Low-Water Driftless Trout Tactics

Show Notes

Spring is right around the corner, and for lots of anglers that means some of the best fishing of the year is nearly here! That's especially true if you like to target trout in Wisconsin's Driftless region and daydream about a cloud of Blue Winged Olives hovering over a bend pool with hungry trout rising beneath them. If that's the case, then this episode is for you! 

As we come off a year of extreme drought in most of the state, our trout streams have taken a hit with water levels lower, and significantly clearer than usual. This week, Pierce flies solo and breaks down the tactics he uses when guiding in the Driftess region, specifically when the trout are even spookier than usual! He talks through a trout's senses and what causes them to be so spooky under these conditions, what ideal conditions are, how to approach fish, how to build a stealthy leader, tips for casting success, what bugs are hatching and the flies you need in your box, and lots more in this week's episode! If you want to learn more, or even book a day on the water with him this spring, visit www.goodchanceflyfishing.com or follow and shoot him a message @goodchancflyfishing Enjoy!


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