New Turkey Decoy Tactics

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Today’s show opens up with a trivia question from Dan. A trivia question that stumped everyone on Jeopardy during Dan's nightly ritual of watching, he couldn't wait to ask the group to see if they would get it correct. Listen in to see if you know the answer! We talk music, trivia, and a whole host of things out the get go. We then dive into Jacob’s recent weekend out doing some fishing. He went fly fishing over the weekend at Otter Creek and they were the first ones at the parking lot! He was absolutely teeming with excitement ready for the first nice temperature day out on the water. The fishing was a bit slow all day but they did have some success and enjoyed the warmer temps during the day. Listen in to this episode Sponsored by to hear all about his time out fishing!

Closing out we talk turkey hunting public land. We discuss safety and how you should wear a safety orange walking in and out while on public land. It’s most definitely not a good idea to keep a turkey fan on your back while walking across public lands! Brad talks about recent years hunting a private stretch he has, he’s hoping this season has a little more success than years past. We talk about new and "interesting" tactics for using turkey decoys, from suspended in air on poles, to reeling a decoy in with fishing line, this crew is filled with some unique ideas for this season. Tune in to this episode and you may just find yourself a new tactic for using a turkey decoy this spring.

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