Michigan Wild - What's a Zinger?

Show Notes

Brian Terry and Nate Rozeveld sit down and figure out what a Zinger is on this week's episode of MIchigan Wild. A Zinger happens to be Nate's new favorite way to fletch arrows and Brian happens to be an owner of the company so the guys were able to dive into them.

Some of the questions Nate had were...

- What is a Zinger?

- Why do they work?

- Do they stay on?

- Lifetime warranty?!

- Can be used with fixed/mechanical broadheads?

- Use them with a tradbow?  

Overall Brian did an excellent job breaking down Zingers and what makes them a great alternative to traditional vanes. If anyone wants to learn more about Zingers reach out to Nate on social media or check out Zinger yourself.

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