Michigan Wild - Find Your Reason w/ Hutchy

Show Notes

This week's episode of Michigan Wild, host Nate Rozeveld welcomes Andy Hutchins from the Deer Camp Podcast. Andy shares insights from his recent Habitat Day on his personal property, detailing the activities and thought process behind the day. The conversation does dive into Andy's motivation for starting his podcast, the challenges and joys he has encountered and how the podcast has rekindled his passion for hunting. Last fall Andy attended multiple deer camps and through those experiences and connecting with fellow hunters revitalized his enthusiasm for hunting.  He was able to transition from hunting solely on his private property and feel less burned out with chasing just one particular deer. 

Key Habitat topics include...

-Long-neglected areas and recent changes made to improve soil/timber

-The positive outcomes for whitetail deer and other wildlife

-Already seeing first hand increased wildlife activity and diversity

-Importance and benefit of spring food plot for fall plots

-Techniques and strategies for effective food plotting

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