Meateater Comes To Alabama

Show Notes

Us southerners often wear a chip on our shoulders when it comes to deer hunting. You may have caught yourself saying things like: "Well I'd like to see those northerns try to kill a public land buck down here". Our friend Mark Kenyon asked to join Parker on a hunting trip on public land in Alabama. It just so happened that we were able to work it out where Mark could join us for our annual father/son Rutcation. We showed him the ropes, gave him a quick one day masterclass and sent him out on his own. Luckily for our listeners, you get to be the first to know the outcome! Become a SGH Patron: Our Partners: Spartan Forge - Use the code “southernground” at to save 25% on your membership GoWIld - Use the code “southernground” on your gear purchases to save 10% Tethrd - Nucanoe - Skre Gear - Use the code “southernground” at to save 15% on your purchase  Southern Ground Hunting is powered by Simple Cast.

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