Turkey Biology with NWTF's Annie Farrell

Show Notes

Welcome to part two of the Oklahoma Outdoors Podcast mini series with the Oklahoma branch of the National Wild Turkey Federation. This week's guest is biologist Annie Farrell. Annie covers a large area including Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, and Nebraska which means she has seen a little bit of everything. For the purpose of this episode however, John and Annie stick to mostly Oklahoma terrain and statistics.

The conversation starts off by going back in time a little bit, discussing turkeys as a native Oklahoma bird, their decline, and restocking efforts that have grown into the flocks we see today. From there the two cover topics all across the board including Rio grande vs Eastern subspecies and the habitat needed by each of them, polt survival, recent population declines, and what is being done about it. Annie also gives private land owners some things they can do to help more wild turkeys survive on the landscape.

Show Transcript