New Property and Food Plots

Show Notes

On this episode of The nomadic Outdoorsman Dan talks with Mitchell Shirk the host of The Pennsylvania Woodsman Podcast about acquiring new property and how to get the most out of small chunks of hunting land.

Mitchell has been doing land and crop consulting as an Agronomist with Rosetree Consulting in Southeast Pennsylvania. He not only helps growers maximize yield potential and profitability, but also translates farming practices into food plot practices. Mitchell taking a back seat on hunting trips from 4 years old until about 10 when he was able to start hunting. Although he started out by hunting anything and everything that was legal, as time went on Mitchell became passionate about chasing after whitetail deer with a bow. Mitchell has been a student of quality deer management and property manipulation for years as he grew up hunting on a 280 acre chunk of private land. On this episode Dan picks his brain about every possibility he has to maximize deer movement and encounters on his newly signed 10 acre lot in Missouri.

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