Navigating Land Consultants and Timber Harvests

Show Notes

On this week's episode of the Pennsylvania Woodsman Mitch chats with Jared Van Hees.  Jared is the host of the Habitat Podcast, and he and Mitch discuss the journey of the show as well as Jared's land purchasing and managing.  Jared has acquired more knowledge in this time than most will in a lifetime through hard work and networking from a diverse group of habitat managers.  As we reflect back on this process, we discuss a few obstacles that folks newer to the world of habitat management may face.

Goal orientation is of utmost importance. In fact, being oddly specific with goals will help guide the land purchasing and managing journey the best.  Oftentimes, having someone to help you along the way without the emotion of a large land purchase is well worth the investment.  They can also steer you away from bad decisions that can change the course of a property for a lifetime, such as timber cutting.  Managing timber harvests with professionals is extremely important for your habitat and hunting goals, as well as financial income for a property.  We navigate this discussion through Jared's current view of his two newest properties in Michigan - one of the most relatable deer hunting states to Pennsylvania!

Show Transcript