Logging and Timber Sales 101

Show Notes

In this podcast Josh Streichert (JWS Logging) and Jon Teater (Whitetail Landscapes) discuss the importance of logging on the landscape. Josh explains how he sets the bar high when it comes to his clients and how the changes on the landscape can improve deer habitat, hunting, and other woodlot considerations. Josh breaks down the key considerations to hiring a logger or forester. Jon and Josh discuss timber sales and what strategy they employ when they set up bedding areas for deer.

Josh explains some basic and more in-depth strategies when it comes to client goals and what landowners need to do to establish trust when hiring a professional to cut their timber. Josh explains what landowners normally perceive as the most important aspect to hiring a logger or forester. Josh and Jon go through the steps a landowner should take to get a logger under contract and how to evaluate their own woodlot.

Josh discusses what trees to cut first, and his tactic to sustain timber across a property. Josh discusses the state of the timber market and where he expects it to go in the near term. Josh explains his most preferred time to cut timber. Jon and Josh discuss the buying and payment contract options that are used and the positives and negatives to either option.

Show Transcript