Long Distance Hunting Buddies

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On this episode of The Nomadic Outdoorsman Dan talks with Cole Bushore and Nick Matthias about their podcast, social channels and hunting the midwest to the Rocky Mountains.

Cole and Nick grew up in the midwest and have been hunting since they were very young. They would  chase everything from deer to ducks and squirrels. Since graduating Nick moved out to Montana and Cole was able to join him this year for his first western hunt. Nick and Cole may live in different locations but they love getting together for hunts and to talk about their hunts on their podcast Jumping The String. Dan, Cole and Nick talk about just how different it is hunting the midwest vs the west.

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[00:00:00] All right guys. Welcome to you today's show and joining me on the show. Today. I've got two buddies that they grew up together, they love to hunt together. They started a podcast in a YouTube channel, and they live in different parts of the country now. So we're gonna dissect that, what that looks like, how their hunts differ from one another, but then also the hunts that they enjoy doing together.

So I'm really excited to have both Nick Mathias and Cole busk on the podcast today, and we're gonna jump right into this one.

Like he was doing things that were just badass. That was one of the coolest moments of my life. I was really scared, but knowing that Dan had the gun, I did have the rifle, like we would be okay.

All right guys. Welcome to you today's show. And on the show today is Nick Mathias and Cole Busk. And these guys have a YouTube channel, a podcast [00:01:00] called Jumping the String. Now, let me get this right, Nick, you're in Montana. And Cole, you're in Indiana, right? Correct. That's right. So how did you guys come about starting a podcast together?

Did you know each other long before starting a podcast or did you guys meet at like a show or how'd that play out? Yeah go ahead. Yeah, I'll take this one. Cole and I grew up pretty much same small town. Went to school together, church together, orthodontists together Dennis together.

We somehow ended up going to everything together since we were like six years old. Same friend, group, same everything. Got. He grew up hunting his whole life. Pretty much. I got into it a little later in life in my later teens. But hunting and fishing together and shooting guns and partying in small town Indiana.

And then I moved west about five years ago and he's still out [00:02:00] there. And I've been wanting to start a podcast for a couple years. I think I started thinking about in 2017, finally started it in 2021 and got it off the ground. Now we do this long distance podcast where we just kinda average Joe's talking about hunting and fishing and love the outdoors.

And just love to chat with each other about it and whoever listens. Nick, are you big into Western hunting now? Like coming from Indiana? There's not a lot of other big game aside from. whitetail and I don't know, do you guys have a bear season there? Oh yeah. Yeah. It was it was an interesting transition.

I pretty much had no experience hunting out west. Just moved out here cause I wanted to start hunting big game and everything. All self-taught Western big game hunting, which is insane. Had a couple of good mentors, a lot of YouTube videos and just a lot of trial and error.

A lot of spooking animals mis [00:03:00] shots. And yeah, it's been it's been a wild ride, but slowly but surely getting the feel of it. And it's been awesome. We've had a lot of successful seasons out here, so it's been awesome. Are you are you chipping away at Cole trying to get him to move out there with you or what?

Yeah, it's got him about 87% there, I'd say. And I'm dang, 87%. Man. You're close, dude. . Yeah, I'm sure. You're about to start looking for places to live. Yeah, I am. I'm 87% of myself. The rest of that 13% is my wife. That's what I'm working on. I keep sending her videos of girls walking out on the front porch with their coffee in the morning and looking over like snowy mountains or like a great mountains with some good foliage going up.

I'm like, man, this could be us. She goes, man, that looks beautiful. I'm like, yeah, let's, whenever you want to go. I'm willing to go because I don't know if Nick said when you're talking before I got on was I actually [00:04:00] got to go out there this past year and man, it was like, it was cra like I, I've been out west and I've been to Colorado, Utah.

Where else have I been? Montana now. Arizona? Yeah, now Montana. And then like that, like tops it, that was it. Like after that I'm like, this is what I'm talking about. Because Colorado, I go to visit family. I've never been hunting, but like hunting out west was a game changer. It was, I was very nervous because coming from Indiana

Uhoh, like seeing family but not back,

I was okay. It ended up being okay. I got a couple wins that I had to like, take a breather, but most of it was was better than I. [00:05:00] I was very nervous about getting altitude sickness cuz we were, we stayed out in the mountains for a couple days and I was hoping I wasn't at the telling Nick that I had the chicken out because I was getting altitude sickness.

Dude, it's no joke man. That brings people down hard. But yeah, I've, no there's a company, I don't, it might just be called oh two, but basically it's a can, like a compressed can of air of oxygen really with a little mask on it and you can just put it over your face and get like good oxygen, like really rich oxygen.

Yeah. And help with that. And I saw it on Shark Tank of all places, but as soon as I did I was like, that's brilliant for western hunting, especially, coming from the Midwest. It's a whole different ballgame. Yeah. Cuz it You live in Missouri? Yeah, I'm in Missouri. And. It's probably maybe around a thousand feet of elevation here.

But then going out west, [00:06:00] sometimes I'm hunting 8,000 feet, sometimes I'm hunting 12,000 feet. So it's anybody's guess. Yeah. I always tell people when they come out to if you're coming for a seven day hunt, do everything you absolutely cann to make it a 10 day hunt so you have time on the front end to get ready, give yourself, one night at 3,500, 4,000 feet or whatever, and then get yourself up to that 7 89, whatever.

Yeah. Yeah. That makes, it makes sense to just take your time because it, it's difficult because coming from outta. Going to the west, it's a big trip already. And so then to plan a few days ahead of that in order to go out and get acclimated, that can be a real challenge and a real struggle for people.

But it is worth it if it means that you're actually gonna be able to get out there and enjoy your hunt and not not kill yourself, not have to be medevaced off the mountain. Yeah. Cole had a rough go [00:07:00] cuz he had to drive. It's basically 24 hours. I'm pretty sure he set the land speed record for coming out from Indiana, Montana.

Pretty much drove straight through on nothing but caffeine and Red Bull and Hope and . He got out here, he crashed for six hours and then we were up on the mountain at seven next day. He was a champ. He was tired, but he was getting after it. It was awesome. Yeah. What was that like, Cole? Having to drive that far and then jump, I get it.

The first day of the hunt, like you're jacked. It, you never get enough sleep leading up to that day. No. But your adrenaline carries you. It's like the days following that really start to take a toll. Yeah, no cuz we were like we were supposed to have a buddy that was supposed to come with us.

He was gonna fly from North Carolina to Chicago and I was gonna pick him up on the way cuz I had to go that way anyway from Indiana. But his dad ended up getting real sick, so he wasn't able to make it. [00:08:00] So I was like, oh boy, this is gonna, this is gonna be a fun 24 hour trip by myself.

No. We thought we, the other, we thought the trip was over and then Cole's I'm doing it. . Yeah, . Cause Nick was like, if you still wanna come, Cole, I was like, oh, I'm coming. I'm like, I'm, I already got, I got my gear. I've already got the time off. I'm like I'm doing this no matter what. And yeah, I left at 5:00 PM on a Thursday and I got there by 9, 9 30 Friday night.

Dang. So I took like a two hour nap and then that was really it. And then I got there, the Nick's house. And I was still like, when you get there, you're still then you're like driving. You're like, oh man I'm not gonna make it. And then I get there, I'm like, oh, I'm ready to go. Let's, I'm, let's get on the mountain now.

And then the next [00:09:00] day we went to the gun range and then we went up for a hunt and I felt like it started to take a toll on me, probably. Probably three or four days in I'm like, man, this is he's oh, we're gonna hike up here. I'm like, damn man, that's a long way. Maybe we could find , something sugar.

And I'm like, you know what, no, I'm out here. I only got so many days out here. Let's do it. So it was, and then I drove home. I was planning on stopping cause I had a dough tag in Eastern Montana that was good for opening day of gun season. And that was a Saturday. So I left Friday night, Friday morning.

And I was gonna plan on finding a, like getting out to Eastern Montana cuz Nick's on the western side. I was gonna plan on getting to Eastern Montana and finding some public ground. And I was gonna hunt Saturday morning till like noon. And then I was gonna drive home my. On my way home. My d my wife texted me and said, Hey, Marley, that's my black lab.

She's she's not doing good. [00:10:00] She's throwing up all the time and she's hasn't been eating. She goes, I dunno, what's wrong with her? I'm like, oh man. I was like, and she's seven, not too old, but old enough, worse health risk could be involved. Involved. Yeah. So I was like maybe I just, I better just get home.

I ended up just driving straight 24 hours home, so I did again, and I, again, so I, and I actually beat my time by 10 minutes on the way home. Geez, man. That's insane. Yeah. Yeah, I figure we myself I'm building the sh I'm building the shop and I'm gonna get cold out here to do my electrical for me.

And we're gonna time it right for Turkey season. So that should push him over the edge. He should be moved in and have his residency before archery season. . See, the nice thing about Turkey hunting is, it's not typically an all day affair, like western big game hunting is. It is for some people.

Some people do the morning and evening thing, [00:11:00] but I like to hunt all day when I'm Western hunting. Yeah. But yeah, Turkey hunting, dude, you'll get out there and you'll hit a bird right away, then you're gonna be good and you can wire up a whole shop. . Yep. No, I've, it's funny, I've done this before.

We got a, that buddy that's supposed to come with us, he lives in North Carolina and he needed a generator hooked up. And I'm like, he's I don't wanna pay anybody out here. I'd much rather pay you. I was like, all right, I'll. , you pay for my gas and pay for the stuff and I'll do it for free.

I'll just drive out there and stay with you for a couple days. So I wired the generator in one day and then he took me on three days of fishing trips. Dang. I think that's a good I think that's a good compromise, dude, that's a great business strategy right there. Hey, I'll come out and do it, and then we go on hunt and fish and then it's all under the business side of things.

Yeah, I feel like we could really turn it into something I saw. I may have already mentioned this on the podcast to somebody else, but I [00:12:00] saw a pretty funny thing the other day, and it was like, police officer said that he would basically, for 400 bucks, him and his buddies would show up in uniform, in squad cars, arrest you, take you to jail, tell your wife absolutely nothing.

And then he would drop you off at the airport. You could go fishing or hunting for the week, and then the next week he would bring you back home and release you or he'd put you in a jail cell, call her, and then she could come pick you up. And no question. It is all a big misunderstanding. Yeah. Hey, this is all, it's our fault, our bad.

And the guy's in a super good mood the whole time. Yeah. Talk about a good business plan. is a good business adventure. I'd be down to do that too. I'd be like, sorry. Sorry baby. I got arrested. I'll they're supposed to release me in a couple days I'll be out when I can. . Yeah. I'll explain everything.

Yep. I'll explain everything in five days. In five days, it's like, why did you leave a jail cell with 35 pounds of meat? I'm like, ah, [00:13:00] yeah, this is just what they gave me, . This is just what they gave me. That's awesome. Okay let's jump to Nick. Nick, what does your hunting look like out in Montana now?

And then I'd like to hear Cole, what you're into back home in Indiana, and then obviously some of your trips and what those have looked like. Wait, I'm gonna back up before that, I wanna know how this trip went that you went on 24 hours driving straight there, 24 hours straight back. How is the trip in between?

The trip was great. Like I said, the first day we went to the gun range, made sure our guns were on point. I should really start off the trip with, so Nick told me to put in for General Elk and General Mule Deer. and offer for bull and buck. He's and cow elk. It's 80 and cow elk. He's it's like an 85% chance of you getting it.

I'm like, he's just do the whole bundle. I'm like, okay. So I did that and[00:14:00] then I got something back, said I didn't get in. I'm like, okay, dang. I'm like, what's I'm like, so I'm like, so I'm the 15% that was unlucky. I'm like, okay. Nick, I'm still like, I'm still buying gear. What can I still come out there to do?

Cause I already have the days off, I still wanna come out there and do this. And he's you could put in for antelope mule deer dough, another cow elk and a whitetailed dough. And I was like, okay, I'll do that. All I got. Was a whitetail dough. I could shoot one of those in my backyard.

He's you could still come out for a whitetailed dough if you want to. I was like, I will. But it is there any good like overthe counter options, I I'll just do about anything to get out there. He is you get, get a fall bear tag. I'm like, that's cool with me.

And he's might as well get a wolf tag too, if we see one. I'm like, okay. So I buy that over the counter. I have to do, oh, before I [00:15:00] do that, I gotta do the bear identification course. It's like a 30 question course on, is this a black bear, grizzly black bear, G Grizzly. Oh yeah. So I missed one. I don't know how I missed one, but I guess I missed one.

They threw a couple werewolves in there.

Bigfoot. , the whole like couple months ahead of time. Nick's sent me all there's having a lot of wild wildfires. He went out opening the elk and he said it was the smokiest he's ever had the hunting. He goes, he couldn't, he is like, it was like a fog. I'm like, oh man. Hopefully every, he's everything should be good by the time you get here.

I'm like, okay. And then a couple weeks before, he's everything looks good. Weather looks good. I'm like, perfect. And then we get out there and I had bears picked out for you. Yeah, a couple of bears on trail cams. He send me Snapchats of bears, like off the side of like the logging roads up in the mountains of my Yeah.

And I'm just getting jacked now. I'm like, oh yeah first, first day bear. Then we'll, then we'll go, [00:16:00] I'll go buy like a extra tag or something. And you know what, oh cuz they have fall turkeys. Like I'll buy extra couple extra Turkey tags, we'll have a good time. And this was our, real quick, this was our downfall.

We're like, we're gonna get this Montana bear so quick we can run to Idaho, pick up one of there over the counter tags and then hunt bear over there. Oh man. Yeah, so we were count counting our trophies before we hatched, which is a bad idea. I don't, we should have done that, but I was just jacked up okay, like we don't have bears around here.

I'm like, this is gonna be so cool. So of course I get out there and it's the hottest October if they've had in 22 years. It was 75 80 during the day, and then it still got cold at night. But there was, we saw plenty of fresh bear sign all over the place. It was, there was bear scat everywhere, especially on this one side of the mountain that we stayed on.

This was our second mistake. [00:17:00] Yeah, we stayed right where the bear scat was, which was probably not a good idea, but it was a perfect I'll just send you a picture down. It was a perfect overview of a whole, like huge mountainside, a good ravine where they could go down and get water. They had, we had fresh berries over here.

It was like a bear paradise, but of course it was, just too hot during the day for those to be out. And yeah, this is where the trip really got to me was that first night we hiked three and a half miles up, 2000 feet of elevation. We had to bring in a camp stove so we could stay warm.

So we had a game cart that we had to push up the mountain. Because, and then I, and I weigh overpacked. I've, I've always said don't over pack, don't overpack. I'm like, oh, I want this. My pack had to be at least 70 pounds. Horrible. You left the, we left the we left the trail.

And I'm like, Cole? I'm like, we can try this, man. But you look like a yard sale right now. Already. We didn't even started it yet. . And I'm like, I'll I think I'll be all right. And then [00:18:00] my, I pushed the game cart first and I'm like, Ooh, boy, this is my first day. This is, this could be a rough stuff in days,

We finally got there, took us about an hour and a half, probably two hours. What'd you say, Nick? Probably about that time. Yeah. We got up there probably we started, we went up glass a little bit. Probably took us three or four total with a couple stops, but we were hunting about an hour or two.

Yep. So we got there and this. Logging road hasn't been used for 20 something years. So there's overgrown trees and stuff. And then we see bear scat, and I'm like, oh, this is perfect. So we set up camp there, and that night we got that fire going in there. I got in a, my sleeping bag and it was just like lights out instantly unconscious, instant, like as soon as that, as soon as that warmth hit me from the fire I was out.

And then Nick, unfortunately, when he went to go stok the fire, he [00:19:00] rolled his pad over on his knife and it poked a hole in his pad. So he stomped all the way to the ground. Oh, no. So he's just laying on the ground, so he's uncomfortable. And I, all I wake up to is, hey bear. And I'm like, oh no.

I'm like what's going on? And f And then all I hear is out outside of the tent. I'm like, so I'm like reaching for my pistol underneath my pillow. And Nick's got his pistol drawn at the tent and you can see the shadow of the bear on the side of the tent. Oh my God. And if it ended up walking away, but I was just like, my wife was like, I told her I story, she goes, if Nick's pad didn't like bust, that bear would've been in the tent with you.

I'm like, oh, yeah. Yeah. Because I was out. I was lights out. I had no I woke up, I had no idea where I, it was one of those sleeps where you wake up, you're like, what? What's going on? Where am I just from the, jeez. All the [00:20:00] exhaustion from driving and then hiking up. So that was pretty exciting.

I was not expecting our first night out, like sleeping out there to have a. Bear, like probably two yards from our tent, dude. Yeah, that's, he was wild man. it it was pretty intense. So yeah, we ended up staying there like the whole next day. Glass in nothing. Moved to another spot. Went and got some water because we, Nick told me to bring extra water and I did and Nick forgot his extra water, so I had to share my extra water with Nick.

So that trip down from the mountain, we were very thirsty and then we got to the creek in the bottom and we filtered some water and that was the best. That was the best water I've ever had in my life. Dude. There's nothing better than like mountain stream water when you're super thirsty.

Freshly filter. There's ice on it. Filtering your own water [00:21:00] maybe? Yeah, there's there's ice on the edges because it was getting pretty cold at night. It was getting to 28 degrees at night. We saw it a couple times, so it was still pretty cold. But yeah, so we, next, the next day we stayed at another cool campsite.

They actually had the campsite we stayed at there. We actually ran outta town and got some extra supplies cuz it was only like 12 miles. And then I got a six pack of Coors banquet just to sit by the fire, have a good time in the mountains and nothing better to drink some Rocky Mountain beer in the Rocky Mountains.

So yeah, we ended up putting it in the creek to keep it warm. Cool. And then we went for a couple hikes, didn't see anything, but we had a good game plan for the third day. Went back, cooked some sausages, had some Coors banquets at by the fire and. And that was like, this is living. It wasn't, we were still out there, but it wasn't like a, eating your ready wise meals and stuff.

We ate a couple of 'em, but it wasn't that far. But it's still that's not nothing [00:22:00] I've ever done around here, deer. Yeah. We go to, you go to Deer camp and you're sleeping in a house and, sitting around a table hanging out. But yeah, that was, it was an experience. Yeah, like the first, like four or five days we were, I was like real confident.

And then like by the end of the fifth day, I got a day and a half left the mic. Yeah. I don't know if this is gonna happen. And thanks to Nick, we drove those last, that last day and a half, we probably put five, 600 miles on his truck. Put, we put so many hours behind the glass. It was that last day and a half.

We, to say we didn't try was an, was. We did not, we definitely did way more than that. So I, yeah, I think we figured out. I came home happy because, it's not like we like two days in, we're like, ah, no bears. We'll just, we'll just go hang out at the local watering hole and, go back up tomorrow.

No we grinded it out and that's what I wanted to do. So it was a hell of a trip. I can't wait to get back [00:23:00] out there. My wife made a joke when I got home. She said, so did you get all your big game out West Hunts out of your system? I said, no, this is just the beginning. So that just lit the fuse baby.

Yeah. It just lit the fuse real good. Yeah, it was it's cool like western hunting, man. It's. Different. Not that you can't still go out and have fun in the Midwest or out east hunting, but like when you go out west hunting and you put all these miles on in, in the vehicle, like driving forest roads or on foot, like there's people who do that and that's all they do without a gun.

They're not even hunting. They just go out there to do hiking trips. . And so like you can have an incredible time even without doing, without pulling the trigger or sending an arrow. And that's my thing. I told my buddy Chris, when I got back from a mountain lion hunt, I was like, dude, you'd love it.

Like I never saw a mountain lion. The dogs got on a couple tracks, which was awesome, but I plan on going back and [00:24:00] doing it, but even without hunting at all, like we're going on four by four trails with my buddies Tacoma, and it's just like rock crawling our way up the mountain. We're looking around for tracks and so even without the hunting aspect of it, it's an amazing trip.

Yeah. Oh I couldn't ask for anything better. It was, I can't wait to go back out where I always, I'm already saving up for the next big one. Hey, man, 13% to go and you're just gonna be living out there. Yep. I, that's the 13% is my wife. I just gotta, I gotta find a job and that, that'd be pretty easy with Nick out there.

He could do some scouting for me, but yeah, the 13 percent's my wife. Nice. Nick, how long? Yeah. How long had you been living there and hunting out there before Cole came out to hunt with you? Yeah this will be my fifth year out here. So last year would've been four and we took him to my [00:25:00] secret bear spot.

A guy I know shot a ton of bears out of there. I shot a boar out of there in the spring. Nice boar and black bear. So we went up there and. I'm kicking myself cuz had we not camped who we had, we probably would've shot that bear because just from following his tracks and scat, you could pattern him.

It was like every 10 feet you're walking into a new pile of bear crap. And we, I think we just spooked him that first night and, but it was the only flat spot on the entire mountain to pitch a tent. So we had to do what we had to do. . Yeah, you gotta take those when you find them for sure.

Yep. Dang man. I have I've gotten a couple bear tags have not even come close to shooting one. We did come across some really fresh prints in the snow one time. Up in Montana. What is the meat harvest requirements for bear? Do you have to harvest the meat on that? Because I found out in Utah, [00:26:00] Bear and mountain lion, you don't have to harvest any meat, which I thought was really bizarre.

Yeah. All you have to do is take the cape on those. Yeah. Here in Montana it's just like anywhere else, elk, deer. You gotta take the four quarters, the backstraps tenderloins sweet. So that's the main requirement. And you also obviously everybody wants their bear hide and skull. But that has to come out too.

The downside to that is that can weigh another a hundred pounds if you get a big bore just in the hiding skull. Idaho, however I think it's statewide, but definitely in the wilderness units. It is one, you can get two bear tags for discounted rate, which is nice. And just cuz they have so many, they're trying to help out that the deer and elk numbers a little bit, but you only have to pull out the hide and the skull.

Okay. And that is because one, the bears over there don't taste that great. And two they want you to [00:27:00] go in 20 miles and shoot a bear and you just are not gonna be able to by yourself, get a bear out 20 miles back or even with four people. They take that into consideration. Interesting I'm not sure of many places, like you're saying, Utah is one of 'em.

But most places including Montana is you're pulling out all the. Traditionally kept meat, the four quarters backstraps and reins. Yeah. You had mentioned that the meat doesn't taste that great. What is it about that area that makes it taste bad? I think it's just cuz they're at a higher elevation.

They're getting they have less food for less amount of time over there. Some of the, like here at they have good taste and bears. I've had some, we we ran a bait site in Idaho last spring. We got two bears out of, so that was awesome. But, and they tasted fine, but they were low land bears, like 3,500 feet smaller bears those bigger wilderness bores, they get back in there for miles.

And [00:28:00] there's a ton of 'em. If you've ever watched any of the YouTube videos on Idaho, there's a lot of great bear hunting back there. But man, it is incredibly hard. You're doing 10, 12 mile days. Everything on your back, no resupply, no nothing. It's a truly backcountry hunt.

And then there's just less food for less amount of time. And then when they get old they just start to get a little leathery and dried out. Get more tough. I'm sure a lot of that, like if you prepare 'em it's gonna cook a lot of that out of it, but, oh yeah. It is interesting cuz I hear a lot of people about it, it seems like every species has certain people where they're like, oh man, pigs, dude, you can't shoot a big bore.

Those things taste like crap. You might as well chew on your shoe, , then white tail, oh, the dough and the fall or the dough and the yearlings. They taste like they taste way better than a big buck in with elk. Oh man, Elk's good. But you shoot a big bull and [00:29:00] it's always in the sage.

It's not gonna taste very, it, it's just seems like everybody has. An opinion about the meat. And what I've discovered is if you find the right person who knows how to cook it, it's gonna be good. Oh yeah. Yeah. For me. And I think it's, I think it's very I think it's very animal dependent too, cuz you can get, yeah, again, one of them big bores that doesn't taste good at all.

But then you can get one that tastes great cuz he is been eating a different food source. Yeah, just like you hear all the time, the, the big grizzlies and brown bears in Alaska, they don't taste good cuz they eat so many marine resources and then, but you got people that, that's all they eat, yeah. Is those brown and grizzly bears? The bear I got, I gave Cole something to take back and this bear is freaking phenomenal. I mean it was crazy how fatty was early I guess it was late spring when I shot him. , it was like a fall bear with his fat. Like he never even hibernated.

So it was [00:30:00] the amount of fat we got off this bear is like insane. It's like 12 mason jars of rendered fat, which is awesome. Dang. But yeah, but then I've had bears that it's this tastes a little off. But yeah, I think you're definitely right. It's all about the preparation. Yeah. I wonder how much of it obviously is preparation, but then also how the animal dies.

Because I know with like with pigs, when we used to butcher pigs, you shoot 'em quick, like you shoot 'em in the head, right? And Yep. I, we would typically shoot 'em with a captive bolt gun or with a 22 and they just drop. But they told me, Hey, listen, if you shoot 'em and they drop right away and you bleed them out quickly, you get all that blood out, they're gonna be really good.

Whereas if you. Mess it up, or the animal is super stressed out. That was another thing we did with the pigs, is we wouldn't feed them for the day before we were gonna butcher so that they were hungry and we'd put feed out for them, like right next to the fence so we could use the captive bolt [00:31:00] gun.

And they'd just be so relaxed and eating the food. We wouldn't shoot 'em when they were stressed out. And he's you can taste that in the meat. Like you can tell with the tenderness, with the texture, with the flavor of the meat, if you kill that animal when it's totally stressed out.

When it's freaking out and you're chasing it down and you have to shoot it and there's a big difference. So I wonder how much of that is people have bad experiences with an animal that maybe they put a shot on and it didn't die right away. It ran for a while. It was stressed. They had to shoot it again.

That could be. Their only experience with it, and because of that, they're like, oh no, those animals don't taste good. All right, guys. If you've been listening to the podcast, I'm sure you've heard me talk about the helicopter hog hunt that I did down in Texas. Now, I went down there with rope Texan Outfitters and Landon and Brandon, the owners put us on the animals.

We killed 150 pigs in 19 coyotes, just from the air. On top of that. We went out thermal hunting at night and got up close and personal to more hogs. I didn't have to worry about [00:32:00] bringing guns or ammunition because all of that was provided for me, and it is to this day, the most action packed day of hunting I've ever had.

I stand by what I've said in the past, and that's that helicopter hog hunting is the funnest thing that you can do with pants on. In addition, they offer Sandhill, crane hunts and predator calling. So if you're looking for the most exciting hunt of your life and something that you're gonna want to come back and do year after year, Go check out rogue texan.com and book your hunt today.

Yeah, absolutely. Yeah. Like I've always heard when I was growing up, like we went, used when we started like goose hunting. Those ta those things taste like leather. Those things, those are just, throw 'em to the coyotes. I don't know how I forgot that in my analogy. Geese and waterfowl, everybody complains about geese and waterfowl.

Everybody, oh my God. Everybody's oh, that taste, it just, you just tastes like liver. If you just [00:33:00] slow cook it, get a medium rare, put some bacon on it, if you want some extra flavor, those are the best tasting animals ever. I mean it, my buddy cooked up a whole bunch of speckle bellies last year for a big party, and he just slow cooked them on his smoker.

Got him like, Medium, rare, little, medium. And that, dude, I'd eat that over anything any day. Right before the podcast, my buddy just dropped off a whole bunch of specul belly meat for me cuz he doesn't eat it cuz he doesn't like it. I'm like, I'll take it. I'm not opposed to eating that cuz I, I love it.

Anybody that doesn't like waterfowl hasn't had a jalapeno cream cheese waterfowl popper wrapped up bacon. Dude, I just talked to somebody about that the other day. If you add bacon, cream, cheese and jalapenos to anything, it's gonna taste good. It doesn't matter what you're cooking, you could find the toughest, nastiest part of that animal.

You throw those ingredients in with it and you're in the money. Yeah. And if that person doesn't like it, [00:34:00] then that person should just be a vegetarian. Cuz that's the best tasting deal you can have . So what's funny is I think another part of it is just people's pallets. Some people.

I get it. I'm not an Onion fan. I don't like onions anyway. I hate onions. I hate onions. I know people that would eat a raw onion. They're possibly cereal killers, but they would eat onions anyway. And when my buddy shot his mountain goat, I ate it and I took one bite. We cooked up the backstraps, we cooked up some trout that we caught up in the high streams.

And the trout was amazing that mountain goat tasted like a gut shot. Deer smells. It was that nasty. I kid not that, and I'm like it could be. The fact that was one tough animal, it took a lot to put that animal down like it was alive for quite a while after the initial.

And he kept trying to make follow up shots on it and it just seemed like it would eat the bullet and keep going and keep [00:35:00] going. And so again, it goes back to the whole stress side of it. It could have been that, but that's my only experience with Mountain Goat. But it was enough, the flavor of that meat was enough to make me quit putting in for Mountain Goat.

Like I don't put in for preference points for Mountain Goat anymore. It was that bad. And then the other, one of the other guys, Josh, and this is after I'm climbing to 12, 13,000 feet every day. Like we're going after these things. Yeah. And typically when you're putting out that much energy or you're expending that much energy, everything tastes good.

I couldn't stomach it, man. I had one medallion. I was like, that's it, dude, I'm glad I didn't shoot this cuz then I'd feel bad if I didn't eat it. Like somebody's gotta eat it. But you're responsible for that now. The other guy with us, Josh, gotta put it in your freezer and you're just like, oh God, this is what I gotta eat now.

Yeah. The other guy that was with us, Josh, he was like, I don't know what you guys are complaining about. This is pretty good. And I'm like, dude, . Oh, do you have covid, man? You not right now. Something's going on. [00:36:00] Oh that's great. Yeah. I've heard stories about mountain goats like that, that you like, they like, I've even seen it on like line or like on YouTube, like they, this, you could see like the shock wave and it's just they just take it and there's like this slowly move.

I'm like, this looks like they just eat that thing I think too. Mountain Live mountain goat. And same with sheep. A lot of times when you shoot 'em they, they go tumbling and I think that just chews up that beat and, does like the opposite of tenderizing and can get it all bloodshot and everything.

Yeah. See this one, I don't remember how many rounds he put into it. I could go back and watch the videos and count it up, but it end, it didn't tumble luckily. , it ended up dying about four feet from a hundred foot drop though. And yeah, that's, we got up there and it was still alive. It was probably about 15 feet, maybe 10 feet away from it, the drop.

And we get up there and we can tell it's still alive. So he puts another round in it and it turns and [00:37:00] starts heading down towards the cliff. And we're like no. And I'm in the video like, just die, please just die. Don't go down there. And it got to the point where my buddy Sean, the hunter, he like, just takes off running and he like grabs it by the horn and pulls it up away from the cliff.

, just so it doesn't fall down. And I was like, dude, that could have been a mess. You're up here. Yeah, potentially a once in a lifetime hunt and all of a sudden your animal takes a dive that far. Who knows how much that's gonna ruin. We already had to take a picture of the, one of the quarters because it was completely destroyed.

There was nothing to save off of it. It's opposing shoulder was just like blown apart cuz it was a quartering shot, a quartering away shot for one of them. And it just, there's not a lot of meat on those things. Or at least that one there wasn't. , I fit all of the meat very easily into my backpack.

Really? Yeah. They look like a big animal though. Is it just all, they look huge. Like when you walk up [00:38:00] to 'em, they look huge and you skin 'em out and you're like, dude, this is like a dog. It's there's not much. And then on top of that, the gut sack, it had the biggest gut sack in comparison to the body that I've ever seen on an animal.

It was like it had a beer belly. And so I bet you. I wouldn't be surprised if it only had 20% of its body weight. Maybe 25% was in muscle and everything else was guts, bones and fur. That's crazy. Yeah, it was nuts. It was shocking animal. Yeah. And I'm sure like if you get a big Billy that it, yeah.

You're gonna get more meat off of it. But this one was just not, it didn't seem like there was much, I was blown away. I'm like, dude, I feel like we need to pack this whole thing out cuz anybody seeing how much meat we have is gonna be like, you left a lot of meat up there. And we're like, no, we cleaned off every bit of bone we could.

And this is all it was. It was a very small amount. [00:39:00] That's, yeah. That's crazy. What do you guys have going on right now in the outdoor world? Are you guys completely done with seasons? Are you just gearing up for Turkey now? I'm trying. It's all about that Turkey time baby. I'm, they're favorite time of year.

Hold on. Are you guys diehard Turkey hunters? Oh my gosh. I'm, it's probably my f we don't have much around here. I'm, I used to be a giant water follower. Yeah, I hunted deer for a couple years with my dad and then he got out of it and then my buddies were all getting into the waterfall game and I was like, okay, I, I still wanna help my buddies.

And now I'm, my buddy actually had just bought a couple years ago, 40 acres, like an hour from us. So we've been trying to manage that. We've had, I'll send you some pictures after the fact of some bucks that we had. And we've been trying to manage it, trying to, got, we got. The whole surveillance [00:40:00] all we have I think we got 15 cameras on this, 40 acres just because it's so thick.

There is thickest everywhere. So I've been getting really back into the Whitetail game. I listened to your buddy, your podcast with a Louisiana guy about saddle hunting, and I just got into saddle hunting this year and I'm absolutely in love with it. It's the best. It's a game changer, isn't it?

Best thing to slice bud. Oh, it is. It's amazing. We live Turkey hunting here at jumping having shot bear elk. All the deer. It's still my favorite. It's Turkey is still your Turkey is, it's the gobble man. It's like going, it's like you're almost, you're, you left rehab and you've almost made it.

And then you hear that gobble and it's like, all right, my the funniest thing I've ever heard is my wife and this is a quote directly from her, is every year I bust out [00:41:00] the calls, get 'em rocking. She hears that first Yelp go. And she's every year I would rather die than live through another Turkey season, cuz from February until May, it's just yelping, goblin, clucking.

It's, and I've got every slate call, every style. I gotta try 'em all out every year as if I forgot what they sound like. And Cole's, Kohl's the same way, and Cole's a lot better Turkey hunter than I am. He's been doing a lot longer. But we've been pretty fortunate. We usually tag out every year.

So it's been awesome. So are you, that's the gobble that gets you, huh? The gobbles gets the gobble. But a bull elk bugle doesn't get you more ja jacked than a gol. Here's the deal. When I hear bugles, it's always off in the distance. I've had a couple, I've had a couple close calls during archery season, but it's like there's no chance [00:42:00] when there's the gobble.

It's I can make this happen. Yeah. And then if I let, if it goes bad, it's not like a crushing defeat. You put a stock in a bull elk all day long, it's like the most crushing feeling you could ever have, knowing that's the last time you'll see that bull elk. And it's not gonna happen . But dude, that's the beauty of it though,

It's oh man, I just put in so much work now when I do connect with this bull, it's just gonna be like everything. Oh yeah. Don't get me wrong. The world I love it is right. I love elk Turkey. I feel like Turkey. See, I get it. Like when you're sitting there and you're like, oh, okay, I'm hunting Turkey.

Oh, that Turkey didn't come in. I'm not devastated about it. Cuz all I had to do is sit here. Yeah. And then when it does happen, it's oh, that Turkey came in and all I did was sit here. That's my thing with it. Cole, you've listened to the podcast, Nick, I don't know how much you've listened to it.

I Oh yeah. Am [00:43:00] I'm the guy that like when it, when you live in a state and you're not a fan of their football team, and you have to hear people talk about how good their football team is. Oh, this is our year. This is our year. That's me with Turkey hunting. Okay. I just listened to people like, oh dude, there's nothing Spring thunder, man.

There's nothing like it. It's crack for the hunter. And I'm just like, yeah, it's all right.

But yeah, I'm like, I just. I don't know what it is. I don't want you guys to be deceived by this because I have been getting more into Turkey hunting lately, right? , I found myself today thinking about turkeys. , which is like the earliest I've ever thought about turkeys in the year.

I I'm like coming around and I'm enjoying it. I've always enjoyed it, but now I'm actually like, okay, it's gonna be fun. I am looking forward to those spring mornings where I'm sitting there, Dan. It's okay. [00:44:00] We've all been where you are. We have a group called ta. We meet every Thursday at seven.

You're welcome to join us. We talk Turkeys, . No, I, one day, man, that's how it was. One day I'll be a diehard Turkey. Yeah, now you got your property. You guys, once you get those, that first Turkey on your own property it's a game changer. Oh, listen man, that, oh, okay. Whew. Dude, I almost panicked there for a second.

I was like, no, I was thinking about it. I'm like, a turkey's gonna be the first animal I kill on my property. . Yeah. I'm like no. I'm going rabbit hunting tomorrow. So that is not the case. I will be killing rabbits tomorrow and not Turkey. So I'm gonna pop up. If you know what's, if you know what property cherry again on rabbits, if you know what's good for you, you're gonna wait for that Turkey

We'll see, man, I've never seen Turkey on this property, but I have seen some big bucks. I've seen a lot of [00:45:00] rabbits so far. I've had deer. Oh my gosh, dude, they're coming in on a cycle every two hours. I've had deer at deer in the woods. All day long today. Hell yeah. And then I've had a raccoon on camera, but I haven't been over on this portion of my property or driven by it even very much.

Even when I used to drive by, I could see the other side. But like Turkey hunting here, dude, I can almost get, if you come out and put the time in and you're even decent at calling, I could almost guarantee you two, two turkeys in the spring. There are that many of 'em out here. And dude, the fact that I can kill a Turkey every single year tells you how many turkeys there are out here and how maybe I don't like 'em that much because they're not a challenge here.

They're easy. Dude, if I can kill turkeys, anybody can kill turkeys. No it's in Indiana. We only allowed one bird. You like, I've had plenty years where I've been, there's been, you like this [00:46:00] story. There was a time. . I couldn't open, I couldn't hunt. I usually take off every opening day of Turkey season deer season.

I take off every opening day except for I couldn't take off waterfall season cuz I was in Montana, but I couldn't hunt opening morning, which I was super bummed about. I was, had to work next to these guys to make sure I could get my electric in while they were doing vice versa. So my uncle's property is what I hunt and I dropped my stuff off at his barn cause he's got a barn there.

And I drove my work van there and I bought my Turkey tag in my van and I walked out the, I'm like, time I ever hunting this party in the evening. I usually hunt in the morning. So I'm like, you know what, I'm gonna get to the edge of the woods, give a yelp, see where they're at. I did that. They're 40 yards from me.

And I'm like, geez, okay. I just gotta sit down right here. [00:47:00] And within 25 minutes I shut that my season lasted 25 minutes. . Yeah. I was like, I was nervous. I was nervous to like tag my Turkey online thinking like the d n r I'm like, should I do it? Wait the 48 hours? Cause they're gonna be like, he just bought his tag 25 minutes ago and he's already got a Turkey.

Yeah, dude, I've done that before. I've bought a tag and I was like, man, it is gonna, it's gotta be suspicious. You would think for people you to Yeah. Buy a tag and then not that long. I want to say that happened to me a couple years ago. I bought a tag for archery season. Oh, that's what happened actually.

So I bought a tag for, I might get this flipped, but you'll get the gist of it. I bought a tag for Archery season, but I accidentally went on and bought my rifle tag. . So I go out to hunt and I'm sitting in the stand and for some reason I was like, man, I feel like something's wrong. Like [00:48:00] I just, that weird feeling where you're like, something's off and I dt know what it was.

And so I was like, I wonder. So I get on the MDC app and I look and I'm like, shoot, I'm hunting, right? Like I'm out here with a bow and I just accidentally bought my general license, which comes with a buck and a dough, or sometimes it's a buck and two dos. And then I bought a bonus dough, but I bought 'em all for rifle and not for archery.

And I'm like, dang it. So luckily I've got service in the tree. So I go back on and I buy the archery permits and then I ended up shooting. , and I'm like, I guarantee someone's gonna be calling me like, Hey man, yep. Something doesn't really add up here, but I'm glad that I didn't shoot the deer first and then apply the tag, shoot it, realize my mistake.

I think at that point I probably would've just called yeah, the Department of Conservation and been like, Hey guys, honest mistake. Like I, I meant to buy a tag, clicked the wrong ones, I was in a hurry trying to get a last minute, whatever. But I can see how [00:49:00] accidents like that happen, and I feel like that type of thing, they're pretty understanding about.

If they catch you like a week later and you're like, oh yeah, I just shot one. And they're like, you don't have a tag. It's that might be a little bit different, but if you, yeah, I feel like if you, as long as you're a hundred percent honest with them, they're not gonna, they're not gonna get you for anything.

They're like next time, just be conscious about this and be like, all right, yeah, no problem. Unless. You can't show up with a seven by seven at the DNR station and be like, ah, I thought it was a spike turning myself in. Sorry, . Oh my. Yeah. Yeah, that might not work.

Yeah. Oh, I didn't realize archery season started last week and I shot this massive trophy bull elk with a rifle. Can you cut me? But I'm being honest. . Yeah. Honesty will only get you so far, yeah. You're in the Western states a lot of times. Even if you're honest, they'll be like, okay, we won't give you a ticket, but we still gotta take the [00:50:00] animal cause Yeah.

They like, it makes sense cuz you truly just can't have, oh yeah, I hit this giant bull elk with my truck or, and then I had to, put a bullet into 'em cuz. Suffering or whatever. I accidentally shot this animal, but I'm turning myself in. So then they'll still, if they think you're telling the truth, they won't writee a citation, but they'll still, they still gotta take the animal cuz they don't wanna Yeah.

Have that happening all the time. In all reality too, I feel like there's gotta be some type of negative response so that you learn something, right? Oh yeah. , if it was just like, absolutely, oh, no big deal, whatever, keep the animal, the odds of something like that happening again, probably go through the roof.

Whereas if there's a pretty negative response to it you're gonna be like, man, I'm really gonna double check. I'm gonna make sure I've got my ducks in a row. Everything's lined up, all the t's are crossed and dies i's dotted. And yeah, I feel you've gotta, you've gotta learn from your mistake, and [00:51:00] if there's no repercussions, you're probably not gonna learn as quickly . Yep. Check your regs, triple check dude. And do it every year. Oh, I ran over all the time every year. Ran, I ran over those Montana regs so much cuz they're it was like reading, it was like trying to read geometry back in high school.

I'm just like, oh, okay. This is, you do for this, you do. I'm like, oh boy, this is a, this is harder than high school. Dude. When you first pick up one of those western regulation books you almost need a regulation book to explain the regulation book. It's, you need it's pretty overwhelming.

I need one of those those guide, those dummy guides to, like they always used to come up with. dummy Guide the electrical or something like that. Dummy guide to Western big game hunting. How the, how to read the regs. Yeah. How to wake up during a bear attack on time for dummies.[00:52:00]

Yeah. That's what they should do. They should have the different categories. So you know how it'll say like deer and then it's the next five pages, and then elk is the next seven pages. And then it what it should be like, Hey, flip to page 85, if you're an idiot and are gonna have a hard time with this. All right.

This is exactly what you need to know to be legal now. Go ahead and pick your unit now. Go ahead and apply whatever. Yeah. Yeah. That's funny. What's the next, or what's on the agenda for this year for you guys? Any big hunts planned, or what are you guys putting in for? Just, I really wish we could get some ice here in Indiana.

It's been a pretty mild winter. We've just had a c I'm a real big ice fisherman. I love doing that. I really wanna, my, I got still talk over with the wife about, I either wanna go back out to Montana or I got a couple cousins in Colorado that are actually on the SWAT team and they got a lot of hunting buddies out there, so they invited me out to go to Colorado.

So I gotta [00:53:00] talk to him soon, get something straightened out. Like now that I got all my, like out, like my big game stuff, like I'm ready. That's the biggest part is just getting all your gear, yeah. And then So trying to try that. Me and my buddy are actually that had that property.

We're planning on doing a little bit more management this year. It's a really hard property hunt cuz it's so thick. So we, the wind just kills us there. We've, we're only able to hunt it so many days last year cuz the way that the wind blows into the bedding areas and stuff like that. So we plan on doing some, I don't like it.

The like big scent proof box blinds. We wanna do a couple of those. I like, I'm old school, I just wanna sit in a tree and yeah, hopefully something comes past, we, we had some really great bucks on camera last year and we just never had a good opportunity at 'em just because the wind was so bad.

So we plan on doing a little bit more management on that. We're gonna plant some more food plots. We planted one last year that got, we planted I think a [00:54:00] little too early and it just got devoured. By the deer. We had trail cameras on it and it just, as soon as it came up, it was gone. So we wanna try managing that a little better.

Maybe one of my buddies out by me, he puts an electric fence around his, so we might try doing something like that just to keep him out. Other than that, I really, I haven't shot this might, you might just wanna kick me off the podcast right now. I have not shot a whitetail buck since I was a, I'm 29, so I haven't shot one since I was 18.

I just, I've had, I finally, when I finally got back into it, I just, I was like, you know what? I'm just gonna go after. I'm gonna shoot some doze. So I've shot plenty of doughs, but I'm like, yeah, just gonna go after the big one. Just, I'm going for absolute giant. And now I'm to the point, I'm like, as long as it's ma mature, I don't really care how big it is.

It could be a small eight by eight, but as long as it's [00:55:00] mature, that's what I'm going for, dude. And that's fine. If you've got a dry spell like that, nobody's gonna give you a hard time for that. No, as long as the criteria is set by you. And that's what I try to get across to people all the time.

It doesn't matter what everybody else says, what YouTube shows, what the people on Instagram say shoot, what makes you happy? And if you're hunting property with other people, get on board with a management plan, so don't just shoot whatever. But if they're on board with it and they're like, dude, if you wanna shoot it if it gets your heart racing and go for it, yep. I'm fine with that. I think everybody should just. instead of limiting themselves because of what they think others are gonna say. Every, yeah. Here's the deal. No matter what deer you shoot, unless it's like a state record , people are gonna be like, ah, he probably could have been bigger next year.

Yep. There's always gonna be that guy, a short D three on his left side. Yeah. If you're waiting to shoot a deer that everybody's gonna be happy with, you're never gonna shoot a deer because you're like, nothing's ever gonna make [00:56:00] everyone happy. That's why I was, from, that one time that actually you could probably see him right there.

That's the like killed. Yeah. After that I'm like, I, I was always, I was 18, I was, didn't know anything like I knew, okay, this is hunting season. I'm gonna go out there and hunt as medias as I. and one's gotta walk past me. And I was like, and I was watching all these hunting shows, food plots, shoot, big deer.

So I'm like, okay, food plots bring in big deer. All I'm shooting is big deer. I've had plenty of deer opportunities, but like the, this is how I'm gonna do it. Just big deer. That's all anybody cares about. Now that I'm older, I'm just like, as long as like the shows have been watching now or I dunno if you ever point to shoot Mr.

Deer or nice deer and that's all I want. That's, our rule on my buddy's property is if you would mount it or you're [00:57:00] happy with it, that's, that's what you can. Yeah, shoot it and be like, ah, maybe I should have waited. Don't, as long as it makes you happy and you be like, oh, I'm gonna get this thing mounted, or, I can't wait to hang the skull, the European mount on my wall.

That's what gets me going. That's, and that's all I'm looking for is something that's just gonna get my heart racing and make me happy. Yeah. But no, that's cool. I was just always like one 70 and up. That's, that was in my mind in high school. Oh, one 70 . No, I would have to move to a different state, man.

I never see those deer. Yeah. That's the thing. My, my uncle he's the one that farms most of the property. We live on a family farm of I don't live on it now, but my mom and dad do of 2000 fields every day, so he's seeing all these mature deer all the time, and he knows where they're hanging out at.

And he was every year shooting. opening day of shotgun season, always shooting these one 60, the one 70 inch deer. I'm [00:58:00] like they're around here. So I'm just waiting for that. I, that's all . I'm like I'm not the one in the fields, every single day of the year. Farming, realizing what these deer's patterns are.

Yep. No, that's true. Hey, I want to give you guys, cuz I know we're coming up on time. I know for you, Nick, it's not that late. But hey, me and Dan, it's getting late. Lynn Cole, man we're in the central time zone. Before we hop off though why don't you guys share about your podcast, about your YouTube channel, what people can expect if they go on and listen or go on and watch and where they can find it.

Yeah. Start first. Yeah, anywhere you get your podcast jumping the string. That's our that's our namesake. Just cuz Cole and I grew up doing archery hunting so much. And we love archery hunting and we usually lose a couple deer a year to them jumping the string. So that's where the name came up from.

Our Instagram jumping the string. Same with YouTube, jumping the string. Pretty active on the Instagram. This year we're going full out on our [00:59:00] podcast check we gotta do lo we gotta do logo coming soon, right? Yep. We're going all out on it. Yeah, if you wanna check us out, jumping the string.

We've got Turkey hunt coming up. Obviously we've. Awesome Turkey video on our YouTube. That's already on there. Yep. Yep. It's already out. Our buddy Jeremy shoots a Turkey and the breastplate and the arrow bounces off. So that's pretty interesting. And we've got a awesome pack rafting video from wilderness trip.

Our friend row and our wives did two years ago now. So if you're into the wilderness stuff, backcountry stuff, that was a seven day 60 mile backcountry travel on foot and pack raft and that was pretty awesome. So some cool videos out more to come. Cole's got his bear hunt from last fall.

That'll be coming out shortly. And we got we got Spring Bear in Montana coming out. We got Spring Bear in Idaho coming up. And then it's Turkey time, baby. See, here's the deal, man. I [01:00:00] just right now realize I can prove that Turkey hunting isn't as important to you as you think it is, because your podcast and your YouTube channel are called Jump in the String and not I do it for the gobble.

Hey, we love all types of hunting. Turkey hunt's, my personal favorite. We would be more into archery, but Cole keeps setting us back. He we got an episode if you can find it Cole Cole glued his arrow inserts in backwards and then proceed to shoot them all. And he got a shotgun pattern essentially out of his bow.

Oh my gosh. So it was a cole set us back a couple times, but wait, how do you glue. Your arrow insert in backwards. Have you ever heard of vector arrows? Yeah. They're now method archery now, I believe. Are they? Yep. They got, did a name change actually. So they send you [01:01:00] a I could, so you could see it for they send you this black, this metal sleeve that goes Okay, I see.

Yep. I thought, man, don't redirection . I thought because there's an insert that goes inside of it. I thought you put the insert in this and you slide it on like that and I did that. I'm like, that looks really weird. . I'm like, I guess I'll do the other six arrows the same way. , I only, I did six arrows that way, and I kept six arrows different and then, and then I shot it and I'm like, yeah, this, it's like flying like this, like through the air

And so I, that makes, okay, that makes more sense cuz I'm used to like the actual inserts that slide into it and they've got that collar on the end that catches it. I'm like, yeah. I don't even know how like you just surface glued them together. . Yeah, no I misspoke. It was his outer okay, you're, yeah.

Yeah. Shout out. Shout out to those guys though. They [01:02:00] Cole, they sent me some new, they sent some new arrows. So as long as in the Reg book they need to, in the reg book, it needs to also be arrow building for dummies. Yeah. Yep. Yeah. Okay. Yep. Sweet. So yeah, we got yeah it was a good time. Yeah, they they gave him some, they gave him some free arrows cuz they, we, he gave 'em permission to make fun of 'em on their podcast

So I, you paid for it in humiliation. Yep. I said, Hey, you're gonna think this is real stupid, but I glued a couple of my inserts, Myer's bad, and I sent 'em a picture of it. I said, yeah, I'm stupid. And I said, you, I like, cuz the epoxy that they had, I'm like, can I heat it up a little, like just slowly turn the arrow and heat it up and then pull it out and re redo it.

Is that gonna be okay? They're like, we really don't recommend it. But you gave us a good laugh. I hope you don't mind if we [01:03:00] share this on your, our podcast and we'll send you a couple more arrows. And I said, no, go ahead. So they sent me arrows and they even sent me a free hat. So shout out to now Method Archery for the arrows and the hat.

I appreciate it because now listen, everybody listening to this or watching this on YouTube needs to send the jump in the string guys. Pictures of putting things in backwards. So like your shotgun, shell just put it in backwards. Yep. Your boots, just put those on backwards, maybe on the wrong feet.

And then we'll just make this thing go viral, man. And just have a lot of fun with it. All that Kohl's expense, . Yep, that's fine. I'm used to it. I'm usually the brunt. Everybody's jokes. So I was, as soon as they said, do you mind if we're using the podcast? I said, no, I needed to give rebellious a good laugh too, cuz it gave myself a laugh too.

Cuz I shot that arrow and I'm like, yeah, , this aint killed me anything. This is not right. No, that's funny. Man, I appreciate you guys hopping on. Best of luck with [01:04:00] Spring, spring bear hunts with the draws coming up with Turkey hunting even e oh my gosh. Even with Turkey hunting. And Nick, man, I'm excited for you to be excited about the gobbles.

Yes, thank you. And then we let that go to the side and then we bust out the bugle tubes and then the wives go, I would rather die than live through another elk season, . And then it's just a continuous rotation. And but we appreciate it, man. We really great. Thanks for having us on.

We had a great time and we'll have to have you on ours as well. Yeah, absolutely, man. Let me know anytime. Awesome. I'm glad I got a hold of you, Dan. Before we get off, I got just a quick story. I've been following you on TikTok and Instagram for a while. I saw your TikTok one time and I'm like, man, that seems like a good podcast out to listen to that.

Then I, you actually posted like a long time ago about [01:05:00] guests and I went to, I don't know what happened. I. I thought I sent it through and then I never got any response back. I'm like, oh, must be full. No, no big deal. Then when I, then when he asked for guests this time and I got, I'm like, oh, this one actually went through.

Maybe I just didn't do it right last time, . So I haven't, I've been following you for a while and I appreciate all your TikTok. I showed my wife because she's oh, that's pretty good one. I said, yeah, really true . It's I'm glad people relate to it. And it's funny, I feel terrible because with the form submissions, like trying to go through those is crazy and I didn't realize it'll go for a week where every form submission comes through as one email, and then all of a sudden I didn't realize this until after, I bet you I missed hundreds of form submissions one time I saw it.

Oh, really? And it had the number 52 next to it. On one email. Oh no. And I was like, wait, what? And I open it and [01:06:00] then I scroll down and it's literally 52 different form submissions that all came through in one email. And I'm like, dude, I don't know how long this has been going on. And so I think that's just an error with the whatever platform it's using.

Uhhuh. , I've gotta figure it out. There's gotta be something weird that either the guest can click or that I can uncheck to keep that from happening. So that they all come in individually. But it's fun, man. I love reading the submission forms. There's some people who are just like, man, I suck at hunting, but I like talking about it.

You should have me on . And I'm like, you sound awesome. And I feel like we'd have a lot of fun talking. Yeah, that's our big thing is we're just a couple average Joes. We're not in it to be famous or make a bunch of money. We're just average guys that love to hunt and talk about it and laugh at each other.

Laugh at Cole. Tell stories about Cole. Cole's got a sweet mullet. We talk about that a lot. It's a great time jumping the string. Thanks [01:07:00] again for having us on, Dan, and that is gonna wrap it up for today's show. Man I normally have a bunch of updates for you. I don't really have a whole lot new, honestly, it's been like checking trail cameras.

We did move into an apartment. I'm still trying to get the tractor running. That dumpy blue trailer if you follow on social media is off the property. But really the next big thing, I'm just hoping to get that tractor running soon so that I can start getting food plots in here this spring. I know it's been a little bit warmer, but I know winter's not over yet here yeah, that's basically it.

Hoping to find some more sheds, do some trips. Ooh, actually I do have a couple updates. So my buddy Brian and I are going to head down to Colorado. We're gonna, shed hunt Colorado, New Mexico and Arizona with Steven Walker. He's the guy I've had on the podcast a couple times as well as the Western Rookie Podcast and I'm really [01:08:00] looking forward to that trip.

So that's gonna be fun. We're also gonna go down and see Scout, see how his training's coming along. He does have an eye issue right now, which they're gonna get that looked at, but we're gonna go hang out with best retrievers down there in Texas. And then also I'm probably gonna bump over with Landon and Brandon from Rogue Texan Outfitters and do another helicopter hog hunt.

So I said there wasn't a lot of updates. That's quite a few updates. Anyways, I think that's all I got for you guys today. So until next time, always choose adventure and God bless.