Logging and Property Layout

Show Notes

In Part 2 of the logging conversation Josh Streichert (JWS Logging) and Jon Teater (Whitetail Landscapes) discuss the process and issues they experience on the job sites. Jon explains the building blocks to a successful environment, and how-to bring changes to your hunting property in a larger way. Josh explains the payment process and gets into user questions on evaluating timber quality, scaling and selling timber, stumpage prices and estimating timber volume.

Josh discusses the timeframe for harvesting timber and methods he uses to sell and get the landowner the most value. Josh and Jon explain failures that they experienced in the field. Jon discusses the importance of soil, hydrology, and rutting hazards that can impact a job negatively. Josh discusses the differences in equipment and the potential side effects of various equipment options.

Josh and Jon go into detail on how to set up a hunting property, while considering timber. Both explain how to implement the property plan and consider the difficulties that might be experienced when working through the process of layout and harvesting. Josh explains his process of setting up logging roads, access trails, maintenance of trails and food plot locations.  Jon discusses silvicultural soil scarification and the related benefits. Josh explains how not to damage trees while transporting to the landing sites. Josh explains when to clean up the logging trails and method to evaluate tree volume.

Show Transcript