Made In The USA with Callum Brown

Show Notes

This week on the Average Conservationist Podcast, Marcus welcomes in Callum Brown. Callum is the President of 2% Certified Brown Dog Hosiery. As you may have guessed, we get to talk about all things socks. In recent years, as a way for people to show off their individuality, instead of shirts, ties or even hats, they have turned to socks. Callum and the team at Brown Dog have taken that one step further and given people the opportunity to show their love and support for the outdoors with many of their outdoor themed patterns. Made in the USA, Brown Dog socks offer something for everyone, regardless of the activity. On top of that, Brown Dog realizes the importance of preserving our wildlife and wild places and has made it part of their mission to give back. If you're looking for a great holiday gift idea, be sure and check out Brown Dog Hosiery. Average Conservationist is Powered by Simplecast

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