No Sleep Till… HOG CITY!

Show Notes

On this episode of Huntavore, Nick tells the tale of 4 fellow podcasters meeting in SE Oklahoma
to shoot hogs off a friend’s cattle ranch. Armed to the teeth with firearms, and truck beds full of
coolers, the short 4 day adventure came with just as many stories, as it did pounds of meat. So
buckle up for some storytelling and maybe a few pointers on DIY pork processing on this
episode of Huntavore.

Three Northwoods boys; Nate Rozeveld, Andrew Muntz, and Nick Otto go on a hunting trip to
Oklahoma to hunt wild hogs. They join John Hudspeth of the Oklahoma Outdoorsman podcast
on his family ranch, where hogs have been causing issues. The hogs infiltrate the cattle
feeders, push calves off the feeders, root in open grass areas, and compete with deer for
feeders. The group goes on blind hunts and uses thermal scopes to track and shoot the hogs.
They successfully harvest several hogs, but also experience some missed shots and wounded
hogs. Overall, the trip is a mix of adventure, camaraderie, and the pursuit of turning unwanted
hogs into food.

The second half of the show focuses on the process of transporting and processing pigs after a
hunting trip. Discussing the equipment used, such as a Sawzall and boning knives, and the
steps taken to field dress and cool the pigs. Also talk about breaking down the pigs into quarters
and storing them in coolers with ice. Nick shares his plans for using the different cuts of meat,
including making bacon, ribs, roasts, ham, and pulled pork.

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