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This episode of Michigan Wild is a recap of the last seven days of hunting. To kick off the first week Drew Hasler, once again joins Nate, and they both go over their week of hunting. Drew had a few high quality hunts even with the adversity he faced after opening night. He stayed strategic and ended up seeing a potential shooter and had a new target buck show up on cam this week. 

Nate's week was very eventful and he had some great hunts. He saw 2 target bucks enter one of his food plots on a hang and hunt Thursday night. Nate dives into the hunt he had that evening and why he felt Thursday was the night. Unfortunately it ended with an epic fail... a swing and a miss. 

Both Drew and Nate are looking forward to this upcoming week and are optimistic for getting on their target deer.

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We're just here walking around. We're going to go set a tree stand. Don't worry. My dad's weird. He never shut it. I just shot a freaking big buck.[00:01:00]

Get that one. Oh, you hit him. Go get that one, Henry. Right here. Boom! The

size of that deer.

All right, welcome to another little episode of Michigan Wild. This is a new thing, and I have drew has back on and did I say your last name wrong? Hasler. I said has Hasler. You're not a hassle. You're a Hasler. Yeah, . And he'd be surprised how many times it's been called Hassle Black, though. I like that, but no, we're going to try to do this.

We've had a week of deer season [00:02:00] in the books. I guess if you count today, it would be eight days, but this is Monday night. And I would like to just get in touch with buddies throughout the season. Maybe I'll have to be a solo one every once in a while, but just recap the last seven days of hunting.

I think that. Obviously it's not real time, but I think there's a lot of value for guys who want to listen to this and, maybe learn how other people attack certain weeks, and then obviously we can talk about what we're planning to do this upcoming week. Cause I know I'm hoping to get out a few times and so are you.

No, I just, yeah, thanks for hopping on and doing this with me. And unfortunately for me, I have a pretty good story to talk about. Cause I had an epic fail on Thursday, the 5th. Yeah, let's let's just quick kind of start with you, Drew. And how many times did you, were you able to get out hunting this week?

Kind of maybe go through a little bit on, if you have the highs, let's hit some highs and some lows maybe. And then we can get into my eventful week. Yeah, sure. [00:03:00] So I I've only been out three times like yourself, try to have the most proficient sets. When you hit the woods the season kind of started off a little rocky.

I wouldn't say a little rocky. I'm Obviously happy for any successful hunter. The wide eight, I was after the target buck. I was after, I have probably hundreds of pictures of them and, had one and the food plots pretty regular, but the neighbor ended up shooting them opening evening.

My focus transitioned to other things. I know I mentioned public a little bit and haven't made it out there yet. But. We had a few good, surprising sets the first couple of days of season. Yeah. Cause I remember when you shared that, that deer was shot you, I was like, so does that mean, are you just going to not go hunt the lease anymore?

Are you going to go hit public? And you're like, no man, you never know. We always have, sometimes bucks will show up. Yeah. So you're still very opportunistic and obviously you're. You were happy for the kid. And he was, would you say he's 17 years old? Yeah. I think he's 16 or [00:04:00] 17, a shot with a compound.

Just awesome. We're talking, it was a solid eight, like probably 130 high one 38. So yeah, solid big body. So yeah, more than happy for him. We go back and forth on between us and our neighbors on who shoots the big one in the area, but you're still opportunistic though.

Cause I remember saying, Hey, are you going to are you going to scribe? We're like, no, I'm still planning on going at getting after it. Cause stuff can show up. Yeah, because we did have a, we had quite a few bucks that showed up in velvet as they always do. They they come through in the summer.

And I was still holding out to see one of them. When they went through, they went through like late August. A lot of them, I get them for a couple of weeks in August and then they just disappeared from there. But like you said, there's, you never know what's going to show up.

It's a good transitional area. So they obviously come from bedding, go into food. That's when we pick up a lot of them on the cameras. But I think it was the second hunt I was out, I was sitting on the food [00:05:00] plot and a surprise buck showed up. So a buck, I don't have a single picture of, I know how you alluded my cameras, but he ended up baying up at 40 yards and didn't quite make it in the food plot, et cetera.

Raccoon at the base of the tree and per usual mature doe sitting in the food plot and she didn't like something and he sat and watched that food plot for a good hour and turned himself around and slowly walked off. And that was October 2nd or your second hunt? That was October 4th or 5th. My that was my second hunt.

Gotcha. So did you hunt opening night? No, I I sat the third. Okay. I sat the third and the fourth and then I I think it was. Two days ago, I went back out. Okay. So the four, so that would have been Wednesday night. You saw potential shooter. So what made you not want to go opening night? The wind was, it wasn't set up right.

I don't really, cause I know [00:06:00] you're really patient. Like you don't just have opening night. You're like, you're strategic and you know you have a game plan, for what you're waiting for. And especially with that book, the book I was after he was only entering the food plot. On a Southwest wind for some reason, he was entering like quartering away from the wind with the windows back which sometimes happens.

You never know what mature bucks are going to do, but yeah, so it didn't set up, it was hot. Pressure was low. I did nothing. Nothing really told me I needed to be out. So I figured I'd lay off of it and, hit it when the time was right. Cause that would be the one time I'd be able to kill that deers.

Not bug him out any by putting more scent in there than I need to and I'm waiting for him So I decided to not hunt and hindsight's 20 20 He has to basically where the neighbor shot him He had to have walked through the neighbors before they even made it to our side I wouldn't have seen him anyways.

Yep. So you didn't stink the area up. You [00:07:00] didn't go in there. You could have went in there and not seen him anyways. It was not like the deer walked by your plot and you got shot by the neighbor. It was other way around. So you still low impact, you're not going in there making disturbance.

Less you feel like it's the right move. Absolutely. That's a big thing. I like to stress is low impact. I there's. Three stands that I haven't even hunted yet, just because they're closer to bedding or, closer to their heavy travel routes and if you catch any swirling wind, you could swirl wind in the bedding area or, just even making noise in there.

Try to, stick to evenings, stay away from the morning hunts, especially in those areas. So Lynn, let's fast forward to your Wednesday, which would have been your, or sorry, your first hunt was Wednesday or Tuesday? First hunt was Tuesday. So what was the kind of what made you think that this is the night that I need to slip in here?

You obviously knew that your number one buck year after was already shot. So you were, what made you, did you do more of a Low [00:08:00] impact, sit back, scour. Did you go right to a food plot or what was your kind of mindset going into Tuesday night? My mindset was going into food.

So I don't know if you follow any of the Drury outdoor stuff, we're in technically in the period of greener pastures. So they're hitting, yeah, you got your phone right now. Always have that up. Yep. I'm scrolling through all night. They're. As you can probably see in your area the beans are drying up, farmers are starting to harvest them, no longer necessarily hitting those big bean fields, they don't have any good green leafy mass, so they're transitioning to the greener, food sources and a lot of that teams to your food plots and things like that these deer were pretty regular in our food plot especially that wide eight, he was, almost every night.

And there my thought being that, and I don't know how, how quickly this transition happens, but there's always a dominance factor to some of those older bucks. And they push a [00:09:00] lot of bigger, other bigger deer out of the area, at least from what I've seen. So my thought was he's now dead.

Something's probably going to move into his place or, sitting on the edge of his core area and wanting to push in and, assert themselves. . So that was my thought. It was, this food this food plot's kinda set up closer to the road and it's pretty easy access. So it's not necessarily a high pressure hunt.

I can sit there and I can observe. I, it sits on the edge of sit 80 acre tall grass field. I. I can watch and don't have to necessarily dive in too deep. Yeah, it's a very safe set, but also could be produced something that you need. And if you play the wind and if you play the wind right, which is how this set up.

I waited for the ideal wind, which is like a south southwest wind. If you play it your wind dumps basically into a drainage and out to the road. So perfect. I, there's very few times where deer actually comes behind me. So that checked. So you probably look through it. Like it [00:10:00] checks the box for a couple of things for you.

Like to go early season, you have the food plot is doing good. And that whole, once the beans dry up, they definitely do transition because I've got trail cameras on a bunch of, scrapes and food plots and all those kinds of things. And there was a pretty hard. Change, all of a sudden I was like, I've had, the cameras were dead on the food plots for a long time.

Then all of a sudden a switch went off and bucks started hitting them. And then, so that's one thing. And then your wind was another thing and access. So you already got like some good things lining up for you that's where, anyone who's new to hunting or like trying to figure out how to hunt early season, like those are super important things to do.

And if you can capitalize on early season. Because you go into a spot that I'm, I don't, maybe this is wrong for you, but like where I've had success in early October, those spots usually are not good, late October, November, like I don't even want to hear that. So you have to look at your property differently and, maybe find a separate properties.

And so what did you end up seeing then on that first set? Did you see anything [00:11:00] good or was it slow? I did it and I'd also like to mention that, this was right after a pretty heavy rain and in that big front moved in for those that are listening or people that live in Michigan, they know it, it was once 80 degrees and now it's almost winter.

And I think I saw 37 on the truck this morning. Yeah, that front had just pushed in and we got an intercellar rain. And it probably pretty much rained all day. So I sat and waited till it stopped raining. And it happened to be the time I got out of work. Everything just lined up. I have had really good sits in there, sitting in the rain, waiting for it to stop, going out in the rain.

And everything lined up. As far as what I saw movement was good. From the minute I got out there, about 3, 3. 30 deer were on their feet. A couple of those onto the food plot right away and you can see like a corner of the neighbor's food plot from that stand, too there's a few deer out there, but they just seem to be on their feet.

They seem to be. [00:12:00] Transitioning back and forth quite a bit. And the little bucks too. I don't know. I don't know if if your sets have been the same way, but there's been a lot of small buck movement. They've been starting to push a little bit now. I, obviously towards my, the last set up I was out, but, they're definitely starting to maybe make some sign, push those around, stuff like that. No, I did see a deer, like I mentioned before, a deer that I haven't seen on camera before. His face, his neck, everything told me he was a shooter, but, it's, you it just throws you off when you don't see a deer, especially early.

And I

expect this in the rut. I expected, a buck to run in and maybe just get a glimpse at him. But no I probably watched him for a couple hours. So he came out in the tall grass and got a good glimpse at him. And I, if. If you walked out into the food plot and actually showed me a little bit more of his body, I probably would have been flinging an arrow, but he never made it there, but [00:13:00] it's good to see.

Doing big buck stuff, he's probably just scoping it out, just watching from a distance. He's not just going to there for no reason. Exactly. And that's that's, that's a good telltale sign for a mature buck is. How methodical they are with how they move if you get a good opportunity to actually watch them and watch how they enter a food plot, or even just how they move through more dense areas like that tall grasses.

probably above his head. So you can, you just see his racket first. And he came out and he, like I said, I watched him for two hours. And when he came out, he was probably only a hundred yards away. So it took him two hours to move 50, 60 yards in that tall grass. That's all I did. He just, he got up.

He'd look, watch around. He'd. Make 10 yard bound and then look around again. And that doe ended up popping off. That doe blew at that raccoon [00:14:00] underneath my tree. And she only blew twice, but that was enough for him to get out of there. And he sat there and he just watched that food plot. Years forward.

Just watch the food plot for a good half hour and then just slowly made his way out of there. So that's good though. That's a bonus that he worked himself away. Yeah. And I think, I think it comes to a point too, which, is another, to me, a telltale sign of a mature buck.

I don't think they get as buggered out by those does blowing. Cause they know, every smart guy knows a mature doe will blow at anything. I think they're, they almost think the same thing. Yeah. They don't want to just run it because they're vulnerable. If they just start running somewhere, they can get in themselves in a bad position.

They're always, I'm trying to, if all the bucks that I have, especially recently messed up or they smell me or anything like that, I've never had one blow at me. They just like. Turn [00:15:00] around and they just like, if anything, they'll trot off and they do not put their tail even up, like they just slither away.

And yeah, so I think you're probably all those things that you're thinking is probably definitely could be right up in there, that mature deer you're going after for sure. Yeah, absolutely. And I haven't a chance to hunt that spot again. Half of me makes me think he was probably pretty close to his bed, cause this was obviously got up fairly early, whether he's just bedding out there in the afternoon or whatnot, but, like a lot of people know bucks, those big bucks don't venture very far from their bed necessarily. So no, and that's a good thing. If you have that, if you have him in that area and he's safe and feels good, he should hang out there for a little bit.

And yeah, obviously I don't have, you had a picture of him on camera sense or still have not. I still have not. So I I was hoping to. I was thinking, maybe middle of the night that night, he would have made it to the food plot. But like I said, we're pretty close to the neighbor's food plot.

There's just cut along our edge. So [00:16:00] he could have very well just made it out over there. Yeah. Yeah. So did you hunt again after that? Or was that your, that was your third set? Or was that your second set? That was my second set. And then my third set was just an observation set. So I said, farther to our South line and I can overlook.

It's all swamped to the South and then it's. Most of our property is tall grass and then the south half is like a recessed pasture. Yep. Recessed pasture with an old orchard kind of in the corner. So that's my high proficiency corner. That's the corner I stay out of, but I can watch it from like 400 yards away.

I can watch this corner and it was a good sit. I think that, that cold air is just, had just blown in that wind switch to the north. And pushed pushed a lot of cold air in, which ended up being really good for the duck hunting. Yeah. I was going to say, I need you to touch base on that because you got some duck hunting in too.

Yeah, absolutely. So that was your last sit was the observations that you saw some good movement. Did [00:17:00] you see anything that you're going to take advantage of this week that you saw or? No I saw four small bucks but quite a few does, they were moving to this, that was the time of the small bucks really started pushing around the dollars.

There's a little six point that was just dog and a doe. I've run her up and down and yep. So they're getting into it and lots of sparring. Any of those small bucks were fighting each other and whatnot. So that was. A majority of the morning, that was a morning set, but I knew being an observation set, it was a safe play.

So yeah, I think I've had all my scrapes for the past, like five days have been taken over by a year and a half old bucks. I'm pretty sure. It's weird. And Illinois too. Yeah, same thing down there. I got a little box down in Illinois. Yep. They've been they've been hitting our scrapes just about every day.

So they've been hitting them, same thing. And like you said, the multiple pictures of little bucks, pushing on and don't doing that. I have seen it.[00:18:00] I saw, yeah, I can get into it, but we've seen little bucks bumping does. And then I think it was Friday morning. Yeah. Friday morning when I got to work, I can, there's this nice big open field that butts up.

So some oak trees and I could, I think I counted six different bucks. I think I would guess two or two year old eight points than the rest for a year and a half old spikes or four points, but with two eight pointers, man, them things, they pushed each other around for probably 10 minutes, nothing super aggressive, but they were just feeling themselves out.

And then as soon as the one finally gave up, I went right to the dough that he was right by and just started, lip curling and all that. I'm like, dude, there's no way that he's ready. You're just all fired up. I feel like I've seen that in October, but I don't. Not too off other than last year. And I saw those two big bucks fight that was, but that was more of a I'm pissed you're in my area, they fought and he ran that deer off and then he hung out for two weeks in the area.

And I never saw the other buck again, actually that fall. So this, their little bucks aren't really doing that. They're just being weird. And that's usually, [00:19:00] I see that like third week of October, like the 20th of October, I see little bucks doing that. And then you always, so it's weird.

I think it's just the strictly the weather just got them, that hard switch. Yeah. And it was a pretty major weather switch. But I will say, yeah, I don't know if you've seen it on just on social media, but there's been a lot of bucks, big bucks that have hit the ground. This is the time that, that I've noticed, when those little bucks start.

Getting a little more aggressive toward, red action or start start playing around a little bit. That's when those other bigger bucks start moving in or, changing their ranges. They'll start to search for other areas. I don't know if they're just taking intel or what, but they always seem to.

To show up right around this time. Okay. So knowing what you know from past history, what's your kind of outlook going into next week? Do you have, obviously we've talked about that's an app that we use. Have you been looking, do you have some days like highlighted in your head, maybe that you want to try to attack or how does it look for you for the next few [00:20:00] days, next week, so yeah, today, I don't know about you guys down there, but we have, majority north wind most of the week, which doesn't play very well for my property and play well for an observation set, which is certainly, an option, but we do have a West wind kind of teeming towards more of a Southwest wind tomorrow, and I think really quite honestly, that's my best bet for making that out.

And I'm hoping, something might, Yeah. The cameras might tell me something a little bit the next day, or at least the next 20, 24 hours. Yeah, I may wake up and catch one going back into there and do that. Usually it's a couple, couple hundred pictures every morning. So it certainly does tell me a lot.

But I, like I was telling. You guys, Buck I had, I have lots of history with, ended up showing back up he showed up on Saturday, would have been Saturday night and he showed up in daylight, I know he moves with the [00:21:00] north wind, so it's hard to make a play on him, but I'm going to keep an eye on him, and, like I said, I think Tuesday is probably my best play on him, stay more towards the.

The outside of his range and hope hopefully I can just get eyes on him. That's exciting. Hey, you got something to look forward to. Yeah. That's definitely a good thing. Okay. Duck hunt open for you guys. How'd that go for you? Yeah, it was good. It was good. We shot 14, so it's always good.

We're just up in central Michigan. It's not like anybody knows in Michigan. We're not on a flyway or anything like that. It's good to always get a pretty good bag. And mostly Mallard still, so we had a pretty good push Mallard and the wood ducks started to group up a little bit.

So we're seeing, bigger packs of wood ducks. I think, we shot a few groups that were 15, 20. So that's what ducks are starting to group up and move. So yeah. Nice. So you had a good week. So overall, the last seven days for the year has been pretty eventful. Good. Yeah. Very eventful.

And that's, that's. Yeah. Yeah. That's what just makes you feel good about fall, right? Regardless of it's, opening day in [00:22:00] Michigan usually falls on the first couple weekends in October. I always got to make the game time decision whether I want to go duck hunting or, to the deer woods.

But it was a pretty good break from the deer woods, that's good. I'm always take advantage of getting out in the marsh and shoot some ducks. Yeah, that's good. That's good stuff. I wish I had a little bit better duck opportunities here. I just, usually it's, we have some good fields for goose hunting and, but this year the corn's still, so much corn is up.

They just started taking it down last week and there's been a couple of good. Good amount of geese flying. But like right now it's it's one of those things where my brain's so focused on white tails. It's hard for me to bail on that and go wake up early and, do you go set up a bunch of decoys and stuff, that could change.

If I drive by one field on a Sunday or Saturday morning, I see a couple hundred geese out there. I'm like, you know what? I think I should try to get them tomorrow. That does happen, but so far I haven't really had that yet. Yeah. That's usually, this is just an opening day spot too.

It's a [00:23:00] mill pond. So it's, it gets shot up pretty good opening weekend. And after that it's fizzles out, but it butts right up to one of my buddy's deer hunt property. So we don't try to blow it up too much. So we go, usually go in there opening day and hunt it or opening weekend.

And then, maybe like end of November when there's. Now, nothing's frozen. There's a bunch of dollars to push down. We hit it again, but sweet. It's just a fun thing to do early October. Just gets the juices flowing, absolutely. Yeah. It only comes around once a year, so take advantage of it and have fun.

Alrighty, so let's roll you. Yeah, I was going to say, you you have a story. I have, yep. I have a story. So I've been, this is my 20, 21st year bow hunting and I still screw things up. So I don't want anyone to ever think that I have anything mastered or, I hope I don't ever give that illusion to any of my friends or anything that I have, I mess up way more than I, make it.

Do the right thing. And just because I have a few really [00:24:00] nice deer on the wall doesn't mean I'm a master by any means. But I we had a really good week and I've alluded to, all my buddies and some people and like on the podcast, like I have a re had a really good feeling about the first week of October this year, just the way I had food plots in places I've always wanted them.

I had some really nice bucks that. I had a past in years past and they were, finally get that, two or three year history with a deer and you're seeing the same thing as a four year old that they did as a three and a two year old. So I was really feeling really good about it. So we ended up opening night.

I hunted opening morning just right by my house close. I have a few spots that are just I have a preset stand, a couple of preset stands hung, and they're just like, I have two hours at night or hour at night, I can just get there from my house really quick. And those are just I really want to go hunting.

So I'm just going to go out there and try to shoot a doe kind of spots. So I did that Sunday morning and then they used to be a really good spot, but I have a lot of neighbors are hunting [00:25:00] now just because I think. I don't know if people just found out I was seeing big deer back there. Cause I'm very open with neighbors.

Hey, there's big deer around we're passing little deer. So then, word gets out, Hey, there's this guy said there's a huge deer over here. So now there's just a lot of hunting pressure. So Sunday morning all I heard were does blowing up the neighbor that was hunting, which I didn't know he was hunting until I heard him blowing at him consistently.

So that was. That happened there. I think I saw one doe there's a lone doe. I've seen a couple of times, but she's always out of range. I really want to shoot her for the, so the landowner can get some jerky and stuff like that. I want to get them some summer sausage and do that for them. So that was, every time I see a deer, I found that, that's, it's a win for me.

And then Sunday night, me and the family, so me, Ashley Henry went out and punted a blind that like what you're talking, it's an observation, there's the hot spots and I can see them from, a few hundred yards away in this blind and the blind is a gun blind primarily, but we have had deer come by within bow range of there.

So it's one of those sets where it's an observation set, but also [00:26:00] you never know what could happen. So it was actually a really good for, I think it was like 83 degrees when we left and I opened up this blind. I built a really big blind. It's eight by eight and it's, six feet off the ground.

I opened that door and it was like a hundred degrees in that thing. So a little chaotic. Yes. It's a little chaotic, got everything settled in. Henry was, first time for the year. So he put together a little to go bag and he, dude loaded that bag up with stuff. He was ready to spend all day out there.

And we were only on there for a few hours, but got all that done. But we did see a pile of those in. This, I have two trail cameras on two food plots and I have another camera in the timber that is really, that heats up. So I have three trail cameras in a semi close proximity to this area. And I had, those cameras were dead.

I was like, went from seeing deer almost every day to no deer. And I was like, man, this is weird. This is wrong because like you said, the beans were dried up. And I [00:27:00] know there was a lot of acorns were dropping earlier, but I, we had some, A lot of them fell that last few days of September.

So I was like, man, I still feel like I should be seeing deer. So we went there and I saw, I think we saw 12 does and we saw one really nice eight point, like probably a three year old maybe as a borderline. It could be a three, it could be two, but he ended up running through the corn. So I noticed like all these deer were coming out of the corn.

And they were loud when they would do it, like they would scare each other going through the corn. It was funny, like the does would all come out running and then other deer would start running because they were going through the corn. There's some reason they're already on edge, which could just be because Michigan, a lot of pressure.

I saw 12 does. Actually, John, I'm by you. I'm sure you get, a lot more pressure than. Yeah, there's yeah. And we got a lot, probably some bigger parcels up here too. Exactly. That's what I was just going to say. I think we just have, there's 10 acre, 5 acre pieces and people hunt them.

So it was really cool because that buck came out of the corn and he had a corn stalk stuck in his antler. So it was [00:28:00] Henry liked that. And we could hear him running. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, we can hear him running from like 250, 300 yards away through the corn. So that was pretty funny, but he came at us on an angle and we thought for a second, it was going to happen.

You probably got within 75 yards of us. And that was Ashley was ready. Cause she's shot her bow and she's shooting it good. And she was like, I loved it. Cause she was all pumped up. So that deer came out and then. Then I saw another completely opposite. So the first eight pointer was probably like wide and a short tined.

And I think he was a two year old probably. Now I think, but yeah, he was a two year old then a buck. I don't even know which deer this was high and tight. Eight point came out into one of my food plots. And that was like the spot that I was like really focusing on because I've had Mr. Krabs in that food plot multiple times.

Throughout the summer and like late in September, velvet and hard horn. I had that deer. And then another deer called Jake and Jake's actually the deer Henry named him Jake, because we have a buck named Jeff. And then he's this one's going to be Jake. I'm like, okay, [00:29:00] cool. So Mr. Krabs and Jake were the two four year olds that I had on this property that I've had quite a bit of history with.

More so with Mr. Krabs, but Mr. Krabs is just a nice, wide, tall time, 10 point with like little crab claw points. So he's pretty much an 8 pointer, mainframe 8 with he's probably only got like a 3 inch, probably like a 2 or 3 inch on one side, maybe a 4 or 5 inch on the other side. But, I was really watching that and I, like the camera has been dead and I have a mock scrape right there and this buck came out and I was like, Ooh, that's a nice deer. I'm probably like a Pope and young eight point, like decent, like real nice. And I was like, okay. And he walked around for a little bit and then he, went back into the woods, never tripped my trail camera, like at all.

And I was like, how is that possible? He was within 35, 40 yards of that camera. Like I should have, he should have tripped it. And So then my head's my gears are turning because I was like, okay, if that deer walked out, hour before dark, like [00:30:00] them, one of them deer have got to be coming through there because there's nowhere else to go.

The beans are dried up. Like they're in the area. Like I haven't seen them anywhere else driving around scouting. So that was on Sunday night. And then now real quick. I know you had pretty successful food plots this year. It's obviously probably more successful than years past or have you noticed any, better Carol Cameron success, in the summer, but those, I know you said it was dead start of the season, but were they pretty frequent in the summer?

No, they were like, they were more so going through the area because I was fortunate that I could put these plots in, like one was an inside corner where deer love to be already no food. There could be like, it could be a dist up field and the deer still hang out in this corner. Like it just sets up perfect.

But they, there was does, and then the bucks were like in there, but they were not consistently in there, but see, here's the thing. I don't think I had my camera in the best spot because they [00:31:00] could have been hammering that plot. And I just didn't have my camera quite right. And I was missing, not one.

It's only one camera and it's a one acre plot. Obviously it's 40 yards. It's 40 yards wide by 90 or whatever. The math ended up being for 40 yards by whatever I made at one acre. I didn't think they were in there super consistently, but like every couple of days, like maybe one or two days a week, I would get one of those bucks in that plot.

And it was around this house. Yeah. And like you said, they may just be using a certain edge of it because I, same deal with my, with some of my food plots they just skirt the edges and don't necessarily travel in front of the camera, but they always hit it for a brief period of time and it's moving through.

Yep. I think that's exactly what's happened. So I think, I I've, I never walked to the plots after I've planted them. I would just drive a truck close by or, see them from a distance. Cause like I can drive through the field. Which is super nice. So I would just do a drive by and make sure that the plot took off or, but that plot mix it's the I've did, vitalized seed in three plots.

And then I did a couple of [00:32:00] plots with the Forget green bin from Packer Max or five, two outdoors or whatever that Lincoln runs us stuff and they all took off great, but like all those mixes have so many different things in it. I wasn't like, I had no idea what they were eating, but like the buck week would pop.

And I was like, Oh man, look at all that buckwheat. And now like when I hunted it, the buckwheat's all gone. So I don't, I just think the deer were definitely using it. And I think when I, but when I hunted it, so like trail camera wise, I couldn't really tell what was going on. But the first night I hunted it, I was like, Oh, these deer are coming out of the corn and they were like trotting to the food plots.

Like they're just, cause I can see both of them. So I was like, yep, it's definitely working. So that was really nice. But. The reason I didn't want to hunt that food plot was because we had a south wind like dead calm south wind and it's inside corner and I can't hunt any, like my limited, I can hunt multiple trees, but I'm limited where I can go on that plot.

So I was like really scared that they were going to come out and the thermal pole would just be pulling back [00:33:00] down into that. It's there's water flowing, there's water in the area. So It's cooler and there's a little terrain there. So your thermals at night just will go right down in there.

So I was like, no, I can't do it. Even though South wind would, if see a picture of the plot from Ariel and the deer travel, you're like, Oh, South wind you're perfect. But no, it wasn't strong enough. So I just laid back. And that's that's something to keep in mind for anybody that's listening to this.

Sometimes corners like that or edges of the woods, they don't always, even though it's a soft wind, doesn't mean your wind's always blowing a soft wind. It takes a serious number of sets to try and understand which way the wind moves where you're sitting. So it's always good to keep in mind.

And, so I'm always like looking. Look, looking for the extended forecast, trying to figure out, find those days. Like I've just like you, like the rain days that stop, I try to hunt and I've shot many deer, big deer, seen big deer doing that. So I, after seeing what I saw that day, I was like, okay, I need, [00:34:00] I looked at the forecast and we had lots of south winds.

And I was like, okay, that's fine. But they were really calm winds. And then obviously everyone could see that cold front coming through. So I took a gamble because I was like, okay, them deer gotta be in there. The first few days of season, I don't know when corn's gonna start coming down, that kind of stuff, but I was like, you know what, I think it's just worth waiting for that cold front and I chose.

For some reason, my gut was like Thursday night is the night. Like I just felt better because I don't know why I saw the rain was forecasted. And sometimes I have a better luck on the day after so like Wednesday is when it blew in and I was. I didn't have any trail cam pics of anything and I don't, and I wanted to go check a camera that was on some state land.

So I was like, this sets up perfect for me to go hunt and check camera. I can work a normal day kind of a thing. Just leave, don't leave super early and do that. Cause I have a little bit of flexibility by. Can't just take off every day. So Wednesday just made sense for me to go sneak into a state land spot and check the camera and hunt.

I had a good, that was a good time. It was my [00:35:00] first tune up for the year for hanging hunting in the middle of nowhere, did that felt good. Everything went really well. However, I, one mistake I made. My platform started making this weird noise. I don't know if you've ever had it, but I've had my platform for five years.

So I, you set your platform for saddle hunting and you do the, what's it called? Toe kick or whatever. When you type the strap, they push it down with it, fold it up and then you fold it down so you leverage it down or whatever. So I did that, but. Every time I'd shift my weight, it would make this weird, like little like freak pop noise.

Just like a weird, never have had this happen with this thing. And I've hunted out of it probably hundreds of times. And I did not address that problem. So fast forward to Thursday, we got rained out at work, which was great. Cause I was able to get a bunch of stuff done and I was like, okay, sweet.

We're I'm hunting Thursday night. It's looking just money. Like whether it's raining, spitting, but then it looks like it's going to stop at five o'clock ish. So Ashley has Thursdays off with her [00:36:00] schedule. So the plan was we're going to pick Henry up from school. We're going to get everything we need.

We're just going to drive right out there and she's going to sit in the blind with Henry and I'm going to go do a hanging hunt on that food plot that has just been good for me in the past and like Where I've seen this deer and at 2 a. m Thursday morning, I had Mr. Krabs on that camera. Mr. Krabs is on it.

Yeah, so he was in the area. So I was like, yep, he's there. So I'm right. He's in this area. So I was super confident. And for some reason, I think I just convinced myself that stand, that Platform was making a popping noise on that tree. I was in, cause it was a pretty hard tree. So I was like, Oh, maybe I just got too tight or something.

So I didn't do anything about it. But so Thursday night we get going, get it's spitting as we're getting, walking out and I told Henry, he's dad, it's raining. I was like, it's going to, as soon as it stops, we're going to see deer. So I ended up getting in this tree I've hunted out of this tree before.

And it's in a really good [00:37:00] spot because. From the tree to my edge of my food plots, 40 yards, and it butts up to where they come out of the cover. And I have video of this, so you can see that when these deer pop out of this field, they're like under 40 yards. They're like, it could be 40, they could be 50, but typically they're like that 35 ish yards.

They're just there, and I can't see them coming because this time of year you can't see nothing so thick. And it's it's just like that perfect. Cover the guys always talk about like grass mixed with like little shrubs and just junky trees. There's nothing good that grows in this little spot. You go 30 yards behind me or down the line, there's giant oak trees and maples and all sorts of stuff.

But you're, when you hunt over there, you're just out of the game, so I set up in the stupid little tree. That's probably, this big, yeah, it's small and I'm the guy and. I had hunted it last year and cleared it out and had some really good hunts because I was after one of the bucks I saw fighting last year, but I I got up there and where I wanted to be, I probably was like 16 feet off the ground, but there was [00:38:00] one branch that was going out that had leaves on it that was covering like the whole plot and I knew that branch was there.

But I was like, Oh, I could probably reach that. And just, I always have my little mini hands out with me and I was like, I'll get in there, five o'clock and I'll just quick zip that thing down. So I get up there, can't reach it like at all. Like I thought I was going to be able to do the old, hooked into my saddle, stay on the edge of my platform and reach out.

And I'm a big, long arm guy could not get it. And. I gave up because Ashley texted me and just saw some does come out of the cornfield. So i'm like son of a gun they're already moving like I mean It was sprinkling spitting rain and like as soon as it lightened up deer just like boom switch started Light switch.

Yeah, I mean They do so I was like, all right mission aboard on that branch. I'll just go down a stick So I took my fourth stick off Set it down, dropped it down on the ground. Went from 16, 17 feet to like that 12, 13 foot range. Set my platform, pulled my bow up, hooked it up, got him. And [00:39:00] then here come those does that she saw through the woods working right by me.

Like I just got set up. They worked off. It was perfect. They didn't smell me like, all right, sweet. We're good to go. And then it was deer nonstop. Does popping out of the corn little bucks coming out, everything's working great. Group of does walked by me. Cause that's the trick in Michigan.

Like we have a lot of deer. So like you have to shoot a big deer in early October. You have to fool a lot of other noses and eyes before they come out. So it was working really good. But the way I had to sit, the only way I could hunt this tree was the way it was leaning. I had to shoot on my weak side of the tree.

My plot, which I felt was fine. Cause I was like, I can just stand up upright, no tension, have my feet on my platform and I'm just standing there and I can just grab my bow off the hanger and just shoot great cameras set up. Great. I'm trying to self film everything. Cause I was like, been my goal for years and ended up being the demise.

And of course, when the group of does came through, I had some get within 30 yards of me, I went to move my. [00:40:00] Did it again. And the doles were like instantly like on me. So Thursday it rained. And as soon as the rain stopped, it like the wind died. Like the front was like here died and it was dead calm, but we had a south wind, but it was like, but it was weird.

So like I was having the thermal uphold for a really long time. Cause it was like the cold air stopped and the sun came out. So I was like. I was dropping milkweed and it was just getting sucked out into the field still. So I was like, okay, I'm good for the majority of the night. Cause I always look by the hour by hour and see when the temperature drop happens because some nights they'll happen an hour before dark, you'll have a quick drop and that's when you get that bad thermal pull.

This was like staying the same temperature for three hours. So I should be good. So that was one of the reasons why I want to hunt that too. So let's fast forward to six 30. I was like, okay, my platform is like not being quiet. Like I need to do some need to do something. So I decided to get down on my top, my stick, undo my platform, loosen it up and try to not have it [00:41:00] as tight.

And I was like, you know what? The rest of the night, I'm not even going to put tension on myself. I'm just going to stand on my platform, like a tree stand. And I have a little tethered or whatever the predator platform is, the regular size one's not giant and I'm a big guy, but I was like, I can just stand on this thing.

No problem. So I do that hop up. Staying on my platform and I'm dude, two minutes, maybe not even, I look in here comes Mr. Krabs, poof out of the woods at 40 yards. I'm like, Oh my gosh. Like I was not prepared for that, that early at 6 30 in the afternoon. We have an hour and 20 minutes of light left and my camera's already pointed in that direction because that's like where the deer come, that's my shot.

So all I did was just went, boop, hit record. I already had it full. It's a. I had to manually do the focus and stuff in the zoom recording. I'm like, sweet. It's good. I grabbed my bow. I come over and I got rattled a little bit. Like I was like, he's way, first of all, he's way bigger than I thought. Like I never got a good picture of him.[00:42:00]

And I had this deer walk underneath me as a two year old. And I got a good video of them. And I passed him and then last year as a three year old, I think I seen him like three times. I grunted him in, he came in 30 yards and I passed him. He went from a 130 barely to knock on the door is a 150.

You've seen the video. I don't know. It's, he looks, yeah, he's got a large frame. Yeah he's framey with big brow tines. Yeah. And that's mostly an eight point. There's not many inches of there's nine to 10 point or not that big. So completely caught me off guard with how big he was.

And I was like, Oh boy. Cause I was on the fence. Like he was my target, but I was like, you know what, it's going to be a game time decision. I might pass him because he just might not be as big as I, like I'm trying for one 50 really bad. But so we're good. I'm a little rattled, but I was like, okay, I knew he was like around 30 yards, but to calm myself down, I always tell myself it was over 30, I should range them like that. Just make sure it's good. So pull the range finder out and I hit him with a range finder [00:43:00] at 32 yards. And dude, I could barely keep the range finder on him. Like I was like, I was pumping and I was like, and I usually am not this way. Like usually I lose it after I can call it leading up to that moment.

It's so it was just chaos, dude. It's gone wrong. Yeah. Yes. Just chaos. And I'm 13 feet up and I'm 13 feet off the ground. He's 30 yards away. Yeah. So hit him at 32. So look at my camera. He's in frame. And I was like, you know what? I'm going to zoom in just a little bit more because like he was just eating those brassica.

I don't know. There's so many different seeds. I'm not sure what he was eating. Brassicas or turnips. I don't know what it was. Radishes. There's so much stuff, but he's just eating it. Like he came out of the woods and head down and started eating. So I zoomed in a little bit, which. Error number one, should never have done that.

I was perfectly fine, but just thought I needed to and go put tension on my back or my thumb button. I'm about to start pulling back. He's 30 yards away. And as I start to do that, I look [00:44:00] and here pops out Jake. And I was like, Oh my gosh. And Jake is, he's much more massive. He's got, he had a split G2 last year, like a mule deer.

And I did not hunt this spot. Opening a few days because I was afraid he was going to walk by and I was going to shoot him as a three year old because he was like an impressive three year old last year. And then this year he had like double inline points on his like G3s. He had doubles on both sides and he had like trash on his bases and like just big beefy deer.

So he walked out and I was like, Oh my gosh. I was like, no way. Both these deer are literally in this plot. I'm like, am I in Iowa? Like right now, that's what I was like thinking. I was like, so I was, I'd calmed myself down, thought I was good. All of a sudden it went from not kill mode to like, which deer do I shoot?

So I looked at, I'm like looking at them and Mr. Krabs, like he walked a couple of steps closer, but still clueless to I'm there. And I've been dropping milkweed. So like pretty much my scent was following [00:45:00] the wood line down. Went away from these deer. So they were coming with the wind. It was a Southwest wind.

They were coming with the wind cutting over their back. But I think the way the terrain is, they could work that edge. And as soon as they got in that pot, they could see. A few hundred yards, and I think that's, take note of that. I think a lot of, like I mentioned before, that deer would enter the wind quartering, over his back.

I think they like to enter those open spaces with the wind at their back and, because they could see everything in front of them. So exactly behind them. No, then they're in a really thick where they're coming from is thick and they probably are betting, within. The farthest they probably are for me is 200 yards.

The closest is 75. So like they have a really good stretch of really good cover. And that doesn't include all the corn that's up. And it's not, we've talked about this before. It's trashy corn, like it's weedy corn. It's not, this is a spot where it's hard to get equipment too. Like they just plant it because they can, but it never comes up good because it's just, it's wet and just mucky and they can't get in there as much.

So it's like [00:46:00] really good for deer. So I go from being rattled. To composed to re rattled and I got two four and a half year old bucks knocking on the door of, they're in the one forties, we'll just say for sure. And I'm like looking at Jake and I was like, I think he broke both his inline points off.

Cause I, or at least for sure on the one side, which he broke time last year too. So I was like, And I'm just seeing Mr. Krabs frame is just giant. And I'm like, I'm shooting him. So I'm like, okay, I'm killing him. And he had walked a little closer and I had to my pin at 30 yards still. Cause I was like, 30, 32 yards were good.

And this all happens in like a minute and 30 seconds, like on my camera from like record to like the shot. Yeah. Spoiler. I do shoot at this deer. And so I pull my bow back and I had calmed myself down for the second time and pull my bow back. And as I pull my bow back, I never tell myself, cause I had shot a doe early doe [00:47:00] season deer was in frame, pull my bow back, shoot deer was no longer in frame.

So I was like, make sure you don't shoot unless the deer's in frame. So another mistake. I pulled my bow back before looking at my camera. So in my value of decision between which deer I'm going to try to shoot, I've completely forgot about following Mr. Krabs with the camera. So I pull back, look, he is no longer in frame.

So the way my camera's position is to the left of me and I'm like full draw. Deer's not, no idea I'm there. I'm like, I got my back bar. I can just nudge the handle of my camera on my back bar at full draw and I'll be good to go. So you can hear me pull my bow back in the video.

And then I go to nudge that and I swing it over. Perfect. Except he had taken a few steps forward. So I had his like belly up and what's really cool is right before I swing the camera over, you can see Jake step out like in the very top corner. So I do have both on video. [00:48:00] So I do that and I'm like, I looked, I'm like, Oh man, it's not quite there.

And I was like, and I thought I had all the time in the world. This deer had no idea it was there. And I'm like, I'm just going to nudge that thing down a little bit. My fluid head was too loose. So I went to nudge it down in that camera just goes right down in the middle of my food plot. It doesn't fall off the base or nothing, but it just pivots all the way down.

So I'm like, Oh my gosh. And I was a little rattle at that point. Cause I've already done it like two moves. Now you're just flustered. Yeah, flustered. So then I'm like, okay, I have to. I have to now hit down on the handle of my bow to lift it up. So I'm like, okay, I'm going to do this. So I hit down.

I did it way too aggressively. And as soon as my bag bar hits that handle goes like this little tink and I look and he's instantly pegged me like at 30 yards, pegged me hard, like instantly. But not like one of those pegs where he's like. He's got me. He's just what the heck was that?

And he's there I am. The six foot one, 250 pound dude hanging off this tree. [00:49:00] That's, six inches around 13 foot. Yes, exactly. But I was still composed. I was like, I'm going to kill him right there. So I'm back, I swing over, hit my anchor, good strings, touching my nose. I even looked at my bubble on my site, dude, like line that thing up.

Cause I was at full draw for a little bit, I was probably on full draw for, 15, 20 seconds. So I wanted to make sure I was good and I put it, he was perfectly broadside. I put it right on that, right in that little divot, that little V that they got on their leg, cause early season bucks, you can see their bone structure good.

And I'm like, right there. And I just squeezed her off. And as soon as I squeezed it off, I instantly. Had regret because he ducked in world like a fricking nanny doe, and that arrow flew true and just went, he ducked it and he didn't duck straight down. He did the duck. Leave. Yeah. Yup.

So like he exposed his belly. So if I would have been probably four [00:50:00] inches lower, I would have hit him and the entrance would have been lower than the exit kind of a thing. And instantly almost cried and puked at the same time.

Oh, gosh, I was, I punched the tree a little bit maybe, and I just like, and I didn't punch it cause I was angry. I was like, almost like laughing. Like I was like, you big dummy, like you just, but it was like a goal thing, like I'm trying to do something that's. Evaded me for, eight, nine years.

And I first time I've ever had a beautiful food plot that I put in and this deer comes out and I've all my big deer, I shoot in the woods, or like thick areas. So I just completely forgot that it's like shooting a doe in the middle of a hayfield. Like them buggers are jumpy aim low. And I just didn't, I aimed right on and he ducked me bad.

And then he just bounded off with the other deer. They never blew. I bet they only ran for 30 yards. Like I heard him boom. And then it [00:51:00] was dead calm. So like we talked about earlier, those big deer, man, they don't like to just blow the place up. They just go back

and sneak away. Yeah, I think some a noise, but I don't know if he necessarily pegged you. So he didn't know you were up in the tree. And another advantage for you is that's not, you're sitting in your saddle. That's not permanent. That's not a permanent set. It's not something you're going to go back to necessarily.

You can find a different location for that food plot, so yeah, I did everything right. It's not all bad. Nope, I did everything right, waited for the right day. Used my history. Used the wind to my advantage, used the pressure to my advantage. All those things. And did everything right, except for a couple little things.

Maybe if I would have taken care of that platform at some point. Now, I... What'd I do as soon as, of course, Friday, that platform came apart. Of course, the wax is gone. Those rubber grommets have like dirt in them and stuff like gone. So of course I waxed the thing and now it doesn't make any noise.

Like it's [00:52:00] right back to being how it was. So that was one mistake. Another mistake was I probably should have brought my little extendable pull saw, which I usually always have with me especially it's a it's a decent walk. It's almost a half mile walk. But what's another, a few pounds of the extendable saw. And if I could have just zipped that thing right off, I would have been a little higher, probably had a little better angle on them. Maybe it would have shot a little sooner, there's all these little things that compound and then, just something as simple as not accounting for the drop.

And I've shot deer with my bow for a long time. I know they move, and just messed it up, and then we all do. Camera,

but I had actually, it's like they're broadside. They're fairly close. It's funny.

And when you shoot 60 yards all summer in your backyard, you're shooting this little, I got that little Reinhardt target. It's not a very big target and I've got the Glendale buck that's laying down at 40 yards, I'm shooting these targets all summer. Yeah. Yeah. And.[00:53:00] You're shooting and all of a sudden you get a deer like that standing there at third yards.

It looks like it's in your face, it's it looks so close. It just looks giant. And you just, yeah, I just made the small mistake of, I didn't remind myself. I should have, what I need to do is literally, I think everyone is a hunter, you have your checklist in your head pull back, anchor.

Do that, wait for the right shot, all these things you do. I think when I sit on field edges or food pots are now on aim low, not necessarily aim off the deer, but just give it, three or four more inches. And, I think I think Grant, Dr. Grant Wood's a big advocate of it, but he always aims at that crease, right at the heart.

It's it's deer ducks. You still hit them. If you hit, if they don't duck and you hit where you're aiming, you're still hitting them in the heart. And I did not do that. I aimed for the exit, like I was like, he had his one leg forward and everything, and I was like, I'm going right there and yeah, he just matrixed me, but I'm heart, heartbroken, obviously like this is rough and yeah, it's just a deer, but still gosh, this is what I'm, I didn't shoot deer all year last year with my [00:54:00] bow. I passed last three year olds and this moment came. It was almost, it was worth it because now I have, a four wheel buck I had an opportunity to shoot, which is pretty awesome.

And it's an area that has a lot of hunters and stuff like that. So feel good about it. But I had Ashley, thank goodness she was hunting. She was able to get to the truck and she drove right to the plot. So all the deer got spooked out of the area. And then I got down and I walked along the edge of the plot, right to the truck, and then I walked, drove the truck down and just walked straight to my Lumenok.

I did kill a pretty good sized turnip though. I friggin smoked a turnip. That was pretty funny. Big ol softball turnip. Yep, exactly. And then So I just grabbed that and I left. And I was like, I'm not coming back here for a while. And I haven't been back, so that was Thursday. And then, the next morning, at 4am, he was on the other plot.

Going back into where he came from. So that's really good. So I hunted Saturday morning. So that would have been Friday morning. I had him on the camera. I [00:55:00] think it was Friday. Yeah, it was Friday morning. I had my camera and I was like, okay, I had to work. And the weather wasn't the greatest, but Saturday morning was looking really good.

So then I hunted a spot that I usually, I actually seen him two other years in a row. And I don't see him usually there until like end of October. So I was really cautious. I just slipped in and I hung a spot and. I didn't stay there long, the wind was great my stuff was getting sucked into this wet spot, where the deer never come from, so I felt good about it, and I snuck back out of there, and I think I got another picture of him either Saturday night or Sunday night, and this is dark or early morning, but it's like hard to tell, cause my camera's just not in a great spot, so I don't know for sure, but.

So I'm feeling really good about this week. I think this week I'm going to give another really hard, a hard, to try at them. Same kind of like I was, I want to go through the weather a little bit on that. Obviously we're not sponsored by DeerCast or anything, we have some good days.

There's some of the days they have say poor, which I take that in consideration, but I also look at like the average high. And if I'm [00:56:00] below that, I get pretty excited. I will say, I do use that. It's an algorithm that puts everything together for you, right? Just all the, the variables line up and it makes good for deer hunting, but at the same time, most of us as deer hunters, we have a feeling that we should be out, especially chasing, older bucks like this.

It's like you, and if you have camera intel, it's you know it doesn't have to be a great day for you to have a great day in deer cast for you to. Hit the woods, as long as a few of your key variables line up, you should probably be out there. October 5th, Thursday night is when I shot the deer and then now tomorrow is the 10th.

And if I look at the average high is usually 63 degrees. It's going to be a high of 50 tomorrow. There's going to be cloudy and we have a consistent West wind of 10 miles an hour. So this, that night I missed that deer was a Southwest wind. And I know the deer really moving there in a West. Cause last year, October [00:57:00] 7th, when those couple of mature deer were out there fighting.

Was a West wind as a cloudy day and they're fighting. So I'm in that three day window that I always talk about from like historical data. So I think tomorrow is actually going to be my next play at that deer. And then we go through the week. We're still in the low sixties. But we have a, we have West Southwest moving through with some, maybe a little bit of rain, but the pressure is not the greatest, you just talked about that pressure.

I think that's a, I don't really care about the moon as much and stuff like that, but that pressure and that cold front together, that's a deadly combination. So we're looking Friday, it's, looking good. The pressure's a little higher, but it's a, it's an East wind. And sometimes on those East winds and what's great is the first East wind in the morning.

I usually see a lot of deer, so I might actually play hooky on a Friday morning. That's a pretty, I know a lot of guys talk about 180 degree wind flip. And that first East wind of the fall is usually pretty deadly. They're [00:58:00] not used to seeing it. We haven't had an East wind in, I don't know how long.

Yeah, we had a little, there was maybe a little bit of a North Northeast, a little bit, but it wasn't much, but this is like due East. And if your property sets up well for it, that gives you a good advantage or it gives those deer. I think a feeling that they can move a little bit differently and, explore new areas.

And then I think catching deer move beds on that wind, which like you're talking, they might be in a little bit of a pattern where they're bedding and stuff, because it's been, it's not right yet. So all of a sudden they're like, they're in their bed and they're like, man, I don't like this wind.

Or like they can just tell someone's off and then I'll catch them deer getting up and moving between bedding areas doing that. So that's going to be my play for that. So I think to tomorrow night, which would be Tuesday the 10th, I'm going to give it a good shot. And I think I might not go back out until Friday morning and I just might show up to work a little late Friday morning and give it a shot.

But obviously, like you said, we're monitoring trail cameras. We're going to be look each day the weather changes. You go with your [00:59:00] gut still, but. That's what I'm looking forward to. And it's, I'm not going to lie. I'm usually one of those guys that as soon as my head hits the pillow, I fall asleep and I wake up when my alarm goes off.

I dreamed about missing that deer. I've dreamed last week has been pretty, the last few days have been pretty rough. I think regardless for the both of us, a lot of good takeaways out of the last week. And good stuff. Yeah, absolutely. A lot to look forward to for the rest of the season or, at least even this week.

We both got deer to go after, it's. The weather is in our favor for at least a day. Yep. And I promise the camera is going to still be with me. I'm still like that. The goal of mine now, I did learn. So I guess another good takeaway for this people who do self film, you're looking at this little viewfinder when I first was on them, like in that viewfinder, it looks like I was way too zoomed out.

Like I have I don't even know what lens I have, but I was like max zoom down on the lens and I can't like, like a deer really close. It's almost too much, but he was like that [01:00:00] 35 yard. I looked at, I was like, Oh, I'm too far out. And I had the camera all set up good focus and stuff. And I just was like, I'll zoom in a little bit more.

As soon as I did that. My focus was off, which I couldn't tell. And then my I had to be so on them so well. And it's okay, I'm not trying to be Midwest whitetail here. That's not my goal. My goal is to get one on film because I know it's hard and it's a challenge for me. And it keeps me hungry.

And I would like, like Henry, I was always like, yeah, that's so cool. You shot it, shot a deer. Can I watch it? And it's I just have GoPro footage or, I don't have that kill shot on there. And it's just being able to like. Have him see it is really nice. And then like I've wounded deer and I've wounded deer and I've got on too quick because I'm, think I hit him good or whatever, and just having that, I've been able to actually see the shot.

Yeah. Yes. And I think that's just a really good thing to have. And it's just a challenge. It's guys, like it's just a way to challenge yourself. And that's my next thing. Like I want to do it. So I think I'm still going to give it a good fair shake and, now, if it does it again, then maybe it'll be a [01:01:00] little different, but I ain't going to let that camera, I think I'm just going to be, I know that I, if a deer is sub 40 yards, I don't need to be zoomed in anymore.

So that's a good thing to know. And make sure you. Taking consideration how on edge they are when you shoot at 'em in open space, like even big bucks that look giant, they're just staring at you. They can move quick. So I know, but really good things. But yeah, I appreciate you you hopping on and doing this.

Yeah, absolutely. Thanks, man. You're a regular now. This is your third time, so taking advantage of that. Yep. It's good stuff. And I get to talk about deer hunting. I'm all for it, so yeah we do this anyways. We talk and all that every day, group chats or not, or Snapchat, whatever it's always deer hunting it's fall, man.

Hopefully the next one with me and you will be one where that's a buck in the back of the truck or something. It'll be pretty cool. Hopefully you guys, hopefully you guys take some away from this and enjoy this. I'm going to try to do one of these every week and. Still have like my normal podcast.

That's probably going to drop. I have a few people on the schedule for that. Obviously in November, I don't [01:02:00] know what that's going to look quite X is a few weeks out. So maybe this will just be more of a solo thing, or obviously when we go to the boat camp in Illinois, we're going to do a few podcasts for that to fill in some of that, but yeah, I'm going to try to do a couple of these for you guys and.

Good luck for everyone else. Look forward to the next seven days and we're going to be hitting the Lowell, the October Lowell by still I've had great hunts in that time and you've killed some bucks too. So don't be afraid to get after it, but enjoy creation guys. Thank you.[01:03:00]