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On this episode of Huntavore, Nick takes his expertise to Wild Turkey. Coming from the domestic poultry world, Nick breaks down getting the most yield through some systematic steps. Nick stays in the processing lane, not getting too distracted by recipes quite yet, he lays out gutting, aging, plucking, and processing the bird. Not just into a whole finished bird, but into several broken down variations; spatchcocked, halved, parts and pieces, and even a 50/50 white meat dark meat ground turkey. Lots of Talkin Turkey on this episode of Huntavore. In this conversation, Nick Otto discusses various topics related to springtime foraging and hunting, including fiddleheads, nettle shoots, morels, wild hogs, and turkey hunting. He emphasizes the importance of utilizing the whole turkey and provides eight steps for maximizing the usage of the bird. These steps include shooting the bird, gutting or evisceration, aging the bird, plucking the feathers, removing the crop, hanging and drying, plucking the wings and legs, and removing the tail feathers. Nick discusses the importance of taking care around wound areas and provides tips for plucking the bird. He then covers spatchcocking the bird, parting out the turkey, and using the half bird. Finally, he emphasizes the versatility and deliciousness of ground turkey.

Hank Shaw’s Article on Aging Birds:

Marinated Turkey Tenderloin Recipe:


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