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This week on the Missouri Woods & Water Podcast Nate, Micah, & Andy talk about some October hunting topics that tend to come up this time of year.  Topics we discuss today are blinds, taking kids hunting with saddles, the October lull, changing camera placement, mock scrapes, and the downside to using trail cameras.  Good luck out there everyone and thanks for listening!

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[00:00:00] Welcome to the Missouri woods and water podcast with your hosts, Nate Thomas. And for the first time, we got Andy and Micah what would you call this? Virtually remote remotely from live location. It's we, it's like COVID is back and we all got to do other shit from our house. But let me just say this first go at it.

So that's not why this first go at it has not gone swimmingly. No, there's been issues already. One, I have crappy internet to you. You don't even have it or something. Yeah, I'm literally using the hotspot on my phone. [00:01:00] Which, Micah, he said that he expected issues, but I can't believe he said he expected it to be my issues.

I did. I expected That is true. I expected Andy to have the problems, and it is all you. You have fucked everything up, Micah. Just so proud of you Sorry, man. I don't know what to tell you. I don't know we tried for 30 minutes to get Micah's to work not that the listener cares But I got everybody set up to that we can actually do these remote instead of the guys both driving about half an hour Probably to my house.

They both live about 30 minutes away from me and Sometimes it just gets a little cumbersome, they got an hour drive there, to the house and back. And so we, a couple of months ago actually got them set up with their own recording devices and sets and, said, we'll do it remotely.

And we tried our first one tonight, just us three. And Andy sounds amazing, Micah, you sound all right, because you are using. A microphone. It's just not the one I bought you.[00:02:00] My vocal teacher told me I was amazing too. I find that hard to believe. Yeah. I wasn't vocal where we call that. This did sorry, go ahead.

No, you go ahead. I was going to bull crap. I was like, I did do, I think it was like choir appreciation or something like that. Like we watched movies about people singing. I think I took that too. It was by far the easiest class. Like you watch the movie, you did a one page. True or false, question or error, and then she just let us go there was like a closet, like a really big closet, and then we would just go hang out in there, and that was pretty much it.

Easiest A I've ever gotten. I'm telling you right now, you missed out. College, I literally took a freaking class for bowling. I had jazz band appreciation. [00:03:00] Let me Just listen to jazz music. Let me repeat. I just appreciate it. I just appreciated the shit. I took a bowling class, dude. I literally went bowling for a grade.

So your grade was based off your score? I had, no, it was based off like we had to learn how to score, by hand and we had to learn how to hold a ball the right way. And we had it was the easiest freaking A I've ever You're pretty good at holding that, huh? Listen to this shit My wife is in nursing school locking herself in the library for eight hours at a time, Studying her ass off just to hope to get a C, And I'm taking fucking bowling classes, just College is easy as shit!

She, and also took tennis. That was another class I took in bowling. Like some of the classes they offer in college, I found the easy ones. That's for sure. Lifetime activities. Something like that. Tennis actually was fun as hell. I remember like I took that class and then me and my buddy went out and bought some rackets and started playing.

Like actually played tennis. Yeah. It was [00:04:00] fun while I still had knees. I think I maybe played tennis for about five minutes, my entire life. Never done that. I always got in trouble. I was getting in trouble because, it was a P. E. Session or whatever. I could play for, like Mike said, about five minutes, and then it turned into a home run derby.

Who could hit it the farthest over the fence? Yeah. Anyway, the first remote show we're doing we just figured it'd be best if we didn't add a guest to this, and just did it ourselves. We're gonna kinda talk about just some deer hunting stuff that is pertains to this time of the year.

And that's what we're gonna do. Let's hop into our sponsors real quick, boys. Which we also have to work on. But let's start with Athlon Optics. What kind of optics are they, Andy? Ridiculously good. Sharp, tight, and priced just right. That's what she said. Hey, I just mounted my... Argos's I have.

Back on the, [00:05:00] don't make fun of me, my 6. 5 Creedmoor. Why would I make fun of you? I just start listeners in general. Don't make fun of me, but Oh, cause the six, what's the, what, so what's the thermal gun go on? I'll probably put it back on that. But for right now for deer season, I like, that's my biggest calibrated threaded rifle I own.

So I want to run my suppressor. So I'm going to probably run that, right? So some of my bigger calibers that I had previous to getting a suppressor aren't threaded and. I got it. I want to use it. So I'm gonna shoot my deer with a six, five. That's what I'm going to do. It's either going to be a six, five Grindle or six, five Creedmoor.

Haven't decided yet. Probably Creedmoor. And I've got what do I got a Midas tack on my six Creedmoor? Which by the way, I got some stuff like our buddy, Daryl, which we all know our buddy, Daryl just built and just built a fucking 600 yard. Rife range at his [00:06:00] house. 650. 650. And that's gonna be nice.

And That's right there for you. We were gonna, we were talking about you guys, Andy said sharp, tight, and priced just right, and then I said that's what she said. That made me think of for the listener, I had five chickens. Okay? Four, the four chickens all got killed a couple weeks ago. Or a couple months ago.

And all I got is a rooster. We ain't got time to mess with it. So yeah, so Daryl's taking the rooster And so for the past fucking week we've been I've had a hard time getting this rooster into An item like into a box so that I could get him to Daryl's so every night I'm like, hey, I'm trying to get this cock into the box and he's yeah, bring your cock over here Like just hilarious, like just cock jokes basically.

Oh boy, and finally got the rooster over to his house and so He sends me a snap today and he's I can't remember what he said this cock is doing well over here and then I'm like, dude, how are you and I gonna start [00:07:00] talking normally again to each other now that the rooster is at your house?

We've been making nothing but dick jokes for the past week. But yeah. All to go back to Athlon. There's going to be a sixth a Midas tag on the Creedmoor and I hope to use his a nice new range. So that'll be fun. Bench is nice too. Dude, it's sweet. It's sweet Monthly dues are gonna be cheap too. So I'm excited about it who else we got?

Back to that rooster. Yep. Let's go to Weber Outfitters. WeberOutfitters. com Just talking to my brother in law Grant the other day about his son picking up a Elite Ember. Oh, there you go. Yeah. And we were talking about. That'd be good for Ryan. Going out there. Yeah, it would be. He might try that out sometime.

I talked good about the Ember. Caden likes it, yeah. It'd be great for Ryan to start out on, too. Check them out. WeberOutfitters. com on X Maps.

[00:08:00] Anybody want to say anything? You just want me to keep going? Okay. Onyx Maps. They're cool. You do a fantastic job. They're cool and stuff. Micah sent me a snapchat of where he was sitting tonight on his hunt. Yeah, it was pretty easy it's a new spot me and you picked up. And we've never hunted it.

There's one ridge. Or, creek bottom, then it goes into this pretty good size ridge. And, I didn't know where the border lines were. So I got on my on X, find it, found a place I wanted to be, knew I was in the right. Nice having that in your pocket. Yep. The only bad thing is like the wind where you were set up was perfect when you got there, but getting there.

Was not, so you're like, wasn't ideal, but I don't know I didn't notice I kicked anything up, that it could have been kicked up a hundred yards before I even got there. I think I was in the clear, but that's, that's hunting. So check them out, use the code probably, continue, sir, I'd say it's probably the most, realistically, the most useful item that we have.

Are you [00:09:00] thinking about what's something I use on my coyote hunt, elk hunt, deer hunt, any type of hunting. I use it at work. My, my lending stuff, people talking about, this property, that property, who owns this or who owns that. Onyx is very common. I have customers drop me pins of I'm looking at this farm or I'm looking at that farm or, it literally, I think is the most widely used tool that, that we have.

Yup. Ain't no shit. Huntworth gear. Used the crap outta my out worth. Yep. I wore, I probably went, I went with early season with base layer and I also brought my heat boost vest and so I did end up putting my heat boost vest on and I was comfortable. So I pro I probably could have got, would go way with.

Mid season, I would assume it was chilly, but yeah, that was fun. We can't really talk in detail about this, but I think it's hilarious that Andy's tall and he gets left out of the fun stuff. [00:10:00] You know what? Everything comes around. It'll be okay. That's all we can really say. Andy gets left out.

Hey, when they put them last little W's on the top shelf, I don't want to hear no crying. Alright, I won't. Black Ovis, use the code MWW10 for 10 percent off. Andy, actually I need to make a, send an email for you probably. Black Ovis has got some some Saddle stuff. They're having an issue, I think with getting stuff right now.

I think everybody's selling the hell out of them, but so popular right now that you can't keep in stock. Yeah, but they've got several brands that they represent. And so I might send an email, try to get you another brand. Because you've got everything else you need, you just don't have the damn platform.

Yeah, I have a saddle, I just need the accessories so I can use it. And sticks are coming yeah. Anyway, check them out, Black Ovis, that online retailer, they got a little bit of everything. And then CamoFire, we all know about CamoFire. [00:11:00] Get on your app, which I have not done in a few days, it's been a busy couple days, but get on your app, check out these last minute deals before the rut hits.

Alps Outdoors. Use the code 2023WoodsWater for 30 percent off. Our contact at Alps is sending over a shit ton of stuff for the annual youth deer hunt that we help sponsor in our area. Alps for the, always been great about that. Is this the third straight year they've been? I believe so. And they have not talking there, everybody that sends something, we really appreciate it, but Alps has by far been the biggest contributor to helping out with that.

They're terrific, man. And I'm saying that with. Everybody else that brings stuff into not just our group, that we supply, but Alps just kills it every year. So thank you. Alps. They're huge supporters. Look at supporting them Missouri based company as well. Yeah. They're huge supporters of kids out in the outdoors and they [00:12:00] are, they put their money where their mouth is.

Did I say that right? Yeah. Xamarin Boots. I used my Lynx's all day yesterday. Me and Chase, my boy Chase, went out and we replaced batteries at farms with cameras that are dead. And felt bad for him. I had my Lynxes on, so I was good, and he was wearing rubber boots. And he was a trooper, though. He went everywhere that I went, and it was not fun for him in some spots.

But those Amberland Lynxes just made it simple for me. Zip right on in. Zip out. I think I like, I think I like my Beltoros better, honestly. You're an idiot. Nuh I don't know. Beltoros, they're pretty sweet. Teach their I wore them at my Lynx's this morning when I went. I like my Crestas though.

They're still super light. Yeah. Yeah, so No, thanks for asking me Micah. Revealed by Tacticam speaking of batteries [00:13:00] and Cameras just did that the other day put a camera in a spot me and Micah have been wanting to put a camera for a while Actually found an old pond in the middle of this timber We were hoping to put a camera in and it had water in it and you could tell where the deer had just been All over that waterhole So I put a camera over it and started getting pictures tonight, so I put it all over that wet hole.

And then last but not least Habitat Works by Dustin Williams. Dustin. My man. Need to send him a message, see how he's doing. I want to know if he's been hunting or what. I've been seeing some posts. I noticed he has been doing a little bit of hunting. Been hunting, been working it looks like. Nice. He's he's out there.

He's out there. He's getting it done. And that's it. I think that's everybody. We're gonna jump right into it. Andy how was your hunt this morning? It was alright, not too crazy. [00:14:00] I don't know, so I went, actually yesterday morning was the first time I went for the year, and honestly, it turned out just to be me checking stands, making sure they were safe, checking straps, I was late to the stand anyway, but Doctor, shot, color me shocked.

I went and checked everything out, and stirred up all the deer and then this morning I went out and again, bumped a few deer. I really wasn't late, but I did bump a few deer walking in and end up seeing, I don't know, four small bucks and 17 turkey, but it wasn't too bad. Could you get a shot of turkey?

They're starting to get close enough, but I had to get down and come home so I could watch my little one while my wife took the oldest one to Sunday school. So I was crunched on time. I just had to do with what I had. I hear ya. Micah, you went hunting this evening, like you were saying, to our newest property.

Yeah.[00:15:00] Not newest, but one we don't know shit about, basically. We've only had, we've had one camera out there, just over some mineral. And it's been dead for two months. just because we haven't changed the battery in it, but but you actually went out there yesterday, changed the battery in it.

I was like, you know what with the wind that we're going to have, which is, it's a Northwest wind that's not a great win for my spot that I've been getting. Good activity. I'm like, I'm gonna go try that spot and just see what happens. Just throwing it, throwing a dart in the wind and got up there and turned out it, it was a dart in the wind because I didn't see a damn thing until I walked out.

I saw a few, I saw a handful of does out there in the corn and got corn and it's just a little corner piece of timber. But yeah, just didn't see anything while I was sitting there besides some raccoons. Were you hiding in the timber or on the field edge? No, I was in the timber, like as far, as deep in the timber as I could get on that [00:16:00] property.

That's what it looked like today, like everything was filtering out to the field edge. I took a little lap around. Around and it just looks at some of my properties and they're starting to filter out pretty early. So I think they, they moved out to the field edges early tonight. I think they did.

I think that wind, like once that, once it gets later in the day and that wind still kicking up, I do think that pushes them out faster. Man, these trees are moving around, making noises and everything leaves and sticks are falling. It's I'm just going to get out where I can. See a little better.

I'm assuming I that's what I think. I don't know if there's any truth to that, but makes sense to me on scientific opinion. But there's, it's a cool spot. I do think there it'd be where I was at. I do think it would be a deer highway, but for whatever reason, nothing came by today. Shortly after you left, there were a few does on that mineral.

So you didn't cause any damage that, that's the biggest thing. The, they were there. Yeah, [00:17:00] they were there seven minutes after I walked by the mineral. The farm I hunted last week and what you did today, that was, I think, the biggest win we could have is, as far as we know, we didn't cause any problems, because I don't, we're almost going in there to, we're not doing observation sits, that's not what we're doing, but what they are, because, we're just learning these properties and.

We don't know shit about them and we don't have stands, preset stands anywhere on those, which I wish we would have hung some of those two man's for the boys. Cause now I'm starting to wonder what the hell I'm going to do for them. But I'm on the ground, man, like the good thing about these spots is like when it comes to the boys and stuff, it'd be really easy to go set a blind up on a, high point somewhere or down a tree line.

And I think they'll be able to get a shot and it not be a big deal. That was my thoughts anyways. Yeah, I was hoping to take [00:18:00] Brindley to one of them this year, maybe, but I always got my spot to fall back on too, but I'm waiting on a blind actually. And I was going to cut my corn, get it down and Set my blind in that, but I just haven't got the blind yet.

And I haven't been able to cut the corn. I don't know when the right time to do that. I think it's around the corner, but need to start thinking about it. And you boys know, I like hunting on the ground, but I don't use blinds when I hunt on the ground. And that's the problem with taking a 13 or a 10 year old boy with you.

They don't sit still. They say, Oh, I promise I'm going to sit still. But then you catch them fidgeting and you're like, Dude, stop moving! Or, whatever. So I actually thought about buying one of those ghost blinds. Cause y'all know how I feel, y'all know how I feel about blinds. I'm not a huge fan of them.

So I thought about getting one of those ghost blinds. Just because you don't, you're not really in a blind. It's just this thing that's in front of you. And but dude If any of our listeners have bought [00:19:00] one, please reach out to us and let us know what you think. Those are expensive as shit, and they're huge.

They're like big. They look very cumbersome. Yeah, they fold up around Yeah, they fold up into let's say five accordion pieces and then accordion they're as tall as me basically if you have the extensions on them Which that don't bother me because if you have a regular blind it ain't small either carrying it in there But god like they're like five hundred and fifty six hundred bucks for that I don't know.

I find it hard to justify that above just a normal pop up ground blind, like a big ground blind, you have plenty of room in I'm a fan of those. I'm a fan of them, but I'm a fan of them when I can set them and I can leave them there. Like I want to be able to, because I like to put it out there a few weeks before you hunt it actually.

Just cause they get used to it. Just they get used to a tractor sitting out there or whatever. So that's why see, that's what I like the idea of that.[00:20:00] Technically it's not, it's a blind, but it's where all they see is the reflection of whatever's in front of you. And you would be taking that each time you hunt, you would be wherever you go.

That time that's out in front of you, you take it down, you leave and it's almost a saddle in that regard where you would be hanging a different tree every night. And it's intriguing to me. I just, I'm just like, how much would I actually use it? And if I don't use it that much, I might as well just throw them 600 bucks away.

You know what I'm saying? So I haven't bought one yet, but if any of our listeners have, let me know what you think of them, how much you use them. But that's something I'm pondering right now. Cause Andy's place that I've been hunting for years, that's where I've got all the stands set up.

And or the pre, the presets we would call them. And as far as we know, there's not any shooters per se, quote unquote there this year. Transitioning. But now that I think it'd be [00:21:00] pretty easy though for you to utilize your saddle with a hang on for the boys. Because you could set it up to where you're pretty much behind them and with the boys, hang on and yeah, put the boys in the hang on and you're right behind them.

You can move around. Dude, that sounds a lot of fun, dude. It really is. It's not that bad as far as the saddle hunting goes. I've only done it twice so far. No, I'm not talking about, I'm talking about you get this saddle and then you still lug a hang on out there. To put another person in it. That's the only, that's the only extra thing you're taking is the hang on.

I need it. I should get another saddle. I have one. Oh yeah, cause you bought. Yeah, that's, see, that's not a bad idea. But I don't. I don't know about a kid hunting out of a saddle. I don't think a kid would be able to hunt out of a saddle and take a shot. Just, so I know like when my nephew was younger, one of [00:22:00] his deer he killed, we had a ladder stand and I took my climbing stand, same concept.

I took my climbing stand, stood on the seat of the ladder stand and hung the climber. And I just got in, I sat perpendicular to him and I could sit there and see a little bit more than he could. And I could sit there and help him and instruct him, on what was happening. You were right there with him still, somewhat the same, but still the same.

Same concept like Micah was talking about, but I was sitting right beside him just at a different angle, same tree. Yeah, if it was me and I was in the situation that you are Nate, and you wanted to get up in a tree, that's the way I would do it. Cause you're not really carrying that much more in.

Heck, the boys could carry the stand in. I'm not, the stand actually worries me less than the damn crossbow. Those things are cumbersome as shit. Yes, speaking of crossbows, if there's any listeners out there, I gotta I gotta try, I gotta try because I'm trying to trade for one. Man, [00:23:00] it's just trying to deal with people.

It's just not that fun, a marketplace or whatever. I hear you. It is what it is. I hear you. If I made my gunner, my daughter gun shy and I'm, it sucks. I'm not happy about it. Prior to suppressors, but see, she won't even get, she won't even try it now. I know I'm saying that it was because you didn't, it was no suppressed, but the only time she shot it, she was wearing hearing protection and everything. But it was a kick more than anything though, wasn't it? Like this, it, she was, it was an AR. It was this, my 6. 5 Grand Ole, and it was on a tripod, so it really wasn't kicking that bad, so I don't know, and she she won't tell me, I'm like, what was the issue did it hurt you, did it hurt your ears what happened, like, why don't you want to shoot it again, she's I just don't want to do it, I don't want to do it.

She might just be, she might just [00:24:00] be scared to admit that it made her feel so alive that she, it almost scared her. You know what I'm saying? Oh my gosh. I don't think that made me feel closer to God Freedom feels like this is freedom. I Don't think that was the case All right, so we ran into that issue whenever I went with Andy last year And you know cuz it prior to like she never said anything and then we get up there And she just nope, not doing it.

What? This is news. News to me. It just sucks. But, it is what it is. We'll figure it out. Okay it's October 15th, I think, today. Yes, sir. This show will come out two days from now. But, today, it's October 15th. October LOL. Is it real? Is it a thing? I have my opinions. As you guys both know. Okay, let me ask [00:25:00] this question.

What's the earliest you've ever killed a buck? October. Early October, I think it was. Legally?

No, I killed one in the second week of season one time, and I told myself I would never kill another deer in September again. Just because it sucked. Because all my buddies were hunting. I was tagged out, my buck tag. Was it a good deer? It wasn't bad, yeah. It was a decent it was a 10.

It's been a while ago. But honestly, today I'd let it walk, but for me then, it was my biggest bow kill to date, so I was happy with it. Sure. So my earliest buck that I've killed was October 16th, the next, tomorrow, essentially. And Micah seems like around the same time, Andy a little earlier than that, but you [00:26:00] always hear about the October lull.

And, what it is. I'm one of those dudes that I don't believe that's an actual thing. Do bucks start doing different things in October and mid October? Sure, I'm sure they start doing different shit. But they still have to live. They still have to eat. They still have to drink. They still have to operate.

Start laying down sign. Rubs, they probably are still doing a little rubbing right now. Scrapes obviously are getting hit hard. They're still doing shit. So I'm not sure that I believe that there's a lull. I just think some people's way of attacking, hunting certain bucks right now don't work.

So then they think it's not a, that it's a lull. That's just my opinion of it. Hey, I'm going to hunt this buck this way. And then when it doesn't work it must be because it's the October lull. I don't know. It's always been hard. It's always been hard for me to say it's the October lull because...

In October, so much is changing around here, like [00:27:00] specifically being heavy crop ground, all the crops are coming out. You get into these areas where there's still cornfields standing all around my property. I know the deer are still over there. Like they're still in those cornfields.

Whenever I shelled my corn on my farm, it changed because I get my camera activity changed. So there's just so much in their environment and the deer's environment's changing, let alone, their, what do you call it? Reproductive season or whatever. They're gearing up for the rut.

I think they're changing some of their habits. Like you said, they're still living, they're still moving around. I think they changed somewhat of their, a little bit of their location. And I think I can attest to that patterns. Yeah, and that's where I think the Lowell idea comes from, right?

And Andy, you just stole the words right out of my mouth. So much is changing right now Including the deer some but just because and your property that I've been hunting for a few years is a perfect example I'll have all these damn deer right and then they go hard horned [00:28:00] first week of October Gone, like snap of the finger and that's the same case with that other farm.

Yeah, and I could say it's the October Lowell, right? No, it's The deer are moving from potentially a summer range shift. Yeah. It's potentially a summer range shift to a rut range shift more than anything. And that just, makes you say it's an October lull because the deer movement has, ticked down or the buck movement has dropped.

It might just be because he moved half a mile to the west or north, southeast and like you said, Andy, you could be hunting a place that's. Surrounded by crop and these last few weeks, a lot of that crop is now gone, most of the corn around us is out and a good, portion of the beans is starting to be removed as well.

So their whole like ecosystem of food is changing as well. And, I hate the [00:29:00] term October lull. I just think it's more of, seasonal shift in deer in general. And some people, the St. Like me and Mike are seeing a drop in our deer activity. A dude a half mile to our West could be seeing a giant uptick.

See that's what I'm run into the farm that we share. Like we said, bucks have moved out of there. We get a yearling or two year old deer move through every once in a while, as far as bucks go. My main farm that I've had permission on the last. Four years or whatever, the bucks have started to be more frequent and they're coming by more often.

So I just think it depends on where you're at, you I've always had those, all the time, always got those. And so I think that Yeah, they're just moving there. They're getting there. They're not bachelored up. I haven't seen them. [00:30:00] Hell whenever, while I was hunting over at Andy's during that doe season, I saw two big old bucks going after it.

It wasn't just a spar. That was on October 6th, right? Yeah. Whatever the dose season was six or seventh. I can't remember the exact date, but dude, they were, they were wanting to kill each other. They went after it for 10, 15 minutes. So just everybody, now they're going to start going through their packing order.

Bucks are getting pushed around. I think you just need to be able. Open to shifting stuff, now's a great time to go out there, move your cameras around, pick a different, yeah, pick a different trail, find some, Oaks that are dropping, put them on those, that sort of thing. I think that would really benefit you.

And, you could be the lucky one that starts seeing more. You might be the one that's unlucky that just might have to, hopefully you got some does in the area and they're going to start checking them. Here after a few more weeks, they're going to start, Hey, getting [00:31:00] closer, and they're going to check on them a little bit more.

And I think that's why it's a miscon I'll say it's a misconception of a Lowell. You have them in their habitat, just living. You see them every day. Now they're shifting to that rep range and you don't see them. Then the rut hits and their travel ends up being seven miles or something crazy.

Yeah, you see him more. Everybody's seeing him more. That deer could have been seen, you're seeing more deer in general. I don't know how many do. Yeah. I don't know how many deer that I've, I want to say I've passed or I didn't get a shot opportunity that I hear a neighbor. Half a mile to a mile down the road, had shot this deer, seen this same, the same deer that I did eight hours ago, excuse me.

And I think that's where the Lowell idea comes from, because you got early season September, the deer are still pretty. They're coming out eating some beans, eating whatever they're eating. You're seeing them in the nighttime. You're, you're seeing your deer. They're hitting, like Micah and [00:32:00] I, our deer that, we'd love to kill.

We saw him every damn night all the way, into the beginning of October almost, or I guess late September. And then... September 14th. So we got we had our last picture, we have September 14th and then two weeks later, we have one night of it, something like that. And and then you got the rut where everybody's seeing deer all over the place, but then there's this little gap in here where I was like they just disappear.

Just like Andy said, in my opinion, they're not really disappearing. Everything's changing though. The landscape's changing, like we just said, the bucks are changing from, being in bachelor groups to breaking up to land, land signed down all this stuff. And let's be realistic.

That's probably, this is probably the time when most hunters are actually out in the woods doing stuff. They're setting their stands, they're putting out, they're. Putting out, cameras and places and, cause let's be honest. Oh, there's a lot more gun hunters than there are [00:33:00] bow and rifle hunters.

I would assume I don't know the numbers, but I would assume there's a lot more gun hunter. Yeah. I caught that. I would assume that there's a lot more gun hunters, so they're going to be out in the woods more. They're going to be pushing deer around and I'm not seeing them. I'm not seeing yeah, because you just spent, two weekends in a row out there with a chainsaw moving crap around, that's going to throw things off a little bit.

That's a good point. Cause most of us don't understand that. Because most of us do our work when it's miserable, like how many years in a row did you and I on July 4th weekend go out and hang six stands and, trim shooting lanes and cameras and, just sweating our balls off.

A lot of people are smarter than us and wait until it's not so nasty outside, but then, the reason we do that is because we don't want to you, also because we're hunting at this [00:34:00] time of year we're bow hunters, so we don't want to be in the woods doing other things, we want to be in the woods to kill deer.

Well, a lot of people know, how many times, how often in the last week have you guys been driving around and seeing tree stands in the back of trucks and, Coolers and all that with five or six tree stands driving in them To go wherever they're going, that's just yeah how a lot of people do it and that's cool But anyway, that's just the time they're allotted.

So you gotta do it when you can exactly right? I wish I had a lot more of it don't but let's let's talk more about moving cameras. So During the summertime My strategy is pretty much the same as your guys's we put cameras over a mineral And then we put cameras in high traffic areas for summertime activity.

Andy's dying. Yep, sorry guys. How does that change about this time of year? When we're out in the [00:35:00] timber, a lot of times we'll go out and hunt. We'll pop down on our way out. We'll grab a camera or change a battery out in the camera. And we're making moves with those cameras. What? What do you change your camera strategy?

How do you change your camera strategy this time of year? I think it's time in my opinion. Go ahead, Micah. No, go ahead. Go ahead. Go ahead. I said, my opinion, like before crops are in, you can't really get to some spots. The scene of the, some of their travel is limited. A lot of my cameras are in the timber or in their travel corridors.

Like you said, over mineral, different things like that. Now for me, I'm going to start moving mine to field edges, finding some scrapes. Finding where they're cruising at on the edge of the fields where I'm hunting at. I might still have a camera or two in timbers in those same travel corridors, but for the most part, I'm looking on field edges, I'm looking where is he daylighting that?

That's what I'm trying to find. [00:36:00] Yeah, mine's similar. If I can find a fresh scrape, something like that, or even make it make a mock scrape, I'll do that. I'll hang some over those. And then I also try since I have food and my property, I try to put them on debt, permanently downwind travel areas to that food.

Or that surrounds that food. Like I have a little Clover plot and I'll put it on the South side. Cause this time of year, we'll start having North more northerly winds and bucks within the next few weeks, they'll start traveling those downwind areas. Look, checking for does and that sort of thing. So try to set it up somewhere to catch him where he's checking.

And I've typically went deeper with cameras in the. Later, like in October in the Lowell. I [00:37:00] don't really know why I've just always like my strategy has always been Summertime you I put them over mineral and you know where I can see the most movement and then this time of year I want to get like I want to see Where the bucks are when they're starting to check, you know bedding areas Where dough might be can I like what buck is in that area?

And for whatever reason I say it's going to be in the timber. Then I'm going to, I'm going to go into the timber and I'm going to find where he's at. I've never really thought about, obviously scrapes, but to be honest with you, properties I hunt, I can count on one finger how many scrapes I've found over the last three years.

I just don't have those types of farms where I'm going to find that sort of sign, at least so far. Now like one year, Andy, at your place, that trail leading to where, I killed that deer, there was ten rubs down [00:38:00] that trail and two scrapes. Yeah. Guess where I put a camera. That, that's a no brainer.

But I feel like a lot of people just leave their cameras where they are all year. And just this is the tree I put my camera on, or this is where we do this. And I think another great spot would be like, fence lines. Where bucks

might be running those fence lines, checking scent and stuff like that too. Seems like I see a lot of bucks. Running fence lines more this time of year than you will ever any other part of the year And so you might be able to at least say hey, there's a that dudes in the area now And he keeps coming from the north.

So hopefully I can catch him on a southerly wind or whatnot Doing the same thing someday, but I don't know I just feel like people don't really utilize cameras differently throughout the year and maybe I'm wrong But I've been one of those. I've got certain cameras that don't move all year

Honestly, I still, the cameras that we [00:39:00] have over mineral, I still, yeah, I don't touch those. Why? Why are they there still though? I know they'll hit the mineral from time to time by mineral activity is like drastically slowed down here in the last two weeks. Yeah. So in theory, like we've always left our cameras over mineral, all three of us.

In theory though, wouldn't it be better to take that camera and try to do something else with it? About this time of year, I typically one over my main mineral site, and after that I think I, I usually shift. Over scrapes and over like pinch points, travel corridors different things like that.

But Micah, you mentioned mock scrapes. I'm really wanting to try those hemp rope mock scrapes. I haven't gotten to yet, but my buddy, Eric Gant, shout out to Eric. I know he's going to listen to this. He just sent me a snap earlier on the earlier today. He had, I don't know, it was probably like a one 40 class deer.

Hit a mosh scrape and it was daylight. I didn't check the, I couldn't tell what the time was, but he has [00:40:00] tremendous luck and success with doing mosh scrapes. He does it every year. How's he doing? He gets his trade secret here. No, he he's told me the sin. I can't remember. I want to say it was black widow or black something.

I don't know. He bought, he orders sent stuff. It's not something that you can get at the store. I'm pretty sure. Yeah. I'm pretty sure he orders it offline and he'll do a few mock shapes every year and he always has good luck with them getting, getting that information. But yeah, he uses the hemp rope and all that.

Yeah, I've done it. I did it last year. Yeah. Last year. And I did not use the right rope. I still had some of them hit them, but it wasn't. Yeah, the only ones I've ever tried are those old school like treehouse. Yeah, I don't know like how often or they hit those like one buck like is he gonna hit it once a day?

You're gonna hit it once every three days once [00:41:00] a week like I don't know the science behind like how often they hit I just I'm not actually talk about them. But yeah, we talked I talked to Josh We talked to Josh honeycutt a few years ago And I think some bucks just will randomly scrape right before I killed noob Yeah, he's he made a scrape right in front of me.

That was a brand new scrape. He just did it In the middle of, of walking, I think other scrapes are part of a scrape line or like their circuit that they're making okay, I'm going to, I'm going to walk this square mile and along this square mile, I'm going to make some scrapes.

Throughout that time though, they might be in the timber doing this or that. They also might make a scrape and never come back to the damn thing. I've heard that territorial. So if that's that buck scrape line, I've then this is. There's no like science or facts behind this. This is what I've old folk lore or whatever.

But if that's his scrape line, he'll come back twice a day. Once in the morning, once at night, if that is his line. But then they're also [00:42:00] territorial, that if something else hit his scrape, they'll freshen it up, or if, something has happened to it, or if they're walking by another deer scrape, at a territorial dominance type thing, they may hit it.

I don't know if that's right or not. You can't piss here. I'm gonna piss here. Yeah, this is my shit. Yeah, I don't remember what Josh said to us. That'd be a great topic. Scrapes and the... Yeah, I know we've talked about it before. What's that one? Is it Hogan or Hoagie or I don't know.

There's a There's some guys, we saw 'em at a t a and they're big into it, and they, I think they got, oh, you're talking Hoag? Hoag. Hoag. Yeah. Hoag. We need to get them on, see if they enlighten us a little bit more. They, I wanna try those licking branches too. Have you seen that they put out those like licking branches or whatever?

Yeah. Put it anywhere sort of thing. Yeah. I wanna try that too. That's what she's, I just, some of that seems gimmicky to me. Just because it's Dude, you're in the freaking woods. Find a branch. There are branches everywhere. Like, why [00:43:00] is he gonna get this one? That does make me giggle.

Somebody, I think, said that on one of their videos. But Not that I'm not saying it wouldn't work, but it still makes me giggle. I'll try anything once, man. I know you would. Easy. What else, boys? Hey, for Our first what the hell is this called? Remote? Remote. Show. Nobody dropped.

Nobody has been sounding bad. I would say this is almost a win. Almost. Almost. I'll call it success. Except for my headphones. Like I'm using... Like shooting muffs, and so I can, I can't hear myself talk that great. And it's just, I'm not very happy with it. I'll get you, I'll get you lined up.

I'll get you. I don't know what's going on there. Obviously this is just a BS session tonight, but I feel like we I did, I feel like we got some good things. We're gonna hopefully get some some shows [00:44:00] lined up pretty soon. It's been a busy part of our lives. So it, we've kinda not gotten a lot lined up lately.

And, that'll change. We got some good shows coming up. Waiting to hear back from some folks too. Yeah, I think I think that was a good one. You guys got anything else fun to talk about? We'll find out, see what they say about it. I'm hoping, we got done with corn, got into the beans, now like in the mornings beans, I get to wait till the stems dry you can cut easier and stuff.

So I'm hoping I can get a couple more sets in here soon and here's a couple bucks, I I wouldn't mind on the wall, but I don't have anything just like Major I'm after. No, this is like year number two in a row that, last year, I didn't have a single shooter on my list. There was a couple like decent deer, but last year I'd come off a year where I killed the biggest buck I've ever killed.

So like all of those bucks last year, you're just like, eh, he'd be cool to kill, maybe not. This [00:45:00] year, Mike and I've got the one that, obviously we would definitely shoot. But outside of him, nothing it's like last year, so I'm not saying I'm not excited, but I was just talking about this with somebody yesterday about cameras.

That's the negative side of cameras. Oh yeah. It can make you almost not excited to hunt because you don't think, you know that the the excitement of the unknown. I've seriously threatened to quit running cameras for that purpose like to like it rejuvenates like that Like I said excitement of the unknown.

You don't know what's out there. You don't know what's behind every tree You're going out there. You don't know what's about to walk out exactly if you have cameras everywhere, you know I had that feeling I had that feeling tonight on that farm We only got one camera and it's on and it's only been alive for two days Yeah.

And where I sat no telling what could have [00:46:00] walked by. So I mean I it was a great hunt just because I did have that band A giant could walk by and I have no idea. And hopefully could walk out or, there's a wicked not see a damn thing like I didn't see shit. But when you got, still had a great time.

When you got at one point in time, Andy, at your place, what did I have 10 freaking cameras at one time out there? Oh yeah. On 10 acres. I knew every damn deer and how often it took shits. Throughout the summer. There's no surprises. Now, obviously, the RUT can change things.

The RUT can do anything. But, there there's part of me that's you know how much time we spend on cameras every year and how much obviously, we have cell cams, so we're spending money. A month on cameras and you're just like batteries and everything batteries, you're just like man Sometimes I could use that time get some, some permanent stand sets, ready I could go prep some trees for the saddle instead of you spending that time on cameras and you're just like But then I really like cameras, like [00:47:00] every time I get a new little ding on my phone, I'm like, Ooh, what do we got here?

I don't know. I'll probably continue. Oh, yeah. My, my phone's been buzzing. I'm freaking getting Jones and just to go check it, but I'm a screw. I'm afraid I was going to mess up my internet connection. So I don't want to jack with it. Yeah, I definitely don't. But yeah, but it, it also tells you, when you F up, like I should have hunted.

Two days ago, two days ago, because he showed up underneath my stand and, so it's instant, it's shit, I screwed up tonight. Yeah but it also gives you information to like, when you were like, if you didn't have that camera or instant. Information. Yeah. If you didn't have that camera, then you wouldn't have known he was there two nights ago when you weren't.

But you also now know he was there at seven o'clock on a north wind. So three nights later, it's a north wind and you're in the, the stand. We're having a lot of double talk, right? We're talking about how busy we are. Can't get out and hunt. Can't tacticams.[00:48:00]

Are frickin awesome. You can sit there and tag the buck. It'll tell you barometric pressure, wind direction, moon phase, temperature, all that stuff. To where you can maximize your efforts in the right time for the right deer. You know what I mean, oh, and that's been the best thing. And you can do that with one specific buck.

All you gotta do is you create a gallery of that one deer. And you put all the pictures you want in that gallery, and then you can get the stats just for that gallery. And, the buck me and Mike are after It's pretty obvious what wind he uses now. Obviously, that was in the summertime, and now he's somewhere else, seems but, it's still pretty freaking cool to go, Alright, if this buck's in the area, and they predominantly are coming to this spot with a south southwest wind, Next south wind I get, I'm [00:49:00] there. That's cool shit. I've heard a buck has an area, they're constantly traveling. So if every four days they show up on your camera or every seven days, that means you're, you're along that travel path for so long that, okay, he hasn't been there for, three days now and the next couple of days, he's probably going to swing back by.

The, the patterns are starting to show. As much as we talk about wanting that.

Unknown, as busy as everybody's lives are, man, you want to maximize your efforts, right? No, no doubt. That's the hardest part about our lives. I think all three of us are in the same boat. It's when you find a day to hunt, like you, you would really like that day to be productive because, you're leaving the wife and kids.

You are, making life harder on your wife for that night. You're whatever you're doing. I'm not, I don't [00:50:00] want to be that guy, but I'll be honest with you. When I went hunting, however many nights ago it was, a few nights ago, if I could have killed that deer that night, I'd have signed up for it and said, I'm done for the season.

That's just like the way our lives are right now. I don't have 30 days. I don't have 30 hunts in me right now. If I do, I'm going to really, get rid of brownie points at home. You know what I'm saying? So that's where you start stressing, things other places Yeah So that's where the cell cams are just really nice because it does help you like Andy just said it helps you Try to maximize the time that you're using out there and not wasting a hunt.

No hunt is a waste But, let's be honest, we're not all going out there just to sit in a fucking tree and smell the woods. I'm going out there to kill some shit. I don't like anything better than sitting out there with some solitude in a tree. But, exactly, I can have solitude for about 30 minutes.

Yeah, I can have solitude for half an hour and then I'm gonna kill something. Yeah. Alright. I'm with ya, yeah, good luck to everybody. You think season's coming up, get those kids out, [00:51:00] practice shooting. Micah was talking about. Use their hearing protection. Try to get them comfortable if you can.

Sometimes stuff just happens. You gotta let them take it at their own pace. Yep. What else you guys, you boys we're right at an hour. So you got anything else? I think that's good. I think that's good for our first go. Hey, I got one. We got some good ones coming down the pipe. I got one of two of you set up with your headset.

Good job, Andy. You're the golden child. Micah. You're dumb as fuck. Just kidding. We'll get you lined up. I don't know. We'll get you lined out. You just, we just need to be sitting next to each other for the first set up and say, okay, here's how it needs to be. And it's probably just one little dumb ass thing that we can't just figure out over a zoom call.

It's hard to do all that. Anyway, you sounded beautiful with your, your Walker game ears, but shout out to Walker. All right, boys. Have a good night. Go to bed. It's on the next one. See you later.[00:52:00]