Manipulating Habitat for Better Hunting

Show Notes

John is fresh off the dozer and this week on the Oklahoma Outdoors Podcast he is talking about manipulating habitat to put mature whitetail bucks in shooting range. There are a lot of videos, podcasts, and articles about habitat improvement, but this week John takes it one step further than just making a hunting property better for wildlife. While you are improving the landscape, why not also improve your hunting? This is an interactive podcast where John uses drone photos of his actual hunting locations to talk about how you can improve your property while also improving your hunting.

Be sure to check out the Oklahoma Outdoors Podcasts social media accounts on Facebook and Instagram before hitting play on this episode. There are 4 pictures with labels that will help create a visual of what John is talking about during this episode. From the drone shots, you can see how John creates food plots, bedding areas, and travel corridors that all work together to put John in a position where the deer feel completely comfortable but also offer him shot opportunities. Don't want deer coming from the east because they'll get your scent? Manipulate the landscape in such a way that makes them come from the west. And don't think you have to have hundreds of acres to use these strategies. The three locations John uses in this podcast are all in a 140 acre area.

Show Transcript