's right. That, that's that's just it, man. I love Jesus. But the public can, I love Jesus, but the public land hunting sometimes gets the best of me.

I'm gonna be honest with you. I still love to shout at some folks on public land. That's what my problem is. Now, seriously though I love it. I love hunting public ground. But there's been way more. Tough scenarios and those encounters that I wish I'd had done something different.

The one that comes to mind, man, this past year, this past fall, I shared about it before and this is going back to dear, so I'm gonna throw it in just because it was how it is. And I think it's one of those that will definitely teach people. And it taught me the lesson. But man, I had a dude walk in on me and I was already in there, [00:20:00] got in there before daylight doing my thing set up and just, I was in a squirrel hunt.

I was in there squirrel hunt, doing my thing, squirrel hunt that morning, late season. And dude walks in, I hear something coming and dude walks in. I look over in about 40, 50 yards from him, and I'm sitting there popping away on squirrels, having my big time. And then dude walks in and here he comes.

And I heard him try to whisper, shout something, like whisper it, but also yelling it. And I thought he said, I'm gonna get, I'm gonna leave or I'm gonna go back out this way. . And so I just kinda ignored it. I was like, I said, I'm fixing to shoot some more squirrels, man, and doing my thing.

And then next thing I hear is some clanging and banging. I look over and dude's climbing up a tree 50 yards away. And so I finally was like, I'm, that's, yeah, I'm done, man. He's climbed up a tree right next to me. I'm in right here. And his bow range, gun range, whatever. And so I started easing out and doing my thing, get out of there and shooting squirrels and letting him know I'm here.

I'm trying to scare any deer that might be in the world out so he doesn't shoot at me or whatever. But anyway, I'm like, dude, this guy's crazy. He's in the wrong, he's, all this stuff. [00:21:00] And then I go on out and at his truck I leave a note. I thought, this is justified. , I'm leaving a note for this sucker right here.

I'm gonna leave a note on his windshield. And I even thought about taking a picture of it. I'm thinking this is gonna be a good story. I'm on all the stuff. And I just told him, dude, way too close. Not safe for me, not safe for you. Thousands of acres. Just keep trucking next time. It's all good until I get this message.

And I talked about it in our podcast, about the next couple days or whatever. Just kinda shared the story. Man, I get a Facebook message from a buddy and he's dude, what's up with that man? And he's I'm friend. And it's a mutual friend of ours. And he's man, he's just kinda what in the world?

He said, you should have show, shared the whole story. And I'm like, man, he tells me who this guy is. And I'm like, oh crap, I didn't, I knew of this guy. I get to talk about it. I said, I told my wife, I said, Hey, this is turns out that was and I'm not gonna name his name, but she just, her mouth drops.

And she said, that's my friend's new husband . And finds out it's, she's friends with that dude's wife. And then he turns out [00:22:00] he works here in the town. Everybody knows me now. All my buddies starts saying, dude, you know who that was. And so I had to back up and be like, dude, apologize. I thought you were in this different situation and.

We kinda went back and forth a little bit. All adult-like stuff. But it was just another classic example of yes, he was too tight, too close, but instead of me going over and saying, Hey man, we're awfully close and addressed. And I leave a little notice of the truck and popped off and showed my attitude or whatever.

And it was one of those, it was a classic example, man, just go over there and say something, meet the guy, get along, figure it out, work it out, and express that it was too small a town for that, so to be leaving notes on the truck, like I said do, knew about half the folks in town. So it's one of those, one of those encounters.

They was like, dad, come, I should just said something. Talked it out, worked it out, whatever. So that was goofy. And like I said, man, small town, everybody knows everybody here. And so that, that kind of happens. I've done some of those things where I had a guy yelling at [00:23:00] me from side road going to the public.

You can't hunt here. And he. He had the least joining the public piece I was going on to. And of course I'm, he's hollering me from the road. As I'm walking in, I'm hollering back, he's saying, you can't hunt here. And I'm like, yes I can. He said, I'm calling the game war. And I said, dude, I go to church with the game war and call him right now.

And he does. He calls him. And then my game war buddy texts me a few minutes later, said, dude, that didn't take long for you to get crap stirred up here. And like I said, man, it's one of those things I'm learning. I'm 46 yard, it's 46 years old, but still learning, just talk and work through with these guys and don't be going at it like you're enemies, but take it as man, we're on the same team.

We gotta work it out, public land, private land, whatever. We gotta figure out how to get along and figure out where we'll be in that, that one situation with that guy he did, he said, man, I didn't realize, you were in here and this was spot you've been hunting, I'll figure out and he's on over next time I see your truck.

And so it all worked out. But that was a couple of the crazy situations there on. . Just some public land encounters kinda [00:24:00] the worst to the worst as far as that goes. Man it's funny as you're talking about this, like there were things that guy did wrong. There's things in there that I believe you recognize that maybe you didn't do wrong, but it was the passive aggressive way of doing it.

Or maybe not the best way to handle it. And it that's another outlook that we really haven't thought about with this podcast too, is like handling yourself even when somebody else does you wrong. You know what I mean? , like that's the, at the end of the day, we're all out there with weapons and for the lack of there, there is law, right?

But people can do what they want for the most. That's right. There. There's not a game warden watching on every minute of the day. Yeah, man I've had situations where I'm like, Either I can handle this how I want to, how I feel like handling this, but also that guy has a gun. You know what I mean? So that's right.

I probably shouldn't handle it the way that I want to. And so you really have to tiptoe around. There's[00:25:00] it's going to a defensive driving class, right? Defensive driving is to learn how to be defensive, not offensive. Yep. Yep. Other people are not gonna drive well, how do you stay alive?

You know what I mean? And public land is just the same way. So Brady would you tell us a really good experience that you had on public Klan? Yeah, absolutely. My first year of college, I guess my second year of college, going to school up in Virginia Liberty University. And I'd gotten permission.

It's a piece of private, but it's, I don't know how they did a kind of a cooperative program or whatever, and it's pretty much open to the public. You go in and kinda like we did out west, you sign in and it's kinda anybody can you have at. . And so semi-private, semi-public, whatever you wanna call it, but it had a lot of people on it.

But I thought, you know what? Turkey season, I don't know, we're going in there. I'd never killed a Turkey before. First, second year of college, like I said, and back in the mid nineties and I get in there and a couple days of scouting, dude, I heard verbs everywhere, man. I like the day before [00:26:00] is I heard 13 birds.

I'll never forget it, man. 13 gobbler. Just wanted to start off on the mountain side with just roar, with gobbler. Just chain reaction. It was just crazy. So I go in there the next morning thinking, man, I got this place for myself. There ain't nobody scouting. There's nobody here. It's mine. This is gonna be awesome.

And get in there next morning and a running in the guy right off the bat. Here come headlights everywhere. And just oh my gosh, these people all knew about this spot and whatever. But man, I meet this dude and a mutual friend's man, we gotta figure something out. The guy pulls up and man this just good old boy from Louisiana, just your classic.

redneck from Louisiana gets out and I could just tell man, Turkey hunters got that look about 'em, man, they've got that look that they they ain't gotta wear the spur necklace around their neck to know that this dude's killed some turkeys. Just the way they talk when they carry themselves and the way they spit their dip, whatever it is, man, you could tell this sucker was a flat out Turkey killer.

He gets out and he's man, y'all were here first. What do you wanna do? And I said, man, I said, what about just getting together? There's a [00:27:00] bird right up here. I know. And he said, let's do it. So we got together and I, like I said, man, he had the Turkey vest just right. He had it all. I knew without hearing anything from him on the call, I could tell.

And sure enough we just decide instead of fighting against each other, calling against each other, we decide, let's get together, run up this hill. And like I said, man, I just turned it over to him and he gets to call and Bird's album, he gets to call and had that slate call and he was doing his mouth call and he was just tag teaming mouth call and slate call.

Bird flies down the mountain and he just marches him right back up. He's calling us this sucker marching right back up the mountain. And bird comes up there, man. It's early, early, and just like I said, legal shooting times come, but it's just still dark in the timber. But I could hear that bird just crunching the leaves, marching up the mountain there.

And he comes up to us and dude says, Hey man, you better kill him. And when he clears out, I shoot him and we all just go running turkey's flopping down the mountain. We're running down the mountain. I remember that dude from Louisiana grabs that Turkey by the leg and grabs him so [00:28:00] hard and picks him up to show me, he knew it was my first bird and actually broke the turkey's leg.

I just got the, I got the leg sitting here on my shelf, but snapped the turkey's leg, if you can believe. That was just the, so the force of us all tumbling down the mountain. And that was my first Turkey dude. That was my first long beard, my first Turkey period going to school up there in college. And it was with this guy.

And I always think about that man. I could have. I could have said, man, crap on you. You go somewhere else. I was here first. I got this spot and shined my light at you, whatever. But instead we said, Hey, let's do this together, man. He was gracious enough to come alongside and call this bird for me. And and so yeah, man it started off, like I said, that's my first Turkey there and it came because we were working together, tag teaming instead of, fighting against each other and him trying to call.

He would've certainly called him off of me cuz he was a heck of a caller. And if he'd have set up across the ridge, old the mountain or whatever, he'd, it'd been just us going against each other. And so that's where it paid off. And man, I've thought back over the years, especially with Turkey, man, why not get together?

Why not get together and hang out, [00:29:00] have a big time, learn from each other and just tag team effort instead of fighting against each other on it. And just some benefits from that. And I learned so much from him and his calling, total Stranger man meeting there in the dark at four 30 in the morning.

But it worked out. And that's one of those public land stories, just a tag. Working together instead of fighting against each other. That's good stuff. Brody. Thanks so much for coming on, man. Absolutely. Good to be with you guys once again. We're doing this episode on ethics on public land, and as we're thinking about people who could potentially have a pretty interesting story to tell on this, you guys are among the top, right? Like y'all are doing this. , like you just said, y'all get to do this for a living. And you particularly, I think within this conversation we're gonna ask you to tell your greatest like the best and worst encounters you've had with other hunters on public land.

A guy with your hunting style that is just like all, you're every w m a's worst nightmare , right? Like you're [00:30:00] all over the place. And I'm sure that has probably been, you've probably gotten into some situations, but also you get into some situations where you get to meet some cool people. So Zach Farn, ball from the hunting public.

Would you share with us your best and worst experiences on public land with other hunters? Yeah, so I got a few that have been coming to mind here and I've really, I guess never had anything that has been, At least in recent years, nothing pops into my mind that has been really uncomfortable. I think for the most part, if I even begin to see that somebody's, grumpy about a situation or whatever, I just say, Hey, let's do something else.

To me, it's not worth arguing about it. I know that, there's another spot out there. So if I, if it's ever a deal where things get weird, I just bail and all [00:31:00] these stories. At least I think were are that. But the first one was there was this spot in really hilly terrain that we were going to Turkey hunt and it was me and my buddy Keith, and we got up super early and there was a trail that went way back into this piece, and I'm talking.

This isn't just a piece, this isn't like a corner where it runs into private. This is like tons of land. I would be willing to bet that it was thousands of acres with all kinds of ridges and terrain and where we were going in between the road that we accessed from, and I guess the next access point.

There really wasn't even a road that I guess ran parallel. It was like a road came in and then yet would have to cross a creek to come in from that way. So it's one of these deals where it's as long as there's nobody parked on this road, we should be fine. And We're d we were trying to [00:32:00] decide where to go in and there was a trail that ran from the road on top all the way back in there.

And we realized that instead of walking the whole trail, we could just park below the trail cut up and it would save us some distance. It would be a little bit uphill, but save us some distance, but to make sure nobody was there. We specifically drove past the access point where like the gated, trail was where most people would access.

And it was like there's nobody there. So we parked, and this isn't a matter of somebody pulled in there right after us and beat us in there. It was a deal where they must have been dropped off. But we walk up, get on the trail, and we're huffing it. It's well before daylight and we're going fast.

One of those deals where you're just trying to get ground covered to be able to, listen to a specific spot at daylight. and we're wa making our way back there and a headlight pops on. And I'm like, oh didn't expect that. And anyway, I walked back there and honestly, [00:33:00] I'm fully expecting to have the typical public land experience where it's Hey guys what's going on?

And it'd be pretty friendly ordeal, which is honestly the majority of 'em always has been. And right away you can tell there's like a di a little bit different. There's no friendly greeting. And again, I'm telling you guys this is tons of land where it's like, it would be so easy to just be like, yeah, we're gonna go like this back this direction on this ridge, if you guys are go wanting to go that way or whatever.

So basically I say something along the lines of Hey guys , where'd you guys park? We we didn't see anybody parked on the trailhead, and they just gave us this real standoff answer, didn't really say anything. And it was like, we, which direction are you guys planning on going?

And they just said we're hunting all this back here. And it was just like, pretty much at that point it's just I'm out. And I'm pretty sure that's what we did. It's like, all right guys, good luck and just bailed [00:34:00] out of there. And it's funny because we bail out and this was the covid year, so this would've been like March of 2020.

And we pull out of there and then, plan B doesn't play out, plan C. And the next thing you know, plan B and C, I think we listened from the road to where we knew there was some turkeys and didn't hear anything. And then we start driving, just looking for places to walk in. And it was one of these deals where it's just , every single pull off, there's people and it's just man, like we were hoping to walk back in there, put a little bit of extra effort into this spot and it just wasn't playing out.

And I'll be completely honest, I was definitely getting frustrated at the lack of options, now that, we were late and of course now we're late and everything's just not playing out. And finally we find this pull off where there's nobody there and there's a decent bit of land, but it runs into private.

And long story short, we [00:35:00] hear some birds, but they're over on the private. So we end up taking a finger ridge out to where we can set up like 80 yards away from the line. And there's one bird, he's probably 600 yards away from us, and there's another one that's 300 yards away from us, 400 probably.

and they're like way down across the valley, up on this private land. We can't get any closer here. And I don't like hunting this way when they're that far away. I wanna make a move. It's just the aggressive nature that I like to hunt. It's let's get up there. Keith and I set up and call and I think one of 'em responded a time or two.

But again, just so far that I'm like, this is irrelevant. It doesn't even matter. It's just this faint gobble. We fall asleep, probably an hour goes by and all of a sudden I'm feeling real groggy and just lethargic and all of a sudden I hear a gobble, but like a kind of a strange sounding gobble.

And then I hear wings batten and it's [00:36:00] outta sight 80, a hundred yards close to where I expect, that they're just about to cross onto public. Sure enough, I wake Keith up, we're sitting there and he gobbles one time and I never called again if I remember right, I don't think I ever called again.

Maybe I did. I guess it doesn't really matter. Regardless, bird comes in, shoot him and after all that it's like it works out in our favor. So I guess my dad always used to say, whenever something seems like it's going wrong, keep positive cuz like that's something good happens and that's exactly what happened that day.

So that sounds like to me if I'm hearing it right and I have so many of these situations that are pretty similar, right? It's like the bad day, the really bad day is usually the best day, yeah. Yep. . But it sounds like your best and worst happened.

That same cuz that is a cool, that's a really neat. Way like an public land was crowded with so many people that kind of directly affected your decision making.[00:37:00] And kind maybe forced you to stay in an area a little bit longer than you would've given it time originally. Yeah. I would've n first off, I was obviously never even gonna be in that spot.

Second off, I would've never been that patient had those turkeys been on private or public land. And yeah, I think just all of it planned together just goes to show that a positive attitude is more important than because we didn't have a positive attitude the whole time. But I do remember hearing those turkeys and finally just, finally finding the spot where there was nobody hunting.

And it was like, At least we have this, it's gonna be okay. Even if it doesn't work out today, there's gonna be tomorrow, then the next day and the next, it's it'll be fine. We're gonna hunt again. And I think it's easy. It's definitely easy for me in those situations to like in the short term, get worked up about something.

And I have a lot of energy and I'm very excited and I'm positive [00:38:00] a lot of the time, but that doesn't mean that I don't have my, frustrating Yeah. Moments as well. The thing that I think is lucky for me is I do turn them around quickly so I can be really angry and frustrated and whatever, but then it's just 20 minutes, I'm fine again.

And I think that's, I don't let things linger for too long, but I definitely have my waves, war boys jokes cuz like, Zach's just up and down. It's like just really extreme waves when I'm frustrated about something. For the most part, if you can keep that positive attitude, it works in your favor.

That's that's good to, I'm actually, I think because you said that I like you more Zack about your waves because like from just somebody looking in, I'm like, how can you be that positive all the dang time? Cuz I know, I, so it's nice to hear you say Nope, actually I do get upset. , yo. I definitely do.

And I think that it's, my, my friends that I hunt with a lot, they would [00:39:00] definitely say, yeah, I have a quick. A quick turnaround one way or the other. Like I can be smiling and happy in one second and then growled, at something the next second, and then right back to happy. It's just, it's all, it's been my whole life.

I can snap it on, snap it off, I can do it on purpose if I want, for that matter. But it's pretty, it's a, it is a, it's unique, I would say unique. It is personality, yeah. Type where it's like, again, for the most part, I can stay pretty positive, but man, you know how it is though. It's just like some, something starts, you start thinking about something too much.

Or like a good example would be I shot a didn't shoot him. I missed a buck in South Dakota last year, 2021, and I was, I turned to Keith and I high five him. I'm like, that was awesome. And it was, . But then as the day went on, I definitely had my two hours later, then I'm [00:40:00] sitting there thinking about it.

I'm like, man, I might have just made a better shot. And then you start letting it, and then I'm , but then an hour later I'm back to Yeah. Happy again. So yeah, I can totally be like totally bipolar when it comes to public hunting. Because on one hand, like if I drive by a W M A, like if I'm not even hunting and I see a truck parked there, I'm like, man, I hope that dude goes and kills one.

That's awesome. But if I go in that same WMA to go find a spot, I'm like, that s o b is in that exact spot I wanted to go to . Yeah. And I think it was I think it was Ronella that said there's two kinds of people in the world. . There's the people in your party or in your group and those sobs over there,

Yeah. Those are the two different kinds of people. That's what I think about all the time when I go to public hunting land, yeah, there's the people in my group and then those sobs, I hope they just get outta my way cuz I'm such a hypocrite, . They're all the same. They're all the same.

Every, other than the guys in my group now. Yeah. Everyone else didn't listen to any podcasts and they don't understand [00:41:00] going deep. They walk in with the wind at their back, like that's , that's everyone else. . Oh yeah dude. And it's funny too, cuz I have this thing where, talk about hypocritical.

I don't . I'll say it because I want everybody to know that I'm totally joking when I say this, but I always pick on I'll always pick a state like at the time and I'll just like pick on that one state cuz they're guys that are traveling. So like the one that I do all the time in deer season is there's some Wisconsin guy.

Yeah. Oh yeah. We pulled up and sure enough some Wisconsin guys pulled up there. Cause because Wisconsin guys are always out traveling and hunting, which is super cool. And that's how Arkansas guys are in the south. That's what I was about to, I was about say too, especially during Turkey season, like it's always the Arkansas guys that are causing all the problems.

Yep. Turkey season blame not an Arkansas guy. Oh yeah, sw Arkansas guy came and bumped them off the roof. They barely got any turkeys over there. You can't blame 'em for, but I don't, but I don't mean that either because here I am the non-resident everywhere. I'm only [00:42:00] ever on about two weeks of hunting in the state that, I'm a resident in every year anyway.

So it's I don't actually mean that, I just think it's funny and mostly funny because it's ironic cuz I'm such a hypocrite for saying those things, . But yeah, the Wisconsin guys get the bad heat and the, depending on where I'm at. Because if you're out like in the west, Wisconsin, Minnesota, everywhere, and then it's yeah, if you're down south it's the Arkansas guy.

And then if you're a New York, it's Vermont, , New Hampshire, whatever. It's just so you can just pick on whatever state you want. So if you ever hear me doing that in the background or like making that joke in the video that's the joke is that I'm, I think it's funny cuz it's ironic and people, some people probably don't ever pick it up.

They just think heck actually saw Wisconsin man, Zach's man, Zach really hates Wisconsin guys. , I'm sure that gets misread all the time or funny stuff like that, but Zach, we wanna respect your time, man. We're being real quick on these ones, but I thought that was great man. [00:43:00] I really appreciate you coming on and Yeah.

I know you've got some changes happening this spring, right? We're not gonna see you nearly as much. Yeah. At least for the next I'd say month for sure. I have surgery tomorrow morning on my knee man, I'll be honest, I'm pretty nervous about it. I've never had a. I shouldn't say never.

I had some small surgeries that I went under for like my wisdom teeth. My tonsils one, but the tonsils one, I don't even remember. Yeah. Wisdom teeth, I barely remember at this point. Yeah. So I'm, I'll be honest I'm pretty nervous and I'm like, been doing all the physical therapy things like, every day, making sure I get all that done and working really hard at trying to get back and, I guess that's really all I can do.

And as far as that goes, it's I sent to you in the text. It's like doing the type of stuff. I like doing. You're always risking getting hurt. And whether that's hunting or I was skiing when I did this, but like whether it's [00:44:00] hunting or skiing or hiking or running or whatever it may be, I just have always had in the back of my mind, there's a really good chance, dude, at some point you're gonna hurt yourself and you're gonna have to miss a season.

And that's gonna have to just be okay. And I think because I have that mentality for so long now that it's here, it's helped for sure. And I also know that opens up different opportunities. And if I keep that in mind, I think, it'll all be it is. Okay. I, the biggest problem is I can't go do the things I want to, which is an escape from the everyday sitting inside sitting at the computer.

But we'll get back soon enough, . Heck yeah, man. Thanks for coming on Adrian, man. Thanks for joining the podcast.

Brother, glad to be here. Cool, man. Hey, we've all had a good, and probab not everyone's had a good experience with other hunters on public land, but I can guarantee you that [00:45:00] anyone that has hunted public land for any amount of time has had a bad experience with other hunters. So we wanted to bring you on tonight and just y you've hunted public land for a lot of years.

Tell us about a good and a bad experience with other hunters on public land. Just give us a story, man, and how that all went down. If you could talk to me. You want good or bad First? Let's do bad. More I The bad. More. More. Good. All right. Alright. So I've got way more good than bad.

Pub and hunting is amazing and few Determined to take that route. You can put yourself in a phenomenal situation to be on a lot of birds or deer if you're deer hunting. But okay let's start with the bad. This was actually early on in my public hand, public, excuse me, public land experience.

I was set up after scouting birds, watching them roost the night before I was with a buddy. And we made some mistakes here, so I'll take some the [00:46:00] brun of some of the negativity. But we decided to hide our vehicles so nobody would know where we were actually hunting at.

So that's not necessarily a good thing on Poland because if other hunters see your vehicles, they'll like more than likely make a decision on to keep going or to hunt around you, whatever. We were on a actually a small parcel and we thought it was limited to our own knowledge and not a lot of other hunters knew about it.

So that's why we decided to hide our VE vehicles. So we set up, we'd watched these birds previously the corner of a small field. We watched these birds roost from that field and fly up. And so the next morning we were on the other side of the field and from our homework, we've watched them walk stray across from us.

So anyway, we set up and we had two guys walk [00:47:00] in just at first light and I whistled at 'em. They were within 15 yards. They had no clue we were there. Once I whistled they acknowledged that they saw us, and they bottom line is they said, look, we know you guys are here and we're here to hunt birds.

And they proceeded to walk across the field that we were expecting the birds to fly down to and shoot them out of the trees. Obviously it's legal, but frowned upon to do that. And we cut out, we decided to leave and get out there. My buddy was like, hey these guys let's, we'll stay here and see what they do.

And I was pretty angry. I'm Nonconfrontational. I don't want to Have any kind of negativity, I guess is what I'm looking for. And these guys shut birds off the roost based on where we were sitting at. And they knew that [00:48:00] we were hunting these birds. And they said that they've driven an hour and a half, give or take to hunt birds, and they decided to walk across the field and shoot them out of the trees.

So that was it. Like I, I had such a angry and bad taste in my mouth that I needed to leave. I didn't wanna see what they came away with. I have no clue. They could have missed. They might not have shot a single bird, but the respect factor of, we beat them to the punch regardless of.

It was their spot or not. We were there. They knew it, and they walked across the field and shot the birds out of the tree, I'm assuming just based on what transpired. And I was very disappointed. Obviously I know it's hunting pub public lands, but sportsmanship prevails for me.

I know not everybody's gonna do as I do or think like I think, but it was a definite [00:49:00] slap in the face. A couple things, man. First of all you mentioned in the beginning that you didn't have you haven't had many negative interactions on public land. And as Parker and I talked about guests to bring on and we talked about you, I said, I bet Adrian has not had many negative experiences because of the type of guy he is.

Because he's very not just overly laid back, I think he's not out there to create confrontation and he's out there for all the right reasons. And I bet he hasn't had many negative experiences. But when somebody comes in and just blasts a bird out of a gobbler out of the tree, there ain't much you can do about that.

That's just, that's piss poor a sportsmanship, yeah. Obviously it, it's definitely legal. It's there's no question about that. They, here in Tennessee especially hang on a second. If they call from a tree to a tree, right? That's legal in Tennessee, they gotta the gobbler has to Yeah.

Move from one tree to the other tree, and then it's legal to shoot it out of the [00:50:00] tree. And you at this point are speaking on things that I don't even know. It is, my, my knowledge is no. And I believe that my knowledge is birds in the tree and he's there. I in legal shooting hours, you can shoot that bird.

That's my extent. And I've never done that. I would never do that anyway. I want them to hit to hit the ground. So maybe that's where my missed knowledge, I guess is, but once that bird hits the ground he's pregame for me. Legal or not? That's just ethics for me. I'd recommend anybody don't shoot a tree.

Don't do it legal or not, just don't do it. It's kinda ethically, can you use decoys or not decoys? I've done both and killed Bert. It depends on the person and their demeanor and what they think based on that. But yeah I'm not su I've never, and I will not shoot a bird out of the tree regardless.

All right, man. We need to back up for [00:51:00] one second. And I think you said why, but like, why in the world do you guys hide your vehicles? I want five vehicles out there at the gate. Keep people outta here. I wanna let, as many people know that this is crowded, don't come here.

Why? Why were you guys hiding your vehicles? I'm just curious. Very blown up publicly. And we are trying to hide the fact that we are, theres and our thought process is if people are seeing our vehicle, cause I'm not one to park in the main parking spot, like I'm not going to the big lush parking lot where everybody parks to go kill their deer or Turkey or whatever.

I'm typically finding an alternate route that's going to suit me and what I'm after. We out fought, we out, fought ourselves here. We didn't win by fifth. And that actually burned us. And that's the, you have it at the same time. Like guys that are unethical. [00:52:00] I don't know what else to say there.

They're unable for going to shoot those birds off the limb, even though they knew we were on these birds. They said, Hey, we're here to hunt. And we came from X amount of miles away. We're here to kill. And I, there's so many things I would've done differently on this hunt. This was really early on, on in my, and I would've changed so many things just knowing what I know now.

Let's pivot for a second. Give us a story where you've had a really good experience on public land with other hunters you've ran into. Oh that's easy. With Turkey hunting, obviously they're gobbling. I have bumped or other hunters have bumped me in the process of getting after a gobbling burnt, and we have double teamed, like at, I'm there to kill.

I [00:53:00] am. That's why we're there. But like my nature as a person is to help other hunters, other people. And I've run into many this isn't just one instance. I've run into many hunters that are willing to cooperate, or that's maybe even a bad word, cooperate. Willing to. Collab. Yes.

There you go. Third Parker. Great word, col. Collaborate. At the end of the day we're there to have fun and to kill things. And so I take a lot of joy out of other hunters being able to harvest their deer, Turkey, whatever. And I've had a lot of good experiences where I've shown up and another hunter comes in or I'm there and I think I'm out of the way cause I've parked x amount of yards or miles away and we end up on the same and we formulate a plan to to kill [00:54:00] the bird.

I've been on both ends of that. Like I've had other hunters that have killed the bird and then there's times that I've killed the bird. And at the end of the day it's a great feeling. There's nothing light for me. To be a part of a kill, whether I've done it or somebody else else has.

And we've put together a plan and we've executed and we've killed the bird. And it doesn't matter if it's me or somebody else like it it's, for me, it's a great feeling. Oh, man, I appreciate it. You're honestly, you're one of the better guys that I've ever met in the woods in the hunting industry, whatever you wanna say.

So just overall, man, Adrian you're a good dude, so I appreciate what you do, what you stand for, and I'm sure like if we were to run in each other and you were, shooting the birds, it would probably be a decent interaction like you have. Yeah, it, it would, I love shooting Adam's birds.

If I know [00:55:00] where they're at, you do, I'll go kill them all. , go kill one. You now, Adam Birds outta tree . I love like I, I get great joy just thinking about right now, I'm so giddy knowing that, hey, this is Adam Bird. He spotted it, he knows where it's at. I went and killed it and then that night I get to go camp in my tent next to Parker McDonald and we have a fantastic fun.

Fantastic fire, and it's just, the camaraderie is amazing. Really quick story. Last year, I think it's I don't know, early May, mid-May, I'd been after like one or two gobblers and the just hanging out in the same field. I got so close to one gobbler. I called him up 300 yards away. He had roosted down by the river.

I had, I was very under, very short amount of time. So anyways, I didn't make a move on him. I was like, Hey, I'm gonna, I'm gonna call a couple times this bird. Just see what happens. This dogone bird comes across a field, hooks up with a hen, ends up circling around I [00:56:00] can hear this thing spitting and drumming the hen four yards away and I don't get a shot at this gobbler.

And then the next, the very, a couple of days later, Parker texts me or calls me and says, man I don't know how to tell you this, but I'm pretty sure Adrian just shot your gobbler . And I was like, what? And I ended up calling you and we talked about it and sure enough you had, and then I think one of your buddies had went in and killed the other one.

I was like that gum I called your buddy up and I said, Amanda, is there any birds left over there? And he said, I think there's one. I was like, oh my gosh, I'm just gonna let 'em go . So I thought that was good, man, but if anybody's gonna kill my turkeys, I'm glad it's you, Adrian. I appreciate that.

But truth be told, we had no clue we were even hunting the same area. And Catman and I went in I killed one on say a Saturday. He goes on Sunday and then talking to Parker about the terrain. And we realized that we were in the same area and At first I had a little negative feeling about [00:57:00] it, but then when I heard it was Adam's bird, that he was, after like half of the season, I could not be more pumped because I I'm not one to steal, but I was so glad I stole your bird.

I tell you what, you know what? Honestly, I could have wrote a book about that bird. I honestly could have . I tell you what Adrian, you almost gave Adam a comment that like, if there's the fact that Adam couldn't kill that bird made it that much more special because that had to have been a really smart bird

I literally have him spit in drumming 10 yards away and didn't kill him. Like he just was a thorn in my side. Thorn I'm serious. 10 stinking yards. If that was actually your bird, which there it could be. There was, there were three bird, there were there, there were three birds in there.

There was a bird that was in like hours cat that killed mine. He was spit drumming bird. Yeah. So we actually gave them [00:58:00] names and there was three birds in there that we like within a 300 yard radius I guess. And we set up on one and he was spitting and drumming like crazy. We have video of it and neither one of us killed that bird.

And then I I crawled on that bird that filled bird a couple hours later I guess. And then the next day cat Maring got on one, but we're talking public land. Like anytime you can get in there and execute and put yourself in a situation, had the experience of spitting and drumming, gobbling the whole shebang, thinking amazing.

It's what it's all about. Dude and Adrian, man, when I brought you on, I failed to like, give your entire name and I failed to tell, the audience listening how to find you. This is Adrian Wilson. Can give the audience a way to find you on Instagram or any other places you might want 'em to connect with you?

Sure. So I'm a big a sports on [00:59:00] Instagram. I do a little work with tethered and lik outdoors. Always looking for a good time in the outdoors whether it's hunting or just nature inclined. Parker and Adam. Have all that nailed down. So just happy to be a part of the podcast and what you guys are appreciating.

Man, we appreciate you coming on. Truly appreciate it, sir.

Appreciate you guys. Adam Parker. Let's hook up some boys. Parker man, that I know. That was a lot of work. We had three different episodes, over four or five recordings, but that was a lot of fun, man. We had three individuals that are just like good guys. That I think probably put ethics first and just being good human beings above everything else.

So that was a lot of fun. Yeah. And after, after the whole show, I realized we actually did get three really good dudes that would [01:00:00] always make the right decision. Yeah. I think maybe next time we should find. Like the one guy that you probably know in your group that always is gonna make the bad decision , and just say Hey, you're gonna be our, you're gonna be our punching bag on this episode.

we're gonna talk about you on our outro. We're gonna say, all right. Zach, Adrian Brody. They were like, great guys, but this one, dude, , don't do that. Don't do that. The example of what you don't wanna be, no, but these guys, they were all, man I felt like one, one common theme that I see with the people that are like this is, it always works out better, more to their advantage.

Like Zach's interview, he talked about having a negative interaction and then would often killed a bird, right? Yeah. Killed a bird that day. Sometimes hunter pressure and you have this game plan. You wanna be in this one spot whenever somebody is in there, sometimes making the move.

Is the best decision. And so that's why I always feel like I joke about it a lot. I say it's in God's hands now. , or Let the spirit lead you. [01:01:00] But Billy it, that's kinda what it is. Everybody has those stories when everything's going wrong. It always seems like that's the day that it all comes together.

And it's because you, it forces you to get out of your box and get outta your comfort zone. That's the only thing I think if we would do that more on a regular basis. Yeah. Get out of our comfort zone. Sometimes these inter interactions, these public land, somebody's at the trailhead that you wanted to be at, whatever.

Yeah. Sometimes that's what it takes to force you into those good spots, and so I'm, I really hope people enjoyed this. But more than that, I hope that, I hope it has some influence and impact in the way that people hunt the future. Yeah I'm with you like that last point you just made.

If we can encourage others to treat each other with more respect out there in the woods I think that'll go a long way just for Turkey hunting culture overall. I don't care if you're reaping, if you're using decoys or if you're just out there where you're shotgun and flannel on let's treat each [01:02:00] other like the way that you want to be treated.

And I think that's gonna go a long way, man. Overall my goal out of this is just everyone walks away and treats each other. One treats each other. One treat, man, I can't get that one out. Treats everyone the way they wanna be treated. The old golden rule, I was on repeat

I'm with you though, man. I think that's the thing that's it like, Treat each other with respect. And you will you will see benefit from it. Absolutely. Absolutely. I can pro good stuff, man. I appreciate it. And go out there and go find me some turkeys to kill this weekend.

How about that? Hey, we gonna try, I'm gonna be selling, I'm gonna be selling pins. We got three days to scout. Just because our plan didn't really work out all that well. The original plan was to go hunt private land in South Florida that's open right now, but that kind of fell through last minute, like last minute.

So now we're we scrambled And you know what, I'm pumped up. We got three days to scout. [01:03:00] That's gonna put us in a really good spot this weekend. Yeah. So I'm excited. Did that, did I hear you say that's gonna put me like Adam in a really good spot? , I said us literally. Oh. Oh. You're included. I just wanna make sure I'm included in us.

I'm just trying myself. A wise man once told me everything has a price. So . Hey brother. I hear that for sure. Man, this was fun. This is a lot of fun. Parker. Let's all right, I'll see you this weekend, brother. Sounds good. Hey, man. To all the listeners, thanks again for listening to the podcast, right?

This is a new thing for us. Yep. We're excited about it. I'm really truly appreciative of every person that's turned on this thing. It gives us a motivation to to keep it going. I'm excited about this Turkey season, seeing where this thing goes. Absolutely. Tell your buddies about it while they were driving to their spot.

Turn on Limb. Hangar les's. Listen. Absolutely. Gopel Gobel.[01:04:00]

Hey, thanks for listening to the Limb Hanger Turkey Hunting podcast. Hope you tune in next week for another great conversation about our favorite bird of Woods as the Wild Turkey. We'll talk to you guys next week.