Should I Sell My Timber?

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In this episode, Jon Teater (Whitetail Landscapes) and Kenny Kane (Generations Forestry) discuss the status of the timber market and the decision to sell or not.  Kenny explains the importance of hiring the correct person to manage your property for timber and wildlife. Kenny expresses his concerns about timber prices and why inflation and other costs are impacting our markets.

Kenny breaks down why the market has changed, and who is to blame for the timber market shift. Kenny discusses how wood preferences have shifted demand. Kenny and Jon discuss the prices during COVID and the timber prices today.  Kenny discusses the client's goals and not allowing the market to limit a timber harvest. Jon discusses the status of client demands and weighing the financial decisions in a way that

Kenny talks about alternatives to timber harvest that will get clients ahead during this tough market. Jon explains the methods to deciding why to invest in your property and valuing time and effort to achieve related goals. Kenny breaks down a client property and how he is attacking the timber harvest process and what trees clients should remove or keep.

Kenny and Jon discuss specific examples of how to cut timber and selectively keep certain trees to improve and change the timber and wildlife beneficial. Jon discusses what clients are doing wrong on their properties and why so much focus on food plots will set you back.  Kenny ends with specifics on what you should do right now in this timber market that will get your property ahead of the game.  

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