More Than Turkeys with Jared Souza

Show Notes

This week on the podcast, Marcus sits down with Jared Souza. Jared is the co-founder of 2% Certified Turkey Track Outfitters. The guys talk about all things involved with running a guiding service including a crazy story from one of Jared's trips. While running an outfitter can be an extremely difficult task, Jared and his team pride themselves on giving their guests a comfortable, at home experience while hunting a unit that's typically a once in a lifetime draw. Growing up on various ranches in the west, Jared learned the value of giving back and keeping our wild places pristine for future generations of outdoor enthusiasts. When Jared's not guiding, he's spending his time giving back to local conservation organizations and working with 4H groups teaching youth shooting classes. If you have some preference points built up and are looking for a great experience, be sure and give Turkey Track Outfitters a call!

Show Transcript