Oklahoma Fly Fishing

Show Notes

This episode of the Oklahoma Outdoors Podcast has been a long time coming! Dalton Wortham with the Creek Adventure Podcast joins John this week to talk about fly fishing in Oklahoma. Dalton makes it a point to let people know that fly fishing is not just for the trout streams of the rocky mountains, or the overly wealthy. Dalton and his friends do a lot of their fly fishing in rivers and lakes right here in good ol Oklahoma, and target a vast multitude of species. If you can catch it on a regular rod and reel, there's a good chance you can catch it on a fly rod!

Dalton and John talk about all aspects of fly fishing, from beginner rods to the basic gear you need to get started. John asks about some flies that work well in Oklahoma as well as other places, and a few good bodys of water people should check out. And though the guys make it a point that fly fishing is for more than just trout, they do talk about some of the great trout fishing opportunities that Oklahoma offers for both fly fishermen and rod and reel folks. There is no way you can listen to this podcast and not get at least a little curious about fly fishing, and Dalton throws out some other great resources to help people get started and learn more.

Show Transcript